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Free Issue 3/2011                   ZANTE ADVERTISER                                                              July 15th
                                                 WHERE, WHAT & WHEN
                    The guide to restaurants, bars, activities & entertainment on the island
                  On line information on live entertainment happening all over the island

   SUGARBUSH - Cocktail Bar                  Horizon Restaurant                               TRADITIONAL CHEESE FACTORY
     Open every day from 10.30am                        Lagana Beach                                          Agios Leon
Ice cold beers, Cocktails, Slush Puppies,   Need to relax & have excellent service                       Tour the Factory
      Fresh Coffees & snacks                     Friendly family atmosphere                    See how traditional Zakynthian cheese
 Hot tasty Panini, Filled Baguettes               Great Prices, homemade                                      is made
       Fresh baked savouries                    International menu everyday
      Sweet treats & Pastries                           Live Web Cam                            Taste & Buy Cheese at its Best
     Ice-Creams & Milkshakes                  For a Romantic evening visit our                    Telephone:- (0030) 26950 48600
        Take Away available                      Stunning Roof Top Garden                                Open every day
       Daily Cocktail specials                  Open every day early till late
                                              See Map inside for location & more info.         Located on the road to Louha from Ag Leon
    Alykes—See map for location

                     COSTAS POOL BAR - Kalamaki                                                     GM BUILDINGS - Alykes
                                A fun place to be                                                          George Marinos
                                                                                                           69 79 75 08 87
           2 swimming pools, air conditioned bar serving snacks                                      email: info@gmbuildings.gr
                         Pool Table, Table Tennis                                                     gmbuildings@gmail.com
           Michael Jackson every Friday 10pm BBQ at 8.30pm                                              CONSTRUCTION
          Wednesday Wild West Night with pizza & chips & more                                           We build houses
 Entertainment every night and don’t forget our Greek Night every Tuesday                              We renovate houses
                with dancing, music & Greek Entertainment                                                  REAL ESTATE
                   (Please book events) 69 72 66 33 50                                                     We sell land
                       Open every day early till late                                                     We sell houses

            PLAZA PALLAS                                               CARAVANS IN THE SUN
          SAMBUCA BAR                        Have you ever dreamed of owning your own home on the beautiful island of
                TSILVI                                                    Zakynthos?
     Live entertainment weekly                                Come, and see our Mobile Home Park in Alykes
       with lots of surprises                                       BRAND NEW & SITED FROM £30,495
       Pub games and quizzes                                  Holidaying in Zante now and want to view?
                                                                Just call Steve or Sue (0030) 26950 83593
  Snacks and light meals available                    UK Mobile +44(0)7525 238 541      UK Office +44(0)7939 123 345
                                                   www.caravansinthesun.com                    sales@caravansinthesun.com
  Private parties by arrangement
                                                  Paradise Pool Bar - Alykes Beach - near Caravan Park

        WESTFORD REAL ESTATE                                                                TOURIST TRAIN
              buying & selling properties                                          The fun train in Zante Town
                    Now importing                                     The best way to see the town while enjoying a relaxing
           TOURING & STATIC CARAVANS                                 ride. Guided in English, the tour takes you round all the
          orders and deliveries from the UK                                      places of interest in Zante Town.
                   Coming soon                                          The train leaves every 30mins. From 09:00 - 22:30
          SARAH‘s BRITISH CORNER SHOP                                            Departing from Solomos Square
            Gaitani (main road) 3km from town                                      Also Train rides to Argasi
       Telephone:- (0030) 6945438100 / 26953 00571
                                                                     Departing from Solomos Square at. 14:00, 18:15, 22:30
              westfordrealestate@yahoo.com                                               See Argasi page for return times

                                                            ASTERIA                                         PITA BREAK
                                              Family Owned Seafront Taverna                                 Open 'til late
   Advertise your business here                  Open all day from 9am                                All Fresh Local Produce
          Call 26950 55377                        Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner                             Gyros-Souvlaki-Grill House
  Email info@whatsoninzante.com                  Homemade Greek cuisine                           Pitas, Starters, Salads & Steaks
                                                      Fresh Fish Daily                                 Dine In or Take-Away
                                                 Sun Beds & Beach Service
                                                  Coffees-Snacks-Sweets                          Delivery Available - 26950 83149
                                               Alykes - See map for location                      Alykes - See map for location

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                  On line information on live entertainment happening all over the island

                         ALYKANAS - Αλικανάς & ALYKES - Αλσκές
                                                                       Mantalana          Xenos Rent a Car

           TO ZANTE TOWN
                                                       €                      P
                                         Vrisaki                 ALYKANAS

               P Pharmacy                                                       VILLAGE
               € Cash Point

                Lemon Tree                 Alykanas
                                                               BEACH                      GM Buildings           Fidelio

                                                                                      Ambrosia (above)            TO KATASTARI
Alykanas & Alykes are the farthest resorts from the airport both have
                                                                                     Sugar Bush (below)
lovely sandy beaches, with bars, tavernas, shops and supermarkets.
The pharmacy is located in Alykanas and serves Alykes as well. A                             B                   Cheers
short walk from the main street will take you into Old Alykanas, and                         E
down to another shady cove. Another short walk along the river takes                         A Asteria       €              ALYKES
you into Alykes.                                                                             C
        XENOS Rent a Car                                 TAVERNA VRISAKI                     H

                                                                                                                    Salt Flats
             ALYKANAS                                  Traditional Greek Cuisine
   A wide range of cars available                        Everything on charcoal
  Pick up an delivery all over island                 Greek Cuisine, Pizza & Pasta
 including the airport, full insurance        George & Jenny & Staff welcome you to
    24 hour road side assistance              Vrisaki. We hope you enjoy your meal &
 Telephone (0030) 69 79 79 26 10                   have a true Greek experience.
                                                                                            Paradise Pool
  Email - xenosrentals@yahoo.gr                       Special requests catered for
      www.xenoscars.com                        Home of Good Food & Happy Times                                   CARAVAN

