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By Xmeah ShaEla'ReEl
                    (Thursday: The 5th Day of The Week!)
“Thus Saith The Lord, You Shall Know The Truth; And, The Truth Shall
                      Make You Free, Indeed!”
   There are people who hold onto things, when there are others who need
these things! There are stores that destroy food just to keep the poor from
receiving it. But, I pray unto You, O Lord, concerning these Reports, which is
food for the souls of men! According to what You showed in 1st Samuel,
chapters 5 & 6; let that which You did to the Philistines, who held onto the Ark
of the Covenant, happen to those who will not let these Reports go forth from
their possession! Amen!
   Seek God, asking Him that you might be given the willingness to share
these Reports with other people, so that they can have what they need to
overcome the problems that they are facing! Let the Light of Love start to
spring forth in your heart; and, show forth the same caring about others, even
as the Lord showed for us! Amen!
    “What Is The Lord Trying To Tell You That You Are Not Taking

   People are seen hearing what the Lord requires of them, but it does not dawn
on them that this is what He expects of them. You shall always answer by
saying, "My Lord, You know! Make me aware of that which I am not taking
seriously, I pray Thee!" Amen!
   Thus saith the Lord, “These things, which you are not taking seriously, will
I make known to you! In the day that you hear the Word being spoken, do not
harden your heart against the Truth!”
                            “What Is A Woman?”
                   (Seek the Spirit And Mind Of A Woman!)
   Stop being a big girl! There are many definitions of words: but, there is
only One that gives true definitions for all words; and, everything is according
to what He said it is. A woman is according to what God said a woman is,
because He is the Creator of all things! Just because a female reaches the age
of 18, that does not make her to be a woman! Who will argue with the Creator;
and, who will let a controversy stand between them and God? The age of the
body, alone, does not declare adulthood! The development of the mind and the
body is what determines when a person reaches adulthood. A mind should
develop faster than the body, because it will take a mature mind to operate that
body in a responsible way. A child is reckless, and will destroy that which it
operates! Childish minds are causing destruction to many bodies. This is like
drunk people behind the wheel of a car! I have compared the immature mind,
operating a body, with the drunken drivers of cars. Don't they destroy the cars
that they drive? Don't they destroy others, also. A woman would never abort a
pregnancy! But, a little girl will look upon it as she looked upon dolls, and will
not see this as being a living child in her womb! There is a lot of arguing about
being a woman; and, there is a lot of boasting going on about being a woman!
But, where are the ways of a woman that are shown by Holy women of old? In
these days, all things are being declared to be what it is by the way that it
works; not by what it calls itself. You will know the tree by the fruits that it
bares! Those who say they are women, and walk not in the ways of a woman,
are liars! Consider the thoughts that are given to women: and, consider the
thoughts that are given for men. Don't you find females having the same
thoughts and desires as men do? This is what the Apostle Paul was speaking
about when he said, “Let not the woman wear that which pertains to a man!”

Don't be found with those things in your mind that are given for a man's mind!
   Before a female can become a woman, she must have in her heart, those
things which God places there that will make her to be a woman. Does the
body have the Spirit of a woman? True: it is a female's body: but, is it a
woman that is operating that body? A body can reach maturity without the
mind reaching maturity. The minds remain dead or in the infant state while the
body continues to grow to maturity. In a case like this, this will be as children
operating grown-up tools. What will a childish mind do with a fully grown
    Consider the level of divorces! Two beautiful bodies with two ugly minds
will not remain together! And, neither can a pleasant mind remain attracted to
a beautiful body which has a devilish mind. What makes a female to be
beautiful? Is it the appearance of her face, and the shape of her body? Lusting
after the body of a female does not mean she is beautiful. What is the desire
for, when a male looks upon a female? There is a beauty that is of great price,
and this beauty is because of the inward spirit of the female. Is the female
beautiful to you, when you look at her from the viewpoint of God's
requirements for her? Is she still desirable, even though she does not walk in
the ways of a responsible person, who is one that takes the responsibility for
living things, very seriously? If she is still desirable to you; you are looking
upon her with a lustful heart! There is no pleasure in God for her; so, why is
she pleasing to you, if you declare yourself to be in God? You and God are
also out of sync. You are calling something desirable, that He is not calling
desirable. Your mind is not merging with His, whereby your desires are
becoming the same as His! This should be a grave concern to you! Does He
find pleasure in darkness? Truth is established in the heart whereby all can
know everything for what they are; and, not be persuaded to accept something
because of what they call themselves! True mothers are rare; and, true fathers
are rare. The mind of a parent sees to the first duty; and, a mother tends to the
young as her first job. She is the teacher that teaches the children what she and
her husband have agreed on, in God. True parents are guides for their young;
and, a true parent knows where to get the best knowledge to give to his
children. A true mother is not going in one direction, while the father is going
in another direction! Their focus is given to them by God; and, He does not

