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									  Preview                                                                                                                                                                              LG U880

Fashion + Music
Until now, the Gee in 3g has in many cases
stood for ‘Geek’. Finally, a number of stylish
                                                                        Musical Talent
                                                                        There’s enough handset memory for around 18
new 3g handsets are now in the pipeline,                                songs (75 Mb) and the U880 also takes a microSD
which should broaden appeal. LG’s U880 is                               (Transflash) card. These cards are currently
                                                                        available in sizes that allow approximately 120
one of the new wave of fashionable                                      more songs to be carried with you.
products; one claiming to be the slimmest                               This unit has external music controls and the
new network (3g) phone on sale in the                                   outside screen can be used to operate the product
world.                                                                  as a music player while closed. Only a basic pair of
                                                                        headphones (combo PHF) was available at the time
                                                                        of testing but we hear that Three are looking into
Fashionable Profile                                                     sourcing a deluxe set.
Motorola’s RAZR V3 put them back on the map.                            Making play lists from the memory card was a bit
Motorola were one of the first to identify the ‘slim                    awkward in the prototype tested, which will
is in’ trend - from other areas of consumer                             hopefully be rectified in the final version.
electronics - which will soon be common in                                                                                                    Product Snapshot
mobiles. Slimming down handsets makes sense for                         Screens                                                                 Model Name         U880
value-added models, allowing them to retain a big                       One of the differentiators for this product is
screen and keypad while battling the bulge.                                                                                                     Positioning        Slim, Fashion/Music
                                                                        inspired by Dr Who’s Tardis – it’s large on the inside
The U880 perhaps signals a turning point for LG’s                       but small on the outside. New generation content                        Skew               Unisex 18-40
new network (3g) products. This is their first                          is becoming more visually based - particularly
                                                                        moving pictures, which means screen size and                            Availability       Nov
Australian model with an internal antenna,
helping bridge the gap between sexy GSM and                             quality are more important. LG’s U880 provides a                        Pricing Tier       Mid-High
                                                                        large screen without carrying around a clunker of
new network products. It’s also slim and stylish.                                                                                              Dif ferentiators
                                                                        a handset.
The black version tested had a smooth, lacquer
                                                                        Both internal and outside displays are generous in                      Perhaps the slimmest 3g phone on the
type finish which looked and felt great.                                                                                                        market. Breaks the 100g barrier without
                                                                        proportions, with 262k colour capabilities on the                       sacrificing a large screen. Three colours
Calls & Messaging                                                       inside and 65k colours leveraging photo or video                        available for unisex appeal - black, pink
                                                                        CLI capabilities on the outside.                                        and silver.
LG’s U880 is pretty up to date with most call and
messaging capabilities, including video calls, with                     Photos & Video
the pivoting camera rotating to face inward or
outward, depending on what you want to show.                            There’s a 1.3 Megapixel still camera/camcorder
                                                                        option, which is designed to be easy to use. On-
MP3 and polyphonic tones are also available for                         screen options pop up, just like a stand-alone
calls and SMS. This is fairly common for most                           digital camera.
handsets but some products don’t let you load
your own SMS tones, which the U880 does.                                As one of the main differentiators of new
                                                                        networks is video (calls, downloads and streaming
Video ringtones (video CLI) and photo CLI can also                      TV), the U880 enhances the viewing experience
be used on both internal and external screens.                          with its large display and wide screen option.
Sound from the clip is used for the video ring, so
volume from certain home videos might be a bit                          Impression
soft – but it’s a great opportunity for optimised 20
second music and comedy videos. Some handsets                           Finally, a phone with a big screen that’s
allow you to use video clips as the visual part of an                   comparable with fashionable 2.5g models. Internal
alert, with a separate poly or MP3 ringtone                             antennas became common years ago and it’s great          Motorola’s 3g RAZR, the
providing loud audio. Full music tracks and videos                      to see new network models are finally gaining this       V3x has gained a little bulge.
downloaded from Three worked as call alerts.                            refinement.                                              Compared to a slim V3 2.5g RAZR
                                                                                                                                 (pictured above), LG’s U880 is closer to more
Most songs build up to the chorus though - so as                        LG’s U880 will be available on Three later this          fashionable dimensions.
mentioned, optimised 20 second clips would be                           month, perhaps also in the future through Telstra
better.                                                                 if they tap into Three’s global deal for the product.                             Physical Profiles
                                                                                                                                                                    LG          Motorola         Motorola

                                                                                                                                                                  U880              V3x          RAZR V3

                                                                                                                                                                   (3g)             (3g)           (2.5g)

                                                                                                                                 Dimensions (w x d x h)mm 99 x 49 x 18 99 x 53 x 20 98 x 53 x 14

                                                                                                                                 Weight g                           99              125              95

                                                                                                                                  Specifications subject to change - if in doubt contact the manufacturer.



                            (above) 1. When TV and video go mobile, every millimetre of screen area is
                            important. As you can see, a large screen and wide screen mode can make
                            all the difference. If in doubt, compare the difference in the size of people’s
                            heads in each view.
                            2. Visual material is much smaller when the viewing area is shared with
                            potentially ‘unnecessary’ information that competes for screen real estate.
                            Different options are obviously required on occasion, but during the few
                            minutes you want to watch something - viewing pleasure is the priority. In light
                            of this, every new generation product should have a wide screen mode. You
                            can see why.                                                                                         Every provider’s getting ready to          This model’s great for watching
                            (right) Visuals are less important when in music mode, as the screen-less iPod                       cash in on the WOW factor that             Three TV. Chunky mobiles are less
                            shuffle proved. It’s good being able to play music without even having to open                       music provides. Three have a               attractive so being slim means the
                            the U880. Controls and information are available on the outside.                                     head start with new things such            U880 will be carried more places,
                                                                                                                                 as online play lists as a way of           extending TV viewing opportunities.
                       Stereo speakers                                                                                           streaming music or videos.

28 Mobility

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