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					If it is identified as spondolosis you need to take more amount of calcium rich foods
like til laddus made with dates every day , prevents the calcium deficiency, since we don’t take
much calcium in our day to day , it is also because of the wear and tear of the bony structure and
deficiency of nutrients to the cells.
Regarding your eye problem, if the dr has diagnosed as birth defect, we can not do any thing,
however you can consult an ENT doctor also for a second opinion on your running nose problem
Venkateshwarlu Anchuri
Your teeth problem can not be regained only thing the dentist may give a enamel
coating if possible or artificial teeth as the case may be , soar throat is and tooth decay is due to
the accumulation of the toxins inside your body, all cola drinks are enough to cause the damage
even you did not take coffee or tea.
Teeth’s biting in the night is a disorder pertaining to psychiatry consult a doctor.
You may have the B complex deficiency that is the reason you have used riboflavin and vit c, all
these you can get through sprouts if you eat regularly.
If you don’t take water as per the requirement the concentration of urine will change in to
different color and smell. Anchuri Venkateshwarlu Mentor, Dr MNLS Hyderabad
Live naturally, Cure naturally

For healthy teeth try to floss everyday at least once, it will greatly help your teeth.
Ulcers in your mouth could be due to indigestion and not having complete bowel movements. To
reduce pain you could use some ointment that makes those places numb.
I also suggest you look at what you're eating, obviously Pepsi/Coke are not going to do any
good. Vijay

You have not mentioned your age, profession etc. Are you below 30 and working in Desk-
bound, sedentary job? This prob. is nowadays common in many young girls due to lack of
enough exercise/Games & Calcium intake during teens. U can still make it up now with this
method of living. Pl. go thru the attachments & follow strictly with more intake of Calcium
foods like Til, milk, etc., exposure to morng Sun, eating sprouts in b/fast, & working with
bending ur torso more like swwpg, washing clothes, dusting the house etc. Then Ur skeleton and
uterus become strong. - T Sekhar, Mentor NLSM group, Dy. Zonal Manager,
The Sound in Knee Joint was Hint of impending Osteo Arthritis. Pl. go
through the write-up below and the attached document and you will see
relief in 3-6 months.
Joint pains:     Joint pains could be either due to Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteo
Arthritis. In Rheumatoid arthritis, normally the same part of both sides of the body (e.g.
fingers, elbows, knee-joints) start paining at same time, the pain starts early in morning and
subsides after some time, etc. In osteo arthritis, pains is due to wearing out of the cartilage or
complete loss of juices which give the smoothness normally, or breaking of the bone-surface due
to Sodium-bicarbonate crystals forming in the crevices and breaking small pieces of the bones.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disease - our own cells kill our healthy cells
mistaking them to be enemy cells. Natural Living style DOES help reduce arthritis in a
substantial way - but one has to be very strict about the diet. Pl. follow the 10 daily steps given
below to get rid of it, and do NOT take salted food AT ALL for at least 6 Months to see any
benefit/reduction in the pain.Dr Manthena is very emphatic about this rule, quoting his
experience of thousands of arthritis patients. You should not touch any thing other than rice,
curd, and fruit-salad if you go to a party also. If u have arthritis, it is better to avoid walking for
exercise, and do asanas in stead - of sitting & lying postures that Dr Manthena shows on Maa
1. Rise from bed at around at 5 AM
a. Gargle mouth (may brush teeth if you feel like), drink 1 - 1½ liters’ water in one go or two
steps, standing. (If prone to allergies, you may drink warm water). Observe the water going
straight to the intestines.
b. If having constipation, you may be prompted to visit the toilet if you keep moving in the room
with a thought of going to Toilet.
c. Brush teeth (if not done earlier)

2. Start exercise/yoga/brisk walk/walking etc. 20 mins. After water-intake. Some Pranayama
(long breaths) is very desirable.
a. If age over 60, brisk walk or asanas.
b. If age less than 60, more asanas or fast walking or jogging recommended.
c. At the end of the exercise (45-60 mins.), you must get sweat. Remember the golden rule:

3. Rest for 10 mins. Or do Savasana.
a. Drink 1 - 1½ liters’ water again.
b. You may get second call to go to toilet.
c. Have bath – best is cold water bath – else use lukewarm water (Follow by cold water for better
health). Have bath over the head every day / every time (especially males). No oil is needed for
hair either before or after the bath. (If you have problem of dandruff, it will go in a few days.)
d. If you had only 2 liters’ water since morning, drink the 3rd litre now.

4. Ensure gap of at least 1 hr. after having water, before having vegetable juice.
a. Have veg. juice with Tomato, Carrot, Beetroot, Keera (+ any 2 other vegetables like Radish
etc.). One big tumbler recommended. Add honey and/or limejuice for taste. Drink slowly for
10 minutes. Fruit juice instead of Veg. Juice OK. If feeling heavy from overnight food, honey
(2-3 tea spoons) +lime (1No.) juice+ water OK.
b. Remember: DRINK SOLIDS; EAT LIQUIDS i.e. munch solid food well with saliva before
gulping, and enjoy the liquid slowly to enable it to get mixed with saliva.

