_ubuntu+1 by pengxiang


									[00:00] <jaysonsantos> cliechti> Using other programs like skype video
output from webcam stay green
[00:02] <cliechti> jaysonsantos: hm, does playing video work? it could be
a problem with overlays
[00:02] <Memo_> linny, whats your architecture? Is there a reason why
you're building instead of just using a binary?
[00:03] <jaysonsantos> cliechti> With mplayer output is green
[00:03] <linny> i686 , no im just doing it like this because i had some
trouble with the hard version after kernel updates and this was a way
that worked
[00:03] <cliechti> jaysonsantos: so you dont have a webcam problem but
one with the X driver.
[00:04] <Memo_> ah
[00:04] <jaysonsantos> cliechti> What do you mean ? Do I need load v4l
module in xorg.conf ?
[00:05] <cliechti> jaysonsantos: hm. nowdays, xorg.conf should be almost
empty and the modules are loaded automatically
[00:05] <Memo_> linny, essentially what you were doing was re-building
the modules _anyways_, and theres a script that will do it for you
eliminating having to re-build everything after upgrading kernels
[00:06] <jaysonsantos> cliechti> Nvidia proprietary conflicts with
something ?
[00:06] <cliechti> jaysonsantos: it shoudn't but i'm the wrong person to
really help you with these details.
[00:07] <linny> Memo_: so how would one go about getting it running on
ibex then ?
[00:07] <jaysonsantos> cliechti> v4linfo show all infos about webcam
[00:09] <Memo_> linny, download the latest deb package from their website
(www.virtualbox.org) -- also the OSE (open source edition) doesn't have
USB support. Their (free) personal edition, does though.
[00:10] <linny> thanks ,is that the only difference ?
[00:11] <Memo_> linny, from experience, no. But according to the
developers, Yes.
[00:11] <linny> shall i get the hardy one ?
[00:11] <Memo_> yea
[00:11] <linny> ok thanks
[00:12] <Memo_> linny, for future reference that script i was talking
about (which is mentioned in the error messages) is /etc/init.d/vboxdrv
[00:13] <ninjafury> Trying to get external hard drive to automount on
startup. Edited FSTAB, but it didnt work. Can anyone help?
[00:13] <linny> Memo_: thanks :)
[00:16] <linny> Memo i added the non free repo from the site
[00:16] <jaysonsantos> cliechti> Mplayer print a lot of "ioctl mcapture
failed: Invalid argument" in stderr
[00:16] <linny> ran apt-get update and got this
[00:16] <linny> W: GPG error: http://download.virtualbox.org hardy
Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public
key is not available: NO_PUBKEY DCF9F87B6DFBCBAE
[00:16] <linny> W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these
[00:16] <linny> how do i get the public key ?
[00:17] <linny> forget that im dumb
[00:18] <linny> sorry
[00:18] <linny> :P
[00:18] <Memo_> http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads -- the
part RIGHT after the repository links
[00:18] <linny> i saw
[00:18] <linny> sorry
[00:18] <linny> i didnt scroll down that far the first time :P
[00:32] <CarlFK> dpkg: error processing
/var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.8~20080505-0ubuntu7_i386.deb (--unpack):
[00:32] <CarlFK> unable to create `./usr/share/man/man5/gai.conf.5.gz':
No such file or directory
[00:32] <CarlFK> should that be reported on lp?
[00:37] <Memo_> hmmm.. I sense a question coming... Hey all :p I've got
Ubuntu (hardy) dual-booting with Vista atm. Is it possible to boot the
8.10 beta-installer and get it to upgrade my hardy, without messing up
the dual-boot-config ?
[00:39] <wgrant> Memo_:
[00:39] <Memo_> zr0gee,
[00:40] <bruce89> Memo_: it would be less of a pain to do a dist-upgrade
[00:40] <zr0gee> Memo_, thx :P
[00:40] <wgrant> You should just use update-manager from within the Hardy
[00:41] <zr0gee> oh
[00:41] <Memo_> its funny you say that, because I am, and actually ran
into a bug when doing the distribution upgrade
[00:41] <wgrant> Did you file the bug?
[00:41] <Memo_> but that question wasn't mine.. it was zr0gee's
[00:41] <dashnu> just install it, dont install the bootloader at the end
if you worried
[00:42] <Memo_> yes I did, and hate mail is filing in as we speak
[00:42] <wgrant> Memo_: Which big?
[00:42] <wgrant> dashnu: ... or upgrade, like you're meant to.
[00:42] <dashnu> no such thing as an upgrade
[00:42] <dashnu> :p
[00:43] <wgrant> Memo_: Er, which *bug*?
[00:44] <Memo_> update-manager fails when trying to install gobunutu-
desktop, thus the dist-upgrade fails. I don't have the ID on hand, but it
was simple enough to manually install it and it solved the issue
[00:44] <wgrant> Ah, gobuntu. I see.
[00:45] <Memo_> I had the same problem with Gutsy -> Hardy, but with
[00:45] <wgrant> Memo_: You had used third-party repositories of some
[00:45] <Memo_> yes
[00:46] <wgrant> That's bound to break things in subtle ways.
[00:46] <Memo_> wgrant, im a getdeb whore.
[00:46] <wgrant> Ah.
[00:46] <wgrant> Foolish.
[00:46] <wgrant> Very foolish.
[00:46] <wgrant> You can't complain that upgrades break if you do that.
[00:48] <bruce89> especially getdeb
[00:48] <Memo_> lol
[00:49] <wgrant> Getdeb packages are often awful.
[00:49] <wgrant> QA? What QA?
[00:49] * bruce89 points to my PPA
[00:49] <TuTUXG> xscreensaver 5.07 removed flurry?
[00:50] <Memo_> while I might be a bit naive here, but DEBs don't replace
the dependacies right? Only the files they include which are primarily
the package primary files
[00:50] <wgrant> Memo_: Correct.
[00:50] * bruce89 ought to "backport" the latest GEGL
[00:51] <wgrant> We do have an official backports project, you know?
[00:51] <Memo_> ok well the pidgin devs made a clear point about using
someone elses binaries, obviously being a bad idea vs, but when it comes
down to it theres nothing really all that different except for compile
options right?
[00:51] <bruce89> wgrant: not for Intrepid we don't
[00:52] <wgrant> Memo_: "someone else's binaries"?
[00:52] <Memo_> e.g getdeb
[00:52] <bruce89> wgrant: GIMP 2.6 for instance
[00:52] <wgrant> bruce89: Ah.
[00:52] <wgrant> bruce89: GIMP 2.6 is in Intrepid, albeit in depwait.
[00:52] <bruce89> aw
[00:53] <wgrant> Blocking on bug #279563 and bug #279565
[00:53] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 279563 in gegl "Main Inclusion Request:
gegl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/279563
[00:53] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 279565 in babl "Main Inclusion Request:
babl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/279565
[00:53] <bruce89> ah, I'll keep it for now then
[00:54] <Edulix> hi
[00:54] <Edulix> anyone tried to run ubuntu 8.10 64bits under qemu? it
doesn't work here
[00:55] <wgrant> !doesn't work
[00:55] <ubottu> Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the
couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please
be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.
[00:56] <gotgnu> I did the upgrade but when I restarted ubuntu I had a
lot of file system error and no matter what I did I could not boot
ubuntu+1...does anyone else have that problem ?
[00:56] <TuTUXG> anybody could confirm this? after the update to
xscreensaver 5.07, flurry is gone, not exist in /usr/lib/xscreensaver
[00:57] <wgrant> gotgnu: What happens if you try an older kernel?
[00:58] <gotgnu> oh man I did not try that...man
[00:58] <gotgnu> wgrant: I'm back using ubuntu 8.04
[00:59] <wgrant> gotgnu: How are you doing that? Live CD?
[01:00] <gotgnu> wgrant: I reinstalled it
[01:00] <wgrant> That was quick.
[01:00] * wgrant must depart for a lecture now.
[01:01] <gotgnu> wgrant: cool tx
[01:01] <Delvien> Vmware-server 2.0 getting an MKS error, is anyone else
able to use 2.0 console (with firefox)?
[01:03] <Edulix> wgrant: I launch it with this command: qemu-system-
x86_64 -boot d -m 512 -hda '/home/edulix/intrepid.img' -cdrom
'/home/edulix/descargas/kubuntu-8.10-beta-desktop-amd64.iso' -localtime -
k es -kernel-kqemu
[01:04] <Edulix> and after a while after trying to boot it, qemu closes
and gives this output: http://pastebin.ca/1222260
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[01:10] <dystopia> i'm on intrepid, x64, gma 3100, but glxgears gives
only 200-300 fps.. isn't this quite low?
[01:14] <gaminggeek> dystopia: dont use glx gears
[01:15] <gaminggeek> can you run compiz?
[01:17] <dystopia> gaminggeek: yes
[01:17] <dystopia> but when i play a game i have 1 fps too
[01:19] <phoenixz> Is there a repository URL available to upgrade 8.04 >
[01:19] <gaminggeek> dystopia: let me see ow much I get on glxgears
[01:19] <bruce89> phoenixz: what do you mean?
[01:20] <gaminggeek> ok I get 600 with compiz running on my intel X3100
[01:20] <phoenixz> apt-get repo
[01:20] <phoenixz> bruce89: apt-get repo
[01:20] <gaminggeek> but if compiz works your drivers are working
[01:21] <bruce89> phoenixz: it's just the same as the hardy ones with
Hardy replaced with Intrepid
[01:21] <phoenixz> bruce89: sweeet
[01:21] <bruce89> but you should upgrade with update-manager -d or do-
[01:23] <phoenixz> bruce89: THAT was what I was looking for..
[01:24] <dystopia> sure, compiz works...
[01:24] <dystopia> but glxgears is 200 fps and it uses 50% of my dual
core cpu...
[01:25] <Memo_> glxgears isn't a highly rated fps benchmarking tool
[01:25] <phoenixz> bruce89: adept-manager --dist-upgrade-proposed I
[01:26] <bruce89> I don't know about adept
[01:26] <dystopia> which one shall i use then
[01:29] <bruce89> the only one I can see is update-manager -d
[01:30] <bruce89> !upgrade
[01:30] <ubottu> For upgrading, see the instructions at
[01:31] <dystopia> look here, someone who gets 1100 fps with glxgears, on
same hardware i have http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=769864
[01:32] <bruce89> you're quite right, kdesudo "adept_manager --dist-
[01:34] <Memo_> dystopia, nexuiz would be a real benchmark
[01:37] <phoenixz> An upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10 should also jump to a
newer kernel, not? Im going through the update list but I dont see
anything about the kernel..
[01:37] <volrath> Is anyone having problems playing videos via Movie
Player or VLC?
