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COURSE NAME: AFJROTC Aerospace Science III (AS-300)

CREDIT HOURS: One Half (.5) Occupational Education/Elective Credit per Semester

INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: Major James H. Phillips, Jr., (SASI)

REQUIRED TEXT: Aerospace Science: The Exploration of Space

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The third year is a science course that examines our Earth, the Moon and the planets, the
latest advances in space technology, and continuing challenges of space and manned spaceflight. Issues that are
critical to travel in the upper atmosphere such as orbits and trajectories, unmanned satellites, space probes,
guidance and control systems are explained. The manned spaceflight section covers major milestones in the
endeavor to land on the Moon, and to safely orbit humans and crafts in space for temporary and prolonged
periods. It also covers the development of space stations, the Space Shuttle and its future, and the international
laws for the use of and travel in space.

       1. Comprehend the “big picture” of space exploration to include history of spaceflight, organizations
          doing work in space, and the overall space environment.
       2. Know and use key concepts for getting from the surface of the Earth into Earth orbit, to other planets
          and back again.
       3. Know how spacecraft and launch vehicles, and their associated parts, are designed and built to
          support the needs of the United States.
       4. Apply techniques used to manage the development and operation of space systems within
          government and industry.

UNIFORM DAY: Cadets will be issued an AFJROTC uniform. Specific AFJROTC uniform items will be worn each
Tuesday as designated by the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor.

GRADING: (Note: Aerospace Science makes up 40% of your AFJROTC grade. Leadership Education makes up 40%
of your grade. Physical Training participation makes up 20% of your grade.)

    Unit Tests            10%                                     Semester Final       25%
    Homework              05%

MAKEUP ASSIGNMENTS: Cadets returning from an absence will turn in missed assignments not later than the next
assigned leadership workday (Tuesday or Thursday).

Grade          Percentage Required
A              93% and above                                 C                73%-76%
A-             90%-92%                                       C-               70%-72%
B+             87%-89%                                       D+               67%-69%
B              83%-86%                                       D                63%-66%
B-             80%-82%                                       D-               60%-62%
C+             77%-79%                                       E                59% and below

CURRICULUM-IN-ACTION (CIA TRIPS): Cadets are provided opportunities to leave school on field trips. These trips
include visits to museums, Air Force installations, colleges, etc. Cadets who maintain a “C” average or above in
AFJROTC are eligible for CIA trips.

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