       MANDY & MIKE                                   FIDELIO RESTAURANT
Welcome you to ‗CHEERS‘ Alykes                       Pizzaria, Snack Bar, Café
     Open 12noon till Late                       Family friendly, reasonable prices         Alykes is named after the salt fields
                                               Start your holiday the Fidelio way…          which were once part of the area’s
        Free Internet & WiFi                                                                economy. The flats now lie unused.
            Pamper Day                             Authentic English Breakfast
      Monday & Friday from 2pm                 Homemade, traditional & international        As with Alykanas both are ideal for
                                                             cuisine                        families. There is also a tourist train
             Quiz Night                           Large selection of local wines
     Monday & Friday from 9.30pm                                                            which takes trips up to the local mu-
           Pool and Darts                     Reservations for Anniversaries, Birthday      seum.
           Snacks to order                       Parties etc. (0030) 26950 83765            The local restaurants and bars give
                                                                                            a varied selection of food from pizzas
            AMBROSIA                                  LEMON TREE GARDEN                     to traditional Greek cuisine and Brit-
       The food of the Gods                              Old Alykanas                       ish food as well, so you don’t have to
                                              Traditional Greek Kitchen Fresh Sea Food      miss out on a big breakfast.

        A Large menu for all tastes
                                                Come & experience a garden oasis            There is nightly entertainment in the
                                               Away from the crowds, outdoor eating         bars and hotels. These resorts how-
   Great selection of children’s dishes
                                              at its best within a beautiful atmosphere     ever, do not have night clubs.
 All vegetables fresh from the garden of       A play area for the children while you
            Sakis & his family                        relax and enjoy your meal             See front page for other bars &
       Truly the food of the Gods
                                                   Telephone:- (0030) 26950 83479
                                                                                            places to eat.
   A warm welcome awaits everyone                       www.zakynthos4s.gr                  Transfer time from the airport is
   Located above Sugar Bush—Alykes                                                          about40-45mins
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                     On line information on live entertainment happening all over the island

  ARGASI - Αργάσι
                                      Flocas PDQ Car Hire
                                          Flocas Cafe                                                          MIMOSA
                   CHURCH                                              AVALON                                  HOTEL
                                                                                                                          Chryssi Akti
                             GARAGE                                                           TO VASILIKOS
  TO ZANTE TOWN                                                                               €
                                      St.Nics Courtesy Artemis Ethnic          Jungle                        Molly The Green
                                            Bus                                 Bar                         Malone’s Frog
             Peppermint           €   Cash Point
                                  P   Pharmacy

The closest resort to the main town of Zakynthos and the gateway to Vasilikos.    The resort is suitable for all ages.
There are clubs near enough for the young to visit and also quiet hideaway places to relax. Lots of bars and restau-
rants that host entertainment for all. Watch out for the signs in front of THE GREEN FROG AND ARTEMIS. Both
bars have great live entertainment. Check out our events site See top of Page.

Water Sports for those who want an active holiday.          The beach at Argasi is not very big but the water sports make
up for it.

The TOURIST TRAIN runs between Argasi and Zante Town, making it a fun way to visit the town. The train does
tours around the town as well as the Argasi run. See timetable on front page for town timetable and the Argasi time-
table is below. The resort is only about 15 minutes from the airport

             ETHNIC Flavours                                           ’                                     Jungle Bar
                                                    & Fantasy Mini Golf Argasi                       Enjoy a refreshing drink while
A completely different Steak House            The best Draught Guinness in Town                   watching all major sporting events on
                                             Every Sat. & Wed. from 9.30pm                                     Sky Sports
                     • • •                  Middi from The Wild Murphy’s World                                      ~
              ARTEMIS BAR                        Famous Irish Show, LIVE                                    FLOCAS CAFÉ
                                                                                                  Come in and enjoy our big breakfast
             Live Entertainment               3, 18 Hole mini golf courses, set in
                                            Beautiful gardens, fountains & waterfalls             Open all day for coffee & light snacks
                Open Till Late
                                                  Come and join the Craic                         Email andreas110376@yahoo.co.uk

         TOURIST TRAIN                              The Green Frog                                    FLOCAS PDQ CAR HIRE
 TRAIN TIMETABLE to ZANTE TOWN                        Restaurant - Bar                              Offers a wide range of cars at
    From Hotel Mimosa - Argasi              Choose Traditional Greek or something                         competitive prices
            DEPARTING                        more familiar from our amazing value                   Pick up and collection all over
       10:15 14:15 19:00                        2 meals for 10€ all day menu                                  the island
        Tickets sold on board              Stay late into the night for great entertainment       Argasi & Tsilivi (0030) 26950 24847/8
                                            Coming soon Tribute Acts, Cher, Abba                           (0030) 26950 48557
                                               Mick Jaguar 15th July 10pm                            Mobile (0030) 69 32 01 92 34
                                            Every Wednesday Karl Lewis 10pm                        Email flocastravelzante@gmail.com
                                               Every Monday ‗Elvis‘ 10pm                                    www.flocastravel.gr
                                            A MORE EXCITING PLACE TO EAT!

