gr_anima by pengxiang


									Animations & Graphic Displays

These animations are fun to look at, or when you are away from your
you may want to leave one of these displays running to prevent screen

3Danimat (Loomis, Jack M. and Eby, David W.; $6) is a high-speed 3-D

3D_Maze (Dean, James L.; $0) will create and display a 3D maze on the
The maze could be printed with a graphics screen dump and solved, but it
to be intended more as an interesting graphics display. Pascal source
code is

3DEMO 1.0 (B.C. Ives; $0) displays 3-D, rotating objects. Pascal source
is included.

3DHouse (Carr, Charles; $0) is a 3D model of the inside and outside of a
which you can move around and through as if actually there. Smoothly
graphics with create a virtual reality that is fun to play with.

3DimRot allows you to rotate three dimensional figures on X,Y or Z axes.
or edit figures from disk or create new figures by entering point
and connections. Save figure data or screen on disk.

3DWave 1.1 (Contorer, Aaron; $0) displays a moving 3D waveform. An

3DWorld 1.0 (Charles Carr, reg. fee: $12) is a virtual reality
that allows you to move around through objects such as trains, buildings,
planes, animals, toy boxes and more. Requires a hard drive and 256 color
Aflix (Autodesk, Inc.; $0) is a collection of 2D and solid 3D AutoCAD
with motion that are fun to watch. Among the movies are two jets doing
a house being built and furnished, Star Trek's Enterprise zipping up to
and then off into the unknown. Other displays include a full-screen kiss
Marilyn Monroe, a bouncing ball, a bowling pin production line and more.

Action Graphics (Clark, Stephen P.; $0) displays an animated waterfall or
spinning balls. `C' source code is included. EGA/VGA required.

America (Wilson, Thomas R.; $0) is a fireworks display.

Amnesia MegaDemo 1.0 (Renaissance, reg. fee: $0) is an impressive
demonstration of multi-media routines which includes a variety of
graphics and
relaxing electronic music. Graphics include a virtual reality simulation,
vector demonstrations, shading, entropy, and more. Requires VGA Graphics.
SoundBlaster compatible sound card needed for music.

Anagly (Schreiber Instruments; $0) is a 3D graphics display program. It
3D viewing glasses (left eye red, right eye blue. Glasses are available
Schreiber for a low cost.) The 3D image files are simple text files
x-y-z triplets which you can generate in addition to the demo files.

Animation For Everyone is a demonstration of Animation Machine. This demo
animation to show creatures in motion, how a piston engine works, how
heart beats, how an airplane wing provides lift and more. These are
interesting demos even if you are not interested in the program.

Animotion Graphics 3-D Sampler ($0) is a fantastic VGA graphics
The dazzling 3-D displays include dancing musical notes, spinning
diamonds, a
mechanical hand flipping a coin, and more. This is a very impressive
which requires over 1.5 meg of hard disk space.

Ansi Shoppe (Third Stage Software Development Corp.; $3-$8) is a set of
colorful "graphics" screens done with ASCII characters. Requires ANSI.SYS
your CONFIG.SYS file (see your DOS manual).

Aquarium (Salgado, J. Raphael B.; $5) turns your color monitor into a
bowl. For CGA.

AquaEGA (Salgado, Ralphael & Kahill; $10) is an aquarium simulation in
beautiful colors for EGA\VGA.

Art ($0) is an animated graphics display.

Autodesk Animator Graphics ($0) is a set of seven different graphical
created with Autodesk Animator: Boss, Jabber, Bball, Glass, MRNUMO,
Hands, and
TigerCat. The latter two are particularly impressive, although we wish
all of
them could be longer. VGA is required.

AutoMessage 20 Column 2.0 (HollowSoft Consulting; $35) displays graphical
scrolling messages with your choice font types, font sizes,
display speeds, and more. Up to 300 different messages can be shown per
session, making this ideal for trade shows, store displays, etc. Requires

AutoMessage 32-Column 2.0 (HollowSoft Consulting, reg. fee: $35) displays
graphical scrolling messages with your choice font types, font sizes,
justification, display speeds, and more. The display dimensions are 10
rows of
text with 32 characters per row. Up to 300 different messages can be
shown per
session, making this ideal for trade shows, store displays, etc. Requires
420K memory, and a hard disk or HD floppy.