5. Have a gap of at least ½ hour.
a. Take breakfast of Green gram, Bengal gram, Wheat Sprouts, Soaked Groundnuts, soaked
Soya, and fresh coconut pieces.
b. Soaked items should be soaked overnight after washing.
c. Sprouted seeds should have sprout of ½ - 1 inch. The longer the sprout, the less gas it will
produce and the less fat it contains.
d. Eat breakfast for at least 20 minutes. If still feeling empty on stomach, top it up with any
seasonal fruits.
e. Start drinking 1/2 glass of water starting 1 ½ - 2 hrs. After breakfast – you may be signaled by
your tongue that the body needs water, to take the digested food into the blood for onward

6. Ensure to drink at least 1 litre water till ½ hour before you take the meal. If lunch is
delayed, take water in between. Lunch between 12 – 1 is better, as Jatharaagni (fire of hunger)
increases with the height of the Sun.
a. Have 2-3 Phulkas (made with floor including the Chilka or Wheat-cover) and Salad, or (fresh)
2 servings of Rice (Brown Rice or Pounded Rice or Boiled rice) with curry (salad or boiled
vegetables). You may use onions, limejuice, green chilly etc. for taste. You may have curd if
b. Start drinking water 1/2 glass at a time starting after 2 hrs after lunch.

7. Eat seasonal fruits or drink coconut water or fruit juice at around 5 pm.

8. Have 1 litre of water (in one go or within 5 mins.) at around 6 – 6.30 pm., after ensuring
you have toilet facility available. Waste of your breakfast may get excreted then.
a. Have dinner between 7 – 7.30 pm.: Phulkas + Salad. If engaged in heavy physical work, then
rice + salad / boiled veg.(ensure that boiled veg. is fresh) and may have buttermilk or curd rice
also. If over 50 and/or not much of physical work, or having diabetes or arthritis, have only
b. A good combination lunch with cooked food and dinner with phulkas & salad (plus some fruit
9. 9-9.30 p.m.: Have a 1/2 glass of water.
10. Proceed to rest / sleep. If very hungry, have honey + water.
Note: People who are overweight or having arthritis/joint pains should replace rice with phulkas,
or Still Better, Have Fruit Dinner (say 2-3 bananas + 2 guavas, or 2-3 mangoes, etc. - Upto 1/2
kg fruits OK for dinner). Papaya and pineapple are best to refurbish the lost liquid in and around
the cartilage. If overweight, take less soaked groundnuts and fresh coconut pieces in breakfast.
But you need not starve to become lean. Eat more vegetables and fruits, less rice/wheat, Avoid
MOSS - Masalas, Oil, and Salt & Sugar completely in your food. ABSOLUTELY NO SALT IN
FOOD FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS please! Take only curd rice, raw green salad, and fruits if
you attend any parties, functions during that time.
T Sekhar, Mentor - NLSM yahoo group, Dy. Zonal Manager,

Your feeling sleepier will reduce over time. You will feel very fresh as soon as your
sleep is over. Your sleep will be deeper and hence of less hours. So you can use the extra time
for pranayama or other exercises or even other office or personal jobs. But please do not miss
your daily walk or jogging or asanas - it is a must at least 6 days a week.
Some people feel sleepy due to hypothyroid problem. Hope you got tested and got clarity of it.
Hypothyroid also gets cured through sprouts-b/fast and daily pranayama.
Belly-bloating is not of much concern as long as it is not fatty. Do Uthhaanapaadasana &
Naukaasana Daily to stiffen the nerves at belly-button (solar-plexus) and make belly flat.
Teeth - problem could be due to excessive soft drinks taken earlier. In such case, take the lime
juice with honey without touching the teeth if possible. Our teeth and skeleton do not get
stronger after age of 30. Hence we are advised by Dr Manthena to start munching hard items
even in young age - we should ensure our children do it.
Bone cells do not get strong after 30 - they get strong day by day Upto 30 only - that is why our
elders say that all our Gods are always 30 years old!
Our body is called Deham (the growing one) till 30 and Sareeram (the decaying one) after 30 -
also due to this reason. Nevertheless, take Til-laddus etc. and milk also, do some hard physical
work whenever there is chance, to strengthen the skeleton as u are still 36 only.
I too had weak teeth like you, got thru many dentists till now - I am now 59 - and now somehow
manage without going to the dentist, and take only soft sprouts - pesalu, bobbarlu/alasandalu,
and moth as far as possible.
Missing daily water-dose may lead to yellow urine - but don't be too concerned about it. U may
drink daily one coconut-water to reduce that problem, at suitable time, say in evening
Ulcers on tongue get cleared with more B vitamin. As it is water soluble, we may lose it more
due to more water-intake. Hence Dr. advises us to take whole-wheat phulkas, mudi-biyyam, etc.
You can also rice-bran (taudu) powder (human-grade) and mix it in butter-milk (2-3 spoons) and
take in morning daily and that problem will go in a week. Remember, Vit. B&C are water-
soluble and D, E, A, K are fat-soluble. Hence normally we do not feel shortage of DEAK. Even
antibiotics rob us of B&C and hence these are more prescribed and sold. But we have our
natural variants for all these Sekhar, Mentor -,
VISAKHAPATNAM, +91-98480-43885, 101010

Tried some recipes last week and thought of sharing with all.
Sprouted Wholegrain Ragi (Nachni) -1 cup
(If u does not want to sprout u can take the whole ragi soaked overnight)
Uppudu Biyyam (Parboiled rice/Idly rice) (Washed, Soaked for 5-6 hrs)-1 cup
Pottu Minappappu (Coated whole Urad dal) (Washed, Soaked for 5-6 hrs) - -3/4th cup
Mentulu (Methi seeds) – few. Grind all the above ingredients separately and mix to get the
better. Ferment it overnight. Next morning idlis can be prepared. They are very healthy as Ragi
is sprouted here and also tastes very good.

