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  April 2008
                                                                                                                                         SO YOU THINK YOU CAN…


                                                                                                                                              … MAKE A PORN FILM?
U   nder the Candy Stars banner, their objective is to create porn for lesbians
    by lesbians, in a secure, sleaze-free and misogyny-free environment.
Before the crew got their cameras rolling, they carried out a nationwide
survey to find out what turns us on.

Their first offering is the aptly named Coming Together, introducing Ruby
Fox who arrives in the city, wide-eyed and innocent, and wanders into the
hedonistic and exciting world of lesbian London.

                                                                                  Documentary directors, The Smithee


                                                                                  Why the move to porn?
                                                                                  Why not? It’s the film we’ve been waiting to watch
                                                                                  – a film with realistic lesbian sex in it – women
                                                                                  making out like lesbians, not like porn stars.
                                                                                  We were also adamant that there should be no
                                                                                  sex with vegetables. We’re vegetarians – we eat
                                                                                  vegetables – we don’t date them!

                                                                                  How did you choose the actors?
                                                                                  We had loads of applications but managed to
                                                                                  whittle them down to a shortlist. The calibre of the
                                                                                  actors was so high we couldn’t say no to any on
                                                                                  the shortlist – so we created parts for them all.
                                                                                  We were particularly delighted by how the women
                                                                                  echoed our own reasons for wanting to make a
                                                                                  porn film – to create realistic images of lesbians
                                                                                  and lesbian desire, without demeaning or belittling
                                                                                  the women involved.

                                                                                  Was it hard to give direction?
                                                                                  None of the cast had really acted before and we
                                                                                  had only one weekend to shoot the whole film,
                                                                                  so we just went for it, trusting their raw talent
                                                                                  and the realism they would bring to the film. That
                                                                                  absolutely paid off in the sex scenes, where the
                                                                                  desire feels authentic even down to the heavy

                                                                                  Did you feel embarrassed?
                                                                                  Not really, we could have been filming someone
                                                                                  eating a sarnie – it’s funny how quickly the
                                                                                  whole crew got used to seeing two women going
                                                                                  at it with a strap-on. We had to keep stopping
                                                                                  and starting for technical reasons, and in that
                                                                                  down-time you’ll all be laughing or chatting about
                                                                                  something quite different rather than talking dirty.

                                                                                                                        How is she different to you?
                                                                                                                        I am completely clueless when it comes to DJing
                                                                                                                        and Absinthe isn’t really my drink of choice!

                                                                                                                        Any embarrassing moments?
                                                                                                                        I got champagne up my nose! I was meant to
                                                                                                                        drink it out of the bottle but it fizzed up and went

                                                                                                                        What was the most graphic scene
                                                                                                                        you had to do?
                                                                                                                        There’s a bondage scene between Dominique and
                                                                                                                        another girl where Dominique’s controlling attitude
                                                                                                                        comes through. That was a very sexy one to do.

                                                                                                                        What did you enjoy most about

                                                                                                                        Working with some really fun, lovely people
                                                                                                                        and eating copious amounts of Krispy Kreme

                                                                                                                        How do you feel about people
                        WRITERS:                                  ACTRESS                                               recognising you after the release?
                                                                  Raynbo, who plays Dominique                           Fabulous. If you see me out and about, come
                        behind Coming Together,                                                                         and chat.
                        she explains that there’s                 Why did you want to do the porn
                        more to come.
                                                                  Most of the ‘lesbian’ porn that I’ve watched
                        What did you think about                                                                        Kim Lucas and Buzzy Moitre produced
                                                                  reinforces the idea that lesbians exist simply
                                                                                                                        Coming Together when they realised
                        when you were writing?                    to arouse men. I liked the idea of being involved
                                                                                                                        there wasn’t much erotica for lesbians
                        Some of Ruby Fox’s adventures are         with a project aimed at making female-friendly
                                                                                                                        to buy.
                        inspired by my own experience of          porn and reclaiming lesbianism for women. I was
                        coming out onto the London scene          buying porn and got into a discussion with the
                        in the early 90s when I was 18,           sales assistant about the lack of lesbian porn that   Why did you want to make a
                        naive, but cocky and looking for          is actually aimed at lesbians! He told me about
                        fun in the deep end of the (lesbian)      Candy Stars and I emailed my photos.                  There is very little authentic, satisfying lesbian
                        pool! I wanted to throw some                                                                    porn out there. Our survey of over 5000 women,
                        humour into the script. It’s not a                                                              found that 82 percent agreed that there needs
                        serious, highbrow film, but instead        She’s a hot bitch! An arrogant, sexy DJ who likes     to be more porn films which address female