BFly (Rush, William A.; $5) draws a full-screen, multi-color butterfly.
No two
are ever the same.

Boxes ($0) keeps drawing boxes of different sizes and colors.
BugFry (G. McPhail; $0) is a computer simulation of an electronic bug

C ($0) is an animated graphics display.

CAP (Green, David R.; $40 Canadian) displays scrolling, multicolor text-
ads along with a fixed graphics image. It was designed primarily for
cable TV
companies, but is suitable for anyone who needs to provide information to
public, either over the air or at a fixed location. CAP supports 36 Ad
of 128 Blocks and PCX graphics file format for all banners.

CasIoz (Noeldner, Paul; $?) turns your computer into an oversized

Computer Aided Tropical Fish (Adyu Software; $5) turns your monitor into
aquarium. Very clever use of ASCII characters.

Chaos (McCranie, Judson ASP; $10) is a set of several programs to graph
"chaos" demonstrations. Included are Butterfly, Triangle, Logistic, 3-
Body (a
simplified orbit of a planet around two stars, and A Henon diagram

Chaos3 (Grandine, Joseph D.; $0) will create a pattern from a series of
randomly selected points. Requires VGA, but the QB source code is
included and
can be modified for other video types.

Cinemation 1.0 (Juan Fernando Michelena; $20) allows you to design and
graphical images. Features include a graphical user interface, powerful
drawing editor and designer, sample graphic and animation files, and

Clock (Wild West Software; $0) displays a large clock on the screen
with second hand) and the times for Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and
Coffee gives your computer a coffee break when you take one. A smiling
pot of
coffee and two smiling cups give off steam and change expressions while
"percolator" tune plays. Then with your bloodstream revitalized, the
gets you charging with a rousing rendition of the William Tell Overture.

Cos_Eye ($0) is an animated graphics display. BASIC required.

Cybart: The Cybernated Artist (Flying Turtle Software; $15) creates
abstractions. They are presented on screen as framed works of art.

Cycle (Balash, Marty; $0) is an unusual, very interesting graphics
Here's an oddity: the program runs much faster on a 286 than it does on a
Requires EGA/VGA.

Dali (DGT Consulting, Inc.; $0) is a computerized version of Salvador
Persistence of Memory, but with clocks that actually work. Nice concept -
you have to sit through an annoying start-up screen. Requires EGA/VGA.

Dazzle 5.0j (MicroTronics ASP; $15) is an incredible screen
blanking/kaleidoscope program. The beautiful use of colors is enhanced
further by the use of fading in and out. It uses split-screen and panning
part of the fade process. Screens can be frozen for shooting photographs
image capturing. EGA/VGA required.

Demon 2.0 (Katzung, Bert; $0) is   a cellular automaton, similar to Life.
displays a graphic grid of cells   that change state with each "life
cycle". As
described in the August issue of   Scientific American, the automaton
starts out
in a completely random state and   gradually takes on a greater and greater
degree of organization. Requires   EGA or VGA. C source code is included.
Demon 1.1A (McCranie, Judson ASP; $5) is a graphics display that
simulates a
cellular, crystal-like growth.

Digipad 3.5 (Rexxcom Systems; $24) is a colorful scrolling display. Text
scrolls continuously up a graphical notepad. It was designed to be used
information displays in schools, stores, galleries, trade shows, etc.

Dust 1.0 ($0) is an impressive VGA graphics demo. Music can be played
a sound card or pc speaker.

Earth (Sokol, John L.; $0) displays a globe spinning and moving around
screen. Because the image keeps moving, you could leave this running on a
computer when you are gone to prevent burn-in.

EGADemo ($0) works with EGA or VGA.

EGAKal (McClendon, Judson D.; $0) is a kalediscope display for EGA\VGA.

EGAMagic (Raxsoft Development; $0) is a display which uses dithering to
even more colors and interesting patterns.

EinsTime draws a picture of Einstein, adds a clever saying, and displays
time of day.

