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					Introduction to BUCS in the North West

  1.   BUCS National Profile (page 2)
  2.   BUCS NW Regional Executive (pages 3&4)
  3.   BUCS NW Institutional Profile – Infrastructure (pages 5 to14)
  4.   BUCS NW Institutional Profile – Programmes (pages 15 to 20)
  5.   BUCS NW Sports Manager – Job Role (page 21)

       1   NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
British Universities & Colleges Sport
Who we are

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the national organisation for higher education sport in the
UK. It brings together expertise and experience from two former representative bodies – British
Universities Sports Association (BUSA) and University College Sport (UCS) – to provide a unified voice
for sport, fitness and physical activity on university campuses.

What we do

BUCS works with student athletes, athletic union staff and elected officers as well as professional
sporting staff, coaches and volunteers at 153 member institutions. It offers a comprehensive, multisport
competition structure and manages the development of services and facilities for
participative, grass-roots sport and healthy campuses through to high-performance, elite athletes.
We support our members to:
      Provide first-class facilities, programmes and services to all students, staff and related
      Increase participation in physical activity and develop active and healthy campuses
      Deliver a world-class competition structure for more than 50 sports
      Provide high quality performance sport infrastructure to produce world-class athletes
      Lead innovative sports development

Why get involved

Participation in sport at higher education institutions is already impressive:
      Over 600,000 students take part in regular physical activity
      4,500 sports teams operate on campus, the most popular being rugby, football and hockey
      41% of university sports teams are female
      170 Championship finals take place annually
      55% of the GB Team medal take at the 2008 Olympics was by university students (60% of
          Team GB was made up of people who had gone through the higher education system)
         67% of visits to university sporting facilities are from students, with 26% from community
          users and 8% from staff
     BUCS members operate approx. £20bn worth of sporting facilities and amenities,
        including 145 fitness suites, 541 tennis courts and 139 sports halls
     Database of over 700 ‘key influencers’ in permanent employment within sport and leisure
        facilities management in Higher Education sector.
     The first ‘British University Championships’ in March 2008 attracted 5,000 athletes and
        3,000 spectators to the city of Sheffield. 2009 Champs to be featured on terrestrial TV.

What we offer

BUCS has an ambitious vision and can offer broad and flexible opportunities for commercial
     A number of specific properties unique to the sports and student market.
     Direct access to over 700 decision-makers in higher education sport including Directors of
        Sport and Athletic Union Presidents
     Exclusive rights to sporting activities or events
     Integrated brand promotion through digital, physical and broadcast communications
     Access, through our members, to a student population who will be making important life
        and lifestyle decisions while studying
     Excellent understanding of the student market

       2   NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
BUCS National and Regional Structure
At a national level, BUCS is governed by a Board and Executive Group. More information can be found via Below that, the Regions and Nations Chairs Forum is in the process of shaping
the structures that exist within each region so that there is a consistent approach to developing the core
work of the organisation at a local level, whilst allowing crucial regional distinctiveness and flexibility to
develop their own working areas. The key to effectively making this work is the integration of student and
professional advisory groups, which had previously worked in parallel as BUSA and UCS respectively.

The North West was fortunate to have strong working relationships between the two groups, and has
successfully implemented a regional structure that is being used as a template of good practice throughout
the other nations and regions that BUCS represents. This is shown in the diagram below.

Nations and Regions Chairs Forum

The group is led by the Executive Group Portfolio holder for Nations and Regions, BUCS Head of
Professional and Regional Development, elected members of the BUCS Executive Group alongside the
Student and Staff Chairs from each of the regions. The groups’ key role is to act as a conduit between each
region and BUCS nationally, creating a two way passage of information to enhance policy and structural
development of the new organisation.

       3   NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
North West Executive Group

This group is made up of 8 officers in the elected positions of Staff Chair, Student Chair,
BUCS NW Manager, Communication Officer, Marketing and Website Officer and the
Chairs of each of the 3 Regional Advisory Groups. The Executive meet 4 times per year
at least 2 weeks prior to the Regions and Nations Chairs Forum. The main role of the group is to represent
the interests of the NW’s HEI’s to BUCS via the Nations and Regions Chairs Forum, to guide the work of
the advisory groups and provide a unified voice for the sector to other representative groups such as the
North West Universities Association, Sport England, County Sport Partnerships National Governing Bodies
of Sport.