                        about being hot for someone,              to get her own way and usually does...                needs and are more sensitive to what really turns
                        discovering what turns you on...                                                                women on. Lesbians deserve more choice!
                        and, of course, having sex!               Did you enjoy playing her?
                                                                  Indeed I did! She’s a powerful character and her
                        Is there a message                        scenes were great fun to do.                          mainstream lesbian porn?
                                                                                                                        These are not straight girls with plastic boobs,
                        There’s two: The first is that                                                                   false nails and peroxide wigs pretending to get it
                        watching porn can be fun,                                                                       on to satisfy the male stereotypical fantasy. The
                        entertaining, titillating and                                                                   term ‘Lesbian Porn’ has been hijacked and used
                        essentially liberating! And the                                                                 by the straight porn industry to imply girl-on-girl
                        second is to always be open to                                                                  action, this film is scripted by lesbians, shot by an
                        new experience – so go for it!                                                                  all-woman crew and starring real lesbians.

                        Are there going to be                                                                           Is there a market for lesbian porn?
                        more adventures for                                                                             Yes, our nationwide survey indicates that there
                        Ruby Fox?                                                                                       is a huge demand. A whopping 70 per cent said
                                                                                                                        they would buy more porn if the scenes reflected
                        There’s loads more adventures
                                                                                                                        lesbian fantasy.
                        for intrepid Ruby. We’re going to
                        explore what happens after Ruby
                        Fox’s virgin voyage to the big city and                                                         Is porn important in the expression
                        in the lives of the lesbian ‘muffia’                                                             of sexuality?
                        she meets! I’m really looking forward                                                           Attitudes are changing and the emancipation of
                        to getting feedback on the first film                                                             lesbians over the last few years has resulted in
                        and developing future storylines                                                                more girls coming out and being expressive about
                        with existing and new characters.                                                               their needs, wants and desires!

                                                                  PURCHASE DETAILS
             Coming Together is available in two versions – the 18 Soft-Core version and the R18 Uncensored version
            for £19.99 and £29.99 respectively. Available from gay retailers such as Prowler, Clone Zone, Soho Books,

                                                         for further details and to view trailer.

                                                   9            Ways to Win
                                                               Back Your Ex

                                                                           If you’re just not getting over the girl, then here are some of our suggestions for
                                                                            bringing your ex back into your life. Follow our advice and you could end up snuggled
                                                                           up on the sofa with her again by the time the next series of The L-Word starts, Bette
                                                                           and Tina style, that is, if you don’t get sectioned first.
  1 Beat the ne
                        w   girlfriend at
 For example, if
                   your ex has du               her own ga                            7 Try alternative therapy
bigger tits, get                   mpe                              me
                  your credit card d you because she met som                          So – the moon’s in Cancer, the wind’s blowing in the right direction, and we
While you’re at                     out and go get                       eone with    swear you even look a bit like Willow in certain lights (usually when the lights
                 it, in                             som
gut you’ve deve vest in some liposuction to ge e nice double Fs, girl.                in question are turned off); It’s time to get the Voodoo dollies out and cast
                 loped from sittin                    t rid of that horri
                                  g alone in the da
                                                   rk drinking Stella ble beer        some spells. Also, hypnosis works wonders on stubborn ladies who’ve
                                                                      and crying.     become immune to your charms. Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques
2 Make her jealous                                                                    For Use on Errant Exes could well be the best £99.99 you ever spend.
Start a rumour that you’re having a torrid affair with Catherine Zeta-Jones.
I mean, if she was stupid enough to dump someone with a personality as
                                                                                           8 Try the ‘best
                                                                                                                    mates’ tac
interesting as yours, she’ll believe it, right? If you can manage to intercept             “Let’s just be fri
                                                                                                             en                    t
the paperboy and doctor her copy of The Sun with some cunningly                           this could be to ds” was the last thing you he
                                                                                                              yo                            ar
Photoshopped pics, all the better.                                                        turn up unanno ur advantage. Take her liter d from her. However,
                                                                                                            un                            ally
                                                                                         your flat and ne ced for a gossip and preten ; do girls nights in,
                                                 e                                                          ed a roof over                d you’ve got ki
                                a positive pastim                                        matey-ness w                      yo
                                                                                                         ill only buy you ur head... after all, you’re m
                                                                                                                                                         cked out of
 3 Turn stalking intog to the roses, chocolates and boiled rabbits                       your bed and ou                   more time with
                                                                                                                                          her to wow her
                                                                                                                                                        ates. All this
                            din                          ping her. The ropes                                st any love rival
 If she really isn’t respon        – you could try kidnap                                                                    .                            back into
 – an d she’s smaller than you juices flowing – maybe. g3 Magazine
                            get her
  and gags will definitely                        sentences earned after
                                                                                      9 Get on your guitar
                         ility for any custodial
  accepts no responsib                                                                and write a tune in A-Minor
  act on our advice.
                                                                                      Write an album of pathetic songs about your break-up and get
                                                                                      a recording deal. Girls in bands
4 Let her know what she’s missing                                                     are hot – even the ugly
Forget about pretending you’re going to kill yourself, pretend to be dead             ones. Fact.
instead! She’ll turn up at your funeral filled with remorse at the way she
treated you, and be reduced to tears by your mates’ heart-wrenching
accounts of the time you went to the pub and drank too much and threw up
on the bar! Just as the coffin is about to be lowered into the grave, you can
leap out of it and into her arms. Of course, she may be a little perturbed by
the fact that her dead ex-girlfriend’s corpse has just embraced her, and the
whole thing might completely backfire. We don’t know. Try it and see.