Broken Wheat (Dalia) - 2 cups
Pottu Minappappu - 1/2 cup
1. Wash and Soak Urad dal for 5-6 hrs.
2. Dry roasts broken wheat and let it cool.
3. An hour before grinding soaks the roasted broken wheat.
4. Grind them separately and ferment overnight.
The best part of these dosas is it does not need even a drop of oil. These come out very crisp and
roasted and kids will love it. And it is full of whole wheat which is very good.

Hi Mehta ji,
Your active participation in the group is really very much appreciable and very inspiring.
As I have mentioned many a times I feel so good and motivated when I read your mails.
Because I know it is very difficult to change lifestyle at your age. But, with so much of will
power you have won and Thanks a lot for all your efforts for the group.

Q.Consistant mild numbness on the left part the of body?
A. Does your husband have BP? Is he using any other medication, numbness can be due to
the shortage of blood supply to the part, if there is a high BP also some times it can be a warning
signal to paralytic problem. When you adopt natural methods like vegetable juice, sprouts, fruits
as dinner will definitely help.
Let me know what is schedule? Stress and losing a friend will influence on your husband, give
him the moral support, when he is depressed, visit some places which interest both of you;
change of place also cures some problems,
Anchuri Venkateshwarlu Mentor, DR MNLS Hyderabad

Q.Neck pain - left side, running nose & nasal congestion; eye problems etc.:
A. for neck pain, you should daily do the 4 asanas: Ustrasana, Bhujangaasan,
Dhanuraasana and Salabhaasana, on empty stomach; if possible both morning and evening.
Also, do not do any forward-bending asanas till the neck pain subsides.
I trust you are taking warm water in morning in two installments for body-cleaning water, as part
of the daily 10-point routine. This may force you to clean your nose and throat at wash-basin for
about 20-25 mins. But will give relief for next 23 & odd hours. Addlly, pl. do brisk-walking (as u
are still 40) or jogging for about 3 kms. Especially at the time of sunrise, to get sweat and get
sunlight on the bare parts of the body. Use Bermudas if possible with half-shirt/T-shirt to get
more of the skin exposed to the early-rising sun.
Also do the 4 Deergha-pranayama of Manthena (you get them on the you tube). It is also
repeated in Maa TV every alternate Tuesday with a clear introduction on earlier Monday, 4-5
AM. Doing them takes about 20 mins. Finish them with 3 Omkars and 3 Bhraamaris, also shown
by Dr. Manthena. These will slowly cure your eye-sight/eye-problems, apart from giving quick
relief for ENT problems like nasal congestion, running nose, sinusitis, throat infection etc.
Pl. also goes through the attached files NLSM-the 10 daily steps & "The Neti Pot Returns" sent
to you separately, which are also available in this groups-site under "Files" section.
- T Sekhar, Mentor, NLSM group, 9848043885, 10.10.10

PCOS is a problem because of the change of life style and food habits.
You need to practice yoga asanas, particularly badda konasan, Surya namaskara, and others
under the supervision of the Drs. Adopting a natural life style will increase over quality of the
life, body and mind should be tuned perfectly. We have to treat the root cause of the problem in
total which is possible only thru natural methods, Bodhan ashram has 100 beds in total, you need
to book in advance, and there are rooms available with ac and non ac and ordinary. As per the
availability you can join. Best of luck
Anchuri Venkateshwarlu Mentor, DR MNLS. Hyderabad                Live naturally, Cure naturally.

If it is identified as spondolosis you need to take more amount of calcium rich foods
like til laddus made with dates every day , prevents the calcium deficiency, since we don’t take
much calcium in our day to day , it is also because of the wear and tear of the bony structure and
deficiency of nutrients to the cells. Regarding your eye problem, if the dr has diagnosed as birth
defect, we can not do any thing, however you can consult an ENT doctor also for a second
opinion on your running nose problem. Venkateshwarlu Anchuri

The explanation is really thought provoking...
Approximately, from what time till what time we can get directly exposed to sun to get those far
infrared rays to enter our body? And how often do we need to get exposed to sun? As being in
ACs all the time, we hardly see sun.... is sunbath, a replacement for this direct expose to sun?
Do ayurvedic centers facilitate sun bath? Thanks, Srilatha

Dear Mr. Krishna Garu Having gone through your explanation on numbness and your
personal experience, I feel like writing to you. You understand the life very well. The body
and soul both should synchronize to be the saint.

Basically I am an Engineer and I always find the logic at the time of repairing the machine. We
also try to find the root cause to eliminate the problems. So, we (engineers) try to rectify man
made machines. But doctors try to rectify the God made machines. I.e. human beings. Now we
discuss only natural curing for every problem. In nature there are plenty of things are available
for the mankind to understand and keep them in use. We are all talking about drinking, eating
and exercising. How about Natural light. Sun light is naturally available. All living creatures
require Sunlight also to live. What is the roll of blood in our body? In natural treatment, you are
being asked to purify your blood. Why do you need to purify the blood?

