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					Sophie Mccoy – P/D
T: 07789 694365

I'm a confident, capable and creative self-shooting P/D with a wealth of experience the Children’s and Learning
sectors. I have plenty of experience with finding compelling stories and contributors, constructing interesting and
emotive narrative, and working to a quick turnaround. I’m equally comfortable directing crews or self-shooting, and
editing as a team or on my own.

Key Skills
    7 years experience self-shooting (both SD and HD)
    Cameras shot on include Sony Z1, Sony Z7, Sony EX3 and Canon XF305 (tapeless HD)
    Directed a diverse variety of shows from long-running formats to single documentaries
    Strong editorial judgement both on location and in the edit
    Worked with numerous presenters
    Self-edit to a very high quality
    Leading teams on location and in the production office
    Experience filming abroad (Europe, Africa, Asia)
    Grasping complicated issues...quickly!
    Current Enhanced CRB check
    Full clean driving license and own car

2007 - 2011 credits
‘Adventures Abroad’, 1 x 30’ by Libra Television for BBC Learning
Self-shot on HD solid-state in Taiwan, Spain and France, this series of fun short films is designed as an introduction
to basic Mandarin, Spanish and French for U.K. children. The films include ob-doc filming of traditional playground
games from each country, singing, and comedy drama featuring a parrot puppet!

‘Primary Creative Arts’, 1 x 30’ for BBC Learning
         Children’s BAFTA Nominated – Best Primary Learning Programme
         Cannes Short Film Corner – Nominated
A collection of short films shot on HD covering different areas of music and art including photography, caricature,
sculpture, abstract art, music composition and interactive beatboxing.

‘Citizenship and Surveillance’, 1 x 60’ by Libra Television for BBC Learning
         RTS North West Nominated – Best Children’s Programme
A series of short films surrounding the controversial issue of surveillance in the UK. Comprising a number of genres
including ob doc, drama, interview and reconstruction, the clips look at CCTV, loyalty cards, identity cards and GPS

Approx 150 programmes @ 5’, 14’ & 27’ by Libra Television for Teachers TV
Directed, shot and edited a diverse range of programmes for both adults and children - subjects include teenage
mental health, young offenders, funerals, bullying and drugs. Many of the programmes involved closely working with
young people in sensitive situations. Shot in a range of styles, from simple observational documentary to PSC
presenter-led pieces to complicated 4-camera studio-style shoots.
‘Project Canvas: Beatboxing’ for BBC Future Media & Technology
A groundbreaking collaboration with digital company Onteca. Video content included the back end of a mocked-up
Blue Peter programme featuring a link from the Blue Peter team and a studio performance of the Blue Peter theme
tune performed by two beatboxers.

‘Eon Straddler: Time Traveller’, 1 x 30’ by Libra Television for BBC Learning
Shot on HD for Primary-aged children, these six short historical comedy sketches see time traveller Eon Straddler
and his sidekick Joe journey through the centuries looking at the design and development of everyday objects and
musical instruments such as guitars, trumpets and drums.

‘Teaching Singing In South Africa’, 1 x 41’ by Libra Television for Teachers TV
Ob-doc authored by composer Howard Goodall. Shot by a native crew around Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, the
programme visits children from three very different schools and explores how they incorporate singing into their daily

‘Grow!’ 1 x 15’ for Channel 5 Milkshake!
This one-off for Milkshake saw Milkshake! presenter Naomi Wilkinson and her team of young nature investigators
find out what acorns are and how they grow into big oak trees using a combination of animation, location footage,
timelapse, archive and graphics to tell the story in an engaging and easy-to-understand narrative.

2001 – 2007
    ‘SEAL’                             Educational drama and ob-doc for Athena Publications, 2007
    Curriculum Bites                   2 x 60’ by Libra Television for BBC Learning, 2005
    Citizen Power                      8 x 25’ by Libra Television/ITN Factual for Channel 4 Schools, 2005
    Zemanovaload                       Feature film for Zema Productions, 2005
    Gross!                             13 x 15’ by Libra Television for Discovery Kids, 2004
                                            RTS North West Award Winner, Best Children’s Programme
       How To Be A Bully               2 x 15’ by Libra Television for BBC Learning Zone, 2003
       David Blaine: Man In A Box      24/7 broadcast for Sky1, 2003
       History Busters                 20 x 4’ by Libra Television for Discovery Kids, 2003
                                            RTS North West Award Winner, Best Children’s Programme
       Baby Tales                      15 x 30’ by Endemol for Discovery Health, 2002
       Being Different                 10 x 5’ by Libra Television for Channel 4 Schools, 2002
       ‘Kids On…’                      3 x 3’ by Libra Television for Channel 4, 2002
       First Edition                   20 x 15’ by Libra Television/ITN Factual for Channel 4 Schools, 2001
                                            RIMA Award Winner

Industry Courses
     Recording sound on location, 2002
     St John’s Ambulance First Aid at work 2-day course, 2004
     Channel 4 Independent Producers workshop, 2008
     Teachers TV Editorial Guidelines workshops, 2006, 2008, 2009
     Teachers TV Compliance workshops, 2008, 2009
     Self-shooting on HD, 2010
     Lighting on location, 2010

    References on request; showreel available at

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