                                     Telephone:- Susan 26950 55377 or 69 42 66 81 81
                             E-mail info@whatsoninzante.com -     www.whatsoninzante.com
                                               Published by Sim Ian - Scott Susan OE

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                   On line information on live entertainment happening all over the island

          KALAMAKI - Καλαμάκι
                                                     BEACH                                            BEACH
     Yo Yos 1
          Holistic Heaven
                                                     Mini Golf
                 Costas Pool Bar                                        DENIS                  EURO
                                                                     SUPERMARKET               HIRE
                                         €      P €
     Yo Yos 2                                                              Red Tail                              BELISIS
                                        CHURCH                                                                  JUNCTION

                                                                                       ST. NICS. BEACH COURTESY BUS

                                                                                 €     CASH POINT
                                                                                 P     PHARMACY                         Airport

 "THE IMAGINATION OF THE KITCHEN ARTIST WILL INSPIRE YOU"                                  The closest resort to the airport and
       ESSENCE RESTAURANT - Kalamaki - Argassi road                                        a very short transfer time of 10mins.
                         Mediterranean cuisine
                   Open every day from 6 pm till late
    For reservations (0030) 697 856 5232       Facebook "Essence"                          Yes it is close to the airport but no
                                                                                           one seems to mind. The planes
                                                                                           stop around 11pm so they won’t
   MINI GOLF - Kalamaki                             ΖΑΚΑΝΘΗ - Kalamaki                     keep you awake. This is a Turtle
                                             Est. 1979 Family run Garden Restaurant        resort, a nesting beach, so there are
      Fun for all the Family                               Child Friendly
     Open all day every day                                                                strict guidelines on beach activity.
                                                   Eat in beautiful surroundings
    Enjoy a round of golf in a                           Fish a speciality
 Landscaped Garden or relax and               Our own Greek & Modern speciality            The turtles are known to come quite
                                                              dishes                       close to the beach so you may just
have a drink and watch the golfers                We look forward to meeting you           find yourself paddling when one
                                              Open every day from 6pm till Midnight        turns up.
  Look out for special offers &                          We also cater for
             deals                                Weddings & Special Occasions
                                                                                           A family resort with a beautiful
                                                                                           sandy beach and entertainment in
             RED TAIL                               ZEPOS Restaurant                       bars & hotels plus other activities
        Cocktail Café Bar                                   Kalamaki                       mini golf, F1 racing & Horse Riding
     Come and chill out in our
                                                                                           in neighbouring Laganas (check out
          Garden Bar                         Enjoy Traditional Greek food a few            the adverts in this sheet)
Over 100 cocktails to choose from and              metres from the beach
            great music                        Free ½ Carafe of Wine with this ad.
     From 50’s 60’s 70’s till Now                       (one per table)                    There are also the Horse & Car-
         WiFi Internet Zone                                                                riages which can take you around
                                                   Tele:- (0030) 26950 42028
                                                    www.zepostaverna.com                   Kalamaki or to neighbouring
     Next to Caretta Beach Hotel
                                             Because life is to short for average food

                                     Telephone:- Susan 26950 55377 or 69 42 66 81 81
                             E-mail info@whatsoninzante.com -     www.whatsoninzante.com
                                               Published by Sim Ian - Scott Susan OE

                                     ZANTE ADVERTISER
                                                   WHERE, WHAT & WHEN

      LAGANA - Λαγανάς
                                        BEACH               1      2   3                                         BEACH
                                                                                                                                   Med Version

                                                          1 Horizon                                                      TO AGIOS SOSTIS
                                                       2 Life’s a Beach
                                                       3 Cool Peppers
                                                                                                 BOYS                Hair Bizz
                                      Zante Park

                        LAGANAS                             TAJ
                         HOTEL                             MAHAL                                                 €
                                                                                                                          LAGANA POLICE
                                                                                                           €                 STATION
               R                                                                                 IONIAN
               I                                           €                                    CORNER
                    To KALAMAKI                                            St. Nics. Courtesy
               E                    Second Hand Rose
                                                                       P   Pharmacy                  DIA
               R                                                                                            €
    Horse Riding                                                       €   Cash Point
      Centre                                                                                                         TO ZANTE

Laganas is the largest resort on the island, named after Laganas beach, where the Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their
eggs. Approx. 5km of long sandy beach, with warm shallow water, ideal for children.
In Laganas there is plenty for everyone, Traditional Greek Tavernas to exquisite, International & modern cuisine.
Fast food, café and snack bars, something for all tastes.
Enjoy an evening relaxing in a beach bar watching the moon rise, or for those who like something more energetic,
join in the Greek dancing or enjoy the lively night life at one of the resorts night clubs, in Laganas main-road strip.
Laganas is in walking distance of its neighbour Kalamaki, you can stroll along the beach or take one of the horse &
carts or even the little Red Train.
The resort is only about 10 mins from the airport.
     SECOND HAND ROSE                                                                                      Horizon Restaurant
           Why buy new?                                                                                                  Lagana Beach
    For fantastic quality goods at
       great affordable prices                                                                                  Unforgettable Greek Dancing
  FURNITURE, CLOTHING, HOUSE-                         Laganas Beach, Zante                                       every night with fire show
   HOLD GOODS & MUCH MORE                                                                                 Try our homemade Pizza, the best on
                                                       Chilled out beach bar                              the Island & Greek International Menu
      Call Karen 69 82 31 25 11
  Facebook ‗secondhandrosezante‘                   Open from 9am every morning                                           Telephone:-
           Or call in to the shop                  10% off your first order with                           (0030) 26950 52791 (0030) 69 74 66 19 63
  Turn off the Lagana - Kalamaki Road                                                                               Info@horizonzante.gr
     In Lagana opposite Taj Mahal
                                                           this advert                                              www.horizonzante.gr

              HAIR BIZZ                                   COOL PEPPERS                                          MED VERSION Beach Bar
                Laganas                                 Restaurant Beach Bar                                      Restaurant & Lounge Bar
  The best in professional hair dressing           Eat in style in modern surroundings                      Med Version provides the perfect
          for Men and Women                              overlooking Laganas Bay                                    balance in dining
  Style cuts, Creative styles & Colours            Enjoy fresh gourmet cuisine with an                         Friendly impeccable service
 Introducing our new smoothing system                       International flavour                                Sensational classy style
    A WOW PRODUCT for frizzy hair                   Listen to music with DJ ‘IOANNIS’                        Exquisite Mediterranean Cuisine
                                                    while sipping a refreshing cocktail                       Chic design, Superb sea views
   Call Sophie (0030) 26950 53018
           Open Mon-Sun                            Open from 8am till the early hours                       Reservations (0030) 26950 52375
     10:00-14:00 & 16:00-20:00                     Add some flavour to your holiday!                          Email - med_ver@yahoo.gr