The pH value of a newly born child is 7.45, where as adult’s blood pH value is 7.34 the
difference in value seems to be .09. But this blood absorbed all the toxins; waste from your
irregular eating, polluted air breathing, drinking polluted water. So how can detoxify your body
to keep your blood pH value. The blood circulates each and every corner of the body. When we
are young, the blood is thinner and its temperature is around 35 deg. C. (young blood /
vediraktham). The temperature flushes away all the toxins by way of urine and sweat. That is the
reason Natural healers always say to go for drinking of water maximum of 5 liters, as our blood
volume is 5.6 liters only. But some toxins are still left out the amount of these toxins depends
upon the man who consumes. So, what will happen to these left over waste. The body creates
fat and absorbs this waste which make the man fat. This is one of the reason natural
healers ask us to go for fasting, where fat melts and release toxins. As we grow older the blood
becomes thick by absorbing more toxins make blood temperature drops down. Which inurn
makes the man suffer from all ailments like aches, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and
blocks in arteries.

One more logic how does the seed gives life to a plant? While sowing the seed we just put the
seed within 2 inches deep in earth and cover it and pour some water. After that we expect the
seed to come out with small stem and leaves. How did the seed this enormous energy to come
out of the earth. We have poured only water. Do we think water gives this seed this energy
to sprout? IN our 7 Th class, natural science lesson, we studied that plants require the Sunlight
to grow. But in our case how does the Sunlight go to the seed. It comes of out of dark. (God
gives life to it. How God does take care of each and every seed). What happens here is the
invisible light which comes from Sunlight goes into the seed. But how? There is no medium to
pass that light. The rays touch the seed through radiation. Radiation does not require a medium to
pass through.

These rays are called FAR INFRARED RAYS. These rays wave length is similar to water.
The soaked seed gets these rays through radiation and these rays vibrate with water molecules at
the soaked seed. In turn the seed gets some heat and some energy to it. What do you call these
rays, "miracle rays or God”. Tree regrows even if you chop off its trunk. How? These rays give
energy to its roots. The same way, human being also should get energy by these rays. We do
absorb these rays once we get into Sunlight. These rays penetrate into our body by
radiation for 4 to 6 cms. There these rays vibrate with water molecules which are available
at tissues and blood. The blood gets momentum. Thereby blood gets heat up and thin. The
accumulated toxins will be carried out by blood and flushes through urine and sweat
glands. Then blood gets purified. The circulation of blood will be faster. In normal blood
circulation is 5 to 7 quarts per minute. Once Far Infrared Rays absorbed by body the
circulation will be 13 quarts per minute. In turn, blood provides oxygen to every organ and
makes the every organ to work energetically. Recent study says these rays generate nitric
oxide which opens capillaries and blood vessels. This ray will also goes into bones and kills
the cancer cells.

My experience with these rays. I am diabetic from the last 15 years. Hypertensive from the
past 5 years. In the month of June I have got mild paralysis attack (right leg and right hand were
not in my control. slurred speech). I got angiogram done in July and found two mild blocks are
there in y arteries. My body swelled like anything. I was thinking that I get stent (angioplasty)
done in another six months and get kidney transplantation done in another 2 years. Live for
another 10 years depending on others and then die. Last month i.e. august, I come across to the
Far Infra red Rays and I am being exposed to it for 30minutes a day. From second day onwards, I
found the difference. All of a sudden my thinking changed. I am just 50 years and I would like to
work for another 50 years and then retire. I am physically and mentally fit now as any young
man. These rays are really miracle. One should experience. You name any disease that can be
cured by these rays. Mr. Krishna, I am sorry if you feel bad. I just want share my experience with
you. If want to write, you can write at Best regards Srinivas p\

These rays are invisible rays. These rays are available continuously, however you are
requested to take Sunbath between 4.30am to 6.0 am to avoid any sunburns. The good
amount of rays available for 40 minutes only during this time. If you can not do this,
please check out CERAGEM or MIGUN centers in Pune. These are free service centers.
They are having Korean made machines which give acupressure along with FIR rays.
You can visit n no. of days to these centers; there is no obligation for buying the
machine. Try out once and feel the difference.
I think you have read the article which was in attachment in my earlier mail.
Do not get confused or feared that they may give different rays which harm the body.
Apart from Far Infrared rays, no ray can penetrate human body naturally. Lot of
information is available once you go internet. Please go Google search on FIR and
Jade stones.
The attachments were collected from internet only. Thanks and regards
SRINIVAS P AGM – Maintenance Gearock Forge Pvt Ltd 143-B8, Bommasandra Industrial
Area, Bangalore - 560 099

Jitendra ji,   I too read almost all of your emails and feel very inspired that also gives a
scientific backing to support the things that Dr. Manthena tells. Also, to share with you my
experience, I had chronic acidity and relax problems for the past 7 years and suffered like
anything. I felt that surgery was the only way until I heard Dr. Manthena's programs. I followed
his water therapy strictly and believe it or not my acidity and acid reflex has considerably
reduced to minimum and am very happy. I am also trying to lead a natural lifestyle, together
with pranayama and yoga and other workouts. I feel very good about it. But, doing water
therapy has done amazing things to me. Your active participation is very much appreciated.
Thanks.        Madhubala

Dear Madhubala ji, Thanks for the appreciations. I only write what my experience compelled
me to disclose to the extent of maximum and I really feel very happy to share it with every health
aspirants. I heartily wish that each and every person should come in the contact of Dr Manthena's
NLS techniques and live long without any complication medically. If we reveal our experiences
to the readers and new members, and they get motivated to switch over to new life style then this
will be great achievements by us. Best of luck and be healthy soon. God bless you.
Thanks & Regards J K Mehta Pune-48. 9822747315