Eye (Siegel, Bob; $?) puts a big eye on the screen. The eye moves slowly
and forth.

Eye-Gard (Focus Research; $22) is for leaving messages on and securing
computer while you are away. It will display a selected PCX file. If
presses a key, the picture and message change and an alarm is sounded.
Different pictures, messages, and alarms can be pre-set for different
times of
the day. Instead of alarms, other programs or batch files can be set to
when a key is pressed.

F16 Animation Player Demo (Rainbow Technology Group of America; $?) plays
32k/64k-color animations. Requires a video card with a VESA driver, and a
minimum 16 MB RAM.

Fantasy 2.0 (Natural Software ASP; $20) creates flowing graphic images on
display as you move your mouse. You can record the patterns you generate
store them in a disk file for later playback.

FarOut 3.0 (Mike Chaney, reg. fee: $10) is a graphical display or screen
(non-TSR). Has password protection, increased graphics resolution using
360x480x256 mode.

Firework 2.0 will display a realistic looking fireworks show.

FishBee (VGA Graphics; $0) is a great animated   graphics display. We don't
to say too much that would spoil the suprises,   but the main characters
are a
goldfish and a bee and anyone with a color VGA   monitor is going to love
Incidentally, the little music file that comes   with it has the best music
sounds we have ever heard on a PC's speaker.

GodsEye (Campbell, George; $0) draws a colorful pattern similar to the
eye" fabric weaving pattern popular with the 60's hippies as well as with
Latin America.

GR3 ($0) displays a colorful, animated 3-D object (electric fan, egg
clocks) and rotates it at random angles and speeds.

Grafix (Bill Voss; $0) has many different types of animated displays.

GrandTour (Callahan, John D.; $12) simulates space as seen from the
and Giotto spacecraft. It also generates scenes from arbitrary points in
or the Earth, with the spacecraft visible to the observer. The planet,
and rings of interest (or comet, nucleus, and tail), stars, the sun, and
spacecraft are all accurately drawn with wireframe representations.
line removal is done for the body surfaces. For color EGA/VGA devices,
are color coded according to spectral type.

Gulf (Data Assist, Inc.; $0) is a tribute to our troops who fought in the
Persian Gulf. It supports Ad Lib and Sound Blaster, if present, and
VGA or MCGA for the full-color photos that are displayed.

Happy Halloween (Erik Sahl, reg. fee: $0) is an animated graphic display
Halloween. Requires VGA.

Hallucinations (Polymath Systems; $10) is a graphics display that allows
to choose nine speed settings, palette or foreground color, and

Halloween Skull ($0) is an animated Halloween skull with scary music. VGA

Holiday Screen Saver 1.0 (John T. Pape, reg. fee: $0) displays a snowy
at a country cottage, with blinking Christmas lights on the tree in the
window. Every few minutes, it plays a Christmas tune. DOS's QBasic

Inkblot (Johnson, Mark S.; $5) is an unusual VGA graphics display. It
random lines in four sectors, creating a colorful and almost fractal-like
inkblot display.

Instant Paradise (Salgado, J. Raphael B.; $10) puts you on the beach of a
beautiful tropical island. As you sit at your desk, staring at the
screen, do you ever daydream about being in a remote tropical paradise?
up Instant Paradise and watch the waves come in, the fish jump out of the
water, a sailboat maneuvering with a seagull overhead while clouds drift
lazily by. As the sun sets and the moon comes out colors change to
nighttime, dawn, and back to daylight.

JKFaces 1.5 (King, Jerry; $0) is a non-TSR screen saver. It displays
256-color, photo-quality pictures of pretty faces with various special
effects. A 16-color EGA version is included.

July4 is a clever display done completely with ASCII characters. (You
have ANSI.SYS in your CONFIG.SYS file.) At the DOS prompt, enter TYPE
JULY4.ANS and press Enter and watch the show.

The Jungly Kitchen 1.0 (Twilight Zone, reg. fee: $0) is a demonstration
VGA graphics. A jungle tribesman plays a tune on the drums, but is
interrupted by a crazy bird who has ideas of his own. This is a cute
presentation with sound that can be played with a sound card or through
the pc
speaker. Requires VGA and 560k of memory.