                                        A Taste of Zakynthos
 A Beautiful drive through the Zakynthian country side, taking you to some hidden places
                    and introducing the culture and tastes of Zakynthos.
If you have hired a car or any other transport then this drive up into the mountains is a must. We start our journey
at Callinico Wines, situated on the main road up to Alykanas. Our local wine factory has a large sign on the road and
should be an easy starting point. At the factory you can have a guided tour, try the wine & of course buy some to
take home or drink in the evening on your balcony. Leaving Callinico turn right and take another right at the turning
marked Kirikos (Κηρσκας). Keep on this road until the T junction turn right again and in about 100 meters you will
see the sign post for Helmi Museum & Ag. Marina, turn left. Follow the road, there is a slight ‘dog leg’ in the road
         CALLINICO WINES                       but it is still sign posted Ag. Marina. On the right you will see Katerina’s
            Kallipado                          Gifts, if the gate is shut there is a bell, browse her shelves for unusual gifts
Come and visit our winery & try our            and take a little bit of Zante back home with you. Leaving the gift shop con-
   traditional Zakynthian Wine                 tinue on for another Kilometre starting to climb up in the foothills, Helmi Mu-
         Visit our museum                      seum is on the left. This is also the main village.
A warm welcome awaits everyone                 SEE MAP 1
      Tele:-(0030) 26950 61547                 Leaving the museum turn left and climb up into the mountains.
 Email callinico@otenet.gr www. callinico.gr   As the road winds up into the hills there is a small Taverna called Vrahos
          Open:- 9am - 9pm                     (Βράτος), it is worth stopping here for a drink, the view is really amazing.
   Located on the main Alykes Road
                                                                                                Continue up into the
   KATERINA‘s HANDCRAFTED                                                                   Helmi
      GIFTS - Agia Marina                                                                  Museum

      Visit Katerina‘s amazing                                                                              Ag Marina
    workshop/museum & gift shop
Traditional Greek Costumes, porcelain &
 wooden dolls, pictures, decorations &
a wide range of small gifts to take home                  Map 1                                                 Katerina
            Open 09:00-21:00                                                                                6.0km
Tel:-(0030)26950 63552/69 82 92 85 88
         Near Helmi’s Museum

                                                                                                     Signposted to Helmi
           MUSEUM                                                                                   Museum & Ag. Marina
                Agia Marina
   Discover & learn about our island                                               Ag. Kirikos
 Visit this stunning private collection of               To Zante Town        To Katastari
local flora & fauna and become familiar                                                 2.5km      Signposted to Helmi
 with the natural heritage of Zakynthos        Bowling
                                                                           Sarakinado             Museum & Ag. Marina
    Open every day 09:00 - 18:00                                                                  Callinico Wines
        Tele:- (0030) 26950 65040                                              Signposted
     Email info@museumhelmis.gr                                            Kirikos (Κηρσκας)
          www.museumhelmis.gr                              To Zante Town                        To Alykes & Alykanas

After leaving the Taverna the road winds up into the mountains. With rugged scenery, hairpin bends and beautiful
                                                            views. At about 4 kilometres you will reach the turn off
           To Exo Hora                                      for Yiri, continue following sign post for Louha a second
                                                            turning but keep to the left and you will go down hill
        The Old Mill                                        into the mountain village of Louha, which is worth
        (Paliomylos)                                        exploring. Then visit The Old Mill set high up looking

                                                               To Yiri
                                                                                                  PALIOMYLOS - The Old Mill
          To Ag. Leon
           (Λέοντας)            Map 2                                            Mountainside location with stunning views over the
                                                                                                    village of Louha
         The Cheese                                                             The name was given to the restaurant due to the old
           Factory  15.5km                                                         family run mill, now unused, located next door
                                                                To Yiri
                                                         11km                                 Family run with traditional
                                       To Ag Marina                              Zakynthian cuisine, barrel wine & local desserts all
                                                                                         served up with Zakynthian history
   To Ag. Leon          To Kiliomeno                                                           (0030) 69 79 79 26 07

                                    A Taste of Zakynthos
Continued :-
over Louha, giving stunning views of the village. The mill has a great history, so why not enjoy a traditional Zakyn-
thian lunch and find out about the history of the mill which the family will be pleased to tell you about.
Leaving the Taverna follow the signs to Ag. Leon about 2 kilometres on the right you will find the cheese factory, this
is also a family run business, ask to be shown how the traditional Zakynthian cheese is made, try it and buy it.
                                                                                            STAGE 3
                                                                                            Leaving the cheese factory con-
                             To Ag. Leon                                            Valley
                                                                                            tinue until you reach the main
                                                                                            road, turn left towards Kiliomeno.
                          TOWER                                                             About 5 km and you will reach
   Chrysargiron                                                                             the centre of Kiliomeno, where
    Jewellery                                                                               there is a beautiful old Bell Tower
                                                                                            with many fine detailed carvings,
              To Agalas              Women’s Co Op                                          the tower dates back to 1893.
                                                                                            Here in Kiliomeno there are sev-
                                                                                            eral places of interest. Still cant’
    MAP 3                                                                                   find that special gift to take back
                                                                                            or an unusual souvenir.