turn their attention out of the Ways of His Laws; and, neither does He give
them desires to desire anything else, other than that which He has ordained for
them. He causes them to be focused in their first responsibility; and, none of
these will say, “We have to do this so that our children can have a better life!”
These are speaking only of the material things, while giving no thought to the
Spiritual things!
   What doctor would charge his own child to heal him? Are you a child of
God? Why are you paying your Father to heal you? Why does your Father
charge you for your healing? He does not: but, you are paying; and, that
should tell you that you are not getting your healing from God! He would
never charge His children to heal them.
   I took a balloon, and put a small pin hole in the bottom; and then, I put a
small amount of water in it! Then, I blew some air into the balloon; and, the
water started to squirt out of the small hole that I had put into the balloon. Gas
in the bladder causes pressure in the bladder, which causes this sudden urge to
piss! Remove the gas pressure by taking something that removes gas from the
system; and, this uncontrolled pissing will stop. My Lord, give us that which
we should take for these problems, I pray Thee! Amen!
    Are you a soul, which belongs to God? Then, you shall bless the Lord by
saying, “Blessed are You, O Lord our God! Our Father, Who art in Heaven:
Hallowed be Your Name! Your Kingdom come! Your Will be done in earth as
it is in Heaven! Give us this day our daily bread; and, forgive us for our
trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us! Lead us not into
temptations: but, deliver us from evil! Because the Kingdom is Yours; and, the
Power is Yours; give us more Power above that of all of our enemies, I pray
Thee! And, the Glory is Yours, forever! Hear my prayer, O God; and, let
every Word come forth from You! Amen!”
   O Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that these Reports are Your Reports!
Give me that which You want written, I pray Thee! Let every thought be
established by You, O Lord; and, I ask that You would not allow anything to
come into my heart that does not come from You! Because You are the Great
Shield, I look unto You to keep the evil from coming into my heart! You have
spoken with us about how the evil will fire thoughts towards our minds, to
make it seem like our own decisions: but, I look to You, Who prevents, to

prevent this thing from being! Teach me Your Way of turning the thoughts of
the wicked back upon their own heads, O Lord! Thank You for giving me
what to ask of You this morning! And, purge out all evil thoughts that yet
remain in the heart, I pray Thee!
   Blessed are the Holy Angels, which You have given charge over us!
Therefore, I say, “Blessed are You, O Lord Michael, the Arch Angel of War,
Whom the Lord Jesus Christ has assigned to stand up for us against all of those
that rise up against us! Rise up to fight, I pray Thee; and, scatter the forces of
darkness that encamps round about us! Send them fleeing!” Amen!
   Blessed are You, my Lord Gabriel, the Messenger Angel, Whom the Lord
sends unto His servants with the Reports! Give me the Reports; and, give me
the skills to do that which is my duty to do! Cause us to understand, in the
Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Amen!
  Blessed are You, O Lord God of my Peace: cause us to be still; and, be
Thou exalted in our hearts, and in our midst, I pray Thee!
  You have given me to say unto You, "Who is worthy, O Lord?" I seek from
You, those whom You want to contact!
                           “Let Your Light Shine!”
   The Lord Jesus Christ said, “No man lights a candle, and put it in a secret
place; and, neither will he put it under a bushel! But, he will set it upon a
candlestick, so that those who come, may see the Light!” (Luke 11:33) This is
also speaking about our failure, and inability to express that good which we
have inside of us! There are people that feel happiness on the inside; but, their
outward expression does not show that joy that they feel on the inside! Let the
Light, that is in you, make its way to the surface, so that everyone can see that
Light that is in you! Rejoicing in the heart is not good, if that rejoicing cannot
be expressed on the outside! Rejoicing is Light! But, if that rejoicing cannot
be expressed outwardly; that is Light that is being hidden! What is hindering
you, keeping you back from being able to express the way you feel on the
inside, outwardly? All of these blockages will be exposed; and, they will be
destroyed: and, the Light that is in you will make its way to the surface! You
will glow from the Righteousness that is in you! Ask the Lord to cause your