Competition and Participation Advisory Group

This is very much student focussed, led by an elected student chair with a more experienced administrator
as vice chair. The group is the natural successor to the BUSA regional meetings and mainly concentrates
on the BUCS sporting offer, with issues such as competition structures, schedules, transport and umpiring
high on the agenda. The group is evolving to look at broader issues such as raising levels of participation
on campus through intra mural competition; taster sessions led by AU clubs and Give it a Go events.

Facilities and Operations Advisory Group

There is strong engagement of all facility managers in HEI within this group, with core work areas including
sharing of best practice on the management of Swimming Pools, Indoor and Outdoor Facilities,
Management Information Systems, Health and Safety, Utilities Control and Equipment Procurement.

Workforce Development Advisory Group

This group is more professional based, with a higher ratio of membership from employed HEI and FE staff.
The main focus of the group is to enhance the quality of coach, volunteer and official development in HE
and FE. The group has made strong links with external partners, engaging representation from County
Sports Partnerships, Sports Coach UK, NW Coaching Agency, Sports Volunteering North West and the
North West Universities Association. An audit of Coaching and Volunteering is currently taking place
through NWUA to give a more informed position of need through HE in the NW. This process could be
replicated in FE in 2009.

Position Statement

Each of the Advisory Groups meets 3 to 4 times per year and is in the process of formulating individual
terms of reference and action plans to clarify their roles. Establishing specific outcomes will be a key theme
of the conference in April 2009, after which a regional action plan will be in place via the BUCS website
from September 2009.

A brief overview of each of the NW HEI’s Infrastructure and Programmes can be found overleaf.

       4   NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
Institution       Population   Campus Sports Facilities             Specialist Facilities          Undergraduate         Post Graduate
Name              Student /    Indoor         Outdoor        Pool                                  Programmes            Programmes

Bolton            5,500 Full   Sports Hall,     N/A          N/A    Sports Rehabilitation Clinic   BA Sport and          MA Community Sport
University        time /       Fitness Suite,                       (Deane Campus).                Leisure               Development, MSc
                  5,500 Part   Climbing                                                            Management, BA        Strength and
                  time.        Wall.                                                               Sport Development,    Conditioning.
                                                                                                   BSc International
                  700 Staff.                                                                       Tourism
                                                                                                   Management, BSc
                                                                                                   Sport and Exercise
                                                                                                   Science, BSc Sports
                                                                                                   Rehabilitation, BSc
                                                                                                   Sport Science and
                                                                                                   Coaching, BSc
                                                                                                   Strength and
                                                                                                   Foundation Degree
                                                                                                   Sport and Fitness
University of     32,000       Sports Hall,    8 Lane         N/A   Full Sports Science Labs,      BSc Exercise,         MA Sports
Central           Students     30 Station      Athletics            Outdoor Education Centre in    Nutrition & Health,   Management,
Lancashire                     Fitness Suite.  Track, 7 Grass       Llangollen.                    BSc Motor Sports,     MA Sports
(UCLAN)          3000 Staff                    Football                                            BEng Motor Sports     Management by
                                               Pitches, 1                                          Engineering, BSc      Blended Learning, MSc
                                               Grass Master                                        Motor Sports          Psychology of Sport
                                               Desso Floodlit                                      Operations, BA        and Exercise, MSc
                                               Pitch, 3 Rugby                                      Outdoor               Sport and Exercise
                                               Pitches, 6                                          Leadership, BA        Biomechanics,
                                               AWP 5-a-side,                                       Personal Fitness      MSc Sport and Exercise
                                               1 AWP 7-a-                                          Training, BA Sports   Physiology, MSc Sport
                                               side, 2 full                                        Coaching, BA Sports   and Exercise
                                               size AWP,                                           Journalism, BA        Psychology,
       5      NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
                                               4 netball /                         Sports                MSc Sport and Exercise
                                               tennis courts                       Management , BA       Science, MSc Sports
                                               (Floodlit), 1                       Sports                Therapy.
                                               Cricket                             Development, BSc
                                               wicket, 2                           Sports Psychology,
                                               Cricket nets,                       BSc Sports Science,
                                               1.5km Cycle                         BA Sports Studies,
                                               Circuit.                            BSc Sports
                                                                                   Technology, BSc
                                                                                   Sports Technology
                                                                                   BSc Sports
                                                                                   BSc Sports
                                                                                   Technology (Golf
                                                                                   Operations), BSc
                                                                                   Sports Therapy
                                                                                   BSc Strength and
                                                                                   Conditioning, BA
University of   9788          Sports Hall, 2   AWP, 1 Rugby      Yes, 25m.   N/A   FD Sports Coaching,   MSc Exercise and
Chester         Students      Squash           Pitch.                              FD Sports             Nutrition Science, MSc
(Chester        (Includes     Courts,          Blacon Site –                       Management, FD        Sport Science, MSc
Campus)         Warrington    Fitness Suite,   1 Gaelic                            Fitness and Health,   Sociology of Sport and
                and Chester   Dance Studio.    Football Pitch.                     BSc Sports Science,   Exercise.
                Campuses)                      Sealand Road                        BSc Sports Science
                                               – 3 Football                        (Joint Honours), BA
                                               Pitches, 1                          Sports
                                               Rugby Pitch.                        Development, BA
                                                                                   Development (Joint