  5 Brainwash friends an
                                     d  family to your ad
  Make friends with her
                         mother. Accompany her                     vantage
 blue rinse, ply her with                          to bingo, compliment her
                          gin and tell her your sad
 phone extolling your vir                            tale. She’ll be on the
                           tues to her daughter in
 that she take you back                            no time, and demanding
                          as you “seem such a nic
                                                    e girl...”

6 Laden her with expensive gifts
Buy/steal a Mercedes for her. We’re all essentially materialistic and shallow
and we’d love anyone who gave us a big shiny car. Even someone really
desperate, who we’d just dumped for being a complete psycho.
You know it’s true.


                                                           A    couple of weeks ago, I did exactly that when I was invited to attend the launch party
                                                                for Passion, billed by the organisers as “an exciting new show for adventurous
                                                           adults to explore, share and indulge their passions for everything erotic”.

                                                           Well, life’s not always a bed of roses and sometimes you just have to get on with it,
                                                           so I donned my gladrags, slapped on the lippy and rode the Oyster to Chancery Lane
                                                           underground. Here, I bumped into fellow invitee Trixie Wild, author of some intensely
                                                           cathartic erotica and considered, in certain circles, to be something of a rare beauty.
                                                           Good, I had found myself a playmate for the afternoon.

                                                           Not that I needed one. From beginning to end (and, in keeping with the time-honoured
                                                           g3 tradition, I was one of the first to arrive and the last to leave) it was quite clear that
                                                           the organisers had pulled out all the stops to ensure that my fellow guests and I would
                                                           find the afternoon not just enjoyable and informative, but also mildly arousing.

                                                           Bar Volupté, a chi-chi neo-burlesque bar in the City, was an inspired choice for the
                                                           festivities, as were the costumes selected for the waitresses – the perfect backdrop for
                                                           finding out more about the main event. I thought I’d better do some work so, pausing
                                                           only to grab a cocktail, I decided to find out more.

                                                           Passion hits Earl’s Court on the 24 and 25 May and promises “to challenge the ideas of
                                                           adult shows, presenting a sensual mix of art and entertainment, as well as the latest
                                                           toys, clothes and accessories, in a friendly fabulous
                                                           environment”. Of course, this could all be marketing
                                                           speak, but I doubt it. I spoke to several members
                                                           of the Passion team before I got drunk and they
                                                           really do have, yes, a passion for what they’ve
                                                           conceived. Interestingly, and remembering
                                                           that this is a pan-sexual rather than a gay
                                                           event, most of the team are women. This is
                                                           extremely good news for those of us who a)
                                                           believe that women are better than men at
                                                           everything that matters or b) think that the
                                                           sex industry has for too long been dominated
                                                           by straight men. It’s not that straight men don’t
                                                           do a good job for their market (i.e. other straight
                                                           men) but it’s good to see a little bit of balance
                                                           out there, eh sisters?