rejoicing and gladness of heart to come out from within, and be expressed
outwardly. Don't go around with a solemn expression about you. Amen!
   And now, you must say, “Unto them, which are in darkness, show
yourselves! And, unto the prisoners, Go forth!” This is a command that the
Lord commanded us to say, by Isaiah, that will cause that darkness that has
been operating in secret to reveal itself! This is how the Lord Jesus
commanded those demons in Legion to speak up.
   I considered how sweat causes the skin to shine; and, the oil of joy, coming
from within, causes our faces to shine! The skin is rusty and ashy when the oil
cannot reach the surface: but, when the obstructions are removed, that oil can
come forth onto the skin! Deliverance is coming, to deliver you from your
inability to express what you feel on the inside! Light shall not remain hidden!
You will be able to leap, and shout for joy! You will sing and dance, because
the Lord shall set you free, because you know how He requires us to be!
  You shall bless the Lord; and, say, “Blessed are You, O Lord our Deliverer!
Thank You for the Promise of deliverance! Let the Light come forth, I pray
Thee! Expose everything that is causing the Righteousness to be hindered!
And, let these things be utterly destroyed, I pray Thee!” Amen!
   Why are we listening for the Word of God? We are listening for that which
we must do, so that we can get better! We must have a constant excitement
about listening for the Words coming from the Lord: because, we are being told
how to get better. By being obedient to do what the Lord has commanded,
brings about that good that we desire!
                “The Lord Said To Be Instant In Praying!”
   An “House of Prayer” is what we are to be called! An House of Prayer is a
person that is given to praying, because he has gained the true ability to pray;
and, God will hear the prayers of the righteous. The Lord also commanded that
we watch, which means to stay focused and aware! Therefore, pray, saying, “O
Holy Father, strengthen us in watching, and in praying, I pray Thee! Pluck up
this delaying in praying, I pray Thee; and, give us the Spirit to be instant in
praying, as it is commanded that we do. Purge us, O God; and, we shall be
whiter than snow! Create in us a pure heart; and, renew every Righteous Spirit

within us, I pray Thee! Pluck up that desire to feel sorry for ourselves, and to
seek sympathy from other people; and, give us the Spirit that will compel us to
succeed, and do things right, O Lord! Pluck up that spirit that rejoices in
making mistakes, so that people will sympathize with us, and give us their
sympathetic words! But, fill us with the rejoicing in success, and in exhorting
others, because of our accomplishments! Utterly destroy that desire for people
to feel sorry for us: because this is a weakness! We are sent to minister; and,
not to be ministered to! I see this all the time on television, how people go
before the nation, looking for someone to feel sorry for them! Our help comes
from You! Give us the Spirit to exhort those that are cast down; and, cause
them to be turned to us, I pray Thee! (“Ask; and, you shall be given!")
Destroy that spirit that causes us to be weak, so that we can be lifted up by
others: but, give us the Spirit to be Strong, so that we can bare up those that are
weak! Let those that are depressed be brought up by our excitement and
enthusiasm. Fill us with all the excitement and enthusiasm of the Most High
God! Destroy that spirit from our midst, that causes to be solemn, whereby
others are cast down; and, establish the Spirit to bring people up, and to
motivate them in Righteousness! You are the Lord that establishes all
Righteous conditions! Your Will be done! These are prayers which You are
giving for all of us to pray; and, I thank You for these prayers! I thank You for
the joy and excitement which You have established with me in that which I am
given to do! My Hope remains for the doors to come open! Amen!”
   Once upon a time, there was a spirit that ruled in our hearts that caused us to
be depressed with those that are depressed by choice! I said that these people
are depressed by their own choice to remain in depression! These are those that
by their displays, cast down the spirit of the assembly! But, this spirit shall not
rule over us, because of the vessel that is being used to show forth depression;
and, neither will we be found seeking after sympathy from people. We will see
that excellent and exalted position, which the Lord has put us in, to bring up the
spirit of others, when we shall focus on gaining that Strength from the Lord!
We may not have much in material things; but, the Lord has given us
something more powerful! He has created us a-rejoicing; and, we are as He has
created us to be! He creates us a peaceful people; and, the peace, which He
creates in us, shows forth! We are known as His disciples unto the world by
the way we show forth love for one another.