[01:37] <phoenixz> What kernel should 8.10 be running?
[01:37] <phoenixz> vrsione
[01:37] <Pici> 2.6.27-6-generic
[01:38] <phoenixz> Im @ 2.6.24-19-generic now, but I don't see an
[01:38] <Pici> phoenixz: How are you updating?
[01:38] <Memo_> you'll get it, don't worry
[01:39] <phoenixz> adept-manager --dist-upgrade-proposed
[01:40] <phoenixz> Pici: should I first update the apt-get repos by
changing all hardy to intrepid?
[01:40] <Pici> phoenixz: no.
[01:40] <phoenixz> Pici: Then what should I do?
[01:41] <dystopia> Memo_: i already played game....... unplayerable...
[01:41] <phoenixz> unplayerable.. We should try making a verb of that now
that we're at it..
[01:42] <Pici> phoenixz: one moment
[01:42] <dystopia> 1 fps
[01:42] <phoenixz> We have unplayerabled..
[01:43] <Memo_> dystopia, you have an ati card. don't you?
[01:43] <Pici> phoenixz: "unplayable" and: its --dist-upgrade-devel, see
[01:44] <phoenixz> Pici: thanks!
[01:44] <phoenixz> Pici: doh, its devel, still... Could have known that
one.. beta
[01:44] <dystopia> Memo_: intel x3100 i just said..
[01:45] <dystopia> enemy territory is unplayable, 1 fps, sometimes 15, if
i turned around and look to the ground after i waited to see that
[01:45] <dystopia> oh and no sound.. but ok..
[01:48] <ripps> I've been having trouble with my ssh. Computer A has
ubuntu 8.10, and Computer B has 8.04. Both have openssh-client and
openssh-server installed. I connect to A to B, but not from B to A.
What's causing this?
[01:51] <ripps> Should I ask this in the regular #ubuntu as well?
[01:51] <dystopia> great, nexuiz fucking crashes, and leaves me with no
mouse, and a terrible resolution
[01:52] <Pici> dystopia: Such language is not necessary.
[01:52] <dystopia> ?
[01:52] <Pici> !language | dystopia
[01:52] <ubottu> dystopia: Please watch your language and topic to help
keep this channel family friendly.
[01:53] <dystopia> last time i checked fucking is good for the family,
the more family members the better right
[01:54] <Pici> er
[01:54] <Pici> !guidelines > dystopia
[01:54] <ubottu> dystopia, please see my private message
[01:55] <dystopia> the anglo saxon influences are quite apparent
[01:56] <ripps> You asking to get booted dystopia
[01:57] <dystopia> #ubuntu welcomes any help, but we do ask you to stay
as helpful as possible. If you get stuck, say so instead of guessing;
someone else will step up and continue.
[01:57] <bruce89> ah, but this is ubuntu+1
[01:59] <Fallenou> hi
[01:59] <dystopia> good point
[01:59] <Fallenou> i'm using intrepid and i try to use my webcam on it
[01:59] <Fallenou> i have problems with a webcam under ubuntu, i use
"Hercules dualpix hd" usb webcam, which is recognized when i plug it in,
i have latest 2.6.27 kernel with EasyCam2 tools and ov534 driver, when i
launch gstreamer-properties and i click on "Video" and i test my
/dev/video0 with v4l2 it show "snow"
[02:00] <Fallenou> and it puts on the blue light on the webcam , which
means the driver communicates with the webcam
[02:01] <Fallenou> i tried it with vlc and Cheese and it works even less
:p it doesn't even puts on the blue light
[02:02] <bruce89> anything interesting in /var/log/messages?
[02:02] <Fallenou> yes
[02:02] <Fallenou> i paste
[02:04] <Haegin> hi, where can i find the default keyring evolution
suddenly wants to use and how do i set the passphrase?
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[02:04] <Fallenou> bruce89 < http://pastebin.com/d3603aced
[02:05] <Fallenou> hum sorry http://pastebin.com/d3606aced
[02:24] <Memo_> Yes! One package breaks my whole upgrade..
[02:24] <Memo_> The upgrade aborts now. Your system could be in an
unusable state. A recovery will run now (dpkg --configure -a).
[02:27] <danbh_intrepid> !debug
[02:27] <ubottu> For help debugging your program, please see
[02:28] <xyz> hi folks, When i turn the volume a bit loud, the volume in
Gnome turns all the way up, same happens in the opposite way. This
does'nt happen in Hardy.
[02:28] <xyz> Is there a known bug for this or have you heard of any
problems like this before?
[02:32] <myk_robinson> have any of you tested the Kubuntu beta on a
laptop with Intel graphics, particularly the Intel 965?
[02:33] <dystopia> why yuo ask?
[02:34] <myk_robinson> i tried on my Gateway M-6881 and was not able to
boot it, however I could at least get to a useable desktop on the alphas
[02:35] <myk_robinson> i filed a bug report here:
[02:35] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 277916 in ubuntu "Kubuntu Intrepid Beta -
fails to start, possible video bug" [Undecided,New]
[02:35] <dystopia> the 965 is same as X3100?
[02:35] <myk_robinson> i think so
[02:36] <myk_robinson> My box says it has Intel X1300 or 3100, but lshc -
C video reports Intel 965GM
[02:36] <DaSkreech> danbh_intrepid: Lo
[02:36] <dystopia> yeah i see
[02:36] <DaSkreech> Hobbsee: Hiya
[02:37] <myk_robinson> dystopia: you have this chipset?
[02:37] <dystopia> well i can tell you that on my laptop with x3100 with
ubuntu intrepid beta, it works.. (although i'm not happy with fps, and im
not using kubuntu)
[02:37] <DaSkreech> Anyone know a good tool to remaster a ISO?
[02:38] <myk_robinson> hmm. I may try ubuntu to help determine if it is
isolated to the Kubuntu version. Just really puzzling since the alphas
worked. I think there may have been kernel revisions, though
[02:38] <myk_robinson> dystopia: did you try the standard beta or a daily
[02:38] <danbh_intrepid> hiya DaSkreech
[02:39] <dystopia> myk_robinson: hardy -> /etc/apt/sources.lis -> change
hardy to intrepid -> dist-upgrade -> religious ramblings -> done, now i
upgrade every day, and no changing problems with video past month
occured.. but you could get into text mode and configure there the video?
[02:41] <myk_robinson> dystopia: my experience was from the live cd.
Wanted to test the hardware before installing. I was not even able to go
to a virtual terminal to do anything. Locked up my laptop tighter than
{insert Andy Griffith saying here}
[02:43] <DaSkreech> danbh_intrepid: Scorhed earth worked
[02:55] <wastrel> jpilot isn't working in my intrepid
[02:55] <wastrel> anyone using jpilot?
[03:19] <Delvien> In vmwareserver2.0 anyone know how to change the
release input hotkeys?
[03:22] <wastrel> palm sync is completely broken in intrepid
[03:25] <kholerabbitwo> will intrepid include firefox 3.1?
[03:25] <kholerabbitwo> ..which is in late alpha?
[03:26] <DaSkreech> No
[03:26] <kholerabbitwo> thanks.
[03:34] <Sa[i]nT> Blammo.
[03:49] <DaSkreech> Why does Firefox depend on Synaptic?
[03:49] <Sa[i]nT> Since when?
[03:50] <wastrel> there's that firefox plugin that does the automatic
flash install
[03:50] <DaSkreech> Dunno
[03:50] <wastrel> some ubuntu specific plugin
[03:51] <DaSkreech> I just did an install of firefox and was a bit
overwhelemed by how large it waas
[03:51] <DaSkreech> it depends on gksu and synatpic
[03:51] <DaSkreech> synaptic
[03:51] <wastrel> yeah that's the ubuntu firefox plugin
[03:51] <wastrel> it needs those to install codecs or whatever it does
[03:52] <danbh_intrepid> ubu fox!
[03:52] <danbh_intrepid> I love that pluggin
[03:58] <nmaxt2> can someone explain to me how to change xorg video card
settings in 8.1?
[04:00] <nmaxt2> dkpg-reconfigure doesn't give me any options regarding
the actual chipset or gfx memory, and xorg.conf just has "prefered..
[04:00] <nmaxt2> :S
[04:00] <bobertdos> Is K application support for version 4 expected to be
more complete by final release?
[04:01] <DaSkreech> bobertdos: scorched earth worked
[04:02] <DaSkreech> danbh_intrepid: What does it do?
[04:05] <nmaxt2> anyone?
[04:05] <danbh_intrepid> DaSkreech: its the thing that makes firefox
auto-download codecs, and flash, and other plugins. Java too I think
[04:05] <DanaG> What is this "ifupdown (br0)" item in my NetworkManager?
[04:05] <DaSkreech> Ah
[04:06] <danbh_intrepid> DaSkreech: I don't need it myself, because I
always just install restriced-extras, but It makes me ALLOT more
comfortable in recommending ubuntu to other people
[04:07] <wastrel> DanaG: broadcomm? maybe wifi
[04:08] <wastrel> just got a pilot-link update but palm sync is still
[04:13] <DanaG> Actually, the br0 is the bridge I host my VMs on.
[04:13] <DanaG> I just don't get why it shows up in NetworkManager like
[04:14] <nmaxt2> can someone explain to me how to change xorg video card
settings in 8.1?
[04:15] <DaSkreech> With prayer
[04:15] <nmaxt2> heh
[04:16] <literal> same as always?
[04:16] <literal> edit xorg.conf's Device section...
[04:16] <nmaxt2> all it has in there is "prefered device"
[04:16] <nmaxt2> for each section
[04:16] <DaSkreech> Take it out and put what you need to be in there
[04:17] <nmaxt2> i suppose that could work hehe
[04:17] <nmaxt2> there's no script or anything?
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[04:17] <DaSkreech> xfix ?
[04:18] <nmaxt2> never heard of it
[04:18] <nmaxt2> what happened to the good ole days of xf86cfg
[04:18] <nmaxt2> :S
[04:21] <crdlb> nmaxt2: what exactly are you trying to configure?
[04:22] <literal> nmaxt2: who cares what it's called? just edit it
[04:22] <literal> in my xorg.conf there's "Configured video device"
[04:22] <literal> editing the options there works like a charm
[04:23] <literal> editing/adding
[04:26] <cup0spam> half way through install i get "Media change: please
insert the disc labeled 'Ubuntu 8.10****
[04:26] <cup0spam> anyone get that in the ibex install?
[04:26] <wastrel> xorg replaced xfree so XF86config was replaced with
[04:27] <danbh_intrepid> and now xorg.conf is replaced with
autoconfiguration : p
[04:27] <cup0spam> danbh_intrepid: how does the nvidia settings manager
interface with it?