Kaled (Lively, Lynn; $?) is one of the most interesting pattern-drawing,
kaleidoscope programs we've seen. The program will allow you to create,
run and save images.

Kaledis 3.1 (McClendon, Judson D.; $0) is an EGA/VGA Kaleidoscope
program. `C'
source included.

KAMSave 1.0 (Marshall, Keith A.; $10) is a a colorful screen display for

Karl's Graphic Portfolio (Karl Weller; $0) contains VGA animations and
These graphics were created by raytracing, scanning, and video capture.

LCDclock 1.1 (Hartz, George; $5) is a digital alarm clock which looks
like the one sitting on your night stand.

Mona ($0) is the Mona Lisa in full color.
Saturday Matinee (Val; $0) provides a realistic animation of a crowded
house. Your view is from the balcony, and the curtains open, the lights
and the show begins. The animated VGA graphics are very impressive. Takes
of disk space.

My ScreenSaver 3.2s (Andrew Cramer, reg. fee: $23) converts any DOS
display program into a pop-up screen saver which can operate in DOS,
3.1, or OS/2. It also includes four sample ScreenSavers, and run-time
of Grasp and Autodesk Animator.

O-My-God! is one of the best kaleidoscope programs available for VGA.

Panic 1.0 (Future Crew, reg. fee: $0) is a VGA and Soundblaster
with fractal images, entropic displays, and an upbeat music score.
VGA graphics. Music requires a Soundblaster compatible sound card and 1
MB of
EMS memory.

PC Greetings 2.0 (Micro Madness Software; $20) is a 3D animated Birthday
It opens up and displays a personal message. When the card closes, the
on the card expands to full screen and becomes a colorful birthday
with marquee-effect Happy Birthday logo, 14 different colored floating
balloons, a personal slice of cake with flaming candle, and PC speaker

Piston is a graphic display of how a piston engine works.

PixArt Animated Greetings (Woodruff, David; $5 each) is a set of three
animated Birthday messages. It includes dancing girls, special delivery
of a
gift-wrapped message, and a marble maze with greetings at the end. The
use full-color, hi-res animation.

Plasma (Mulvey, Bret; $0) is a VGA graphics displays of a pulsing plasma
field. Pascal source code included.

Plasma (JM) 3.0 (Jan Muller, reg. fee: $0) is a VGA graphics display. C
code included.

Polygon 1.0 (Dukarich, Gary; $0) will display a triangle, quadrangle,
pentagon, and hexagon in 3-D motion.

Victor V286 Power Demo (Knee Toe Productions; $0) is a graphics display
motion, color and sound.

Pyro 2.03 (Shields, K. G; $0) produces a wide variety of impressive
displays. The program also has sound effects. CGA, mono-graphics and even
text-only displays are supported, in addition to EGA/VGA. C source code

Rax (Raxsoft Development; $0) is a demo of dithering and 3-D rotation. It
most impressive on a very fast CPU machine.

Rolex ($0) displays a full-screen, color picture of a working watch which
shows the current time. A second hand sweeps across the face of the watch
the watch's date display tells you the date.

Roses ($0) is an animated graphics display.

Rotor 2.0s (Michel Robert, reg. fee: $60) is an interactive animation
It creates graphic designs, images, and animations. The program
incorporates a
wide variety of built-in shapes, and it supports user-defined forms.
These can
be animated in a multitude of ways: sequences, rotations, expansions,
contractions, deformations, linear and non-linear travels, color and
variations, etc.

Russell's Animation Machine 8.32 (The Animated Software Company; $27)
lets you
create and display graphic applications. You can design interactive,
tutorials, demos, and more. Utilities are included for adding animation
other software, HP Laser printing, and there is a TSR for screen
Over 85 commands are provided for program control, placing text on
file handling, drawing and displaying graphics. Several examples are

Designer Screens 1.0 (Jack Cauldwell, reg. fee: $17-20) creates colorful
images on your VGA screen.

SGlass ($0) (Schafts, Debbie and Schafts, George; $0) produces a stained
glass-like effect on the screen. MS QuickC source is included.

