8th Grade Comprehensive Science

					                                      8th Grade: Comprehensive Science 3

                                      Pinecrest Preparatory Middle - High

Instructor: Mr. Carlos Garcia         Email: garciacar@dadeschools.net               Office hrs: M-F 3:00-3:30pm

                                      Course description and expectations

Welcome to Comprehensive Science 3 class. Throughout the year we will be learning about different areas of
Science. Such topics include Physical, Chemical, Life Science and Astronomy in which will help prepare you
for the upcoming 2012 Science FCAT. For more detail on this curriculum you may visit my page on the school
website. Lectured information, activities, group/independent work, projects and labs will be utilized to facilitate
learning of the material. Information relating to my class can be found on my page through the school website.
Homework, test dates, and supplemental informational links relating to the course work will also be found on
the website. I look forward to a great and successful year.

                                        Classroom Rules & Expectations
1. Be on time and ready to work. “On time” means that the student is in their seat at the sound of the late bell.
Otherwise, the student will be considered late unless they present a pass from another teacher. A detention will
be issued upon the third tardy.
2. Respect others and their property. Bullying and/or harassment of any kind (verbal, non-verbal or physical)
will not be tolerated. Students are to keep their hands & feet to themselves. Students are not to “put down” or
insult other classmates. Property of other classmates and of the school’s should also be respected.
3. Bring required materials to class every day. Not having the appropriate materials in class may not allow
the student to complete his/her work in class. If unable to complete the assignment the student will receive an F.
 4. Raise your hand to be recognized and speak or stand out of assigned seat. Students are not to talk out of
turn as instruction is being given. Such actions disrupt the learning environment. This not only distracts the
talker, but disturbs other classmates and the teacher. Students also need to ask for permission when they need to
leave their assigned seat.
 5. Follow directions. When directions are given, students are expected to listen and follow them as they are
given. It is important for students to listen as the teacher instructs so that they know what tasks are given and
how to complete them.
6. No electronic devices. MP3 players, cell phone or any other electronic devices are not allowed in class. If
seen, they will be taken away and given to the administration for the parent to pick up after school.
7. Turn in completed assignments on time. Late work will NOT be accepted. Students are expected to turn
work in on time. Extended time will only be given to students who have an excused absence. It is the student’s
responsibility to approach the teacher for missed work via email or during their class period.
8. No food and drinks are allowed in class. If any open container of food or drink is seen in class the student
will be asked to throw it away.
9. Uniform. Students must be dressed in the proper uniform when walking into class or they will be sent to the
office and receive a uniform violation.
Violation of any of the above rules will result in: 1st offense = Warning, 2nd offense = Lowered conduct grade
& call home, 3rd offense = detention, 4th offense = referral.

1st / 2nd tardy = warning. Three or more tardies = detention per tardy. This will apply per grading quarter.

Only on-time assignments will be accepted. Assignments not turned in on time will result as a “Z” in the
grade book. No make-up work will be given or late assignments accepted, unless student presents to the teacher
an excused absent note obtainable through the office. It will be the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for
missed work.

                                            Required Daily Materials

             Duo tang folder with pockets                                       Loose leaf paper

           1 pack of 5 tab, insertable dividers                     No. 2 pencils. Must have to take exams

               Pen (1 black/blue) (1 red)                                        Colored pencils

                          Ruler                                                   Graph paper

                    Basic Calculator                                Composition notebook for a lab journal

                                              Mandatory Lab Fees
   Be advised that Comprehensive Science 3 has a $5 Lab fee. The monies collected will be used to purchase
     science lab materials and to replace broken science instruments. Collection of lab fees will begin after
                                                  September 5.

Three opportunities to use the restroom/water fountain will be given per semester. Students are expected to
drink water and use the restroom between class changes. It is suggested that students save restroom allotment
for emergency use. Students are not to use the bathroom the first and last 20 minutes of class.

Students are expected to participate in class through group work, asking/answering given questions during class
discussion and completed assignment. Lack of class participation can affect the student’s academic and
participation grade.

                                                  Grading Scale
                  Test 35%, Quizzes 20%, Projects 25%, Class work 15%, Home learning 5%.


I, ____________________________, acknowledge that I have read and understand the rules and regulations
expected in Mr. Garcia’s Comprehensive Science 3 class. I will abide by these rules to the best of my abilities
and understand the consequences if they are not followed.

Student signature _____________________________________ Date___________________
                                                                Teacher Use Only:

                                                                Received       /         /

                                                                Lab Fee Paid       yes       no

August 22, 2011                                                 Teacher Initials

Parents and Students,

Please sign and return to Mr. Garcia by Friday, August 26, 2011. It is a required document
for student files.

We the parent/guardian(s) and the student, have fully read, understood, and agree to abide
by these expectations.

Comprehensive Science 3 Period _______

Print Student name                  Student’s signature            Date

Print Parent/Guardian name          Parent/Guardian’s signature Date

Parent e-mail address               Parent contact number

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