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					                                Welcome to “Manhood with Purpose”

                                     "Helping Men to Connect & Grow"

                            Non-Denominational Men's Group Meeting - Ages 18+
                                     Tuesday Nights 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
                                       Pure Heart Ministries Building
                                      6452 E Fulton St, Ada, Mi 49301
                  "Blessed is the man who finds wisdom & gains understanding" Prov 3:13

1st Commandment = You shall love the Lord, your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your
mind & with all your strength. Mark 12:30
2nd Commandment = You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:31.
Manhood with Purpose (MWP) focuses on both these commandments. Jesus’ disciples became like family just
as the men in our group will become like family coming together weekly. We will be learning from God, the
bible and each other.

The purpose of these weekly Tuesday night meetings are to change men’s lives though:
    Walking together in unity and loving each other
    Building friendships with other like minded Christian men who want to change their lives as well
    DVD teachings from some of the best Christian men’s teachings in the U.S.
    Transparency & Accountability
    To find purpose and direction for one’s life
    Helping men move into their God inspired positions
    Making a difference in other people’s lives

MWP started this group in Jan 2010. We will come together in unity as the body of Christ in 3 Phases:
Phase 1 = Connection = Getting to know each other and deal with core issues that stop us from walking in the
power of Christ (could be up to a year or longer)
Phase 2 = Walking Together (Co Laboring with other successful ministries as a group)
Phase 3 = Running Together (Co Laboring with the visions of men in this group) actually going out and co-
laboring outside the walls of the church and take it to the community depending on people's God given visions,
giftings and callings.

                                               Mission Statement:
Most men in our society today find themselves living life in a rut without real purpose or meaning. Our mission
is to share with men very detailed life-changing information from some of the best masculine teaching mentors
in the United States via DVD's & other valuable resources. Small group discussion & putting into practice what
is learned will help men come out of a life of quiet desperation and into an adventurous life filled with meaning
& purpose. You will learn what it is to be the authentic man that God has called You to be.
                                                Men are in Trouble
Men are in trouble today spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. It seems as there is more
chaos in this world everyday. That's why it is so important for men to be grounded in Jesus Christ and live life
in unity with each other. There is to be spiritual freedom in every man's life. These Tuesday night groups will
address many issues that we all face daily. We all sense that God is going to do a great and mighty work in all
of the men attached to this group. Join us if you possibly can. You will be glad that you did.

Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly
broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12 They are joined one to another; they stick together, that they cannot
be sundered (break or tear apart) Job 41:17

Major issues in the MWP households that men are dealing with:
At the beginning of 2010, we handed out a blank sheet of paper asking the men to write down the 3 major issues
that they were dealing with in their household.
The most problematic from worst to least were:
    1.     Financial (not working, not enough work, looking for work, too much debt & not being able to keep
           up with the bills) which then has an affect on #2 (the relationship with the wife)
    2.     Relationship with the wife
    3.     Lust, pornography & sexual sin
    4.     Fear, obedience, patience, wife is currently leading, wife w/o purpose, lack of trust in Jesus, laziness,
           selfishness due to religious spirit
    5.     How to be: led by the Holy Spirit, a better husband, a better father, a better role model for our
           children, a better grandfather.
In phase one of this ministry; MWP is tackling those issues in order of importance to the majority of the men.

DVD Teachings: MWP has a great DVD Library based on Christian manhood principals taught by some of the
best Christian mentor / teachers in the United States. We will watch the DVD then break into small groups and
discuss what we just learned. You will be amazed to learn that others are going through exactly or similar
situations that you are going through and learn that there is great wisdom in each group of those who have
experienced the same things that you are going through and that there really is hope for you and your situation.
You will learn how to handle certain situations, whether it is with your wife, kids, parents or co-workers. For by
wise guidance you will wage war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory. Prov 24:6 You may go to and see some of the many topics we will be covering as a group.

Transparency = Men are to be transparent before their God & their wife first and foremost. However, it is
healthy for men to have transparency before other men in which the wife cannot understand real manhood
issues because she is not a man. Men & women need a safe place outside the marriage where men can talk
about men’s issues and women can talk about women’s issues. MWP is an atmosphere where men are safe to
speak candidly & truthfully about their lives without the fear of being exposed of their sin before everyone in
the church. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. James 5:16
There has been an agreement since day one, that what is spoken before men at MWP stays there and is not to be
spoken outside of the Manhood With Purpose meeting. If this agreement is broken, you will be asked to confess
your sin before all of the men publically. If it happens again, you will be asked to leave the group.

