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Technical Training Courses Of Itc For Metals_ Cement_



       Technical Training Courses of ITC for Metals, Cement,
              Refractors And Glass Industries Course

1. Principals of Physical Metallurgy.
2. Principals of Heat Treatment for Steel Alloys.
3. Principals of Heat Treatment for Cast Iron Alloys.
4. Principals of Material Selection for Different Industrial Application.
5. Increasing the Product Quality By Surface Treatment.
6. Non-Destructive Testing of Materials.
7. Welding Technology (Principals and Techniques).
8. Welding Defects.
9. Principals of Corrosion of Metals and Alloys.
10. Metal Protection Against Corrosion.
11. Catholic Protection Against Corrosion.
12. Manufacturing Technology.
13. Different Techniques of Metal Forming.
14. Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Casting (Copper-Aluminum).
15. Casting Technology (For Producing High Quality Casting).
16. Casting Defects.
17. Material Evaluation.
18. The Science of Refractory.
19. Maintenance of Lining and Refractory in the Furnaces.
20. Maintenance of Lining and Refractory in Cement Companies.
21. Maintenance of Lining and Refractory in Glass Companies.
22. New Techniques in Producing Refractory for Iron and Steel Industry.
23. New Techniques in Producing Refractory for Cement Industry.
24. New Techniques in Producing Refractory for Glass Industry.
25. Preventive Maintenance.
26. Principals of Total Quality Management.
27. Economics in Industry.
28. Project Management.
29. Environment Pollution and It Prevention.
30. Industrial Waist Material (How to Use it).
31. Electrical Distribution and Protection System At Cement Industries.
32. Electrical Maintenance at Cement Industry.
33. Speed Control for D.C. Motor and Starting for A.C. Machines.
34. Principals of the Science of Refractories .
35. Recent Trends in the Refractories Technology of Steel making Furnaces.
34. Recent Trends of Refractories Technology in Cement Kilns.

    Technical Report Writing
    Mechanical Engineering
    Mechanical Management
    Mechanical Maintenance
    Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
    Process Engineering
    Electrical Maintenance
    Electrical Protection
    Corrosion Engineering
   Computer Application in Maintenance Operations

Economics & Management
   Leadership & Supervision Skills
   Organizing &Developing Work Methods
   Negotiation Skills & Strategies
   Career Planning & Development
   Developing Secretary Skills
   Total Quality Management (TQM)
   Technical Report Writing
   Development Creative Skills for Engineers
   Development Managerial & Supervisory Skills
   Visual Basic Programming

Human Recourses
   Personal Management
   Career Planning & Development
   Training Needs Assessment

   Fundamentals Of Negotiation & Contract
   Problem Solving & Decision Making
   Supervision & Leadership Skills
   Organizing & Developing Work Methods

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
   Radiographic Testing Methods (RT) Level 1
   Radiographic Testing Methods (RT) Level 2
   Ultrasonic Testing Methods (UT) Level 1
   Ultrasonic Testing Methods (UT) Level 2
   Liquid Penterant Test
   Magnetic Particle Test

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