Nasal Congestion is one of the 3 ENT allergy problems of Throat Infection, Sinusitis, and
Nasal Congestion. This is easily treated by warm water intake for morning body-cleaning water,
and warm up exercises followed by Deergha Pranayama of Dr. Manthena. Pl. go through the
write-up below and the attached doc for more info. I was victim of all the above 3 since my
childhood, and am free of them from 15.4.2003 since I started the MNLS! DO NOT USE THE
file gives solution to allergy problems also. Pl goes through and follows strictly. Drink warm
water during the day also. Increase intake of C vitamin through more lime juice (without heating
it in any way) - it increases resistance. You may get phlegm continuously in morning and you
have to remove it - but you will be then free of it for next 23 hrs.'neti pot' also helps you get rid
of allergy and nasal congestion, sinusitis etc. The article is given below.Pranayama - especially
Manthena Deergha Pranayams help a lot. You can see them in Maa TV 4-5AM IST or download
from You Tube and practice. Most useful is Bhastrika, Surya and Chandra Nadi pranayam and
Anulom Vilom. I would advise you to become member of the to get daily updates on health queries and their
replies for you daily help/knowledge. - T Sekhar, Dy. Zonal Manager,

If you have arthritis you have to give up all kinds of salts, even raw salt or saindhava
Lavan which is used in certain cases of Ayurveda treatment, it is not a substitution of salt in any
case, the root cause of joint pains or arthritis is due to deposition of salt residues in the joints.
Regarding usage of enema of 1.5 liters of water in to the system, once the pressure is built you
may have to rush to the toilet immediately, you may have to visit very often may be 4or 5 times
after completion of water. What ever is left over it will come out in installments; it is a sure way
to clean the system perfectly. You will experience the difference after the completion of enema,
Anchuri Venkateshwarlu Mentor, DR MNLS Live naturally, Cure naturally

Q. DOUBT: I have prostatate problem. Taking 5 liters of water is very inconvenient and
difficult. Can I manage with two liters of water in fasting? RATNAKAR

A. If you have prostate problem you continue to take the medication as suggested by the dr,
and do fasting as per the Drs method, but 2 liters of water is not sufficient at any cost to clean the
body and eliminate the toxins. Anchuri Venkateshwarlu Mentor, DR MNLS Hyderabad
Dear Ratanakar,
Prostrate has no relation with drinking of water two liters or five liters. Drinking of
water as per Dr Manthena's directions is only to clean your internal system to get free bowl
movement, rather it is very good for prostrate with out disturbing concerned organ. I would like
to suggest you to drink water rigidly as per the NLS system and follow other norms also. I am
also the victim of prostrate as well as Hernia. In fact adopting the NLS system is cooperating to
have less of problems till you get operated. But I still believe if we strictly follow this system we
need not to go for any operation. I will share one more experience with you regarding my regular
complaint of urine track infection since many years. As I have started to follow NLS path my
problem of UTI has totally eliminated. Drinking of water has really helped in this case. Drinking
of less water create so many problems and causes to develop different kind of infections for
which we have to go under treatment to consume more of antibiotics and upset your digestion
system also. So therefore, why we should not drink five to six liters of water everyday? Well I
am not a practitioner or mentor I simply answered you on the base of my experience. Rests the
mentors will revert to you on this subject and would let you know more about it. I am senior
citizen and 66 years old young lad because of the blessing of Dr Manthena instructions. Mind
you nobody is watching you, what you are doing. It is up to you whether you are convinced or
not but your action on this will certainly reward you shortly and you will be happy & Healthy
soon. Best of luck. Thanks & Regards J K Mehta Pune-48. 9822747315

Pl. ask her to stop using all soaps for her bath. All she should do is to rub the skin with her hands
(at the max., she may use Sunnipindi in place of soap). She should bathe with cold water of if she
can't bear it, just-warm water. Skin problems take very long to cure, as the blood and oxygen
reach those cells at the very last. She can also try the mud-pack on the eczema area. Mahatma-
Gandhi's books on Health and Nature Cure elaborate on the methods and benefits of this mud-
pack a lot. Both of you may start on the "MNLS-the 10 daily steps" (the file is available for
download in this group site) for preventing all life-style related diseases and to improve the
pranic force in the body. - T Sekhar, NLSM Mentor, 9848043885, VSP/Hyd., 13.10.10

Dear Ms.Jayanti When one has skin problems, tell her to abstain from certain foods
like salt, oil...any oil(includes ghee, butter), tamarind, chilly powder, n white rice n also turmeric
(less than 1/4thteaspoon is ok per day... if u r used to...), non-veg(any kind), tea, coffee.... Also
very high calorie food... Tell her not to eat mustard and cumin seeds or powder, coriander (I
mean all the masala items), but take lot many juices n also lots of lemon...

And apply only coconut oil on the area... n not to touch washing soap or powder or any
chemical... u can see a miracle in 5 days... but don't even touch salt, tamarind, oil or any masala,
non-veg..... eat plain phulkas n boiled vegetables, n green leafy, n fruits.... n all natural foods...
The same works for u too to reduce weight....
Q. Is there any cure for this psoriasis tried everything but there is of no use, I am
hopeless pls help me.
A. need to be very strict on your food habits, avoid sweet, salt, oil, Masalas root cause for all
diseases is our food and motions. fast for a min of 3 days with honey water and lemon juice, next
2 days with fresh fruit juices (not the processed juices available in the food bazaars), next 2 days
with fruits and fruit juices. Every morning start with water therapy and clear your bowels with
enema. The last three days enema with Neem water. From the 8th day onwards - sprouts for
break fast, phulkas/brown rice with lots of vegetable curry prepared without salt and oil, dinner
before 6.30 only fruits. Repeat this cycle of fasting monthly once for a min of 6 months and see
the drastic change yourself. All the best. Nirmla

Q.When I placed the soaked wheat in a cloth and see after two days, I found fungus for
sprouts. Please suggest how to make Wheat sprouts with long germination and without fungus.
A. It might not actually be a fungus. It’s actually called a nugu in Telugu (we observe for
some kind of grasses) which looks like a fungus but it’s not actually a fungus. I don't know the
definition of nugu in English; somebody can translate its English meaning. If possible, please
send us the zoomed snap of the sprouts and we can tell weather it is fungus or not.
Do not soak wheat for more than 12 hours. Thanks, Ganesha.

