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									                                          The Math & Science Exploratory School
                                                         Middle School 447
                                               345 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York 11217
                                                         (718) 330-9326/9328
                                                        Fax (718) 330-0944

Administration                                                                                                     Guidance Department
Dawn M. Faraj-Valle, Principal                                                                                   Lisa Bell Lemm, LCSW
Arin M. Rusch, Assistant Principal I.A.                                                                               Stacey Billups, LSW
                                                                                                     Star Corvinelli, Guidance Counselor

August, 2011

Dear 7th Grade Families,

Welcome to your second year at MS 447! Student preparedness for class plays a key role in academic success.
Below is a list of all of the required materials for seventh grade content classes. Please be aware that because
7th grade students take different talent classes, these teachers may request additional classroom materials. We
thank you for your support in helping the teaching staff at MS447 do their best to meet your child’s needs and
allow look forward to another successful year!

School-wide Supplies
•   Reusable water bottle
•   One combination lock (available for purchase from school store)
•   USB/Flash Drive (available for purchase from school store for $10)
•   Agenda book (Provided by MS 447 – please send $5 on the first day of school!)
•   Manual pencil sharpener (that catches its own shavings)
•   Many #2 pencils, and pens in blue/black ink! (enough for the whole year!)

ELA                                                                Math

•   2 composition (marble) notebooks                               • A 1 ½ or 2 inch three ring binder. (A section in a multi-
•   2 pads 3 x 3 post-its                                            subject binder is acceptable. However, there must be a
•   1 packet of loose leaf                                           separate folder in the binder for math handouts.)
•   1 2-pocket folder                                              • 1 composition (marble) notebook
•   1 1-inch 3-ring binder                                         • packet of loose leaf paper
•   1 pack 3 x 5 index cards                                       • packet of graph paper
                                                                   • 12" ruler (with centimeters as well)
                                                                   • Protractor

Science                                                            Social Studies

•   1 composition (marble) notebook                                • a dedicated social studies section in a 3-ring binder
•   a dedicated science section in a 3-ring binder                 • loose leaf paper
•   loose leaf paper                                               • a folder
•   1 folder

                                              (Please turn over for more supplies!!)
Art                                                            Technology

• 1 sketchbook (no lines) 8" x 11" or larger                   • a dedicated tech section in a 3-ring binder
• #2 pencil, mechanical pencil, eraser                         • loose leaf paper
• 1 folder

In addition to required classroom supplies, we depend on donated supplies that are utilized by the entire class. It would be
MUCH appreciated if you could donate at least one item to each content classroom. Thank you in advance for your

7th Grade Classrooms “Wish List”:

•   Tissues                                                    •   Clear packing tape
•   Loose leaf paper (wide-ruled)                              •   Colored pencils
•   Disinfectant cleaning wipes                                •   Colored markers
•   Paper towels                                               •   Computer printing paper
•   Pencils and pens                                           •   Blank transparencies
•   Glue sticks, white glue                                    •   Paper clips
•   Scotch tape                                                •   Dry erase markers
•   Staples/Student staplers

      ... And of course, we're always happy to receive donations of Young Adult books for our classroom libraries!

Have a wonderful summer.… We look forward to seeing you in September!!


The MS 447 Seventh Grade Teachers

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