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					                                 Spring Brakes
                            How to Buy for the Market
Each end user has a different outlook on what is important to them. In the world of spring
brakes, it can be price, manufacturing location, warranty period or total overall cost
savings. Although you want to have the best inventory on hand to cover the majority of
requests you get from customers, you don’t want to carry too much inventory. Let’s try
and break it down so that you can make the best decisions for your Dealership.

All medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, tractors, trailers and buses are equipped with
parking brakes that are held by mechanical force. Bendix spring brakes answer the call.

Bendix has actuators to fit your customers’ makes, models and applications, whether they
need a service or spring brake, standard or long stroke. Bendix also offers a wide range of
yoke (clevis) styles, and if a complete replacement isn’t necessary, replacement kits and
individual components are available.

FACT: The emergency spring is the source of more than 50 percent of all spring brake

FACT: Corrosion weakens the emergency spring. After cycling with forces in excess of
2,500 pounds, stress fractures may occur, resulting in premature spring failure.

FACT: A durable epoxy coating that won’t chip or wear away with each brake
application is critical to help your customers avoid costly downtime and unwanted repair
or replacement.

Most products are supported by a three-year / 300,000-mile warranty.

For more information, visit

With more than 80 years of experience, each Haldex product carries with it the lessons
learned through decades of experience. Haldex offers a complete family of spring brake
actuator products designed and built to deliver long-lasting durability and reliable
performance mile after mile.

The Gold Seal® Spring Brake includes unique design features to save your customers
time and money by reducing their maintenance and downtime expenses. These features
include a long-lasting, special heat-treated power spring, which produces maximum
output force, and a zinc-plated push rod for added corrosion protection. Gold Seal models
are available for both s-cam and air disc brakes.
The Gold Seal Spring Brake is also available in a long stroke model, which provides a
higher and more constant force output. As wear and heat take effect on the foundation
brake system, the extra stroke and additional output force is required to maintain braking.
The result is more available power to stop your customer’s vehicle.

Every Haldex Gold Seal Spring Brake is backed with a four-year / unlimited mileage
over-the-road warranty.

Haldex spring brakes are available in bulk pack part numbers to help reduce the cost of
acquisition. Bulk packs end in P40 for most part numbers. For example, GC3030 is a
single 30/30 combination, and GC3030P40 is a bulk pack of 40 pieces of the GC3030.

For more information, visit www.haldex.com.

MGM Brakes
The most complete source of spring brakes and service chambers, MGM Brakes is the
recognized world leader in spring brake technology. MGM Brakes has a broad array of
products available to cover multiple applications, and they are proud of the standards they
put into their products. Here are some examples of why MGM Brakes’ products are
priced at a premium in the industry.

   1. Steel Head – Tapered for tight spaces, mechanically sealed (no clamp band
      required), heat-cured epoxy finish.
   2. Center Case Push-Rod – Aluminum hard-coat finish and surface porosity to
      retain lubricants.
   3. Power Spring – Heat fused, epoxy-coated and cycle test-certified to OEM
      specifications. HD models have a heavy-duty power spring, which generates 160
      lbs. of additional parking brake force at 1-1/4 inches of stroke.
   4. Service Push-Rod – Fully threaded for universal slack adjuster installation
   5. Non-Pressure Chamber – Heavy-duty embossed steel (type 30) epoxy coated for
      long life.

Bulk packs are available for certain part numbers, which are indicated with an “X” as the

For more information, visit www.mgmbrakes.com.

TSE Brakes
TSE Brakes offers a line of spring brakes and components that are already categorized
into a GOOD, BETTER, BEST scenario.
     Alumiline is designed for the cost-conscious customer. With a two-year warranty,
        this spring brake will provide reliability and performance for a minimum
      Omnibrake is an OEM-quality replacement that is built to OEM standards and
       carries a three-year warranty.
      Ultralife is a premium spring brake with a six-year warranty

Warranty periods are for over-the-road usage only. See the TSE Brakes website for more
information on severe-duty warranties.

The TSE family of products is available in both drum brake and disc brake applications
and in models and sizes designed to meet a worldwide market. TSE’s all-steel, patented
design chambers are e-coated to deliver the best corrosion protection available in the

For more information, visit www.tsebrakes.com.

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