I rinse them in water everyday; I don't see any fungus or stickiness’. They sprout fast too.

Yes some times it happens; don’t eat such sprouts with fungus. After soaking seeds for 12-
14 hrs, drain the water out, dry them on a cloth for about 2 hrs till they are dry and then put them
in a cloth or sprout maker. We are following this, some times with all the precautions sprouts get
fungus or become sticky. We have to select only good sprouts i.e.; dry and clean with 1-1.5 inch
long sprouts. Actually my wife does this meticulously for 1 hr or else if we eat such bad sprouts
we get some upsets in stomach. Wish you good sprouting! Muralikanth
Try it in a steel container with holes, for the climatic condition I live in cloth does not work out
so I am sprouting it in steel carrier with holes which is 0%mess.

Thank U for sharing. Sunitha,
I tried something and so excited & want to share with you all. I made telagapindi @ home.
Here is how I made it. Soak 1cup sesame seeds in 3 cups of water for 4 to 5 hrs. Blend it in food
processor until it becomes paste.
Filter in colander add 1 cup more water. Blend again. Filter. This will give us telagapindi and
milk like liquid. I am using this liquid to cook vegetables. I made laddus with telagapindi.
(Talagapindi + crushed peanuts date paste). If you know what else to make with nuvvulu milk
please let me know. Sudha
Q. One of my friends is suffering from Azoospermia (No sperm count), is it possible to cure
this problem naturally, Please provide your valuable suggestions. Thanks & Regards Mohan

A. I do not know about "No sperm count" problem, but "low sperm count" can be increased
by following Natural Life Style. Low Sperm Count & Natural Lifestyle:
I know of a colleague of mine who had such problem and both h&w went in 2003 to a famous
infertility clinic in Hyd, (Banjara Hills, Hyd.) for counseling and medication.
Apart from medicines, the (lady) doctor advised both to eat sprouts and also do some
exercise/physical work. Now the colleague met me in 2009 and I was told they now got a
daughter; wife had constipation problem since childhood and they found an easy cure for it in
Paschimothhanasana. And the couple is a Muslim couple. Thus I feel the others telling that one
should eat salt, sour items & kaaram to beget children is not correct. Rajasik food begets Rajasik
children; saatvic food begets saatvic children who have better mental balance and more
immunity. Pl. ask your friend to follow the "MNLS - the 10 daily steps" (file available in this
site) and he may see some favorable results. Of course, it will do him no harm, and at the worst,
he may be cured of some other hidden/cropping-up diseases. All Allopathic medicines have side-
effects; but Naturopathy always has Side-Benefits!                T Sekhar, Mentor-NLSM, VSP,

Hi Mehta ji, your active participation in the group is really very much appreciable and very
inspiring. As I have mentioned many a times I feel so good and motivated when I read your
mails. Because I know it is very difficult to change lifestyle at your age. But, with so much of
will power you have won and Thanks a lot for all your efforts for the group. Sunitha

Dear Sunitha ji, this all credits goes to Dr Manthena NLS who is great human being and
shown us the right path to lead us a hale and healthy life which we could not think of it. Water is
very important but we do not know its health importance, how to drink it. Before coming to join
this group I read it in the astrological magazine named as Express Star Teller as I am the regular
subscriber for this magazine since many years. I read astrology subjects also for many years. I
must thanks to the mentors who have extended me incredible support and guide lines on each
and every step selflessly and still supporting me all the time. I feel great being a north Indian
developed so much relation through NLS and came closer to all of you. Earlier I had an on line
talk with Mr. Thiru also. Now he is away to foreign. In my earlier communication I mentioned
that I am young lad of 66 years old, this could had only possible with NLS association. I request
all others to follow rigidly the NLS path shown by Dr Manthena to remain hale and healthy
without inviting the chronic diseases.
Though problem arises to start in the beginning when you intend to change over but gradually
you over come it successfully with strong determination. And of course the great skilled mentors
are there to help you all the time. Thanks & Regards
J K Mehta Pune-48. 9822747315

Q.For the last two years I am living in Melbourne. During the cold winters I get this infection
between my toes. During winters I will be with room heaters and wearing socks or shoes all the
time. Not sure if this is the reason for my infection. Though I don't have any itching or pain but
it’s in a very bad condition. Thought of finding any natural remedies before I try out other
treatments. Thanks in advance for your replies. Regards, Prakash
A. If you know Telugu, Pl. go through Dr. Manthena’s Dasapustakamaala - Vols. 9 & 10
(the PDF are available in this site). These two volumes give easy solutions to SIXTY common
ailments which people generally suffer from. Your problem is also listed in one of these two
booklets. - T Sekhar, NLSM-Mentor, 9848043885, 13.10.10 "Live Naturally, Cure Naturally"

