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									Bifocal Contact Lenses
by: Jennifer Bailey

People suffering from presbyopia, which makes people unable to read at
the usual distance from the eyes and need to place the reading material
at a distance further away, were initially prescribed bifocal glasses
that could be used to correct two different kinds of problems with the
eyes. These bifocal were difficult to manage, so scientists designed
contact bifocals for people who wanted to avoid the hassles of bifocal

The same mechanism is involved in bifocal contact lenses as with bifocal
glasses. There are contact lenses available with two different vision
options at the top and bottom of the lenses. One advantage with contact
lenses is there are lenses where the lens is accommodated with different
powers on different parts of the lens. Eyes can adjust the power
according to the distance from the object, which is not be possible with
glasses where in the maximum number that can be accommodated is two, one
type at the top part and the other at the bottom part of the glasses.

Soft and RGP contacts are the two main varieties available for patients
suffering from presbyopia. As with the regular wear lenses, they can be
disposable or made for long-term usage. The disposable kind is the most
popular since the user has the option of using a new pair every day.

Bifocal lenses also come in different designs to accommodate people with
different eye problems. With the perfect design, the eyes can adjust the
distance and adjust the vision.

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