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Quiz 5-6 by pengxiang


									Quiz 5-6

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____    1. The YaST module for configuring network cards and the network connection can be accessed from the YaST
           Control Center.

____    2. In the local network, it is more convenient to address other hosts with their FDQNs rather than their

____    3. In SLED 10, two network devices are always set up by default—the loopback device (lo) and the device
           sit0@NONE, which is needed for integrating cards in networks with IPv6.

____    4. Changes made with the ip command are permanent and will not be lost with the next reboot.

____    5. Unless you change the default during installation, SuSEfirewall2 is active, preventing connections to the

____    6. The Software Installation dialog lists only the packages that are on the current installation media.

____    7. Computer installations are rarely, if ever, dynamic.

____    8. You can configure the Novell Customer Center during installation, or you can configure it later using YaST.

____    9. Registration with the Novell Customer Center is not required to perform an online update.

____ 10. During installation, the Online Update dialog appears after successful registration.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 11. The ____ mask divides an IP address into a network section and a host section, thus defining the size of a

____ 12. To display the IP address setup of all interfaces, enter ____.

____ 13. The information shown by ip is grouped by network interfaces. Every interface entry starts with a digit, called
         the ____.

____ 14. If you are only interested in the device attributes and not in the IP address setup, you can enter ____.
____ 15. You can use the option ____ with the ip command to display additional statistics information about devices.

____ 16. To view the current routing table, enter ____.

____ 17. SuSEfirewall2 can be configured using the YaST ____ module.

____ 18. The purpose of the ____ is to allow you to change the network configuration according to your needs, without
         switching to the root account.

____ 19. ____ can be used to list information about NetworkManager, devices, and wireless networks.

____ 20. ____ allows you to work on one computer while sitting in front of another.

____ 21. The ____ suite was developed to provide secure transmission by encrypting the authentication strings and all
         the other data exchanged between the hosts.

____ 22. A(n) ____ algorithm is used to convert clear text into ciphertext using a key.

____ 23. With ____ encryption, the same key is used for encryption and decryption.

____ 24. In ____ encryption there are two keys—a private key and a public key.

____ 25. The configuration file for the ssh server is ____.

____ 26. You configure the SSH client by editing the file ____.

____ 27. This command copies files securely between two computers using ssh, and replaces rcp and FTP (for pure file
____ 28. ____ is a utility for gathering the public ssh host keys from a number of SSH servers.

____ 29. The ____ command can handle private RSA keys, to respond to challenges (challenge response) from the
         server. This simplifies authentication.

____ 30. You create a key pair with the ____ command.

____ 31. Technologies that use one network infrastructure, for example the Internet, to carry the packets of another
         network are usually classified under the heading ____.

____ 32. To add more installation sources, select ____ from the YaST Control Center.

____ 33. To update an installed system, access the Online Update by starting YaST and selecting ____.

____ 34. When installing software, YaST ensures the automatic resolution of dependencies, while ____ only controls

____ 35. ____ is a package management system primarily intended for Linux.

____ 36. The ____ handles installing and uninstalling RPM packages.

____ 37. Every RPM package includes a package ____ that contains information such as the software name, version,
         and package release number.

____ 38. The global RPM configuration file of the rpm command is ____.

____ 39. The files of the RPM database are stored in ____.
____ 40. You can rebuild the rpm database using ____.

____ 41. The cron script, which is stored in ____, checks daily to see if there are any changes.

____ 42. The size of a single backup of the rpm database is approximately ____ MB for 1 GB in /usr/.

____ 43. With the rpm -____ option, you can query the RPM database of installed packages.

____ 44. rpm -____ inspects RPM archives that are not yet installed.

____ 45. The RPM query option -____ lists package information.

____ 46. The RPM query option -____ lists only documents files.

____ 47. The RPM query option --____ displays a file list with complete details.

____ 48. The RPM query option --____ lists the capabilities the package requires.

____ 49. The RPM query option --____ lists installation scripts.

____ 50. The RPM query option --____ lists features of the package that another package can request with --requires.

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