   The Law of God said, “Seek; and, you shall find!” We will find whatsoever
we are seeking; and, if that which we are seeking is declared as being
weakness; we shall become weaker! But, the Lord has ordained Strength for
His people! Seek His Strength always, because showing His strength in the
world gives Glory to Him: and, He does want to be Glorified! Being too
ashamed to acknowledge a weakness, is a weakness; and, it is caused by an evil
spirit that causes this shamefulness! Causing shamefulness is how other evil
spirits are protected by this evil weakness! Confessing to a thing is the way to
have this thing destroyed: but, a spirit of fear and shamefulness oftentimes
come upon people; and, they will not do what is required of them to do, to get
rid of the evil! The evil is allowed to remain, because of the shame!
Therefore, it is the spirit that causes shame that needs to be attacked, and
destroyed! This spirit that causes shame is protecting a lot of evils that need to
be removed and destroyed!
   You shall pray, saying, “O Lord my Lord, I ask that You would utterly
destroy this spirit that causes shamefulness; and, give us the Spirit of Boldness
to confront all evils, even as You confront the evil, I pray Thee!” Amen!
    Shamefulness is a form of fear! There is no reason for being ashamed of an
evil, which you know exists in you! You have too many thoughts about what
people will think about you; and, these thoughts are ruling over you, to keep
you from doing what you need to do to have an evil destroyed. Why won't you
express it? It is because of fear! "What will people say; and, what will they
think about you," are words, which you be hearing in your mind! This is that
spirit that be speaking to you to try to keep you from doing what you need to
do, to get rid of it. This evil spirit is fighting you with fearful thoughts, to keep
its spot in you. He wants you to believe that people will look down upon you;
and, that you will no longer be a positive influence on people. There is no one
that is a positive influence that allows an evil to dictate to him. A positive
influence, is a person that is influenced in the ways of righteousness! A person
that confesses to faults, is a person that is showing Strength from God. The
evil spirit is throwing everything at you to try to get you to turn away from
having him cast out, by confessing to an evil control. He will even try to block
the thoughts from God, which will tell you what you must do. He is working

hard to prevent the Word of God from coming in unto you. But, the Word has
come; and, has found you hidden deep under the spirit! The Lord has bound
that spirit; and, will now tell you what you must do! He has sent you Strength
to do what you need to do; and, He will cause you to be unconcerned about
what people will say, or think about you. Your most important need is to have
this spirit removed from you, so you can show forth the true Glory of the Lord.
All of this fear about doing what you need to do, is the evidence of an evil
spirit dictating to you, your thoughts and concerns! The evil spirit's only
concern is about being able to remain in you! But, you will say boldly, “You
have to go!” In the time that you are given to speak, you will see the Help of
the Lord rising up to help you! He will not leave you without help to do that
which you need to do. Amen!
   The evil spirits, that be in the heart, will also affect the functions of the
members of the body! What causes the eyes to see certain things, and not to
see certain things? What kind of spirit stands in that spot that controls this
function? The evil will cause you to look intently upon those things of the
darkness, while ignoring those things of the Light. The evil always directs
your attention away from the true preachers; and, they also cause you to have
bad thoughts about those whom the Lord God has ordained. But, you are given
to admire those false preachers, because the attractions of your heart are given
to you by the spirits of your heart. The heart must become full of pure desires!
Having a desire is counted as having received! This is like what the Lord said
about a man lusting after a woman in his heart; it is counted to him as if he
actually did the evil deed.
   Pray, saying, “My Lord, I ask that You would utterly destroy this evil spirit
that affects the functions of my eyes, to cause inability to see clearly; and, give
unto me the Spirit from God that causes me to see all things clearly: because
Great and Mighty is the Spirit of God, which gives us ability to overcome all of
our inabilities! Thank You for this revelation of the evil! Thank You for the
rejoicing, and for the praises, which have come forth as a result of this! It is the
Spirit from God that gives us the ability; and, I will greatly rejoice when the
Spirit will have come unto me from Above; and then, I will be able to see all
things clearly! It is the Spirit from God that does the work, and that gives us
our abilities! Understand that Truth; and, ask to be turned away from any other
way of believing! That is what is spoken in the prayer in Daniel 9. All of our

members shall be under subjection to the Spirits from God: because the Lord
wants total control! Your Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven!” Pray with
the understanding also, the Word has commanded! Do you understand what
you are saying to God; and, how are you seeing God when you are praying.
Let the things be established correctly in your thoughts as you are praying unto
the Father! When you are praying, let God see you understanding what it is
that you are speaking about. Think about the term “In earth as it is in Heaven!”
You will understand that “in earth” means in you! Amen!
Xmeah ShaEla'ReEl: The Lord's Messenger
Children of Christ of America
1912 Hazel St.
Beaumont, Texas 77701
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