                                                           As you’d expect, retail treats abound, with
                                                           designer fetish wear, an eye-popping range
                                                           of toys and some quite gorgeous art all
                                                           on hand to boost your overdraft. I could
                                                           easily have spent a fortune myself – some
                                                           exhibitors were showcasing their wares
                                                           at the preview – so be prepared to be
                                                           tempted. But, even if you’re on a limited
                                                           budget, Passion is about more than
                                                           just driving a wedge between you
                                                           and your money. Spectacular
                         We all need a bit of Passion      fashion shows, a burlesque
                                                           theatre and a DVD Village
                         in our lives, which is why I’ll   are all promised, while
                         be dusting off my thigh-highs     for those who want to
                         and heading off to Earl’s         make a weekend of it,
                         Court on the 24 and, in all       a Grand Ball and fetish
                         probability, the 25 May.          party are currently in
                                                           the pipeline.
                         for more information,
                         including ticket sales and
                         a list of exhibitors.

Sex Toy Test Drive
G    et on board as Sindy Sin revs up her
     engine for this month’s most wanted,
new vehicles for your bedroom, and blimey,
                                                                                                                                  Babes Firenze
                                                                                                                             Looking for something a little
                                                                                                                         more flash? The Babes team have
                                                                                                                          come up with a new model in the
do they have some horsepower on them.                                                                                     Specials Collection. Pull up riding
                                                                                                                         this one and you’ll definitely turn
                                                                                                                        heads. The classic shape has been
                                     Make/Model: I’m Divine                                                                brought into modern day by the
                                                                                                                        fantastic Kaleidoscopic paintwork.
                                This one has a great vibrating motor, is elegant in
                                design and has a lovely smooth surface. Divine by                                  Kerb Appeal: A girl racer’s
                                name and nature, the textured bumper at the tip                                      treat to rip up the streets.
                                makes it a clit toy with a difference – and you can                                     On the road price: £90
                                bump me anytime! Let the engine purr and you’ll
                                be buzzing to Penzance or in your pants at least.                                        Showroom: Online at
                                Kerb Appeal: Great transmission
                                from low to high gears.
                                On the road price: £25
                                Showroom: Sh! Women’s Erotic
                                Emporium, 57 Hoxton Square,       Make/Model:
                                London N1 or online at
                                                                Fun Factory Share
                                                                                      If you have a girl in mind, check out her bodywork
                                                                                      and then invite her for a ride on Fun Factory’s
                                                                                      dildo – it’s a two-seater experience! The dildo has
                                                                                      passed all manufacturing standards and exceeds
                                                                                      quality, with its firm but pliant silicone body. No
                                                                                      seat belt or harness required.
                                                                                      Kerb Appeal: There’s room
                                                                                      on this cart for two.
                                                                                      On the road price: £52.95
                                                                                      Showroom: Online at

          Make/Model: Sweet Armadillo
      As competition for new shapes and designs gets fiercer, this        LOOK! NEW LUSTY
      interesting looking beast has an engine that is ready to take a
      right thrashing. We reached nought to multiples in just 30         GOODIES IN BRIGHTON
      seconds. The mechanics can be upgraded to include a vibrator,
      and those into personalised plates can get logos added or             LUST!
      handcrafted models as extras; pure fun comes as standard.             Leather Harness from £42.95
      Kerb appeal: Detailed body kit to take                                Buckle-up ladies! The LUST! leather strap-on
      you to new places.                                                    harness is a perfect fit for all women. Change
      On the road price: £90                                                the O-ring to wear a LUST! dildo of any size
      Showroom: Online at                                                   and be hard all night. Available from:
                                                                            43 Gardner Street,
                                                                            Brighton BN1 1UN
                                                                            01273 699 344

                                                                             Make/Model: Ultra 7 Purple Remote Egg
                                                                         A quiet motor, encased in a smooth outer shell. The seven gears give the
                                                                         driver extra options whilst trying to hit maximum speed. This model comes
                                                                         complete with wireless remote control, which means that you can drive this
                                                                         baby from some distance, whilst the passenger has the ride of her life.
                                                                         Kerb appeal: Back seat drivers can have a try too.
                                                                         On the road price: £26
                                                                         (use promo code: G3GIGI to get free postage for a limited time)
                                                                         Showroom: Online at
 POSITION                                      April: ARE YOU SITTING COMFORTABLY?
  of the
 MONTH                                                                           “After a busy day at
                                                                               work all I wanted to do
                                                                                 was to sit down and
                                                                                have a breather, next
     How to do it                                                                 thing I know some
     Brooke sits on the chair patiently, whilst                                     naked bird starts
     Daria has the difficult dilemma of whether                                  bouncing her baboon
     to straddle Brooke whilst facing her, or sit                                    bum on my lap.”
     on her lap and take it from behind. After
     half an hour and some tea and nibbles,                                    BROOKE
     Daria jumps on and within 30 seconds it’s
     all over... phew!