   THE WOMEN’s AGRICULTURAL               Visit Chrysargiron the Jewellery maker he has a selection of handcrafted jew-
      CO-OP OF KILIOMENO                  ellery in gold or silver, he will also copy pieces from pictures. For other tradi-
         ―ΟΘ ΜΕΛΘΣΣΘΩΤΘΣΕΣ‖               tional Zakynthian products visit the Women’s Co Op who sell many food prod-
     A shop in Kiliomeno selling local
                                          ucts and more. The women who belong to the Co Op have to live in the vil-
 products including:- Breads & biscuits, lage, at present it consists 14 women.
liqueur wines, bees wax candles, honey, Something different Valley Vineyard Farmhouse, where you can enjoy a
        soap, herbs & much more           mezze, try horse riding or enjoy a walk in the hills around the village.
 Situated in the centre of Kiliomeno near To finish our tour take the road to Macharado it will take you down the
               the old church             mountain offering more stunning views of the Island. Reaching the bottom
   Contact Lilia (0030) 69 76 39 75 14    turn left and into Machrado at the church turn right and follow signs to get
                                                                                                             to Town. Once
         VALLEY VINEYARD FARMHOUSE                                            CHRYSARGIRON                   here all the re-
             Something Special in Kiliomeno                                      Kiliomeno                   sorts are sign
            ‗Ampelostrates‘ Αμπελοστράτες                                                                    posted.
                                                                   Gold & Silver Jewellery handmade
 A family run farm offering traditional home cooked food &
                                                                                 on site                     SEE MAP3
      home produced wine in the village of Kiliomeno
Enjoy HORSE RIDING or walking in the surrounding hills             Tour the workshop and find out how        Tour is about
   Riding open after 4pm or from 7am Please telephone                     the jewellery is made              30Km. Most
Open weekends 10am - till Late         Mon-Fri 2pm - till Late        Leaving Kiliomeno towards Ag. Leon     places are open
    Telephone:- (0030) 26950 43718 or 69 46 95 87 90                     follow the red signs on the left    all day during
                Ask about our art work shops                             Open everyday 10:00 - 20:00         high season.
                 www.ampelostrates.com                                   Telephone:- (0030) 69 79 67 18 58

                       THE TURTLES OF ZAKYNTHOS
Zakynthos is not only famous for it’s beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, but it is also the most
important nesting area in the Mediterranean for the endangered Loggerhead Turtle, caretta caretta.
The nesting areas for these magnificent creatures, who have outlived the dinosaurs, are located
around the bay of Lagana. These same areas are also the main tourist resorts on the island. The
sites are Gerakas, Daphni, Kalamaki/Lagana, Marathonisi Island and Sekania. These beaches are
usually manned by volunteers who will gladly give you information on the current nests. They also
help protect the turtle nests so we ask you to please respect them if they ask you not to sit in certain
areas or not to use a sun umbrella. If you would like to know more about the Turtles then please
visit the TURTLE CENTRE in Gerakas. The following web sites may also be of interest.
www.archelon.gr                       www.earthseasky.org.                         www.euroturtle.org

                                    Telephone:- Susan 26950 55377 or 69 42 66 81 81
                            E-mail info@whatsoninzante.com -     www.whatsoninzante.com
                                               Published by Sim Ian - Scott Susan OE

                                      ZANTE ADVERTISER
                    On line information on live entertainment happening all over the island

TSILIVI - Τσιλιβής
                              BEACH                                          BEACH

                                                      Flocas PDQ Car
                                                            Hire                                                 TO ZANTE
                                                                                  Sweet                           TOWN

                To The Olde                                                                       Plaza Pallas
                               Paula’s Hair                                                       Sambuca Bar
                                 Salon                       Fantasy
                                                             Mini Golf       €
                                      €                                  P          €
                                                                                                     €                        TO
     Paradiso Bar                     Malones                                                            Pinball Tattoos
                                                    P Pharmacy                                                              VANATO
                                                    € Cash Point

A family resort with something for everyone.   The beach is sandy and good for children. It is not a turtle nesting
beach so water sport activities are available. Plenty of nightlife from bars to restaurants to fit all tastes. Tsilivi is
probably the biggest resort after Lagana, also a lively resort that offers teenagers and the young a wide range of ac-
Transfer time from airport around 30mins.
    FLOCAS PDQ CAR HIRE                                                                            THE OLDE VINEYARD
                                                      DOWN LOAD THE                                        Since 1995
   Offers a wide range of cars at                    ZANTE ADVERTISER                              Traditional Greek Taverna
         competitive prices                           EVERY MONTH AT                          Fresh Fish            Vintage Wines
Pick up and collection all over the island                                                                Local Dishes
 Argasi & Tsilivi (0030) 26950 24847/8                                                          GREEK NIGHT Every Saturday
          (0030) 26950 48557                          PAULA’S HAIR SALON                        With live music & Greek dancers
    Mobile (0030) 69 32 01 92 34                   Professional British Hairdresser           Turn left off beach past Caravel hotel
  Email flocastravelzante@gmail.com               Excellent service and good prices
           www.flocastravel.gr                  Open Monday-Saturday 10am till Late                    Tel:- 26950 27959
     Next to Tom & John Centre                    Tele:- (0030) 69 79 42 63 55                        gpomonis@otenet.gr

        Nostos Restaurant                           PINBALL TATTOOS                                                         ’
     Traditional Greek Restaurant                                                                    Irish Pub - Night Club
                                                    Real Tattoos & Piercing
     Open every evening from 5pm                                                              Friendly atmosphere, great cocktails,
 Waiting for you to taste our authentic
                                                                IZA                               draught beers, the best pint of
Greek Cuisine from traditional to modern          Open Mon - Sat. 10:00 - 21:00                         Guiness in Zante
                                                       Closed on Sunday
    in a friendly family atmosphere                                                              Music mixture 70’s 80’s & 90’s
     Tele:- (0030) 26950 25641                       Planos 452, Zakynthos                         & Traditional Irish tunes
       www.nostos-zante.com                         Telephone:- 26950 24449
                                                                                                   After Midnight Night Club
    Email:- eat@nostos-zante.com                     Mobile:- 69 42 88 36 67
                                                                                              The newest night hotspot in Tsilivi
   Recommended on Trip Adviser                    Email:- pinballtattoos@yahoo.gr

