3423-TTh Syllabus Spring 2010

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					                          ACCOUNTING USES/ MICROCOMPUTER
                                 Accounting 3423-TTh
                                     Spring 2010

INSTRUCTOR: Daniel L. Haskin, PhD, CPA
PHONE: 404-974-2441

OFFICE HOURS: M-W              12:30pm-1:30pm
              T-Th             12:15pm- 2:00pm
              M                 7:00pm- 7:30pm

TEXT: Excel & Access for Accounting 2e by Glenn Owen

PREREQUISITES: ACCT 3213, 3413, and typing skills.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide students with hands-on experience
with personal computers and to provide students with practical experience in solving accounting
problems with electronic spreadsheets, data management software, and word processing

   Use spreadsheets to record business transactions, to prepare and adjust a trial balance, and to
    prepare financial statements
   Create, modify, and manage large worksheets
   Learn the graphing of accounts
   Analyze inventory using database techniques
   Use Excel tools to compute depreciation and manage fixed assets
   Analyze bonds payable and present value with what-if modeling
   Apply spreadsheet techniques to cost-volume-profit analysis

                               Accounting Cycle Project    75
                               Master Budget Project       75
                               ABC Project                100
                               Engagement                  50
                               Midterm Exam               100
                               Final Exam                 100

Engagement score will be based on the student’s level of participation in the class, the participation
evaluation of teammates, and other relevant factors as determined by the instructor.

To earn an A the student must achieve 90% of the total 500 points, B 80%, C 70%, and D 60%.
Below 60% is an F.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance in class is required. For each unexcused absence in excess of two
(one for the night class), a student’s point total will be reduced by five points.

TEACHING METHOD: The majority of class time will be spent working on assigned projects
using an Excel spreadsheet. Some classes will include student presentations and limited lecture by
the instructor.

STUDENT APPROACH: Most of the assignments will be completed on an individual basis. A
few of the projects will be done in groups

CHAPTER ASSIGNMENTS: You will work through each chapter and save your work as indicated
in the chapter on the file server. Each student will have a file on the COBA file server and will save
both your individual and team work in your personal file. You should save not only the chapter
work and the Kelly’s Boutique problems, but the projects as well. You should also save all of your
work on a flash drive for backup purposes. You will not receive a grade for the chapter work and
the Kelly’s Boutique problems, but you will be penalized if you don’t do them. Each student will
save their work in a password protected format which will be explained in class.

CLASSROOM RULES: No hats in the classroom. No beepers, telephones, or other
electronic interruptions are allowed. Only simple calculators can be used for tests. No cell
phones, PDAS, English translators or other electronic devices may be used instead of, or in
concert with calculators. Courtesy and respect for all! Talking and other forms of unnecessary
noise disrupt everyone. Habitual tardiness is rude and indicates the priority the student places on
this class. This requires you to allow plenty of time to drive, park, and walk.

SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS: The University of Central Oklahoma complies with Section
504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act 1990. Students
with disabilities who need special accommodations must make their requests by contacting the
Coordinator of Disability Support Services, Kimberly Fields, at (405) 974-2549. The DSS Office
is located in the Nigh University Center, Room 309. Students should also notify the instructor of
special accommodation needs by the end of the first week of class.

ADENDUM TO THE SYLLABUS FOR SCHOOL POLICIES: Please go to the following site: to obtain the UCO academic
policies for this semester.

ACADEMIC HONESTY: This class deals with the profession of accounting as well as
accounting knowledge. Accountants are charged with upholding the public trust. It is
understood that the highest degree of professionalism exists in this class. Failure to adhere to the
university's academic dishonesty policy will result in failure in the course.
                                   Accounting 3423-TTh
                                   Schedule Spring 2010

DATE           READINGS                HOMEWORK

Jan 12   T    Introduction
Jan 14   Th   Chapter 1
Jan 19   T    Chapter 1                   Questions 1,4,5,10
Jan 21   Th   Chapter 2
Jan 26   T    Chapter 2
Jan 28   Th   Chapter 2                   Kelly’s Boutique due

Feb 2    T
Feb 4    Th   Accounting Cycle Project due
Feb 9    T    Chapter 3
Feb 11   Th    Chapter 3
Feb 16   T    Chapter 3                    Kelly’s Boutique due
Feb 18   Th
Feb 23   T
Feb 25   Th   Chapter 4

Mar 2         Chapter 4
Mar 4    Th   Midterm Exam
Mar 9    T    Chapter 4                   Kelly’s Boutique due
Mar 11   Th
Mar 23   T
Mar 25   Th   Master Budget Project Due
Mar 30   T    Chapter 5

Apr 1    Th   Chapter 5
Apr 13   T    Chapter 5                   Kelly’s Boutique due
Apr 15   Th
Apr 20   T    Chapter 6
Apr 22   Th   Chapter 6
Apr 27   T    Chapter 6                   Kelly’s Boutique due
Apr 29   Th

May 6         Final Exam & ABC Project Due

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