       6   NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
University of                Sports Hall,   2 Grass          N/A          N/A
Chester                      Fitness Suite. Pitches, 2
Warrington                                  Lane Running
Campus                                      Track.
Edge Hill       20,000       Sports Hall,   6 Lane           Yes, 18m 5         FdSc Sports          MSc Applied Sport and
University      Students     Squash Court, Athletics         lane.              Coaching, BA Coach Exercise Science, MSc
                             Sprung Floor Track (8 lane                         Education, BA        Football Rehabilitation.
                2000 Staff   Gymnasium,     straight), 1                        Physical Education
                             Dance Studio Full Size AWP,                        and School Sport,
                             and 40         1 Floodlit                          BSc Sport and
                             station IFI    MUGA, 2                             Exercise Science, BA
                             Fitness        Grass Football                      Sports
                             Studio.        Pitches, 2                          Development, BSc
                                            Grass Football                      Sport Studies, BSc
                                            Pitches, 1                          Sports Therapy.
                                            Grass Rugby
                                            League Pitch,
                                            1 Grass Rugby
                                            Union Pitch, 7
                                            Tennis Courts
                                            and 5 Floodlit
                                            Netball Courts
Harper          1850         Sport shall,   AWP, Floodlit    Yes,               None                  None
Adams           Students     Fitness Suite, Rugby Pitch,     Outdoor
                             Squash         Cricket          Heated
                             Courts.        Wickets, 5       Pool.
                                            Green, 2
                                            Tennis Courts,
                                            Ground, 4x4

       7   NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
University of    21,000        2 Sports         2 AWPs, 1 3G      Yes, 33    Coaching and Analysis Room      None                   None
Liverpool        Students      Halls, 4         MUGA, 12          metre.     on Wyncote Site.
                               Squash           Football
                 4,900 Staff   Courts,          Pitches, 4
                               Dance Studio     Rugby Pitches
                               and 100+         and 1
                               station          Lacrosse
                               Fitness          Pitch.
Liverpool        4289          Sports hall, 3   AWP, Grass        No         N/A                             BSc Health,            MSc Health, Exercise
Hope             Students      Squash           Football and                                                 Nutrition and          and Nutrition.
University                     Courts,          Rugby Pitch.                                                 Fitness, BA Sports
                               Fitness                                                                       Development, BSc
                               Studio, 40                                                                    Sports Psychology,
                               station                                                                       BSc Sport Studies,
                               fitness suite.                                                                BSC Nutrition and
                                                                                                             Health. BA/BSC
                                                                                                             Combined Hons
                                                                                                             include Leisure,
                                                                                                             Sport Development,
                                                                                                             Sport Studies,
                                                                                                             Dance + range of
                                                                                                             other subjects.
Liverpool        13,094        Sports Hall,     1 AWP, 1          Yes, 25m   Physiology Labs equipped for    BA Dance Studies,      MSc Sport Science, MA
John Moore       Students      Fitness Suite,   Football Pitch,   pool.      Gas Analysis, Musculoskeletal   BA Education           Sports Development
University                     2 Dance          1 Rugby Pitch,               Screening, Blood Flow and       Studies and Physical   Management,
                               Studios, 2       1 Practice /                 Echo Cardiography,              Education, BA          MPhil/MRes/Phd Sport
                               Gymnasiums.      Warm Up.                     Biochemistry Suite suitable     Outdoor Education      and Exercise Science,
                                                                             for Microbiology,               with Adventure         MSc/PgD/PgC Sports
                                                                             Haematology, Immunology         Tourism, BSc           Biomechanics,
                                                                             and Histology. DEXA and         Outdoor Education      MSc/PgD/PgC Sports
                                                                             Hydro Static Weighing           with Environmental     Physiology,
                                                                             Facilities. Hypoxic Chamber,    Education, BA          MSc/PgD/PgC Sports

