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Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching                                  SMC Job No.                      V C              -
 Request for Use of Videoconferencing System in NTU Smart Classroom
                               Block N2, Level B4, Section A (via Lift N2-1 or N2-2)
                               [Booking of Smart Classroom, please contact SMA Office at 67906763]

Near-End Location (Local Party)

Name of NTU Requestor :                                                                  Signature :

Designation                :                                                              Tel. No. :

Sch/Dept/Ctr               :                                                    A/C Chargeable :
                                                                                                                   (Cost Centre & G/L Code)

                                                                                     Approved by
Date of Use :                                                                            Signature :
                                                                               Name of approving
Time of Use :     From                         to                                        Officer :


Distant party will dial-in to NTU                                            NTU will dial-out to distant party

Person to discuss details and arrangements (if different from above) :

Name :                                                                             Tel. No.:

                                                                                                      Yes               No
Auxiliary Facilities Required :     Document Transmission
                                    Computer Data Transmission
                                    Recording of Session (DVCAM Format)

If a testing session is necessary, please indicate (Please note that testing sessions are chargeable) –

Date of Testing
Session :                                      Time of Use : From                                           to

Far-End Location (Distant Party)

Name of Person :

Name & Place of Organisation :

IP Address :                                                          Equipment use (Codec) :

ISDN No. :      1)                                               2)                                                3)

Person to contact if problems arise:

Name :                                                                      Tel. No. :

  For Booking of Smart Classroom, please contact Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) Office at 67906763

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For Official Use by CELT

No. Description                                       Amount
                                                    (before GST)
1.   Use of Facilities : Testing                                       Staff(s) in Charge:
2.   Use of Facilities : Actual
3.   Telephone Bill Charges (ISDN, IDD)
4.   Equipment Cost (Applicable to Non-
     Teaching & Non-Research)
5.   Manpower Cost (Applicable to Non-                                             Remarks:
     Teaching & Non-Research)
6.   Material Cost
7.   10% Administrative Charge
8.   7% GST Charge

                             Technical Information of Videoconferencing Systems
                  Codec Model                                         Tandberg 6000MXP (5 + 1 Multisite)
                  ISDN Number                                         +65-68614452 (Bonding to 384Kbps)
                  IP Address                                               
                  Data Sharing IP                                         
                  Control Room NetChat IP                                 
                  IDD Number (Troubleshooting)                                      +65-67900235
                  Seating Capacity                                           40 persons (maximum)

                 Charges for Use of Videoconferencing Facility in NTU Smart Classroom
                                                            * Amount in Singapore Currency (before GST)
             Description                                 Pertaining to                                    Pertaining to
                                                  Teaching/Research Purpose                   NON-Teaching/NON-Research Purpose **

Rental of Space
First hour                                                $20.00 per hr                                $200.00 per hr
Additional hour or part of                                $10.00 per hr                                $120.00 per hr
Use of Equipment
Equipment Cost                                                    –                                     $50.00 per hr
Manpower Cost                                                     –                                     $12.00 per hr/ Technician
Material Cost (DVCAM tape 120 min)                       $60.00 per tape                                $60.00 per tape
                                                                                               10% of Total of Use of Facilities, Equipment,
Administrative Charge                                             –
                                                                                                     Manpower and Material Costs
Communication Expenses
Note: Estimated Cost: Based on ISDN 3- lines, one hour to USA is approximately S$ 78.00

     ** Including interviews not related to Teaching / Research

 Down Payment (for non-NTU/NIE requestors for non-Teaching / non-Research purpose)
The Requestor shall be required to submit to the University a down payment of S$200.00 for the booking in the form of a crossed cheque
(made payable to “Nanyang Technological University” or cash in Singapore currency within two (2) working days from the receipt of the
Request for Use of Videoconferencing System in NTU Smart Classroom Form. The University shall thereafter be entitled to utilize and make
payments out of or deductions from the said down payment upon successful completion of the service.

Updated on 15 Mar 2010 by:        Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
                                  (Fax: 67911846)                                                              * Charges are subject to change
                                  Nanyang Technological University

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