Falling Out On The Prayer Room Floor

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					                                     Adreana Langston

                                                                            Falling Out
                                                                   In The Prayer Room
                                                               Working a Trinity Broadcast Network shift that begins
                                                                        and ends in the dark in more ways than one.

                      young woman sitting next to         at the entrance to her college. It is reminding        it. In fact second gear was still there but not in its
           The        me in the Trinity Broadcast
Network Telethon Prayer Room has just collapsed
                                                          students about upcoming fee increases.
                                                                     Of course, taking pledge calls from
                                                                                                                 normal place. The whole gear box has shifted. The
                                                                                                                 Volvo needs to be taken to the mechanic. So I had
out of her call station onto the carpet with a thud.      people telling me that their grandson has cancer       to rent a car in order to drive to Tustin for work for
While this is the “Prayer Room” along with the            and they are going to pledge to Trinity Broadcast      the rest of the week. My boyfriend has a car but it
telethon donation call center, it is doubtful that her    Network (on their credit card because they don’t       was in a minor collision last year that left the car
falling out was Holy Spirit induced. Just the day         have the money in the bank) in order to “sow a         still drivable but without headlights and we’ve
before, 11/04, she had a near death experience.           seed” of faith that will reap their grandbaby’s        never had the $2,000.00 to get the body work
Like me, she was driving to Trinity Broadcast             successful graduation from chemotherapy should         done that would repair the damage. I can’t drive his
Network in Tustin after 11:00pm in order to make          have been a sign to me as well: A sign that I was      car to my Midnight to 6:00am shift which begins
her Midnight to 6:00am telethon shift. She was            working for an organization that is using faith to     and ends in the dark. I thought I was working at
coming from Corona on the 91 freeway. Unlike me           exploit people’s hard times and fears. The promise     Trinity Broadcast Network this week to help make
she was coming from her other temporary job at a          is always the same, just in different variations.      my mortgage payment. It ends up I’m working at
Halloween store where she is scheduled from open                                                                 Trinity Broadcast Network this week to pay for the
to close for the last week that the seasonal store is
                                                              The system that maintains
                                                                                                                 transportation I rented to get me to Trinity Broadcast
open.                                                      the income inequality and                             Network and to pay to repair the car I need to get
            She fell asleep at the wheel while             influence inequality that                              me to whatever my next temp assignment may be.
driving her mother’s car in the fast lane. The car         squeezes the middle class                             The shift begins and ends in the dark literally and
swerved and the driver side mirror scraped the                                                                   figuratively because right now I really don’t see a
cement median. The noise of the scraping woke her          so tightly that they literally                        light at the end of this tunnel.
up and she corrected.                                      collapse on the factory                                            I, my cubicle mate, and many others,
            I learned all this yesterday after offering    floor with their hands                                 need this country to experience a breakthrough
her a Lipodrene in response to the row captain                                                                   from the system that maintains the income
                                                           spasmatically reaching for
coming by to tell her she couldn’t sleep at her                                                                  inequality and political influence inequality that
desk in between telethon calls. After she told me          non-existent safety nets.                             squeezes the middle class so tightly that they
her situation I gave her a second pill to help her                                                               literally collapse on the factory floor with their
through her day shift at the Halloween store.             The pastors making the solicitations all say that      hands spasmatically reaching for non-existent
            So I was not that surprised when I heard      if the viewer would just demonstrate her faith         safety nets. I too have faith that a breakthrough
a thud and turned to see her unconscious on the           that the Lord is going to give her a breakthrough      is possible. And I’m going to sow it by making a
carpet between 1 and 2:00am on 11/05. But I was           (from her illness, in her marriage, with her child’s   pledge of financial support, not to TBN, but to an
startled by the seemingly epileptic spasms that           delinquency, from her financial bondage), the Lord     organization that I know is working towards social
seemed to wrack her arms while she was on the             would reward her faith demonstration by giving         justice. May we all reap the harvest.
floor. She eventually regained consciousness and          her such an abundant breakthrough that it will
was brought to her feet.                                  astound her. The bigger a seed of faith that she
            Nearly crashing on the 91 freeway             sows, the more abundant will be the blessings that
should have been a sign to her that working a             she reaps.
                                                                                                                                              Adreana Langston
double shift for a week straight was a bad idea. But                  I know how my young cubicle mate              has been a resident of Long Beach, CA since sixth
the only sign to which she is paying attention is the     feels. On the way home yesterday I lost second gear      grade at Longfellow Elementary. She now resides
lit up one flashing announcements to the students         in my 20 year old Volvo. At least I thought I’d lost     in downtown Long Beach where she freelances in
                                                                                                                          Graphic Art, Web Design and Photography.

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Description: This country needs to experience a breakthrough from the system that maintains the income inequality and political influence inequality that squeezes the middle class so tightly that they literally collapse on the factory floor with their hands spasmatically reaching for non-existent safety nets.