       8     NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
                                                      Biomechanics Lab, Motor    Outdoor Education      Psychology, MA School
                                                      Control Lab and Temporal   with Physical          Sport Management,
                                                      Isolation Lab.             Education, BSc         PGCE Leisure and
                                                                                 Psychology and         Tourism, MA/PgD/PgC
                                                                                 Sport Science, BSc     Tourism and Leisure
                                                                                 Sports Technology,     Management
                                                                                 FD Inclusive Sports    Development.
                                                                                 Development, BA
                                                                                 Tourism and
                                                                                 Management, FD
                                                                                 Tourism and
                                                                                 Leisure and
                                                                                 Chinese, FD
                                                                                 Tourism and
                                                                                 Leisure and French,
                                                                                 FD Tourism and
                                                                                 Leisure and
                                                                                 Japanese, FD
                                                                                 Tourism and
                                                                                 Leisure and
                                                                                 Spanish, FD
                                                                                 Tourism and
                                                                                 Management, FDA
                                                                                 Tourism & Leisure,
                                                                                 BSc Science and
                                                                                 Football, BSs Sports
                                                                                 Science, BSc
                                                                                 Psychology and
                                                                                 Sport Science, BSc
                                                                                 Sports Technology.

9   NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
University of   34,441        Armitage         Armitage          Yes,            Sugden Centre – DNA Sport      BA Management   The Global MBA for
Manchester      Students      Centre –         Centre – 2        Manchester      Performance, Strength and      and Leisure.    Sports and Event
                              Sports Hall, 4   AWPs, 2           Aquatic         Conditioning Facility +                        Management (through
                11,478        squash           floodlit 5-a-     Centre - 2      Practitioners.                                 World Academy of
                Staff         Courts, 60       side, 3 cricket   50 m pools,     www.dna-sports-                                Sport).
                              station          nets, 5           diving pool,
                              fitness suite.   Football          fitness suite   Connect Physiotherapy.
                                               Pitches, 2        and studio.
                              Sugden           Rugby
                              Centre (Joint    Pitches, 1                        The University also host The
                              use MMU          Lacrosse                          World Academy of Sport
                              Manchester)      Pitch, 1                
                              – 2 Sports       Cricket
                              Halls, 100       Square.
                              fitness suite,   Wythenshawe
                              2 activity /     –
                              fitness          26 Football
                              studios.         pitches, 1
                                               Rugby pitch.

                                               Centre 1
Manchester      27,000        Didsbury         Didsbury          Yes,                                           BA Sports       Continued
Metropolitan    students      Sport Centre     Sports Centre     Manchester                                     Marketing, BA   Professional, Personal
University                    –                – 2 Tennis        Aquatic                                        Sports          and Practical
(MMU)           4,500 Staff   1 Sports hall,   Courts.           Centre, 2                                      Management.     Development (CP3D)
Manchester                    60 station                         50 m pools,                                                    Modular Scheme, MSc
                              fitness suite,   Sugden            diving pool,                                                   Clinical Communication
                              1 Dance          Centre – 1        fitness suite                                                  (by Research), MSc
                              studio.          MUGA              and studio.                                                    Physiotherapy (Pre-
                              Sugden                                                                                            PgCert/PgDip/MA/MSC