[04:28] <crdlb> if by 'it', you mean X autoconfiguration, the answer is
'it doesn't'
[04:28] <DaSkreech> cup0spam: nope
[04:28] <cup0spam> right after Configuring APT sources, the install pops
up saying "Please insert the disc labeled: 'Ubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ -
Beta i386 (20080930.4)' in the drive '/cdrom/' and press enter.
[04:28] <cup0spam> wtf could be causing that?
[04:29] <danbh_intrepid> cup0spam: I dunno. Maybe it just adds what it
needs to. AFAIK, you can still put stuff in xorg.conf and it will work
[04:29] <cup0spam> i've tried to burns
[04:29] <cup0spam> two
[04:29] <wastrel> palm sync broken
[04:29] <cup0spam> both alternate cd
[04:29] <cup0spam> s
[04:29] <wastrel> i installed with the alt. cd worked super
[04:30] <cup0spam> is there a way for me to wipe everything clean?
[04:30] <cup0spam> off my software raid rives
[04:30] <cup0spam> drives
[04:30] <cup0spam> and install ibex
[04:30] <cup0spam> lemme rephrase, is there an "easy" way, using the live
cd perhaps?
[04:31] <DaSkreech> CLick install?
[04:31] <cup0spam> yeah that wont work
[04:31] <cup0spam> the live cd doest see software raid
[04:32] <cup0spam> that's what hte alt cd is for i guess
[04:52] <lufis> Grrrr, why isn't my trackpad scrolling working in
[04:53] <wastrel> scrolly is good
[04:53] <wastrel> mine works
[04:53] <lufis> i'm on a dell inspiron 1420
[04:54] <lufis> and scrolling with the trackpad has been broken the
entire time i've been on intrepid
[04:54] <|neon|> how do i change icons on intrepid? is there something
like the control panel on hardy?
[04:55] <lufis> |neon|: system > preferences > appearance
[04:55] <lufis> choose a theme and hit customize
[04:55] <lufis> then go to icons tab
[04:55] <|neon|> is is the same on kubutnu?
[04:55] <lufis> No
[04:56] <lufis> although it's a similar process i'm sure
[04:57] <|neon|> i see system but no preferences
[04:57] <lufis> in kde?
[04:57] <|neon|> yes
[04:57] <l337ingDisorder> hey folks...
[04:57] <lufis> i'm not familiar with kde, look around in the prefs
[04:57] <lufis> gotta restart x, brb
[04:57] <|neon|> ok thx
[04:58] <l337ingDisorder> I'm trying to set up ssh for remote console
access... I've installed ssh on the server and ssh-client on the client
machine, and I can ping the server from the client, but when I try ssh
(ip_of_server) it tells me Connection refused. What steps have I missed?
[04:58] <wastrel> i submitted a bug report about palm sync being broken
[04:59] <rafaelmf> amor's(from kdetoys) ballon stop work here, anyone can
confirm that?
[04:59] <wastrel> i'm on a thinkpad
[04:59] <lufis> grrr
[04:59] <lufis> Why does it always seem like every ubuntu release we take
two steps forward and one step back
[04:59] <lufis> some things are fixed, others broken
[04:59] <DaSkreech> Reressions suck
[04:59] <DaSkreech> regressions
[05:00] <lufis> something as simple as a trackpad works fine one release
and is hosed the next
[05:00] <lufis> makes no sense
[05:02] <wastrel> i can't believe the pda team hasn't gotten back to me
about this yet
[05:02] <wastrel> well this isn't a release yet
[05:02] <lufis> yet
[05:02] <lufis> but i've been living with a broken vert scroll for 3
months now
[05:02] <lufis> and the release date is this month
[05:03] <cup0spam> fyi
[05:03] <cup0spam> anyone who cares
[05:03] <cup0spam> my problem above was solved with swapping out my
optical drive
[05:03] <wastrel> lufis someone earlier was complaiing about this there's
a workaround apparently for inspiron
[05:03] <lufis> wastrel: i've been googling around
[05:04] <lufis> sigh.
[05:04] <wastrel> 23:20 < wgrant> If not, back up your xorg.conf and run
[05:05] <wastrel> the if not being "do you have any strange input
[05:05] <bobertdos> danbh_intrepid: Hooray!! Finally figured it out. My
sound will not break as long as I install KDE 4 WITHOUT installing any of
the K apps (like Amarok) that are still on 3.5 ahead of time.
[05:05] <wastrel> like a wacom tablet or something
[05:05] <wastrel> ^^ lufis
[05:05] <danbh_intrepid> bobertdos: interesting
[05:05] <lufis> wastrel: ok
[05:06] <lufis> wastrel: what's this do exactly?
[05:07] <bobertdos> danbh_intrepid: Well, I figured that if I installed
Kubuntu without installing Amarok separately, that would allow for a
cleaner environment that would not break anything, and I was right :p
[05:08] <wastrel> lufis: not sure, looks like it generates a new
xorg.conf file... i'm not a python coder
[05:08] <lufis> lol
[05:08] <lufis> here goes nothin'...
[05:09] <DaSkreech> bobertdos: How does your sound break?
[05:12] <burner> my sound is broken too!
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/279478 is my
problem :\
[05:12] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 279478 in alsa-driver "alsa sound fades
out when headphones are plugged in until you inaudible" [Undecided,New]
[05:12] <bobertdos> daskreech: Well, upon upgrading to the -5 kernel
(persisting in -6), the old startup sound from K 3.5 would play when I
logged in, and then I would find my sound deadlocked. I would then kill
X, log back in, and everything would be fine.
[05:13] <lufis> wastrel: no such luck
[05:13] <DaSkreech> Hmm
[05:13] <DaSkreech> I can play sound now but it's really really low
[05:13] <wastrel> ah well.
[05:13] <bobertdos> daskreech: Eventually, I figured this had something
to do with having Amarok installed, because Amarok still uses 3.5
[05:15] <frybye> DaSkreech: the default sound settings when installing
intrepid really could be done a bit better imho... loads and loads of ppl
fighting to sort out constantly..
[05:16] <bobertdos> daskreech: The next thing I did was to install
Kubuntu and see if the sound would break in there too, it didn't. So
thenm for the third time, I reinstalled the OS, built things up again on
the Gnome side. Then I thought, "This time, I'll install Kubuntu without
installing Amarok first. After doing that, everything works perfectly and
nothing breaks.
[05:16] <frybye> DaSkreech: have you run alsamixer in the rerminal and
upped the sliders??
[05:17] <bobertdos> Now the only other problem I've having is that CUPS
appears to be busted.
[05:17] <frybye> bobertdos: I gave up on Kubuntu and did a clean install
of ubuntu/gnome - mainly cos i spent 2 days trying to fix sound in
kubuntu with no luck..
[05:17] <yuriy> hmm, fglrx is not installable here
[05:17] <DaSkreech> frybye: Yes
[05:17] <bobertdos> frybye: Well, of course, results will vary from
system to system, but this is what worked for me.
[05:18] <frybye> DaSkreech: and nothing muted...right device etc..
[05:18] <bobertdos> Has anyone been experiencing malfunctioning CUPS
[05:18] <yuriy> anybody using fglrx on intrepid?
[05:18] <frybye> bobertdos: I must admit i would not know how to install
Kubuntu without amarok installing - it is in default right?
[05:18] <DaSkreech> frybye: Yeah I can hear stuff just you have to turn
everything up just to have it be at head boppin level
[05:19] <bobertdos> frybye: Well yes it is, but I meant that before this
point, I had been installing Amarok in Gnome, without Kubuntu. That was
essentially the problem.
[05:20] <frybye> bobertdos: i c
[05:20] <frybye> DaSkreech: did you check
https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs to see if it is already being worked
on as a bug??
[05:20] * bobertdos checks launchpad for CUPS issues
[05:21] <DaSkreech> nope
[05:21] <frybye> DaSkreech: that might be the next thing to do...
[05:21] <DaSkreech> Let me figure out if it's a bug first :)
[05:22] <frybye> searching the bug database to see if listed is prolly
one of the quickest ways to see if it is likely to be a bug or..?
[05:22] <frybye> especially if the datails they give match your own
situation -
[05:23] <DaSkreech> Ah right
[05:27] <DaSkreech> Hmm
[05:27] <DaSkreech> no xterm bydefault?
[05:27] <DaSkreech> So what happens when I log in to a failsafe from the
[05:39] <CarlFK> how does jockey-gtk know if it should suggest nvidia
[05:40] <kindofabuzz> i think with nvidia-common, i believe it's a script
that "reads" your card
[05:41] <kindofabuzz> CarlFK, http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/nvidia-
[05:42] <CarlFK> so that's whos to blame
[05:43] <kindofabuzz> legacy?
[05:43] <CarlFK> 10de:002d nVidia Corporation NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model
64/Model 64 Pro]
[05:43] <kindofabuzz> waiting on nvidia to put out the legacy driver for
[05:43] <CarlFK> not sure really - but the box has issues when i enable
whatever jockey suggests - trying to debug now
[05:44] <kindofabuzz> can you even activate the driver?
[05:44] <CarlFK> in jocky?
[05:44] <kindofabuzz> yeah
[05:45] <CarlFK> good q. it lets me try, says need to reboot, box
reboots, then either hang/reboots before X starts, or says 'x won't start
[05:45] <CarlFK> so it does something
[05:46] <CarlFK> " This package will find obsolete NVIDIA drivers in use,
detect the hardware and recommend the most appropriate driver.         "
[05:46] <CarlFK> how can I do that in a shell?
[05:46] <kindofabuzz> /shrug
[05:46] <CarlFK> I want to see this recommend thing
[05:46] <kindofabuzz> if it's recommending the 96 driver, the 96 doesn't
work yet
[05:47] <kindofabuzz> or the 71 =(
[05:51] <CarlFK> heh - who let this pass? vim /usr/lib/python2.5/site-
[05:52] <CarlFK> mainly the big chunks of #ed out code at the end
[05:52] <elfgoh> Would any1 have problems installing the nvidia
proprietary driver using restricted driver manager in the latest intrepid
[05:52] <CarlFK> yes.
[05:53] <danbh_intrepid> elfgoh: I think only 177 works
[05:53] <sri> transcode doesn't seem to have been built with mpeg4
codecs anybody else see this/
[05:54] <CarlFK> there isn't a better way to do this? p1 =
Popen(['dpkg', '--get-selections'], stdout=PIPE)
[05:54] <elfgoh> CarlFK, danbh_intrepid: tks i think i tried 177.... just
saw new kernel updates... will try again n report back
[05:55] <elfgoh> anyway is there a bug report filed for that already?