Show-Talk (Creative Software Sounds Inc.; $15) is intended to attract
to the computer. It draws fancy collages and about every 30 seconds it
says a
catch phrase in human speech. It can be used at your show booth, retail
or to play jokes on friends. When the person presses a key, it will say a
joke, sing a song or play name that tune. Requires 512K.

Shuttle is a 3-D image of the space shuttle rotating in space.

Sierpinsky Gasket 1.0 (Mendel Cooper, reg. fee: $0) is a graphic example
of a
Sierpinsky Gasket. Watch as a triangle pattern emerges and is filled in
various colors. C source code is included.

Sierp ($0) is a graphics demo.

Sine 2.0 (Synergy Development and Stewart, David Thomas; $10-$15) is an
excellent graphics pattern demo program. A whirling, puslating, quickly
changing pattern of dots. Just the thing for insomniacs.

Slinky (Jarvis, John; $?) creates a graphics show by drawing closed
curves in sequence. The controlling hull points are moved around using
randomizing strategies.
SnappyScreen (Limbo Graphics; $11-26) is a series of VGA graphics
that can be used as a screen blanker while you are away from your
machine. You
can select specific graphics such as "Out To Lunch" or "In a Meeting" or
the program to randomly change the display. VGA required.

Spirals displays a colorful variety of spirals and shapes.

Splat ($0) is a cute little animation that gives the appearance of
color paint drops falling onto and running down the monitor. Clever and

Stars (David Bollinger, reg. fee: $0) is a starfield simulation that
rotates. C source code is included. Requires VGA and a 386sx or better.

Star Program (Data Management; $10) is a graphic display program similar
Windows' star field screen saver.

StarFlag (De Palma, John Richard; $0) displays the American flag and
plays the
Star Spangled Banner. QB source code is included.

Starz 1.0 (Dolan, Bob; $0) displays a head-on view of oncoming stars in
classic Star Trek tradition. Sometimes the spacecraft will go into a spin
dart from one side to the other. Sometimes the speed will change, and
times colorful stars will appear. Nice for use as a screen blanker while
from your desk.

SweetDos (LeVitt, Dick; $0) displays an old-fashioned wall clock with
pendulum. Framed needlepoint next to the clock proclaims "DOS sweet DOS".
system time is displayed on the clock. VGA and 286/386 required.

Take Five (Gross, David ASP; $20) displays selected PCX graphics (three
included) while you are away from your desk. Text can be added to the
and others may leave messages. Messages can be displayed, printed or
Password protection is optional. The position of the display, delay
and type of fade can be changed. Requires EGA or VGA.

TeaLeafs 2.2 (Eugene L. Woods, reg. fee: $27) is a TSR screen saver for
that displays random color boxes across the screen.

TeaPot (Berkes, Otto; $0) is a 3-D image rotation display of a teapot.

Tigress (reg. fee: $0) is a "morph" of a woman changing into a tiger.
is a graphic technique seen in movies like Terminator 2. This is actually
improvement of a morph that PsL once did for a cover story on morphing.

Tripled (Smedstad, Gus; $?) is a graphics demo program which displays
objects: a cylinder, a hemisphere, a pyramid, a house, and a plane. You
move and rotate any of them, or the viewpoint, and remove the hidden
edges at
any time or move them closer or farther away.

TRANS4 1.1 (Ratcliff, Lyn; $0) is an interactive graphics demonstration
program which displays a number of different colorful, animated 4-
wireframe objects. It can be used as a screen blanker or as a graphics
You can modify existing figures or create your own.

Valentine Card (Kopchak, Randall; $0) is an electronic Valentine card
that you
can customize. If you have a CD-ROM drive connected to your PC, it will
play a
specified track of a music CD (of your choice) while it displays the

VBEFLI .4 (Trilobyte; $20) is a superVGA FLI file player. It will play
animation in up to 640x480x256 mode.
VGAart (Saucier, Matt; $0) is a VGA graphics display.

VGAart Moraffware; $0 is a VGA graphics display.