     10    NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
                              Centre (Joint                                                                                  Practice Development,
                              use MMU                                                                                        PgCert/PgDip/MSC
                              Manchester)                                                                                    Emergency Medicine,
                              – 2 Sports                                                                                     PgCert Emergency
                              Halls, 100                                                                                     Management,
                              station                                                                                        PgDip/MSc Emergency
                              fitness suite,                                                                                 Medicine (with
                              2 activity /                                                                                   Education),
                              fitness                                                                                        PgCert/PgDip/MSC
                              studios.                                                                                       Physiotherapy (Post
                                                                                                                             Manual Therapy,
                                                                                                                             PgDip/MSc Community
                                                                                                                             Health, Professional
                                                                                                                             Doctorate (Heath).
MMU            3500           Alsager          Floodlit AWP,   Yes, 25m   Blood Biochemistry           BA Coaching and       MA/MSC Exercise and
Cheshire       Students       Campus -         8 Tennis        Pool on    Laboratory,                  Sport Development,    Sport Major and Minor,
                              Sports Hall,     Courts, 5       site.      Biomechanics Laboratory,     BA/BSC Combined       MA Exercise and Sport
               No             Gymnasium,       Football                   Data Collection Area,        Honour Sport, BSc     (Coaching), MA
               independent 20 station          Pitches, 2                 Magnetic Resonance &         Psychology of Sport   Exercise and Sport
               staff figures. fitness suite,   Rugby                      Digital Ultrasound           and Exercise, BSc     (Development),
                              Free Weights     Pitches.                   Laboratory,                  Sport and Exercise    MA/MSC Exercise and
                              Room.                                       Motor Control Laboratory,    Science, BA Leisure   Sport, MSc Exercise
                                                                          Muscle Function & Exercise   Management, BA        and Sport
                                                                          Performance Laboratory,      Leisure               (Biomechanics), MSc
                                                                          Muscle Physiology &          Management 1          Exercise and Sport
                                                                          Biochemistry Laboratory,     year extension        (Physiology), MSc
                                                                          Psychology Facilities,       degree, BA/BSC        Exercise and Sport
                                                                          Sports Technology            Combined Honours      Psychology, MSc
                                                                          Workshop.                    Leisure               Exercise and Sport

    11     NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
                                                                                                              Management,            (Sports Injury) –
                                                                              Physio4U on-site service in     BA/BSC Combined        Distance Learning,
                                                                              Alsager.                        Honours Outdoor
                                                                                                              Studies, BSC
                                                                                                              Outdoor Studies.
Keele            6,897 Full    2 Sports halls,   1 AWP, 11        No                                          None                   None
University       Time          6 Squash          Grass Football
                               Courts,           Pitches, 2
                 1429 Part-    Gymnasium,        Rugby
                 time          Fitness           Pitches, 3
                               Studio,           Cricket
                 2,200 Staff   Kinesis Suite,    Wickets, 8
                               Group Cycling     Tennis Courts,
                               Room and          2 Netball
                               Climbing          Courts.
Lancaster        8088          Sports Hall,      2 AWPs, 6        Yes, 25m                                    None                   None
University       Students      Gymnasium,        Football         pool.
                               8 Squash          Pitches, 3
                               Courts,           Rugby
                               Weights           Pitches, 8
                               Room, Life        Tennis Courts,
                               Fitness CV        1 Floodlit
                               Room and          Netball Court.
University of    20,000        2 x Sports        AWP, 8           Yes, 25m.   500m 2 human performance        BA Sport and           PhD Rehabilitation and
Salford          Students      Hall, 2           Football                     Laboratory which                Exercise               Human Performance,
                               Squash            Pitches,                     includes 9 Force Plates, 5 of   Management, BSc        MSc Gambling and
                               Courts,           Rugby                        which are situated in a         Exercise, Physical     Leisure Management,
                                                                              40m running track. The
                               Fitness Suite,    Pitches.                                                     Activity and Health,
                                                                              laboratory is also fully

     12      NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
                       Climbing                        equipped with physiological          FD Sport and
                       Wall.                           testing equipment for                Leisure
                                                       all types of athletes including      Management, BSc
                       Separate                        paralympians and the                 Sports
                                                       general public.
                       Dance studio                                                         Development, BSc
                       via Adelphi                     The Sports Injury, Exercise and
                                                                                            Applied Sports
                       Media Suites.                   Rehabilitation                       Science, BSC Sports
                                                       Clinic runs on Tuesday and           Rehabilitation, BSc
                                                       Thursday afternoons                  Physiotherapy, BA
                                                       during term time.                    Gambling and
                                                       Podiatry Clinic.                     Management, FD
                                                                                            Leisure and
                                                       Prosthetics & Orthotics              Tourism
                                                       Laboratory and Workshops
                                                                                            Management, BA
                                                       This is a highly specialised
                                                       profession delivered in only two
                                                                                            Leisure and
                                                       institutions in the UK, the clinic   Tourism
                                                       provides a range                     Management, FD
                                                       facility for the creation of         Sport and Leisure
                                                       prosthetics and orthotics. This      Management, BA
                                                       includes 3 motion analysis           Sport and Leisure
                                                       laboratories and the                 Management, BSc
                                                       opportunity for individual           Podiatry.
                                                       assessment and bespoke
                                                       product development.
                                                       The custom designed
                                                       clinic rooms and workshops
                                                       include a well equipped
                                                       machine room with CADCAM
                                                       facilities and the plaster room
                                                       where impressions of patients'
                                                       anatomy can be modified for
                                                       the subsequent
                                                       manufacture of custom made
                                                       prostheses or orthoses.