[05:55] <elfgoh> i haven't found any on launchpad
[05:55] <danbh_intrepid> it seems to be known
[05:56] <danbh_intrepid> fglrx and the other 2 nvidia drivers dont work
with xorg
[05:57] <kindofabuzz> the legacy drivers don't work in fedora 9 either,
waiting on nvidia
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=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
[06:20] <lacostej> Hei. my laptop fails to suspend (works usualy) and I
go to the login screen directly (as from a resume). I don't see anything
under syslog. Any idea what to test to get more information for a bug
report ? can I trigger a suspend manualy ? Should I restart Gnome power
manager from the command line with --verbose ?
[06:23] <mklebel> no XGL in 8.10
[06:23] <mklebel> ?
[06:23] <burner> aiglx
[06:23] <burner> xgl is so old school no?
[06:24] <td123> xgl is not being developed anymore / switched to a
different name :/
[06:24] <burner> mklebel: can't you do everything you want with aiglx?
/me assumes compiz
[06:25] <mklebel> well, we used triple monitors with Xgl
[06:25] <mklebel> compiz recognized it all as 1 big monitor
[06:26] <mklebel> kind of a hacked way, but it worked great, dragged
windows between them all
[06:26] <mklebel> I actually forgot how I got it to work, but all I want
is to drag windows between monitors
[06:26] <mklebel> aiglx can do that?
[06:27] <burner> uhh
[06:27] <burner> that doesn't really require aiglx
[06:27] <burner> i have two monitors rockin... never tried three, but i
assume it works
[06:28] <burner> you can have multiple monitors with metacity even
[06:28] <mklebel> once u get to 3, doesn't it get hairy though?
[06:28] <mklebel> two monitors with xinerama, xrandr?
[06:30] <burner> got me... i've only maxed out at 2
[06:31] <mklebel> are you running twin view, or a separate xsession for
each monitor?
[06:31] <burner> twin
[06:31] <burner> via the nvidia-settings app
[06:31] <lacostej> so no-one for a suspend issue tips ?
[06:32] <td123> meh, I just have a large monitor, no need for 2
[06:33] * burner likes the multiple maximize since neither compiz or
metacity can tile windows
[06:34] <DaSkreech> burner: Cant it do that expose thing?
[06:34] <burner> but that goes back when you focus on one windows
[06:34] <burner> not useful for monitoring more than one window at a time
[06:38] <erichj> Does anyone know if 8.10 has the newest wacom drivers
yet? I tried alpha's 3, 4 and 5 and they were never upgraded.
[06:41] <gaminggeek> erichj: no :'(
[06:42] <gaminggeek> they havnt
[06:42] <gaminggeek> still doesnt work
[06:42] <erichj> ok, thanks gaminggeek
[06:42] <gaminggeek> well let me test there was a new kernel today
[06:42] <gaminggeek> nope still f'ed
[06:43] <erichj> there was a patch for the kernel submitted last month on
the 25th to fix issues with the drivers, but it doesn't appear that
anyone from the kernel team has even looked at it
[06:47] <gaminggeek> erichj: I know its very frustrating\
[06:49] <erichj> gaminggeek, not frustrating really. If I am going to
have to compile it again though I'm not switching to intrepid.
[06:49] <gaminggeek> well I hope it gets fixed before release at least
[06:49] <Peddy> I heard that Intrepid has an encrypted private directory,
where can I find this please?
[06:49] <erichj> so do I. It's the only issue I have ever had with Ubuntu
[06:50] <gaminggeek> yea tablets have been a PITA
[06:50] <gaminggeek> and it is almost perfect now :|
[06:51] <DaSkreech> Ok Have an issue with mplayer
[06:51] <erichj> Peddy, http://bobbo.me.uk/?p=158
[06:51] <DaSkreech> I get a green screen on movies
[06:51] <Peddy> Thanks erichj, I'll Google harder next time :P
[06:51] <DaSkreech> Well not a full green screen
[06:51] <DaSkreech> Like a green barcode
[06:51] <DaSkreech> that flickers
[06:52] <erichj> DaSkreech, check the rendering mode for mplayer
[06:52] <DaSkreech> How?
[06:53] <erichj> right click on the screen and click prefs and then
select the video tab
[06:53] <Peddy> erichj: I get this error when setting up PAM, 'ERROR: /
is world writable! Aborthing'. Any idea how to fix that?
[06:53] <DaSkreech> Hmm
[06:53] <DaSkreech> Right click does nothing
[06:54] <erichj> Peddy, no, I have no use for an encrypted directory so I
never set it up
[06:55] <erichj> DaSkreech, are you using MPlayer or Movie Player?
[06:55] * DaSkreech will assume mplayer
[06:55] <erichj> it makes a difference
[06:56] <DaSkreech> I'm running mplayer from the command line
[06:57] <DaSkreech> Is totem the Movie Player?
[06:58] <erichj> yes
[06:58] <DaSkreech> Oh yeah mplayer then
[06:59] <Lofde_> hows everyone been doing :) ..
[06:59] <Lofde_> Betas been pretty solid still now since the alpha 6 here
for me..
[06:59] <DaSkreech> mplayer spat in my general direction
[07:00] <Lofde_> lots of updates yesterday.. saw like 77 push though for
[07:00] <erichj> DaSkreech, try passing '-vo xv' when you launch from
command line
[07:01] <DaSkreech> nope still got the green flash over
[07:01] <erichj> DaSkreech, what kind of video card?
[07:01] <DaSkreech> 9600
[07:02] <DaSkreech> ATI Radeon
[07:02] <erichj> ok try mplayer -vo xvmc -vc ffmpeg12mc movie.avi
[07:03] <erichj> replace movie.avi with your movie
[07:05] <DaSkreech> hmm
[07:06] <DaSkreech> One word? ffmpeg12mc ?
[07:06] <erichj> yes
[07:06] <DaSkreech> The selected video_out device is incompatible with
this codec.
[07:07] <erichj> ok try mplayer -vo xvmc movie.avi
[07:07] <erichj> if it doesn't work I am out of ideas
[07:08] <DaSkreech> If I try to run those last two on a .ogg it crashes
[07:08] <DaSkreech> THat last one will give m audo but no video on non
ogg files
[07:08] <DaSkreech> me audio
[07:09] <erichj> ok give me a minute
[07:09] <DaSkreech> sure
[07:13] <erichj> DaSkreech, what does 'glxinfo | grep direct' give you
[07:13] <DaSkreech> direct rendering: Yes
[07:18] <erichj> try mplayer -vo x11 movie.avi
[07:19] <DaSkreech> ok
[07:19] <DaSkreech> neat that works
[07:19] <DaSkreech> let me try with a .ogg
[07:20] <dubby1> hey anyone I am attempting to install the package xorg-
driver-fglrx and apt-get is telling me there are unmet dependences such
as xserver-xorg-core
[07:20] <dubby1> can someone tell me which repo will have those files?
[07:21] <erichj> dubby1, sudo apt-get install -f might fix that
[07:21] <dubby1> nope
[07:21] <dubby1> looking at it i have xserver-xorg-core installed
[07:21] <dbglt> ok quick question: update-kde-notifier - are there plans
to fix this before release?
[07:22] <DaSkreech> erichj: Thanks
[07:22] <erichj> DaSkreech, welcome
[07:22] <DaSkreech> Not to be a whiner but full screening it makes the
video bein a tiny box
[07:22] <dbglt> specifically, the annoying as hell "you must reboot now"
thing, which likes to stay on top, and has no option to get it to go away
[07:22] <dbglt> other than quit the program
[07:22] <DaSkreech> be in
[07:23] <erichj> DaSkreech, do you have compiz running?
[07:23] <DaSkreech> dbglt: How do you get that I've been trying to get it
to toll me o reboot
[07:23] <DaSkreech> erichj: no but I have compositing effects on for kwin
[07:23] <dbglt> DaSkreech: install a new kernel (Eg. upgrade) whilst
running update-notifier-kde
[07:23] <dbglt> should appear in system tray
[07:24] <dbglt> it needs work before it can be released... the gnome
version is much nicer
[07:24] <dubby1> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
[07:24] <dubby1>   xorg-driver-fglrx: Depends: xserver-xorg-core but it
is not going to be installed
[07:24] <dubby1> E: Broken packages
[07:24] <dubby1> I get those errors
[07:25] <freaky[t]> when i tried to upgrade from hardy my laptop stopped
booting up so i downloaded the beta CD and reinstalled ;D
[07:25] <DaSkreech> dbglt: #kubuntu-devel I'm sure they would like your
[07:26] <dbglt> hrmm
[07:26] <dbglt> might try hack up a decent version
[07:26] <dbglt> less annoying anyway
[07:26] <dbglt> just not sure if there are plans/a new version in the mix
[07:28] <DaSkreech> That would be the new version and it would make sense
to hang out in #kubuntu-devel :)
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[07:43] <fargiolas> hi, any known issue about network manager not
remembering wifi passwords?
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
[07:46] <elfgoh> Hi my intrepid beta hanged and upon restarting i get
dropped to a busybox shell.. i am using wubi.. there is a msg that it
can't find host disks.
[07:46] <elfgoh> any tips on hw to overcome that?
[07:47] <trandyr> If I have a question, do I just shout it out, or is
there some sort of order/line? Sorry, I'm new to this. :-p
[07:48] <DanaG> !ask
[07:48] <ubottu> Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question
(all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone
knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)
[07:48] <DanaG> So go ahead.
[07:49] <Leonheart> did ubuntu 8.10 now support sata on 4530?
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
[07:51] <Leonheart> I mean did new isata driver is implemented or added
[07:51] <trandyr> I just installed Ubuntu for the first time (its great,
so far...I'm loving it), and I went with 8.1, but I'm having issues with
my ATI Radeon HD 3450. It works fine for most things, and I have no
problems with it in Win, however I can't enable Visual Effects or use
things like Desktop Cube. I'm assuming its because of my GFX card. I
installed the latest open-source drivers per synaptic, but no joy. Then,
I tried uninstalling them
[07:51] <trandyr> and installing the latest ATI-provided drivers, but
that also gave me an error message. So I just did a clean boot and am
trying it from scratch. Anyone know why thi smight be?
[07:52] <trandyr> btw, the error message was just: Desktop effects could
not be enabled
[07:53] <DaSkreech> !ati
[07:53] <ubottu> For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia
binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment
[07:53] <DaSkreech> erichj: Ever seen mplayer do that for full screen?
[07:53] <Leonheart> yeah. tht happen when driver acceleration is not
present. e.g stndard VESA only :P
[07:54] <trandyr> VESA?
[07:54] <zetheroo-ubuntu> is Ibex going to make my sound card work? ...
Intel HDA (mic not working!
