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					Subject        Title
A-H            Austin Healey Record Runs
A-H            Donald Healey: The Man, The Machine The Marque
A-H            BJ7 and BJ8 Soft Trim Installation - Part 1
A-H            BJ7 and BJ8 Soft Trim Installation - Part 2
A-H            Healey 3000
A-H            The Man, The Marque, The Machine
Driving        There's No Biz Like Showbiz
Driving        The AACA Divisional First-Ever "Sentimental" Tour
Driving        Come away With Me, Lucille
Feature Film   Grand Prix
Feature Film   Le Mans
Feature Film   The Italian Job (the original)
General        The World Encyclopedia of Cars (1945 to present)
General        Open Top Style (A-Z of Convertible Autos)
General        More Great American Dream Cars (Classics 50’s and 60’s)
General        Cars Detroit Never Built (50 years of experimental models)
General        A to Zof Sports Cars (1945—1990)
General        Greatest American Cars (1900to the present) (3 volume set)
Jaguar XJS     Jaguar XJS 4.0 litre Parts and Service manual
MG             MG: The Untold Story
MG             The MG Collection (post war models)
MG             MG Sports Cars
MG             MG Magic
Morgan         Morgan Factory
Morgan         The Morgan Experience
Restoration    The Romance of Restoration
Restoration    SU Carb Rebuilding
Spridget       Original Sprite and Midget
TV Show        BCCD on Comcast
By                              Medium   length     Owner
Austin-Healey Club              VHS      ?          BCCD
Frank Porter recording          VHS      ?          BCCD
Moss                            VHS      ?          BCCD
Moss                            VHS      ?          BCCD
Duke Marketing                  VHS      90 mins    BCCD
JPL Video                       VHS      60 mins    BCCD
Driving Through Time            DVD      ?          BCCD
J.C. Taylor Insurance Agency    VHS      30 mins    BCCD
Driving Through Time            VHS      27 mins    BCCD
James Garner , Yves Montand     DVD      2 discs    Trevor Mees
Steve McQueen                   DVD      108 mins   Trevor Mees
Michael Caine, Noel Coward      DVD      99mins     Trevor Mees
Martin Buckley and Chris Rees   Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
Graham Robson                   Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
Jay Hirsch                      Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
Edward Janicki                  Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
Mike Lawrence                   Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
Colin Gower Enterprises         Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
Jaguar                          DVD      n/a        Trevor Mees
David Knowles                   Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
Richard Monk                    Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
John Heilig                     Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
Duke Marketing                  VHS      55 mins    BCCD
Frank Porter recording          VHS      ?          BCCD
Castrol                         VHS      60 mins    BCCD
White Post Restorations         VHS      18 mins    BCCD
Frank Porter recording          VHS      ?          BCCD
Terry Hogler                    Book     n/a        Karl Kaminsky
Us                              DVD      5 mins     BCCD

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