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					       Nanaimo Blues Festival Society
                          Volunteer Application Form
      P.O. Box 306, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5L3 ∙ (250) 741-0379 ∙
           Summertime Blues!2006: Saturday & Sunday, August 2006

First Name:                       Last Name:                                                           Age:
City:                             Province:                                                 Postal Code:
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What Volunteer Experience do you have?

Are you interested in joining the Marketing Committee right now? 


      Volunteer Positions: Please indicate your 1st and 2nd preference and Day
Security                   Site Operations                  Site Maintenance
Green Room                 Photography                      Media
Survey                     Souvenir Concession              Information Booth
Preferred Day              
                    *Note: All positions require a minimum of 5hrs commitment*
Security: While there are no gates to guard nor tickets to collect, we do want to make sure that everyone has a good
time at the Summertime Blues! 2006; that the performers’ equipment are safe and secure; and that the sound manager is
not disturbed during performances. Security is a public relations position and volunteers are courteous, informative and
Site Operations/ Backline Set-up and Tear Down: This crew sets up, runs and tears down the stage. This is a
physical job that may require lifting, hammering, and getting your hands dirty. The crew puts up all the tents, staging,
signs, tables etc. This crew also assists the stage manager in between sets. Bring your own screw driver!
Site Maintenance & Clean-up: This crew is in charge of keeping the site clean and working with recycling. We need
strong people who work well on their own and who care about the site and the environment.
Green Room:This crew prepares and maintains the green room by setting it up first thing in the morning with coffee and
water; making sure that food and drinks are available during the day; that performers’ equipment is secure; and that the
room is clean at the end of the day.
Photography: Although we all do it, it would be nice to have a volunteer in charge of photographs of performers,
sponsor’s signs, volunteers and the audience
Media: Tasks include arranging interviews between media and performers on site as well as accompanying television
crews when necessary. Good communication skills and patience are required. Experience dealing with the media is an
Survey: This crew manages a evaluation survey of the audience. The survey is being prepared for us by a Malaspina
UC Tourism student.
Souvenir concession: We sell t-shirts, seats and performer paraphernalia. We need cheerful folks who like to sell,
folks who are efficient and calm cashiers, folks who like to fetch & carry, organize stock and artistic types for display. The
work can be high pressure at times!
Information booth: This is a happy band of Know-It-Alls who answer questions about the Summertime Blues! and
Nanaimo and manage the daily performance draws available to those who fill out the survey. We operate a lost & found,
complaints department and message centre. Volunteers on this committee are good listeners and efficient problem
solvers. If you enjoy public relations, give us a try!

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