13   NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
University of   N/A         4 x Sports       2 x AWP’s, 3     None   Sports Performance Lab.   DipHE/BA Applied       MA/PgD/PgC Sports
Cumbria (4                  halls (varying   Football                Sports Injury clinic.     Sport and Exercise     Development and
Campuses, 3                 sizes), 2 x      Pitches, 6                                        Psychology,            Sports Coaching.
in Cumbria, 1               Climbing         Tennis Courts,                                    DipHE/BACoaching
in North                    Walls, 4 x       1 Rugby Pitch.                                    and Sport
Lancashire)                 Fitness                                                            Development,
                            Suites, Dance                                                      CertHE/Fda
                            / Gymnastics                                                       Football Coaching &
                            Suite, 2                                                           Fitness, DipHE/BA
                            Squash                                                             Physical Education,
                            Courts.                                                            CertHE/FdA Sport
                                                                                               CertHE/FdA Sport
                                                                                               Development &
                                                                                               DipHE/BSc Sport
                                                                                               and Exercise
                                                                                               Science, DipHE/BA
                                                                                               Sport Studies (Sport
                                                                                               & Physical Activity
                                                                                               Development), BSc
                                                                                               Sport and Exercise
                                                                                               Therapy, DipHE/BA
                                                                                               Sport Management,
                                                                                               FdSc Sport Therapy
                                                                                               and Massage.

    14    NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
Institution          Coaching Staff    Campus Sport             Health and    Volunteer   Performance    Contact Details
Name                 Full     Part     Programmes               Fitness       Programm    Scholarships
                     Time     Time                              Programme     e

Bolton               0        11       5 a side Football,       √             N/A         N/A   /
University                             Badminton and            Range of up
                                       Basketball.              to 13                                    Mark Moran, Sport Coaching Lecturer.
                                                                                                         Pozz Lonsdale, Facilities and Operations.
                                                                                                         01204 903639 /
                                                                                                         Sam Inman, Further and Higher Education Co-
                                                                                                         coordinator. 07500 866648 /
                                                                                                         Mark Sinclair, AU President.
                                                                                                         01204 900850 /
                                                                                                         Sue Delanty, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                                         01204 900850 /
                                                                                                         Phil Binks, Sports Programme Leader.
                                                                                                         01204 903117 /
University of        0        32       5-a-side Football,       √             Yes.        Yes, 20 /
Central                                Badminton.               Range of up               scholarships
Lancashire                                                      to 30                     up to £2000.   Adrian Ibbetson, Academic Director of Sport,
(UCLAN)                                                         classes.                                 01772 894625 /
                                                                                                         Jan Peace, Facilities and Development Manager.
                                                                                                         Kelly Burdett, AU President.
                                                                                                         01772 894848
                                                                                                         Nicola Rolph, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                                         01772 894859 /

     15       NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
University of      0       0        7-a-side League,         √    N/A    Yes, Funded /
Chester (Chester                                                         up to £1000
Campus)                                                                  per annum.      Kirsty Simpson, Assistant Head of Department.
                                                                                         01925 534312 /
                                                                                         Nathan Ingram, AU President.
                                                                                         01244 51332 /
                                                                                         Jane Hodson, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                         01244 513392 /
University of      0       6        7-a-side Football,       √    N/A    Yes, Funded     Jonny Ireland, AU President.
Chester                             Several one day                      up to £1000     07807 308201
(Warrington                         multi sport events.                  per annum.      Ciara Lane, Sports Administrator.
Campus)                                                                                  01925 534375 /
Edge Hill          0       0        7-a-side Football        √    Yes.   Yes, 1 Sports
University                                                               1 Volunteer.
                                                                                         Tony Charlton, Academic Lead Sports Studies.
                                                                                         01695 584844 /
                                                                                         Paul Greenwood, Head of Sports Facilities.
                                                                                         01695 584745 /
                                                                                         Karen Gilbody, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                         01695 584255
                                                                                         Tina Strong, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                         01695 584255 /
Harper Adams       0       0        None                     No   No     No     /

                                                                                         Ben Harper, Sport and Societies Co-ordinator.
                                                                                         01952 815442 /
                                                                                         Tim Sedgewick, Sports Secretary.
                                                                                         07766 10499 /
                                                                                         Janet Fordham, SU Admin / Finance
                                                                                         01952 815313