Q.Can any one please tell me what is the basic education qualification required for anyone
to become a Naturopath Doctor? Nirmala Mahesh
A. after completion of intermediate in BI p c you need to appear Eamcet for pursuing
BNYS a degree course i.e. bachelor of naturopathy and yoga science. Venkateshwarlu Anchuri
A. Its a pre requisite to pass with science background for doing the course, you can try for
a diploma if it is available at your place, you can join in a hospital for training in naturopathy for
learning the same techniques.Venkateshwarlu Anchuri Mentor, Dr.Manhena NLS
Live naturally, Cure naturally
Q.please let me know whether the Hyderabad ashram is offering any diploma. Also please
name a few hospitals which offer these kinds of diplomas in southern India. Nirmala
A. Its a pre requisite to pass with science background for doing the course, you can try for a
diploma if it is available at your place, you can join in a hospital for training in naturopathy for
learning the same techniques.venkateshwarlu anchuriMentor, Dr.Manhena NLS

Dear all, I have attached below the latest experience of our moderator Mr. Thiru visited
abroad. This is the live example for us to understand that with the strong determination how one
can stick to the daily routine following NLS system without any break. I feel it is very interesting
to learn. It is well said ‘where there is will, there is way.

Dear Mentors and Members, Today, I returned from Melbourne, Australia after
my 2nd continuous trip since last month. It is really a beautiful and great place to work in
Melbourne. The city is very excellent with connected Trams and Trains commuting system. The
work culture is really great. Here, nobody tries to work after 8 hours duty. If anybody working
overtime, the communities will penalize them. The Australian govt. Asks to spend after office
hours with family only not in the office since you are working for your family. As per Govt., first
priority goes to family and next work. This place is highly secured by all means. On top of this,
every job is equally respected by the Govt. I worked in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, India and
Australia. In which, Australia is amazing in work culture. I heard from them, that they complete
dinner before 5 pm and go to bed at 8PM by all means. Then they wake up at 4AM and
available in office at 7 AM. Do their physical exercises during morning or evening hours without
missing. They take their breakfast at 8:30 AM. They give complete rest to their system 15 hours
in a day. They won't work during weekends by any means. They spent holidays for the
enjoyment only. Most of the expatriate students get lot of work during these days; this helps
them to pay their semester fee.
I am very much delighted to see that every park in Melbourne is occupied with busy with
cycling, physical exercises, and Yogic exercise. In few locations, they are doing Yoga exercise, by
keeping the room temperature to 30 degrees. There are many parks around the city.
Melbourne is known as sports city. You can find all types of athletes and players in all games.
People won't buy the water, what we do normally. They take the water from washroom taps
for drinking, since the govt. proved that their water PH and purity is greater than the mineral
water. Their average life span is more than 75 years. My observations for their healthy living is
that 1) They give enough rest to their digestion system 2) They enjoy a lot during weekends 3)
Very good physical exercises 4) They keep their mind very cool (good thinking).

My trip was bit hectic, anyway, my all worry was, how I can continue my NLS in Australia. I have
(3) family relatives staying there in Melbourne. I visited (1) family and rest of them came to my
hotel. During my 25 days stay, I made (10) around 10 friends. I started educating the NLS to all
of them. To start living in NLS in Melbourne, luckily I located one Natural Juice Center in one of
the food court after a big search. My breakfast starts here. All my colleagues are interested to
see, what Thiru is going to take in Australia. Always, I used to order salad and pulp juice,
whenever I had my dinner or lunch with my colleagues, though lot of varieties are available.
They were all surprised for my lifestyle. Here in this natural store, I can get cut fruits, sesame
bars, mixed nuts bars, natural juice without ice, & sugar.

They are also making wheat grass juice, by cutting the grass in front of us. There are many
combinations of natural Juices. They are super cleaner (Apple, carrot, Beetroot, spinach), Fruit
Avenue,( Grape fruit, Apple, Kiwi, Orange,) and Veg Fruit(Apple, Carrot, mint and orange).
They prepare juice whatever combination you want. The charges are big $7 (1$=Rs. 50),
medium $ 5.50 and small $ 4.50. In hotel also I used to take corn flakes, wheat mix bars, bran
flakes duly mixing with hot milk. I could not find sprouts anywhere in Melbourne. In flight also I
ordered fruit platter with honey combination. As per Dr. MSR today, one has to undergo
fasting if they missed or discontinued the NLS. So, I'm on fasting today and today not went to
work. I took (3) times honey and lime juice only. I am very much comfortable and glad in doing
this fasting to clean my system after my Australia trip. I tried to purchase Single gear juicer, but
this is not available in most of the stores, I saw it in many online stores. This is more expensive
compared to USA price (double the cost). This is another reason, that I dropped the idea
of purchasing from online order.