[07:56] <Leonheart> he Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is
an international body, founded in the late 1980s by NEC Home Electronics
and eight other video display adapter manufacturers. The initial goal was
to produce a standard for 800x600 SVGA resolution video displays. Since
then VESA has issued a number of standards, mostly relating to the
function of video peripherals in IBM PC compatible computers...
[07:57] <DanaG> Whoever designed the 5:4 aspect ratio resolution,
1280x1024, should be slapped.
[07:57] <trandyr> ohh, okay
[07:58] <DanaG> People will stretch a CRT set at 1280x1024... and then
wonder why things aren't circular.
[07:58] <DanaG> The answer: 1280x1024 is wrong for a CRT. 1280x960 is
what would be correct.
[07:58] <Leonheart> becoz it will use radian pixel :P
[07:58] <Leonheart> r, teta
[07:58] <trandyr> btw, I tried following the instructions on the website
and it said: Sorry, the program "jockey-gtk" clsoed unexpectedly...I
believe jockey-gtk has something to do with opensource video drivers,
right? That was when I tried to go to System\Administration\Hardware
Drivers and install the proprietary drivers as it said.
[08:00] <LSD|Ninja> jockey is the restricted drivers manager
[08:01] <buddy> anyone have problems with installing xorg-driver-fglrx?
[08:01] <trandyr> yeah, that's my issue :)
[08:01] <buddy> trandyr whats it telling you?
[08:01] <trandyr> I have an ATI Radeon HD 3450, and it won't let me
install it
[08:02] <buddy> It keeps telling me broken packages
[08:02] <trandyr> that's better than my message
[08:02] <trandyr> tells me its dependent on a file that's not there...but
the file needed is one that the package says it removes
[08:02] <trandyr> go figure
[08:02] <crdlb> fglrx is not available in intrepid because it still
doesn't support xserver 1.5
[08:02] <buddy> lol
[08:03] <trandyr> so then is there another way to get my danged gfx card
to work right, so I can use visual effects and such?
[08:03] <buddy> waite 20 ish days for the next fglrx release ?
[08:03] <trandyr> lol
[08:03] <trandyr> I was hoping for something more expedient than that. :-
[08:04] <buddy> well they release a new one each month
[08:04] <buddy> and they have not released this months yet
[08:05] <trandyr> ok, one more question, then I promise I'm done for now.
:-p I'm trying to Force Quit the Hardware Drivers screen, cause it froze
up...on the "Processes" list under System Monitor what is it called?
[08:05] <trandyr> lol...and it unfroze after 10 minutes, right as I hit
enter on that message :-p
[08:07] <trandyr> Thanks all for your time
[08:08] <trandyr> btw, is there a good beginner primer on ubuntu?
Something besides the forums/wiki (ie: something more in a text-book type
format). Cause I'm brand new to it.
[08:08] <zetheroo-ubuntu> will my sound device be working in Ubuntu Ibex?
... I have Intel HDA ..
[08:08] <Leonheart> wht the diferent beetween gtk and xface?
[08:11] <DaSkreech> xface?
[08:11] <Leonheart> yeah. the lite desktop theme enviroment for kubuntu
or something...
[08:12] <Leonheart> Seem tht GTK theme using script generator. Its seems
very lite and quik than stupid windows theme
[08:13] <Leonheart> But i never see the xface system before xD
[08:14] <DaSkreech> xfce
[08:14] <DaSkreech> !xfce
[08:14] <ubottu> Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info
at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To
install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join
#xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels
[08:14] <Leonheart> something like tht. I don't really remember
[08:15] <Leonheart> I just wanna ask the way xfce do.
[08:16] <Leonheart> oh. http://www.xfce.org/
[08:18] <Leonheart> hmm? from the screenshot its look just like normal
GTK :?
[08:22] <crdlb> Leonheart: xfce is written using the gtk+ toolkit
[08:22] <crdlb> just as Gnome is
[08:23] <Leonheart> yeah
[08:30] <DanaG> x..... face? Nice. Somebody should make such an app.
[08:31] <Leonheart> maybe me :P
[08:31] <Leonheart> wheeehh... I'll use xface name to my game GUI :P
[08:31] <Leonheart> cool 8-)
[08:33] <Hobbsee> xjump and such already exist :P
[08:34] <dbglt> odd. any reason why python-kde4-doc doesn't include the
binary pykdedocs anymore?
[08:41] <Hobbsee> !dualboot
[08:41] <ubottu> Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64:
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs:
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
[08:59] <anolis> my system is semi broken.. i can't get x to load because
my graphics modules need to be recompiled but i can't install kernel-
source or linux-headers
[09:01] <Leonheart> bad :(
[09:01] <anolis> ya think much?
[09:01] <anolis> sigh..
[09:02] <Leonheart> better install new system xD
[09:02] <anolis> when i try to compile the nvidia drivers for kernel
2.6.27-6-generic it errors and says that im running a xen kernel
[09:03] <anolis> Leonheart: this system has lasted 4 upgrades.. its not
gonna die now :)
[09:03] <RAOF> anolis: Why aren't you using the packaged drivers?
[09:03] <RAOF> (Hint: they work)
[09:03] <RAOF> Or, rather, the've got a patch which fixes them.
[09:03] <anolis> hmm
[09:05] <Leonheart> yeah? are u sure RAOF?
[09:06] <RAOF> Leonheart: * (as long as you've got a card > geforce 4)
[09:06] <anolis> well i just installed nvidia-glx-177
[09:06] <Leonheart> becoz ubuntu driver for my NVIDIA card doesn't work
for me
[09:06] <anolis> RAOF: im guessing that i just restart and it works?
[09:06] <RAOF> anolis: That's the plan, certainly.
[09:06] <Leonheart> and i can't activate the effect :P
[09:06] <anolis> ok i will try..
[09:06] <RAOF> I don't _think_ that your attempt to manually install the
drivers will have killed anything :)
[09:07] <RAOF> Leonheart: What card, and how did you try to enable the
[09:08] <Leonheart> its work fine for ubuntu 7.10 but not in 8.04 :P
[09:08] <RAOF> Support for 8.04 is in #ubuntu; you'll get misleading
answers in here!
[09:08] <Leonheart> just and old card MX4000
[09:08] <Leonheart> :P
[09:08] <Leonheart> bad
[09:09] <RAOF> Well, there are no nvidia drivers for that card that
support Intrepid, sadly.
[09:09] <Leonheart> yeah. but its work for 7.10. odd :(
[09:10] <Leonheart> I have both MX400 and MX4000 :P
[09:11] <anolis> didn't work
[09:11] * RAOF is guessing you don't actually mean MX4000, becasue
there's no such card :)
[09:11] <RAOF> anolis: And by "didn't work" you mean...
[09:11] <RAOF> Oooh!
[09:11] <RAOF> !doesntwork
[09:11] <ubottu> Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the
couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please
be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.
[09:11] <RAOF> :)
[09:11] <Leonheart> heya. its true geforce MX4000 256MB
[09:12] <anolis> RAOF: by didn't work i mean it didn't load the modules
nvidia or nv into the running kernel
[09:12] <RAOF> anolis: Hm. Try running "sudo invoke-rc.d
dkms_autoinstaller start"
[09:12] <RAOF> That should build you a kernel module.
[09:12] <RAOF> Alternatively, reinstall the nvidia-177-kernel-source
[09:16] <Leonheart> see http://www.nvidia.com/page/geforce4mx.html
[09:16] <Leonheart> its true. i'm not lie
[09:16] <Leonheart> With the GeForce4 MX and GeForce MX 4000 graphics
processing units (GPUs), NVIDIA provides a new level of cost-effective,
high-performance graphics to the ...
[09:17] <anolis> thank you that seemed to work
[09:17] <Leonheart> ups. sorry, i just miss the size. its 128MB only :P.
the 256MB is my new one :P
[09:17] <anolis> exit
[09:17] <anolis> oops
[09:18] <Leonheart> what nvidia card u have anolis?
[09:19] <RAOF> Leonheart: Sure you don't mean the MX 440?
[09:20] <jimmy_birer> ubuntu hardy hardcore
[09:20] <jimmy_birer> breezy breast
[09:21] <jimmy_birer> edgy eatcdick
[09:21] <jimmy_birer> fuck ubuntu
[09:21] <RAOF> !ops
[09:21] <ubottu> Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in
emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee,
rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth,
thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda,
nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang,
jussi01, or Flannel!
[09:21] <jimmy_birer> mandriav roks
[09:21] <jimmy_birer> ubottu my fucked wife
[09:21] <ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about my fucked wife
[09:21] <jimmy_birer> hahaha
[09:21] <jimmy_birer> read the ubottus quote
[09:22] <jimmy_birer> !ops
[09:22] <ubottu> Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in
emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee,
rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth,
thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda,
nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang,
jussi01, or Flannel!
[09:22] <jimmy_birer> !ops
[09:22] <jimmy_birer> !pos
[09:22] <ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about pos
[09:22] <bugabundo_work> will some one teatch jimmy_birer some # manners?
[09:22] <Leonheart> RAOF: the case write MX 4000 and yes. in windows its
write MX 4000 driver
[09:23] <bugabundo_work> thank you ikonia
[09:23] <Leonheart> my oldest is MX400
[09:23] <ikonia> apologies for being slow
[09:23] <Leonheart> and this one is MX4000
[09:23] <RAOF> Not that slow :)
[09:23] <bugabundo_work> I don't what goes on this guys minds!
[09:24] <bugabundo_work> I guess they just want to have their 5 secs of
fame or something
[09:24] <bugabundo_work> or getting some other guy IP banned! lol
=== mattik_ is now known as mattik
[09:32] <Leonheart>
[09:32] <Leonheart> I am using Kubuntu 8.04 on a desktop with the nvidia
driver/kernel module. ... product: NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] vendor: nVidia
Corporation physical id: 0 ...
[09:32] <Leonheart> so don't belive if MX 4000 is exist? :P
[09:32] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 230624 in xorg "logout crash kubuntu 8.10
(kde3) lifebook S7010" [Undecided,New]
[09:32] <RAOF> Leonheart: Your card is strange; I've never heard of the
MX 4000 before :)
[09:35] <RAOF> Leonheart: Heh. http://www.nvidia.com/page/geforce4mx.html
[09:58] <ikonia> Leonheart1: you may want to try the older nvidia-glx
packages such as glx-legacy for that card
[09:58] <ikonia> I know legacy is not meant for the GF cards
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
[09:58] <freaky[t]> those new desktop effects for intrepid are cool. it's
just theres still no effect for maximizing/windowing windows
[09:59] <dns53> i wish they had the fish inside the cube but no one seems
to want to maintain it
[09:59] <ikonia> freaky[t]: which new effects ?