     Pleasure rating 3/5
     Pure pleasure for one party... but numb legs
     for the other! This position is not ideal for
     those with bad circulation or surgical
     stockings – so no humping your best mate’s
     granny, not in this position anyway.                       DARIA

     The hardest bit is finding the right chair,                          “She usually just lays
     especially if you both have a lard arse. A                          there with her legs
     sturdy, washable seat with no arms is ideal.                        wide open waiting for
     If your chair is nearer to the ground, then the                     me to give her one; this
     person on top gets added control by using the                       way I have a bit of ‘me’
     floor as a springboard or, alternatively, if it all                  time.
     goes pear-shaped, she can leap off in a hurry!

     WHAT A                                                               Taboo
     Dear Sindy,
     I have always been uptight about sex and I can’t orgasm
     unless I am alone... not because I’m shy, but because of the              WITH
     way I feel about my bottom, my bodily functions and the
     possibility of breaking wind in the middle of sex. My mother           SINDY SIN
     was very strict and all toilet duties were considered dirty in our
     house. Farting was never allowed publicly. It seems silly, but I
     can’t even discuss this with my girlfriend, I just feel covered in
     shame. How can I learn to relax?
     Anon, London

     Yes, whoever designed the human body was obviously having
     a laugh by placing the pleasure centre right next to the rubbish
     chute. Sex can be full of smells, squelches and moments of
                                                                                                                              COME LIE
     extreme vulnerability for all of us. In fact, the best sex should                                                        WITH ME
     be like that... unguarded... a complete romp in the swamp.                                                               Dear Sindy,
     Remember, not all farts are gas, some are just trapped air,                                                              Can you tell me if it’s
     and sometimes you get trapped air in the vagina that pops                                                                normal to make love
     out sounding like Donald Duck. Anal shame is a deep-seated                                                               sometimes and not
     phobia: seeing a therapist can help. You must learn to accept                                                            want an orgasm?
     your humanity and understand that unclenching your                                                                       My partner says I have
     sphincter muscle is the only way to fully relax and enjoy sex.                                                           a low sex drive and I
     A couple of alcoholic drinks may help you, (not beer... the                                                              need to sort it. But it’s
     bubbles cause gas).                                                                                                      just that sometimes I
                                                                                                                              am satisfied without
     A ‘windy’ person can lessen wind                                                                                         the need to come.
     easily. Keep a diary of the foods you                                                                                    Jayne, London
     have eaten. Apart from the obvious
     beans, you may find something as                                                                                          It could be that your
     innocuous as orange juice is causing                                                                                     girlfriend is more
     wind by acidifying the stomach.                                                                                          concerned with her
     Before a sex session, refrain from                                                                                       ego at having given
     these foods. Then, buy yourself                                                                                          you an orgasm and
     some charcoal tablets from the                                                                                           feels insecure about
     pharmacy. They stop flatulence and                                    POINTED QUESTION                                    her prowess when you
     settle the stomach. More drastically,                                Dear Sindy,                                         don’t come. You need
     you could buy an enema syringe,                                      I have a girlfriend who has really long             to reassure her that
     available online and from                                              stick-on nails. They really feel weird when       you feel great... whilst
     chemists. Give yourself                                                 she masturbates me or tries to touch me          checking that there
     an enema with warm                                                      inside. Now, she is refusing to take them off,   isn’t any health reason
     water to wash out                                                       saying: ‘That’s my diva look!’ What can I do?    why you don’t have an
     your bottom before                                                    Sophie, Brighton                                   orgasm sometimes.
     making love. That                                                                                                        Stress, diet, drugs,
     way you know                                                         Simple. Go to the nail bar and get some             alcohol and inhibitions
     you are clean.                                                       yourself then make love to her vigorously           can all be a cause of
     Lastly, put a little                                                 and see how she likes it. If she does like          dysfunction. But, if you
     perfumed oil                                                         it, you then have two choices: Continue             are truly content with
     around your anus.                                                    scratching each other to death or leave her.        fewer orgasms than
     You should tell your                                                 It’s unhygienic and frankly, selfish of her to       her, she must accept
     partner, as she                                                      expect you to put up with something affecting       that. To pressure you is
     may dislike the                                                      your intimacy simply on a fashion whim.             to add needless angst.
     taste if she goes
     down on you. In
     fact, let it be part
     of your foreplay
     that she oils you
     there gently. This
     will gradually
     decrease your
     fear and stop you
     feeling that bowel
     movements are
     dirty. Remember,
     even the Queen
     shits... and hers
     doesn’t smell like


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