     16    NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
University of     0        25       11-a-side Mens           √             No.    Yes, 3 tier
Liverpool                           Football, 7-a-side       30 classes           Sports
                                    Men’s and Women’s        per week.            Scholarship   Andy Craig, Director of Sport.
                                    Football.                                     Support.      0151 794 8767 /
                                                                                                Stuart Wade, Sport Development Manager.
                                                                                                0151 794 8767 /
                                                                                                Hannah Whitton, SDO (Performance)
                                                                                                0151 794 4335 /
                                                                                                Laura Fisher, SDO (Participation)
                                                                                                0151 794 8760 /
                                                                                                Katy Young, AU Administrator.
                                                                                                0151 794 4126 /
                                                                                                Pete Sampara, Sports Operations Manager.
                                                                                                0151 794 8768 /
                                                                                                Richard Hay, AU President.
                                                                                                0151 794 4126 /
Liverpool Hope    0        6        Football and             √             Yes.   No.  /
                                    Basketball.              5 per week
                                                                                                Prof. Stephen Wassong, Associate Professor in
                                                                                                Felicity Vaughan, AU President.
                                                                                                0151 291 3581 /
                                                                                                Sinead Butler, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                                0151 291 3706 /
Liverpool John    0        40       11-a-side and 5-a-       √             Yes.   Yes, Access /
Moore                               side Football, Back      Range of 20          to Sport
University                          to Netball, Give it a    per week.            Science and   Prof. Tim Cable, Professor of Sport and Exercise
(LJMU)                              Go Scheme.                                    Mentoring.    Science. 0151 231 4353 /
                                                                                                Danielle Jeffery, AU President.
                                                                                                0151 231 4902 /
                                                                                                Track Dinning, Business Development Manager.
                                                                                                Richard Walker, Intra Mural Sports,

     17    NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
University of     0        57       11-a-side Football,      √        Yes, 110     Yes,
Manchester                          Mens 5-a-side            80 per   placements   Internally
                                    Football, Mixed          week                  Funding      Alison Odell, Director of Sport.
                                    Hockey, Rugby,                                 programme    0161 275 6993/
                                    Netball, Basketball.                           + NW Hub     Chris Renshaw, Assistant Director.
                                                                                   for TASS.    0161 275 4961 /
                                                                                                Andrea Williams, Sport Development Manager.
                                                                                                0161 275 5304 /
                                                                                                Imogen Williams, SDO (Coach & Volunteer)
                                                                                                0161 275 6990 /
                                                                                                Laura Chapman, SDO (Campus Sports)
                                                                                                0161 275 5991 /
                                                                                                Gail Heathcote-Milner, SDO (Health and
                                                                                                0161 275 5985 / gail.heathcote-
                                                                                                Janet Brownhill, AU Administrator
                                                                                                0161 275 6991 /
                                                                                                Andrew Chaston, AU President.
                                                                                                0161 275 6977 /
                                                                                                Sheryl Thompson, Marketing Officer.
                                                                                                0161 275 5986 /
Manchester        0        12       11-a-side Football,      √        Yes, 14.     Yes, Gym
Metropolitan                        5-a-side Football,       14                    passes and
University                          Back to Netball.                               mentor       James Crowley, Head of Sport.
(MMU) –                                                                            support. / 0161 247 1983
Manchester                                                                                      Carrie Millerchip, SDO.

     18    NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
                                                                                         / 0161 247 2224
                                                                                                  Fergal McCullough, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                                  0161 247 6509 /
                                                                                                  Lucy Mawman, AU President.
                                                                                                  0161 247 6522 /
                                                                                                  Sandy Kerr, SU Activities Officer.
                                                                                         / 0161 247 6447
MMU Cheshire        0        15       Series of one off        √        Yes,         Yes, Gym
                                      competitions                      approximat   Membership
                                                                        ely 30 via   and mentor   James Crowley, Head of Sport.
                                                                        Sport        support. / 0161 247 1983
                                                                        Developme                 Carrie Millerchip, SDO.
                                                                        nt Unit.         / 0161 247 2224
                                                                                                  Phil Cook, Sports Development and Marketing.
                                                                                         / 0161 247 5296
                                                                                                  Phil Kynaston, Deputy Site Manager.
                                                                                         / 0161 247 5588
                                                                                                  Nicola Jeffries, AU President.
                                                                                                  0161 247 565 /
                                                                                                  Rob Ledley, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                                  0161 247 5588 /
Keele University    0        0        Football, Netball        √        No           No  /
                                      and Table Tennis.        21 per
                                                               week                               Angela Dale, Operations Manager.
                                                                                                  Roger Weston, AU President.
                                                                                         / 01782 733638
                                                                                                  Beth Redfern, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                         / 07966 637228

Lancaster           0        0        Football, Netball,       √        No           No
University                            Basketball, Table        33 per                    /
                                      Tennis, Badminton,       week
                                      Tennis.                                                     Kim Montgomery, Director of Sport.