[10:00] <freaky[t]> ikonia: well there are some new effects
[10:00] <welshman> !ati
[10:00] <ubottu> For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia
binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment
[10:00] <ikonia> can you be specific, I'm interested
=== LSD|Ninj2 is now known as LSD|Ninja
[10:00] <freaky[t]> ikonia: umm, i can't remember i just tried them out
[10:01] <elmargol> Someone knows if the new nvidia drivers will be
included in the final version?
[10:01] <welshman> if they exist why not
[10:01] <elmargol> welshman: well the repositories are frozen
[10:01] <welshman> problem is they dont exist
[10:02] <welshman> for xorg 7.4 that is
[10:03] <elmargol> welshman: i can not follow you
[10:03] <welshman> well, speaking for ati, there are no drivers for xorg
[10:04] <welshman> 77 updates this morning, ooo thanks :)
[10:04] <Leonheart1> ikonia: I download the update package now :P
[10:04] <elmargol> bug #275098
[10:04] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 275098 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-177
"Packaging request, please upgrade to ver 177.80" [Wishlist,In progress]
[10:04] <elmargol> only morrons buy ATI
[10:04] <Leonheart1> :P
[10:05] <welshman> I though those drivers were ok, someone was in here
the other day and said they were working
[10:05] <freaky[t]> what package should i install for mp3 etc. like the
restricted-extras package what was it called again
[10:05] <freaky[t]> ?
[10:05] <welshman> I am a morron, thanks
[10:05] <welshman> do you have many friends?
[10:05] <Leonheart1> me too xD
[10:05] <elmargol> welshman: 2 on facebook :D
[10:06] <freaky[t]> the effects jump for me :(
[10:06] <freaky[t]> how can i test if the nvidia driver is working?
[10:06] <welshman> try compiz I suppose
[10:06] <Leonheart1> there should checked [enabled] on driver tool :P
[10:07] <freaky[t]> yea it says it's in use
[10:07] <freaky[t]> ok cool thanks
[10:07] <welshman> the word gloat comes to mind
[10:09] <freaky[t]> is anyone here using yakuake?
[10:09] <Leonheart1> ubottu: Sorry, I don't know anything about yakuake
[10:09] <ubottu> Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm
intelligent :)
[10:09] <freaky[t]> i cant decide on how large i want the window lol
[10:10] <Leonheart1> !yakuake
[10:10] <ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about yakuake
[10:10] <freaky[t]> it's a application which uses konsole and you can
press (per default) f12 and a console comes from the top of your screen
[10:10] <zniavre> hello / bonjour
[10:10] <welshman> ça va
[10:11] <Leonheart1> I'm agreed with ubottu
[10:11] <zniavre> this new feature for totem (bbc contents) is only
available for uk people ?
[10:11] <welshman> probably
[10:12] <welshman> for certain things I guess
[10:12] <welshman> I live in France and there are some things I cannot
view even in Vista
[10:12] <Leonheart1> :P
[10:12] <zniavre> ok thank you (merci)
[10:12] <welshman> avec plasiar
[10:12] <Leonheart1> make ur own OS then "France OS"
[10:13] <welshman> I could use Tor and make the bbc think I am from the
UK I suppose
[10:14] <zniavre> kind of proxy stuff ?
[10:14] <welshman> although I bet they are wise to that
[10:14] <welshman> boo
[10:14] <dns53> eek
[10:14] <zniavre> :o)
[10:14] <Leonheart1> oh nooo
[10:14] <welshman> system restart required
[10:18] <Leonheart1> yay
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
[10:21] <huwshimi_> Hi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a laptop, however
it can not load x when booting into install. The laptop has an intel
chipset. Any way I can get to the install screen?
[10:22] <Leonheart1> there must be some device error
[10:22] <Leonheart1> brb
[10:22] <welshman> have you tried the alternate iso, if there is one
[10:23] <huwshimi_> welshman: Not yet. I was hoping to save another
download :)
[10:24] <gnomefreak> huwshimi_: did you atleast see the usplash screen?
[10:24] <huwshimi_> gnomefreak: yes.
[10:24] <welshman> http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.10/
[10:24] <gnomefreak> huwshimi_: but no login screen?
[10:25] <welshman> login? Have you installed?
[10:25] <huwshimi_> welshman is right, i'm still trying to install it
[10:26] <gnomefreak> welshman: from his comment he has it installed but
can get X on first boot
[10:26] <gnomefreak> oh
[10:26] <welshman> might just be resolution?
[10:26] <gnomefreak> i took "however it can not load x when booting into
[10:26] <gnomefreak> " as an installed system
[10:26] <huwshimi_> sorry I wasn't very clear
[10:26] <welshman> your sacked
[10:27] <gnomefreak> huwshimi_: download the alternate ISO and see if it
[10:27] <huwshimi_> gnomefreak: Yeah I think I'll just have to do that
[10:27] <huwshimi_> maybe somethings up with the intel drivers on that
live cd
[10:27] <welshman> Does Hardy work on it?
[10:28] <huwshimi_> I haven't tried that
[10:28] <welshman> ah
[10:28] <gnomefreak> huwshimi_: when you do check the md5sum with the
command md5sum bleh-bleh.iso   replace bleh bleh with name of iso. and
compare it to the md5 on the download site. than burn at lowest speed
[10:29] <gnomefreak> huwshimi_: as far as i know intel works fine ok
desktop iso but i havent tried it with intel chips other than processor
[10:29] <huwshimi_> gnomefreak: I checked the current disk, and it's fine
(I've also used this disk to install on another machine)
[10:30] <freaky[t]> when is intrepid going to be released?
[10:30] <gnomefreak> than its most likely the set up or ram.
[10:30] <gnomefreak> freaky[t]: around the 30th
[10:30] <gnomefreak> on doesnt mean the same everywhere
[10:31] <Leonheart1> freaky[t]: like it say 22 days countdown
[10:31] * gnomefreak is gonna regret this next move im about to do :(
[10:31] <dns53> as long as it's 23:59 on on the 30th in Hawaii it's on
[10:31] <Leonheart1> but maybe take 1-2 week after countdown over :P
[10:32] <gnomefreak> all depends on the results of the final release
installer or major bugs aka blocking bugs
[10:32] <freaky[t]> ok cool :D
[10:34] <gnomefreak> what are the chances of GPG support on default
evolution (without plugins)
[10:36] <RAOF> gnomefreak: Pretty good?
[10:36] <RAOF> Also known as: works for me.
[10:36] <gnomefreak> RAOF: not sure yet ;)
[10:37] <gnomefreak> testing atm
[10:41] <gnomefreak> dns53: more than likely around midnight UTC time
[10:44] <peter771> I tried the live cd yesterday and there were no
ethernet drivers, has this been fixed in the daily build?
[10:46] <gnomefreak> peter771: for intel nic card?
[10:46] <ikonia> peter771: there are ethernet drivers
[10:46] <Leonheart1> if there is no driver for ubuntu. the only way is
use windows driver wrapper
[10:51] <gnomefreak> oh well smoke break while updates finish
=== Rafik_ is now known as Rafik
[10:51] <peter771> ikonia, so is that just the livecd which has the
disabled ethernet and it will be fixed once I update?
[10:52] <ikonia> peter771 the livecd has not disabled ethernet
[10:52] <Leonheart1> yes
[10:52] <Leonheart1> its full feature
[10:53] <Leonheart1> <but use ram drive> Bad
[10:54] <peter771> ikonia, my ethernet wasn't detected!
[10:56] <mifritscher> peter771: a intel card= then it could be that the
driver is disabled
[10:56] <peter771> it is an intel ethernet card
[10:57] <peter771> has an update been released to fix it though?
[10:57] <mifritscher> ok, its driver is disabled atm because of severe
[10:57] <mifritscher> I think there is an update, but I don't know if the
fix are on current live-cds
[10:57] <mifritscher> *is
[10:58] <mifritscher> but I'm away now, bye
[10:58] <peter771> I'll probably wait until stable or just stick with
[10:59] <Turms> Lynoure: a couple of weeks ago you showed an interest to
my problems with kernel 2.6.27, you can see here the bug bug i've filed
and my request to close it
[10:59] <Turms> bug 272896
[10:59] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 272896 in linux "intrepid - after upgrade
to kernel 2.6.27 i cannot upgrade nor i can navigate internet"
[Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/272896
[11:02] <ikonia> peanutb: %100 wait until stable
[11:03] <ikonia> oops
[11:03] <mnemoc> hi, does the NetworkManager has an IRC channel
[11:03] <mnemoc> or better, does anyone know how to add new mobile
broadband providers to the list?
[11:04] <Turms> mnemoc: just uninstall it and use the good old
/etcnetwork/interfaces :-D
[11:04] <Turms> * /etc/network/interfaces :-D
[11:04] <mnemoc> Turms: If I would want to hack I wouldn't be using
ubuntu ;-)
[11:05] <Turms> mnemoc: well i do not think playing with
/etc/network/interfaces can be considered as hacking :-D
[11:05] <mnemoc> Turms: true :p
[11:05] <Turms> ;-)
[11:08] <IntuitiveNipple> mnemoc: Add it to /usr/share/mobile-broadband-
provider-info/serviceproviders.xml (and post a bug against mobile-
broadband-provider-info with the same info so it can bed added to the
core package)
[11:09] <mnemoc> IntuitiveNipple: thanks!
[11:28] <Nubae> anyone manage to get cdemu working on intrepid?
[11:30] <Haegin> hi, where can i find the default keyring evolution
suddenly wants to use and how do i set the passphrase?
[11:30] <mnemoc> IntuitiveNipple: worked perfect! 3G connectivity using a
nokia e71 =) I'll file the "bug" including the data of my provider
[11:30] <IntuitiveNipple> mnemoc: thanks
[11:32] <mnemoc> but the speedtest costed me 2 euros :\
[11:33] <TheInfinity> :o
[11:38] <mnemoc> IntuitiveNipple: "mobile-broadband-provider-info does
not use Launchpad as its bug tracker." :(
[11:45] <IntuitiveNipple> mnemoc: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/mobile-
[11:45] <mnemoc> IntuitiveNipple: thanks :)
[11:46] <mnemoc> IntuitiveNipple: someelse had filed it too.... #277455
[11:46] <IntuitiveNipple> :)
[11:48] <pwuertz> hi... do you know these "Application problem" "Sorry,
the program closed unexpectedly" popups? which part of ubuntu is
responsible for showing me these?
[11:48] <pwuertz> and how do I get rid of it
[12:05] <CapaH> Ubuntu Intrepid will not boot. Whenever I boot my
computer it stalls continually and I have to hit enter repeatedly to get
it to boot up. I basically have to hold the enter key down for the
'loading' bar to move and for Ubuntu/Kubuntu to load. Does anyone have
any ideas?