I am really thankful to all respected mentors Anchuri, Shekar, Sunitha, Fayez and Mehta. I am
really glad to note that Jitendra Mehtaji also giving mentorship to the members. Thanks to
Manayam, who also helped in moderating the group, in spite of his vacation with parent’s trip. I
appreciate, Sunitha for taking up the spotlight activity. I cordially invite all mentors to work
actively for spreading the NLS for better health of the society. I Hope now onwards, Manayam
will continue as mentor in addition to moderator. Sravanthi and Sridhar will also join to support
the group. Let us fuel the group to make it a success of Natural Life Style. Healthy Regards ,
Thirupathi Reddy Moderator

I met Prabakar accidentally in the flight during 2010 April from DXB to Hyd. It was
pleasant to discuss with him the Natural Lifestyle during our 3 hours journey in the air. Our
discussion started the moment food stuff served by air hostess. I told him to join our group and
hope this group helped him to get the valuable suggestions in practicing the NLS. I also
congratulate the mentors, who are spreading the Dr. Manthena NLS.
Healthy Regards,        Thirupathi Reddy | Moderator |

Dear Sri Manthena Satyanarayana Garu,
I take this opportunity to inform you about my success story of reversing diabetes. It may
be unbelievable, but it is not impossible.
Back Ground: I am diabetic since 2003. It has been identified, when I had aneurism, which was
severe and my survival was at stake. By the grace of God I have survived. I am diabetic at the
age of 48 and was directly on insulin. Since I am a diabetic, and to avoid the risk of Heart
disease, Kidney disorders and Nerve damages, I was put on continuously on medications for
Cholesterol, B12 and Aspirin. I am US resident and strict vegetarian. As you are aware, in
US highly nutritious food is available and if you consume medium size meal for lunch, you feel
heavy and to burn the calories one has to do exercise or walking. I regularly eat Basmati Rice
(white), Vegetable Curry and Fresh chutney, Curd for Lunch and dinner Pulkas with one
vegetable curry. My continuous intake of insulin and food habits, never brought down the
average blood glucose level (A1C) - which is always between 7.8 to 8 (which is above the
healthy persons A1C 6.4 to 6.6). That determines your blood glucose levels. One side my
physician was asking me to increase the intake of insulin to 25 units from 20 units, which is
giving only temporary results. Hence I took it as challenge and determined to bring change to my
life, as I wanted to lead healthy life.
Present: One day I have watched your MAA TV program in US on Diabetes, where I have
noted that adapting to natural lifestyle can change my diabetes and it can be reversed. I have
determined to reverse the diabetes and challenged our family Physician. Immediately followed
these steps:
1. Consuming Water (1.5 liters) in the Morning, immediately after getting up from Bed
(normally I get up by 4.30 am)
2. Yoga for 30 mts
3. Taking Vegetable juice (Kheera, Karela, and Beet Root) with Honey and Lemon.
4. Eating Sprouts, Almonds and dates for breakfast.
5 Eating Brown Rice for Lunch (with vegetable curries)
6. Taking a Snack (like Biscuits or Mixture) at 4 pm
7 Evening Walking for 30 mts.
8. Dinner at 7 pm
I am following this style for the past 6 Months.
Amazingly my results of A1C have come down to 7.9 to 7.2 to 6.8 to 6.6. Now I am able to
maintain the same count of 6.5 to 6.6 (which is absolutely normal as per guidelines) for the past
3 months. Whenever I check my blood Glucose levels after lunch (previously they used to be
230mg/dl and now they are between 140mg/dl to 165mg/dl). I do eat my favorite sweets like
Minapasunni Laddus, Chimmiley made with Jaggery on regular basis. I no longer take insulin or
any medications. I strictly follow the diet and exercise. I did not realize that Dr. MSN's
comments would come 'true' about reversing Diabetes. Thank you Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana
garu. Hats-off to you. Hence I wish to inform all the NLS fellow members that everything
possible and believable. Prabhakar.

Hi Prabhakar garu,          Congratulations. Please continue on the same diet with
exercise. Thiru garu, it is really a very good effort from your side as Anchuri garu has said.
Wishing that NLS awareness spreads among each and every individual and no one suffers from
any health issues. And although many people do not listen to what we say about NLS, such
success stories are really eye openers. Sunitha

Q.My day typically starts with reading mails in this group. I and my wife are trying to
follow Manthena way. First we started with drinking 4 to 5 liters a day. Two weeks ago, my wife
delivered a baby girl (Cesarean operation is done). Elders are restricting lot of food items (for
instance fruits, curd rice, cereals, dates etc). I want to know exact diet in order to have faster
recovery the baby is quite healthy (3kg) but still doctor prescribed multivitamin, multimineral
tonic I want to avoid medication right from birth. Kindly suggest right dies (and mail and web
references also will do) regards, Rajsekhar

A. Hi Rajsekhar garu, First of all Congratulations for the baby. Usually post deliveries 3
months, elders do restrict many food items. But nowadays Doctors say the mother can have
everything except brinjal, gongura and chillies.This is because these items may cause itchiness
and the stitches will not heal soon. It is only a precaution. And first thing, please don't give any
tonics to Ur baby, please do not. Let her be on mother's feed for 6 months entirely, nothing else.
Do not listen to what doctor’s say-So; do not give the baby any medications. And Ur wife can
have sprouts and veg juice daily. These r real stress boosters. But out of my personal experience,
I find wheatgrass juice to be more helpful at that time. It keeps u so relaxed and full of energy.
Usually after delivery the hormones tend to have an imbalance because of which many feel tired,
restless and creepy. Sprouts are rich in micronutrients and also balance hormone levels avoiding
anxiety, stress, etc. Ask Ur wife to take more vegetables and green leafy vegetables. She can
have everything. More salads and fruits should be taken. Karela curries, cabbage are used
mostly. And having tender coconut daily helps in faster healing. Follow Water therapy. Dates,
soaked almonds, soaked nuts also are very good. Taking oats has two benefits during this time,
as oats is very high in fiber it prevents constipation and the other thing it helps in lactation. So,
oats can be taken. NLS can be followed without any issues; in fact it will help her to recover
even faster. All the best. Sunitha

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