Comfort Zones = People normally resist change. This group is purposed to make change in men’s lives. You
will, at times, probably feel uneasy about coming out of your comfort zone. One of our jobs as leaders is to get
you & us out of our comfort zones. There is an awesome anonymous saying: Healthy Things Grow; Growing
Things Change; Change Brings Challenge; Challenge Causes Us to Trust in God; Trusting God Makes Us
Healthy; Healthy Things Grow and the cycle begins again.
Jesus Christ will be glorified in every meeting and all teachings will be based on the bible.
Accountability = There is accountability for the leadership of this group through Pastor Ed Kurdziel through
Pure Heart Ministries and also through the men we are leading. We want to be held accountable.
If you are looking for accountability, there are men who will take you up on it. There is safety in numbers.
Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counselors they are established. Prov 15:22

Manhood with Purpose Library = We currently have a MWP Library filled with books, CDs,
DVDs, audio cassette tapes and VHS tapes for free check out due back within 2 weeks on the honor system.
There are some attendance requirements to meet to qualify for free check outs.

Non-Denominational = This group is open to all men 18 years and older regardless of race, disability,
financial status, prison or jail experience, education or what church they go to or church background. We must
be united, not be divided over denominational issues. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Mat 12:25
Please stay focused on Christ not the issues that split the body of Christ. Use your God-given discernment.

Things we may be doing:
Small group discussion & transparency, pray for one another, different guest speakers coming in, praise &
worship, share your heart before the men, go to sports outing, adventure outing, backpacking, camping, fishing,
hiking, canoeing, take the wives somewhere together, family picnics, do something for wives, widows, seniors
or orphans, family activities, retreats, conferences, street ministry, homeless ministry or bridge ministry. The list
is basically unlimited depending on where God wants to lead us and what He has placed on your heart. Over
time we will be living life together the way God meant it to be rather than separate from each other.

Ideas = We are always looking for new, fresh, God given ideas to make this a better ministry and for you. If
you have an idea, please enter it on the idea form.

Testimonies = Almost weekly, you will hear testimonies of what God is doing in men’s lives. There is a sign
up sheet if the Lord has laid something on your heart to share or given you a powerful testimony to share with

Weekly free will offering = There will be a free will offering taken weekly which may be used for the
following: Needs in or out of the body of Christ, purchasing some of the best Christian mentoring books,
DVDs, and CDs on manhood in the United States, purchasing workbooks, tickets or food for outside activities
for men who normally wouldn’t be involved due to their financial situation, Ten percent of the free will offering
goes to the facility hosting our group. There are no wages or salaries paid out of the free will offerings. You
give if you felt led to if you don’t give, that’s fine also. Do not let money keep you away.

Employment = There is an Employment Connection discussion box located on the website about 1/3 of the way down the right side of the page.

Wives = There are times that the wives will be invited to join us and participate.

Newsletter = Once your name is our email list, you will receive a weekly update of the prior weeks happenings
called News with MWP plus an area called Coming Up for what is happening in the future with MWP. Plus,
let’s be honest, as we get older, some of us forget about the meeting and the newsletter helps us to remember.

Free Pocket Size New Testament Bible = If you would like a free New Testament pocket bible donated by
Herb from the Gideons which has a “Where to Find Help” guide in it with a lot of the issues that men deal with,
please ask the leadership or Herb for one.
Free Business Cards = There are free business cards for MWP that you may hand out with your telephone
number on the back.

Meeting Place = Our meeting place is temporary. It will probably change nearer to Grand Rapids as more men
join us from the Grand Rapids area. Please keep your eyes and ears open for a place nearer to Grand Rapids.
About 55% of the men live nearer to Ada and 45% nearer to Grand Rapids.

Events & Meetings held outside Tuesday nights = Listed at the bottom of

New Men = Please fill out the New Man Contact List so we can email you weekly of upcoming events. You
may be added to a contact shared permission based list by simply printing yes to the left of your name with your
initials. That list will be shared for contact and prayer purposes.

Cell Phones = Unless you are a doctor, paramedic, policeman or fireman, please give your cell phone a break
by shutting it off for a couple of hours.

Wanted Volunteers:
We may need men to pick up others who live close and do not have transportation.
Someone to watch over the Manhood with Purpose Library.
Qualifications: Someone who has participated in at least 3 MWP meetings and is planning on coming to most of
the meetings in the future. Plus someone who can watch over the Resource check-out book.
Someone to learn how to show the DVDs and play the CDs for the group.
Someone to welcome the new men, show them where to sign in, show them the MWP library and how it works
& then give them a copy of this information sheet.

In Closing: This is the leadership’s guarantee to you. We are committed to serve you and like it says at the top
of this welcome letter; we are committed to “Helping Men Connect & Grow”. We guarantee you that if you
make a regular commitment to Tuesday nights; your life will change for the better by the following ways:
You will connect and get to know other like minded men. You will have more men committed to praying for
you. You will learn things that you have not known before. If you put into practice what you learn it will change
you, your family, your work and the community around you.

Some questions to pray about:
Am I living at my full potential as a godly man?
God, what have you placed on my heart to do?
What are my strengths that I can build on?
Is there sin in my life?

How prepared are you?
The scenario: God visits you and tells you that you only have 7 days left to live and you know in your heart He
is telling you the truth.
The deep question? How are you going to spend your time over the next 7 days?

                       (check it out!)

                                                    Manhood with Purpose
                                                        PO Box 426
                                                   Byron Center, Mi. 49315
                                            Fred 616-802-8410
                                         Steve 616-634-6727

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