bio_poem by xiuliliaofz


									                                          Writing a Bio-Poem

Follow the format of the Bio-poem below. Make sure that you use words that are descriptive,
colorful, and lively. It should be YOUR creative expression about YOU. There is a completed
example below the instruction template.

Line 1:    Your first name
Line 2:    Who is … (descriptive words that describe you)
Line 3:    Who is brother or sister of …
Line 4:    Who loves (three ideas, people, things)
Line 5:    Who feels … (at least three ideas)
Line 6:    Who needs … (at least three ideas)
Line 7:    Who gives … (at least three ideas)
Line 8:    Who fears … (at least three ideas)
Line 9:    Who would like to see …
Line 10:   Who shares …
Line 11:   Who is …
Line 12:   Who is a resident of …
Line 13:   Your last name


Who is creative, intelligent, fun, responsible, self-disciplined, and enthusiastic

Who is sister of Meghan, Darby, Melinda, Chris, and Harrison

Who loves to create art, make up plays and commercials, ride Daddy’s Harley, and run track

Who feels joy with her friends, creating art work, running, watching movies, and eating

Who needs her phone, her hair brush, macaroni and cheese, her friends and family

Who gives her MeMaw much joy, her father and mother much pride, her brother and sister love

Who fears going from one room to another, not doing well on tests, zits, and coming in last

Who would like to see her own Harley, her room neat and tidy, and cash from the lottery

Who shares her secrets, her worries, and her love with MeMaw

Who is an honor roll student, a typical 11 year old, a friend to Amber and Melissa

Who is a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana


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