             BEIJING                                     PARADISO BAR
                                                  Opposite Louis Plagos Beach
The only authentic Chinese Restaurant
                                                Set in the natural beauty of Tragaki
              In Tsilivi
                                                   Surrounded by Olive Groves                  A choice of 3 challenging 18 hole
Chinese Chef with 25 years experience           Relax and enjoy a drink or watch your                       courses
                                                     favourite sport or film on a             Featuring gardens, ponds, waterfalls,
 Friendly service with outstanding food
                                                           wide screen TV                     streams, fountains, caves, & even an
   Complimentary glass of wine with                Private parties by arrangement                     erupting VOLCANO!
         this advertisement
                                                   Telephone (0030) 26950 63466
                                                         WiFi Internet Zone                              Refreshments at
           26950 42682                                paradisozante@yahoo.gr                                                    è

More Adventures around the Island
   ARISTAION OLIVE FACTORY                             Before   Zante became a holiday is-             F1 GO KART - Kalamaki
               Lithakia Village
                                                       land it was primarily a farming com-       Come and enjoy an evening out and
  ARISTAION extra virgin olive oil is the              munity and still is with many locals        test your skills at Zante’s premier
finest and the purest high quality olive oil           keeping their own animals and grow-                  GO KART TRACK
 since it comes from the first press only.             ing produce. The collection of grapes        Bring the children, we have mini
 Learn more about the olive oil process
 and visit our olive oil mill to see step by
                                                       for wine making will start around Au-          karts for them to join the fun
   step all the stages of the process.                 gust and in November the collection
                                                                                                   For more details Tele:- 26950 24892
     Open Mon - Sun 09:00-18:30                        of olives. In Lithakia visit the Aris-      Free transport for 4 or more persons
       Tel. (0030) 69 48 32 85 18                      taion Olive Factory and find out how         OPEN Late Afternoon till very late
www.artistaion.gr         sxoil@otenet.gr              some of the worlds best olive oil is                 www.f1gokart.gr
         PORTO KAMINIA                                 The   resorts can be busy, perhaps            HORSE RIDING CENTRE
  BEACH BAR AND RESTAURANT                             you would like to relax in a garden                        LAGANA
 A Paradise on Earth for Everyone                      atmosphere with the sea lapping next       Enjoy a beautiful ride on the sand dunes
    Beautiful garden & safe bathing                                                                 by the beach and through the forest
                                                       to you, plenty of food and drink to en-    Shetland ponies are available for children
      Relax in a sun bed or sofa                       joy, then Porto Kaminia is perfect.        Beginners & Experienced riders welcome
 Enjoy a snack or home cooked meal                     Journey through Argasi follow the              Open daily from 09:00 - 21:00
          from our restaurant.
                                                       signs. Porto Kaminia is on the left-                 Call to book a Trek
 A cool drink from the bar. WiFi Zone
                                                       take the winding road down and at the               (0030) 26950 42759
Sun beds & umbrellas free to customers                                                             (0030) 69 37 29 37 52/69 77 87 57 92
           Tele:- 26950 35468                          bottom keep to the right to enter this
                                                                                                     Email horseridinglaganas@gmail.com
         www.zantefiorestudios.gr                      garden paradise.                                   www.laganahorseriding.gr

An adventure for all the family a trip to the F1 Go Kart Track.  This is not just for the big kids, it caters for small chil-
dren as well and I am sure they will have a great time driving their first Go Kart. The track is located between the re-
sorts of Kalamaki and Laganas. There is also free transport for 4 or more persons.
Another fun way to amuse the kids big and small, take some time to experience horse riding,   expert or beginner
every one is welcome a good way to introduce the children to horses. Telephone for an appointment, English is spo-
ken. At the moment there are new foals and baby Shetlands. The Horse Riding Centre also caters for birthdays.
             BLUE BEACH
                                                                  KLONTIRAKI                                XIGIA TAVERNA
                                                             Fish Taverna, Cafè & Bar
                                    LA STORIA
                                                        The Pyromalis family welcome you to        Traditional Zakynthian Cuisine
                                 Agios Nikolaos Port
                                                        their sea front restaurant, overlooking       in a beautiful stone built
            ART CAFE                                          MAKRIS GIALOS BEACH                    mountainside setting with
                                                        Full Greek menu, speciality fresh fish     dramatic views over Xigia cove
                                                           SQUID, OCTOPUS, LOBSTER                             Open all day
                                                                     Open all day                     Tel:- (0030) 69 72 08 21 61
                                                             Tele:- (0030) 26950 31668                  spirosxigia@yahoo.gr
                                                              Mobile:- 69 73 46 02 74
                                  Mikro Nisi
                                 Small Island                NIKO’S BY THE SEA                           Askos Stone Park
                                 NIKO’S BY THE SEA
                                                           The restaurant with a difference
                                                                                                     A unique natural flora & fauna park
                                  KLONTIRAKI             Niko & Hazel have created a varied,      Many species of birds, amphibians and
      To Orthonies          Makris Gialos                 modern Mediterranean menu with           insects. Local and imported animals,
                                                               something for everyone             living in this beautiful natural park with
           St. Petros
                                                         Fantastic views of the Ionian Sea           many stone and wooden features.
                                     To Xigia
                                   XIGIA TAVERNA        Child portions of main menu available             JUST NATURAL LIFE
                                     To Xigia          Open all day Tel:- (0030) 69 46 98 77 58
                                                        Free glass of wine with this Advert         Tel:- 26950 31650 or 69 76 06 18 44

      To Orthonies
       Ορθονιές                                                   Blue Beach                                   LA STORIA
                                                                   Bungalows                             Fish & BBQ Restaurant
                                                                                                              Ag. Nikolaos
                                                                   Water Mania
                                                                                                      Set on the edge of the sea with
                                                          Swimming Pool with water slide
                                                                                                      beautiful views across the port.
                                                                     Pool Bar
                                                                                                       Specialising in Fresh Fish
         To Maries                                                Children’s Pool
                                                                   Tennis Court                   Take a glass bottom boat to Shipwreck
                                                             Holiday Accommodation                         and the Blue Caves
                                                             Agios Nikolas - Volimes                Tickets from the Discount Market
                     KATASTARI                               (0030) 26950 31522/3                    Telephone (0030) 26950 31635