     19      NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
                                                                                  , Tel 01524 594002
                                                                                            Gareth Coleman, AU President.
                                                                                   / 01524 592189
                                                                                            Caroline Jenkinson, Sports Administrator.
                                                                                            01524 593250 /
                                                                                            Alistair Denholm, Activities Developer
                                                                                   / 01524 592189

University of     0        0        N/A                      N/A         N/A          N/A /
Salford                                                                                     Paul Wilson, Associate Dean
                                                                                            0161 295 2564 /
                                                                                            Clare Davies, Student Activities Manager.
                                                                                            0161 736 7811 /
                                                                                            Emily Godfrey, AU President.
                                                                                            0161 736 7811 /

University of     0        12       1 Day Intra Campus       √           Yes          N/A
Cumbria                             –                        Up to 20    SU scheme,
                                    11-a-side football;      across 4    School of          David Parry, Head of Sport & Recreation Service
                                    Women's 5-a-side         campuses.   Sport              01524 526522 /
                                    football; Basketball,                volunteer          Allan Stavert, Sports Administrator (Lancaster
                                    Badminton, Climbing,                 co-                Campus). 01524 526565 /
                                    Netball, Pool, TAG                   ordinator,
                                    Rugby, Tennis and                    Regional           Kathy Woods, Sport Development
                                    Ultimate Frisbee.                    Get                Administrator.
                                    Regular 5 a side
                                                                         Qualified          01524 526520 /
                                    Football league.

     20    NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –
NW FE/HE Sports Manager Job Role
To take overall strategic lead responsibility for maximising the impact of the FE & HE
sectors’ sporting offer to increase participation, develop the workforce and contribute to the
regional 2012 legacy.
This post will also support BUCS in the region in terms of its contribution to the Regional Plan for
Community Sport. Key to the success of this post will be the need to strategically co-ordinate with the
emerging network of FE sport coordinators across the region and ensure the effective integration of FE and
HE into regional and CSP workforce development planning.

Key Relationships
Sport England NW, CSPs, BUCS NW, NWUA, Skills Active RDM, NGBs, SSPs, Local Authorities, LSC
Regional Sport Sector Lead, LSC Partnership Managers, Work Based Learning Providers, Private Sector,
AOC, NW Sports Co-ordinators Group, FE Principals Strategic Group for Sport, Sports Volunteering NW.

Principal Accountabilities
Development of strategic regional partnerships -
     To assess the current level of engagement and opportunities that exist for the FE and HE sectors
       in the North West Region.
     To produce a strategic work programme that will enhance the work of the sectors’ within the region.
     To raise the profile of the sporting offer to senior managers in both the HE and FE sectors.
     To broker and facilitate the development of effective working relationships between the regions FE
       Colleges and HEIs and the 5 CSPs to deliver workforce development priorities.
     To establish good working relationships between regional NGBs and FEIs / HEIs.
     Develop and support a regional FE sport co-ordinator network and link to existing school sport
       partnership networks and HE sector.

Workforce Development
    To advocate and support the skills policy / interests of Sport England, Skills Active and scUK
       throughout HE and FE enhancing student employability for the sport sector.
    To work closely with Sport Volunteering North West (SVNW) to promote the take up of volunteer
       opportunities by students in FE and HE.
    To position the FE and HE sectors as key partners within the regional coaching framework.
    To develop good practice which evidences the impact of workforce development on increased
       sports participation within the FE and HE sectors.
    Through effective volunteer and coach development to increase levels of participation in sport &
       activity with the FE and HE sectors.

This document has been produced to give a very brief overview of the work of BUCS, the membership
profile in the North West and how the role of the NW Sports Manager links into existing and proposed
organisations and programmes of work in the North West. For further information, please contact –

James Birdsey, BUCS NW FE/HE Sports Manager.

0161 247 5945 /

     21    NW Regional Profile 2008/2009 –

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