VGA Calendar (Magic Software +; $0) toggles between a full-color VGA
and a time-calendar display. You can get it to redisplay the same picture
time, or to randomly select one of the six pictures of cars, girls, and
scenery that are included. The graphics are almost interesting enough to
you forget that June doesn't really have 31 days, as shown. Requires hard
drive & VGA.

VGA Interludes (Pop Software; $12) is an interesting graphic display for
monitors unlike the usual kaleidoscope type displays. There are four
patterns to choose from.

VGA Lines (Dolan, Bob; $0) is an interesting VGA demo. Instead of just a
single line bouncing around the screen, you can set up to 10 different
in motion.

VGA Worms (David Bollinger, reg. fee: $0) is a graphics display in
320x200 256
color mode. A number of colorful trails curve and loop their way across
screen. C source code is included. Requires a 286 or better and VGA.

Virtual Winter 1.1 (Nicholas Centanni, reg. fee: $12) is a is a 3D-
animation of a decorated evergreen tree in a gentle snowstorm. You can
the lights, alter the tree, or move around in the scene. Requires VGA.

Visual Note (Magic Software +; $20-$29) displays VGA pictures with a note
while you are away and lets people enter messages. Several pictures are
included. You can leave a picture of Arnold if you'll "be back" or an
close-up of a burger if you're "Out to Lunch" caption. There is also a
calendar up to year 9999, clock blanker mode with slide shows of VGA
a phone number list, and an appointment reminder.
Wator is a sort of like the "Game of Life" taken to the ocean. Fish (the
and sharks (the predators) swim, hunt for food, and breed.

Welcome Mat Demo (Street Smart Software; $?) is a stunning 3-D animated
Christmas scene. It displays a snowman in a snow storm. You can add a
personalized message to the scene. Twenty minutes of holiday music is
included. Requires Super VGA and sound card.

Wonder 5.0 (Avery Regier; $0) is a kaleidoscop graphics display program.

XL-Show (REXXCOM Systems, reg. fee: $24) allows you to display auto-
text screens which change automatically in style and color with each new
topic. Requires EGA/VGA.

XMas 1.0 (reg. fee: $0) plays two familiar Christmas songs while Santa
and his
reindeer land on the roof.

Sierra On-Line Xmas Card (Sierra; $0) is an animated Christmas card with

-----Multimedia Displays

Battle-Pieces (Wilton T. Thornburg II; $25) presents the poetry of Herman
Melville with animated graphics using images by Leonardo Da Vinci.
VGA, 640K, and one meg of disk space.

Chaplinesque (Thornburg, Wilton T. II; $25) contains a multimedia
animation of
Hart Crane's poem "Chaplinesque". Requires a hard disk, VGA, and 640K.

(Jean-Denis Munos; $0) plays sound files while displaying graphic files.
supports most music and graphic extensions.


Morphing is a hot graphics technique in movies, commercials, and music
videos in
which one entity appears to physically transform into another. Now you
can try
it on your computer.

Complete Morph 2.00 (Paul D. Nettle, reg. fee: $35) is a complete
facility. Features include advanced mesh editing, live zoom-window for
pixel-perfect mesh point locations, three different spline types for
morphing effects, virtual memory manager, and the ability to read and
TGA/IMG/BMP/GIF/IP. Requires a 386DX+ and 4MB.

RMORF (Richard Goedeken, $25) See DMORF.

DMORF (David K. Mason, $35) DMORF and RMORF are two morphing programs
support different graphics formats, but which work about the same. You
specify the number of intermediate files to be created. The higher the
the smoother and more gradual is the resulting morph. DMORF and RMORF do
display the resulting graphics files, which both programs save in TGA
The only way we found to view them was to use a program by the name of
DTA to
convert them to an Autodesk Animator FLI format and use an FLI viewing
utility. (Both DTA and SHOWFLI are in this same directory.) DMORF
requires a
math chip and a fast CPU. If you have a 486, both requirements are
automatically met. You also need VGA and several megs of hard disk space
the resulting files.

Dave's TGA Animation Program 1.8g David K. Mason $35 creates FLI
files from graphics files. Many graphics formats are supported.

FlixFli are a couple of morph animations in FLI format. Use SHOWFLI to

ShowFli is a utility for viewing FLI files.

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