[12:07] <void^> boot without splash, and without quiet?
[12:26] <Under_Wraps> hi
[12:27] <Under_Wraps> I'm trying to follow the instructions at
[12:28] <Under_Wraps> the 'distribution upgrade' - step 7 disappears
[12:28] <Under_Wraps> http://paste.debian.net/18768/
[12:29] <Under_Wraps> the output from my konsole
[12:30] <Under_Wraps> what am I doing wrong?
[12:31] <dns53> i think it is a bug with your mirror or ubuntu
[12:35] <nhorning> hello?
[12:35] <dns53> hey
[12:35] <nhorning> I need help with network manager in ibex
[12:35] <Hobbsee> hmm. apparently we don't automatically blacklist the
pc module.
[12:36] <Under_Wraps> I've also tried the Kubuntu alpha 6 CD, which fails
with a busybox error ".... ata3 .... erro=-16"
[12:36] <nhorning> I can't get online with my ibex upgrade, so I'm on a
hardy live cd now
[12:36] <nhorning> can I downgrade the network manager using this live
[12:37] <dns53> using the alternate install yes
[12:37] <nhorning> huh?
[12:38] <nhorning> was that a response to me?
[12:39] <dns53> well if you have an alternate cd with an older version of
network manager you could install that older .deb
[12:39] <nhorning> yes, I have a hardy live cd
[12:39] <nhorning> so I can use that?
[12:39] <nhorning> anything I should know to do?
[12:39] <dns53> not a live cd, an alternate/server install as that has
the raw debs
[12:40] <nhorning> I don't have that
[12:40] <dns53> you have an intel card? there is a kernel bug that will
brick intel cards
[12:40] <nhorning> all intel cards?
[12:40] <Hobbsee> no,j ust a specific one.
[12:40] <Hobbsee> and it got fixed post-beta.
[12:41] <nhorning> so it's fixed now?
[12:41] <Hobbsee> and if you have network access, you can chroot into the
system, from the live cd, then install whatever versionsof things you
[12:41] <Hobbsee> nhorning: has been for ages.
[12:41] <nhorning> well I haven't been able to get online for ages
[12:41] <dns53> yeah chrooting may be an option
[12:41] <nhorning> so I'm on the live cd
[12:42] <nhorning> tell me more about this chrooting thing please
[12:42] <nhorning> that sounds like the ticked
[12:42] <nhorning> err ticket
[12:42] <Haegin> hi, where can i find the default keyring evolution
suddenly wants to use and how do i set the passphrase?
[12:43] <nhorning> I think I needed to wait about one more day before I
[12:43] <Hobbsee> nhorning: mount the / partition of your borked system,
run sudo chroot /wherever/you/mounted/it.    You'll then be in a root
[12:43] <linny> anyone here use a miezu media player with ubuntu ?
[12:44] <Hobbsee> !chroot
[12:44] <ubottu> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to
build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box
[12:45] <dns53> boot into the live cd, mount your root partition, ie
/media/normalroot, sudo chroot /media/normalroot, you can then sudo apt-
get update, apt-get dist-upgrade
[12:45] <Hobbsee> hmm. that's not so helpful.
[12:45] <nhorning> ok, I'm root
[12:45] <nhorning> now what?
[12:46] <dns53> you basically get a terminal window that acts as if it's
under the root directory so you can do anything you normally would do if
you had booted into that install
[12:46] <nhorning> yes, great
[12:46] <nhorning> I'm root
[12:46] <nhorning> so now what command to I type to get my system updated
[12:47] <nhorning> is it update-manager ?
[12:47] <dns53> you as root under your installed system or your lived cd?
[12:47] <nhorning> yes
[12:47] <nhorning> err my installed system
[12:47] <nhorning> I typed sudo chroot /media/disk
[12:48] <dns53> i prefer apt from a command line, type apt-get update
then apt-get dist-upgrade, aptude and update-manager will also work
[12:48] <nhorning> typing update manager will also work?
[12:49] <dns53> the program is update-manager
[12:49] <nhorning> hmm, said couldn't open dislplay
[12:49] <dns53> use apt-get or aptitude then
[12:49] <nhorning> so apt-get update
[12:50] <nhorning> then apt-get dist-upgrade
[12:50] <dns53> yes
[12:50] <nhorning> Ok, it's doing stuff
[12:51] <nhorning> method http has died unexpectedly
[12:51] <nhorning> do I need to find a cafe with a more consistant
[12:52] <dns53> keep retrying it a few times, it will resume downloads
[12:54] <nhorning> well, my connections at 10 percent
[12:54] <nhorning> it says could not set non-blocking flag Bad file
descriptor E: Methond http has died unexpectedly
[12:56] <dns53> if you are at a cafe perhaps you need to login or
[12:56] <nhorning> I'm on my laptop at a cafe
[12:57] <nhorning> of course, I just found out they don't own the
wireless I was useing
[12:57] <nhorning> so now theirs a password on the fast one...
[12:57] <nhorning> anyway, iv'e automatically connected to one next door
[12:58] <nhorning> and it's at 10 percent
[12:58] <nhorning> so, when it says : Ign http://security.ubuntu.com
intrepid-security/main Translation-en_US
[12:58] <nhorning> 96% [Working]FATAL -> Could not set non-blocking flag
Bad file descriptor
[12:58] <nhorning> E: Method http has died unexpectedly!
[12:58] <nhorning> root@ubuntu:/#
[12:59] <nhorning> Ign http://security.ubuntu.com intrepid-security/main
[12:59] <nhorning> 96% [Working]FATAL -> Could not set non-blocking flag
Bad file descriptor
[12:59] <nhorning> E: Method http has died unexpectedly!
[12:59] <nhorning> is that my net connection or the command I'm typing?
[12:59] <nhorning> that's the problem?
[13:01] <nhorning> hmm, aptitude did the same thing
[13:02] <nhorning> Fatal -> could not set non-blocking flag bad file
[13:02] <nhorning> any ideas?
[13:04] <dns53> ether your net connection or you have something wrong
with your ubuntu partition
[13:04] <Hobbsee> does google say anything interesting about it?
[13:05] <nhorning> well, yeah there's something wrong with it
[13:05] <nhorning> my network card doesn't work on it
[13:06] <nhorning> hey, I tried the google search first
[13:06] <nhorning> oh
[13:06] <nhorning> you mean the error...
[13:06] <dns53> unmount it and run fsck
[13:06] <nhorning> fsck
[13:06] <nhorning> what does that do?
[13:07] <dns53> file system check
[13:07] <nhorning> anything that would hose me?
[13:07] <Hobbsee> yes, the error :)
[13:07] <dns53> it will prompt if it is going to do anything
[13:07] <nhorning> ok, I'll do that google search first
[13:14] <nhorning> well, a bunch of threads are coming up in the forums
[13:14] <nhorning> and most are tell me to check network connecton
related stuff
[13:16] <nhorning> ok
[13:17] <nhorning> can I use the hardy live cd to install the old network
manager on it?
[13:18] <nhorning> I think I really just need to get the internetworking
[13:18] <ikonia> no
[13:18] <ikonia> don't mix release packages
[13:18] <nhorning> hmm
[13:18] <nhorning> ok, I'm going to install some securty fixes for my
live cd session
[13:18] <nhorning> and then try again
[13:19] <nhorning> dang it
[13:19] <nhorning> it's going at 23 k a second
[13:19] <nhorning> I'm going to find a better wifi
[13:19] <nhorning> and come back
[13:22] <dns53> one thing about using alpha/beta versions of ubuntu is
you download an awful lot of large updates
[13:31] <baffle> I really hope someone looks at
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/263211 -- It happens
on all my Intrepid machines, and imho is a release blocker.
[13:31] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 263211 in xorg "apps-wont-open-due-to-
maximum-clients-reached-error" [Undecided,Confirmed]
[13:39] <remu> Hey everyone, does anyone here have experience with the
IDT Audo Codec: HD71Bxx?
[13:46] <mirco> Hi all, I've installed 8.10 but can't get it to show the
german l10... And yes I've all language-packs installed and in
/etc/default/locale I've set LANG=de_DE.utf-8!!! pls help
[13:47] <mirco> ATM I realized that OOo uses the language-pack ...
[13:57] <remu> hey guys, I have a question about irqpoll
=== pvandewyngaerde is now known as Guest72727
[14:17] <nhorning> ok
[14:17] <nhorning> I'm back with a better internet connection
[14:17] <nhorning> I'm still trying to update ibex using chroot from the
live cd
[14:18] <nhorning> shouldn't I have to enter in my installed password at
some point if I'm doing that?
[14:19] <nhorning> hello?
[14:20] <nhorning> anybody listening?
[14:22] <jmworx> It seems like Intrepid is shipping Speex version
[14:23] <nhorning> hey there
[14:23] <jmworx> the only problem is that there's no such thing as a
1.2beta4 release
[14:23] <nhorning> I installed ibex to early
[14:23] <nhorning> and my network card is broken
[14:23] <nhorning> I'm on the live cd
[14:23] <nhorning> err hardy live cd
[14:23] <nhorning> trying to fix my beta installation
[14:24] <nhorning> can anyone help?
[14:26] <dany_21a_> nhorning: what network card to you have?
[14:27] <nhorning> It's an intel
[14:27] <nhorning> but i'm not sure which one
[14:27] <nhorning> I don't have device manager installed on the live
[14:28] <remu> I was having problems with my sound, so I added irqpoll
as a kernel option which solved my sound issues, but it seems to make the
system less responsive, especially the touchpad. Does anyone know if it
is possible to apply the irqpoll only to the soundcard?
[14:28] <dany_21a_> ouch... might be you suffered from that:
[14:28] <dany_21a_> nhorning: ^
[14:28] <ubottu> bugzilla.kernel.org bug 11382 in Network "e1000e:
2.6.27-rc1 corrupts EEPROM/NVM" [Normal,Closed: code_fix]
[14:28] <nhorning> maybe
[14:28] <nhorning> but their's a fix out now?
[14:29] <dany_21a_> fix in the sens of: i does not happen any more, but
if you erased you EEPROM this might be harder to recover
[14:29] <dany_21a_> you have to google for it
[14:29] <dany_21a_> *i=it
[14:29] <nhorning> the driver was blacklisted
[14:29] <nhorning> oh
[14:29] <nhorning> and my card is working on the live cd
[14:29] <nhorning> so that's not what happend
[14:29] <nhorning> but I need to update the ibex beta through my hardy
live session
[14:30] <nhorning> I need help with that
[14:30] <dany_21a_> to you have mounted the / of the ibex in any
[14:31] <nhorning> yes
[14:31] <nhorning> I have it mounted at /media/disk
[14:31] <dany_21a_> try on a console to chroot into that (as root), sudo
chroot /media/disk
[14:31] <nhorning> I have
[14:32] <nhorning> and then I typed in apt-get update
[14:32] <dany_21a_> okay
[14:32] <nhorning> but it's saying fatal -> Could not set non-blocking
flag Bad file descriptor
[14:32] <dany_21a_> what filesystem is the ibex partition?