                                      ZANTE ADVERTISER
                 On line information on live entertainment happening all over the island

                                          Business around the Island
Beauty, hair, travel and for sale advertisements, check out the front page for
other various ads.
        ZAKYTA TRAVEL                        PSG TRANSPORTATION
    FOR ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS                                                            Download the Zante Advertiser
                                           European & Local Removals plus                      Every month at
 Flights direct to UK & Many European
                                           UK Shopping ie Argos & Tesco etc.               www.whatsoninzante.com
destinations, International & Worldwide
             Domestic Flights
     Olympic, Sky Express, Agean            Transport from € 2.50 per kilo
 Internet Bookings Easy Jet & Ferries                                                   MOBILE BEAUTY THERAPIST
                                               Gr(+30) 69 73 70 56 15
      Face book ‗Zakyta Travel‘                                                        Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure, Facials
          FOR DAILY OFFERS                     UK (+44) 7532017296                      Tinting, Tanning and much more
Tel.:- 26950 28191 email info@zakyta.gr                                                             Just call
        www.zakyta.gr with skype           www.psgtransportation.com                    NICOLA (0030) 69 42 57 09 12

         EPONYMO Optics                           YIANNIS (Painting)                     JOB ZANTE RECRUITMENT
    Guaranteed Genuine Branded                     Houses inside & outside
                                                 Businesses, Fences, Railings              Looking for work? Needing Staff?
             Sunglasses                                                                  Look no further! Our new Recruitment
        Prescription Glasses                            All paint jobs                             Agency can help
          Contact Lenses                          Telephone:- 69 93 99 85 10
                                                  Whats Up:- 69 72 16 72 80
                                                                                      For Employees:- We can help with your
   Eye Tests, Repairs, Accessories                                                     CV & match your skills to the best job
    Open all day from 9am till Late                KALAMAKI KURLZ                      For Employers:- We will find you the
        No 27 on 21st May Street                Qualified Mobile Hairdresser                 right person for the job
        Near St. Markos Square              FAMILY HAIRDRESSER & WEDDING PACKAGES          Eleni Loundzis Margaris
    Tele:- (0030) 26950 25850                   Perms, Cuts, Tints, Highlights etc.        26950 52375 69 79 13 00 39
                                              E-mail:- kalamaki-kurlz@hotmail.com
  Email eponymooptics@yahoo.gr                                                          office@jobzante-recruitment.com
                                                Phone LINZI 69 86 96 51 96

               BRAVO                                             COUNTRY HOUSE FOR SALE
 88 ALEXANDROU ROMA, ZANTE TOWN                                        Lithakia - Zakynthos
         UK Branded Clothing                        A quiet position set amougst olive groves with mature gar-
        at Fantastic Prices                                    dens & grounds extending to 4,000M2
                                                    The villa (132M2) was designed by an English architect &
 Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Monsoon
                                                     comprises 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen,
      Next, M&S & much more
                                                                   lounge, separate dining room.
  New stock from the UK every week                 Central Heating & Air Conditioning Large Patio & BBQ area
           Sizes up to 24                             TO BE SOLD FULLY FURNISHED PRICE € 250,000
         Open Town Hours                                           Telephone 26950 52940
We are not trading in Kalamaki anymore                               Mobile 69 72 09 05 94

      BEAUTY IN MOTION                               HELLO ZANTE                                  PC Doctor
Fully qualified mobile nail technician        Web sites that you can afford             For all your computer problems
  Established in Tsilivi since 2004          Design & Hosting                           Internet Connections
                                             Guest Book & Forms                         Virus removal
Professional manicures & pedicures
                                             Flash                                      Upgrades & Data recovery
     French finish is no extra!!!
                                             E-mail                                     Installation and Training
         Eyebrow shaping
      Eyelash & brow tinting.                Search Engine Optimisation SEO             Mobile service (I will visit you)
         Reasonable prices                                                              25 years UK experience
                                               e-mail - info@hellozante.com                  Ian (0030) 26950 55377
   Tele:- Susana 69 78 58 29 98                   www.hellozante.com                          Mobile 69 42 66 81 81

                                     Telephone:- Susan 26950 55377 or 69 42 66 81 81
                             E-mail info@whatsoninzante.com -     www.whatsoninzante.com
                                             Published by Sim Ian - Scott Susan OE

