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									    Documents Reveal Controversial Past For Police Chief
    Posted: 4:19 pm EST January 14, 2011Updated: 5:52 pm EST January 14, 2011

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- New papers released to WFTV show major signs of problems with Windermere's now-
    suspended police chief before this week's scandal. Chief Daniel Saylor was arrested and accused of covering up his
    buddy's sex battery case against a little girl.

    The man protected by Saylor's alleged cover-up recommended Saylor for police chief, saying Saylor's
    professionalism was a tribute to the community. WFTV also found out Friday that Saylor resigned before he could be
    kicked out of the Florida Police Chief's Association after complaints of inappropriate and drunken behavior.
    Either Windermere's town manager, Cecilia Bernier, knew about Saylor's history of breaking the rules and lying when
    he was a Melbourne officer and hired him anyway, or she never checked.

    Saylor's Windermere personnel records show he revived an infant, helped find a missing 9-month-old baby,
    prevented a bank robbery, and confronted armed kidnappers. Still, he was almost fired by the Melbourne Police

    Saylor told Windermere he left the Melbourne Police Department for personal reasons. His problems resurfaced in

    When he became chief in 2002, he was warned "the job is not political" and he should work on "controlling emotions
    and temper." Several years later, his managers were "very concerned about the chief and the department" and that
    Saylor was "out of touch with officers."

    In 2005, Saylor got a scathing letter from Bernier for not taking a bomb threat seriously and not notifying her. She
    wrote that he had failed to keep her in the loop before and threatened "immediate and irrevocable disciplinary action"
    if he did it again.

    Last year at a Police Chief's Association conference, wives of vendors complained Saylor said things and did things
    to them that were inappropriate and that alcohol was involved. His membership was unanimously suspended, a rarity,
    and he resigned.

    Scott Bush, the man who Saylor is accused of protecting, remains behind bars. He is being held at the Orange
    County jail without bond.

    WFTV got a hold of court documents that show Bush is accused of sexually abusing three girls and a boy.
    Tuesday, he's scheduled to be in court to discuss his attorney. During his first appearance in court Thursday, the 50-
    year old told a judge he'd have to consult with his mother about hiring a private lawyer.

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