                             USEFUL INFORMATION, CONTACTS, NUMBERS ETC.
DOCTORS                                                           EMERGENCY SERVICES
There are doctors located in all major resorts look for the red         Tourist Police:- 26950 27367
cross normally they are available 24 hours.                             Police:- 100
PHARMACY—Located all over the island look for a green                   Ambulance:- 166
cross. We have marked the maps with a P for those in the re-            Fire:- 26950 22161
sorts.                                                            HOSPITAL:- 26950 59100 (Telephone Centre)
ΒRITISH VICE CONSULATE - Zakynthos                                Located in Zante Town
28 Foskolou Street, 29 100 Zakynthos                              KALITHEA MEDICAL CENTRE
Tel: (0030) 26950 22906      Fax: (0030) 26950 22972              Located near Katastari signposted from the main Katastari-
BANKS                                                             Zante Town Road.
Greek Major Banks are all located in Zante Town. They open        BUSES
only in the mornings                                              Bus Station now on the Hospital Road, Zante Town
Cash points are in the major resorts marked on the maps with      Telephone:- (+30) 26950 22255/42656
euro sign €                                                       www.ktel-zakynthos.gr
DENTIST                                                           TAXI:- 26950 48400
Many in Town this one speaks good English                         PORT AUTHORITY:- 26950 28117/8
Vasilios Kolios                                                   This number can be used to report Turtles in distress.
22 Foscolo, Zante Town
                                                                  Ferry Office 26950 49500 & 26950 22083
26950 28681
FLIGHTS (Scheduled)
                                                                  FERRIES 06th June– 15th July
                                                                  Zakynthos - Kyllini
Or check with Zakyta Travel www.zakyta.gr
                                                                  Monday to Saturday: 06:00, 09:00, 11:30, 14:45, 19:00.
See advertisement on Business section
                                                                  Sunday and holidays: 08:00, 12:30, 14:45, 19:00
ZAWF Animal Welfare
                                                                  Kyllini - Zakyntho
                                                                  Monday to Saturday: 8:00, 11:00, 13:30,17:00, 21:00.
                                                                  Sunday and holidays: 10:30, 14:30, 17:00, 21:00
My Vet Spiros Paraschis, Gaitani
Main Road from Zante Town to Katastari
                                                                  Ferry from Zante Ag. Nikolaos to Pesada Kefalonia
Telephone:- (0030) 26950 26551 email spirosmyvet@yahoo.gr
                                                                  Daily Ag. Nikolaos - Pesada 9:15
Marinos Patiris, Zante Town
                                                                          Pesada - Ag. Nikolaos 17:30 (times not confirmed)
Tembonera Street (next to the river)
Telephone:- (0030) 26950 41293
                                                                  POST OFFICE - Main office Tertseti, Zante Town
                                                                  Sub Post Offices—Katastari, Lithakia, Maherado
England 0044 Ireland 00353
                                                                  Stamps available at most places you buy post cards
Add 0030 to your mobile when calling a Greek number
For more codes check out www.countrycallingcodes.com

                                   ZANTE ADVERTISER
              On line information on live entertainment happening all over the island

                   RECYCLE YOUR EMPTY PLASTIC BOTTLES                                           HOLISTIC HEAVEN
                          Recycle bins as follows:-                                                 Old Kalamaki
                                                                                       Be Pampered in Beautiful Surroundings
Castello Supermarket       Argasi           Archelon Turtle Camp        Kalamaki            Aromatherapy, Reiki, Facials
Kaliva Restaurant          Tsilivi          Euro Dive                   Laganas          Crystal Healing, Hopi Ear Candles,
Apollo Restaurant          Alykanas         Exotica Hotel               Kalamaki          Past Life Regression, Hot Stones
Earth, Sea & Sky           Gerakas          Mill Bar                    Alykanas           Chocolate Indulgence Therapy
Foody’s Supermarket        Tsilivi          Westford Real Estate        Gaitani           & Much more Open every day
Calypso Pool Bar           Vasilikos          (Bulk drop off point)                        Robbie (0030) 69 42 27 90 32
                                                                                             Sue (0030) 69 48 72 48 06

                                St.Nicholas Beach Watersports VASILIKOS
   Banana, Ringos, Paragliding, Jet Ski & more                        OPEN EVERY DAY - COURTESY BUS SERVICE
LAGANA - 10am The Beach, Big Boys, Ionian Bar, Taj Mahal, Lagana Hotel
KALAMAKI - 10.15am Belisis Junc., Euro Hire, Denis Supermarket, Taxi Rank
ARGASI - 10.30am The Church, Avalon Bar, Mimosa Hotel                                    RETURN BUS 5.00PM
                                               NEW AFTERNOON BUS
LAGANA - 1.00pm The Beach, Pelargos Tours, Ionian Bar, Pelargos Tours, Taj Mahul, Zante Park, Lagana Hotel
KALAMAKI - 1.15pm Express S/Market, Paulo Rest., Denis S/Market, Mythos Tours, Pelargos, Taxi Rank
ARGASSI - 1.30pm Church, My Tours, Pelargos, Mythos, Chrisi Akti                        RETURN BUS 6.30PM
See resort maps for where the courtesy bus stops are located (not all stops appear on maps at present)

                                   The International Show on ERMIS 91.8
                                           With DJ Ginge Coldwell
              Keeping you informed in English as to what’s happening on Zakynthos and Greece,
             Broadcasting on Zantes Number 1 Greek News Station Monday to Friday 2pm – 4pm.
   News , Comment , Special Guests and Great Music We take requests and dedications and the Golden Vault.
                    Monday - Property Watch       Tuesday -Zante Times Review with Maria
            Wednesday - Greek Reporter with Christina       Thursday - Kefolonia link with Peter Lee
                                   Friday - Getting Ready for the Weekend.
                Tel:0030- 26950 242 06      Txt: 0030 693 635 80 66     Skype: gingecoldwell

                                         Island FM – Zante‘s Best Music Mix
                                             88.6 / 90.6 FM – Online – Mobile
                    Contact Us e-mail - studio@islandfm.gr Text - +30 697 611 0638 Skype - Islandfmzante
                                                          Mon - Fri
                                         9am-12pm Bobby Gee Breakfast
                                                 12pm-2pm Middi
                                                2pm-4pm Mark Lee
                                          4pm-5pm Afternoon Juke Box
                          5pm-7pm Retro Ray* (*Not Wednesday, Re-Run of the eXpat Chart)
                                           7pm-10pm Non-Stop Island
                            10pm-12am Club Classics        12am-9am Non-stop Island

                          Saturday                                                        Sundays
         8am-10am Wake Up With Island                                         8am-1pm All Eighties Sunday
      10am-12pm The UK Soul Chart With JL                                1pm-2pm Taking you Back with Kurt David
            12pm-2pm Richie Valadez                                           2pm-4pm All Eighties Sunday
             2pm-4pm Danny Swann                                       4pm-7pm The eXpat Chart With Spencer James
                4pm-6pm Andy P                                                  7pm-8pm Non-Stop Island
    6pm-8pm The eXpat Party With Danny Looker                                   10pm-12am Club Classics
           8pm-10pm Non-Stop Island                                            12am-9am Non-Stop Island
10pm-12am Funk It Up International with Colin Edwards
12am-2am Club Classics     2am-8am Non-Stop Island


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