[14:33] <nhorning> it's a stand alone installation
[14:33] <nhorning> so I assume it's the same file system
[14:33] <dany_21a_> paste here the relavant line of the mount command
(out of the chroot)
[14:33] <dany_21a_> (ie... enter just mount)
[14:33] <nhorning> what mount command?
[14:34] <dany_21a_> "mount"
[14:34] <nhorning> it started out mounted
[14:34] <dany_21a_> just enter "mount" without any params
[14:35] <remu> hey guys, I just ran update manager, and I clicked on the
"Partial Upgrade" thing it popped up, it ran the distro upgrade, however,
now it has been sitting at "clean up" for 5-10 minutes, is this normal?
[14:36] <remu> I have to shut my computer in like 10 minutes to get to
class....what should I do?
[14:36] <nhorning> /dev/sda1 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-
[14:36] <nhorning> is that relivant?
[14:36] <dany_21a_> nhorning: why is that mounted on /
[14:37] <nhorning> it's the first line
[14:37] <dany_21a_> are you in the chroot?
[14:37] <nhorning> I think so
[14:37] <dany_21a_> open a new console and post the mount which shows who
is mounted to /meda/disk
[14:37] <mirco> remu: you could use lsof to check if there are file's
open in /var/cache/apt/archives...
[14:38] <remu> mirco: when I type lsof, a LONG list scrolls by fast
[14:38] <nhorning> /dev/sda1 on /media/disk type ext3
[14:39] <mirco> lsof | grep /var...
[14:39] <nhorning> hazza
[14:39] <nhorning> h
[14:39] <remu> mirco lsof | grep /var/cache/apt doesnt show anything
[14:40] <nhorning> so you saw that?
[14:40] <remu> lsof | grep /var gave alot, but those seemed to include
stuff from xchat
[14:40] <nhorning> looks like it's ext3
[14:41] <mirco> ps -ax |grep apt
[14:41] <dany_21a_> nhorning: than try to umount it (must extit chroot
for that) and fsck it
[14:41] <remu> mirco: Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See
[14:41] <remu> 5244 ?         Ss     0:00 avahi-daemon: running [umer-
[14:41] <remu> 12361 pts/1    R+     0:00 grep apt
[14:42] <nhorning> cannot unmount volume
[14:42] <nhorning> error writing /etc/mtab.tmp: No space left on device
[14:42] <nhorning> i was trying to install security updates....
[14:43] <nhorning> how do I clear off my fuse deamon?
[14:43] <dany_21a_> security updates in the LiveCD session?
[14:43] <nhorning> yeah
[14:44] <dany_21a_> if so, restart the system with the liveCd
[14:44] <nhorning> oops
[14:44] <nhorning> really?
[14:44] <nhorning> I have too?
[14:44] <dany_21a_> its the easiest way... you could try to empty
[14:45] <nhorning> I would prefer that..
[14:45] <nhorning> how do I do that?
[14:45] <remu> so, do you think I could ctrl+c the distro upgrade?
[14:45] <remu> its still stuck at the exact same position on the cleanup
[14:45] <dany_21a_> remu: try to kill the ldconfig process (dont know the
actual name)
[14:46] <remu> "update-intramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.27-6-
[14:46] <dany_21a_> remu: look "pstree" or "top"
[14:46] <elwood> hi guys
[14:46] <dany_21a_> nhorning: reboot if unsure
[14:46] <elwood> i want to check a bug with radeon and xorg
[14:46] <remu> dany_21a, how do I do that?
[14:46] <remu> I mean, where do I look for it, and how do I kill it?
[14:47] <remu> Can I do that from the system monitor?
[14:47] <mirco> remu: if aptitude would be running there must be a
process in the ps -ax output...
[14:47] <elwood> upgrading to beta give me this : (EE) RADEONHD(0):
AtomBIOS returned 8 Grey Levels
[14:47] <elwood> i have to reporto on launchpad?
[14:47] <remu> mirco: umer@umer-laptop:~$ ps -ax | grep apt
[14:48] <remu> Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See
[14:48] <remu> 5244 ?         Ss     0:00 avahi-daemon: running [umer-
[14:48] <remu> 12399 pts/1    S+     0:00 grep apt
[14:49] <mirco> I've seen it before, and "grep apt" is only what you used
for filtering...
[14:49] <mirco> Have you killed your ldconfig proc. as dany_21a told you?
[14:50] <remu> I don't know how to do that?
[14:50] <nhorning> ok
[14:50] <remu> I was looking in System Monitor under processes for pstree
or top
[14:50] <remu> or something like that
[14:52] <remu> but i didnt find anything
[14:54] <wtgee> Hello, how do I disable the trackpad in Ibex? I don't
see it in the Mouse seetings
[14:54] <dany_21a_> remu: try to enter "pstree" in a console
[14:54] <dany_21a_> ans see which processes the apt-get has spawn
[14:55] <Ibrahim> hello , I have just try to install intrepid on my dell
inspiron 6400 but boot process hang after splash screen appeared. I can
do nothing after that.. Any suggestion?
[14:55] <elwood> Ibrahim: press F2 and look when it hold
[14:55] <elwood> Ibrahim: press F2 and look when it holds
[14:55] <Ibrahim> ok I will just a minute..
[14:56] <remu> dany_21a_, nothing for apt-get or aptitude
[14:57] <mifritscher> hi
[14:58] <remu> well, now i have to go, im just going to shut down and
hope for the best
[14:59] <Nhorning> ok
[14:59] <Nhorning> rebooted
[14:59] <Nhorning> what was that command again?
[14:59] <Nhorning> fdsk ?
[14:59] <Nhorning> fdsk hd01?
[15:00] <Nhorning> ?
[15:00] <dany_21a_> mount it
[15:00] <Nhorning> mount it?
[15:00] <dany_21a_> sudo fsck /dev/sda
[15:00] <dany_21a_> umount it, sry
[15:00] <Nhorning> it's unmounted
[15:01] <wtgee> dany_21a_: I believe those were 3 steps: mount it, 'sudo
fsck /dev/sda', unmount it
[15:01] <piquadrat> Hi! I just bought a new laptop (ThinkPad T400) and
happily installed ubuntu on it. Hardy wasn't so happy about all the new
hardware, so I upgraded to intrepid. Everything works, except that the
intel 4500HD seems quite slow. glxgears has ~250 FPS, desktop effekts
work but are quite slow. Is this normal?
[15:02] <Nhorning> /dev/sda1: clean, 159641/2351104 files,
7637978/9389984 blocks
[15:02] <elwood> piquadrat: the beta?
[15:03] <dany_21a_> wtgee: no... the partion should be umounted!
[15:03] <jdb2> I've been trying to fix my broken upgrade to 8.10 but now
am at a loss as to what to do. In a nutshell, I followed the instructions
on www.kubuntu.org for upgrading to 8.10 beta via the Internet.
Unfortunately, about 30% through the install, after numerous pop-ups
complaining of dependency problems, the upgrade hung at "Preparing bash"
-- I had to kill it.
[15:03] <dany_21a_> Nhorning: sorry, /dev/sda1 not sda
[15:03] <piquadrat> elwood: I upgraded from hardy to intrepid with
update-manager (or whatever its name is), so it should be more or less
beta, yes
[15:04] <jdb2> So now I have a broken system, with no GUI, and a
partially functioning command line
[15:04] <jdb2> I tried 'apt-get -f dist-upgrade' but that only results in
the infamous error "E: Internal error. Could not perform immediate
configuration (1) on libc6"
[15:04] <jdb2> there is a bug report associated with this error
[15:04] <dany_21a_> Nhorning: and try adding "-f" bevor /dev/sda1
[15:04] <jdb2> with a link to a supposed solution in the forums
[15:05] <elwood> piquadrat: i have an ati which has similar problem with
an X1300. which driver are you using?
[15:05] <wtgee> dany_21a: Yeah, sorry, wasn't thinking
[15:05] <jdb2> tried it, still get the same error
[15:05] * wtgee goes to get morning coffee
[15:05] <Nhorning> do the fsck?
[15:05] <Nhorning> ok
[15:07] <Nhorning> ok, it says pass1: checking inoddes, blocks, and sizes
[15:07] <Nhorning> does this take a while?
[15:07] <Nhorning> cause I might get kicked out of this cafe...
[15:07] <piquadrat> elwood: I suppose its xserver-xorg-video-intel 2.4.1
or something like that
[15:08] <jdb2> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=653177
[15:08] <elwood> piquadrat: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE
[15:08] <jdb2> the fix doesn't work
[15:08] <mvo> jdb2: could you please file a bug and attach the files in
/var/log/dist-upgrade/* to the bugreport?
[15:08] <mklebel> in nvidia-settings, when I try and Save to X
configuration file, it crashes, is there anyways I can get it to print
out so I can copy paste it?
[15:08] <Nhorning> should I be seeing a progress bar or anything?
[15:08] <Nhorning> I just have a flashing cursor
[15:09] <piquadrat> elwood: nothing interesting in there, also not for WW
[15:10] <Nhorning> ok, checking directory structure
[15:11] <Nhorning> /dev/sda1: 159641/2351104 files (4.7% non-contiguous),
7637978/9389984 blocks
[15:11] <Nhorning> that doesn't sound good
[15:12] <Nhorning> ?
[15:12] <elwood> piquadrat: so i have no idea, sorry.
[15:13] <Nhorning> so, does that help?
[15:13] <piquadrat> elwood: I guess the hardware is still a bit to new...
I hope the intel guys will optimize it a little in the next few months :)
[15:14] <elwood> piquadrat: yes they are doing a good job
[15:16] <Nhorning> hey, I have to go can you give me an answer before I
[15:18] <Nhorning> hey, they are going to get angry at me...
[15:18] <Nhorning> did you see what I returned?
[15:19] <dany_21a_> sry..not always in front of chat, fsck looks okay
[15:19] <Nhorning> ok
[15:19] <dany_21a_> that not-continoous is just a kind of fragmentation
[15:19] <Nhorning> so I try again later than?
[15:19] <Nhorning> ok
[15:19] <Nhorning> i'll start again tomorrow
[15:31] <wastrel> anyone sync palm with their intrepid?
[15:31] <wastrel> sync is broken for moi
=== Authority__ is now known as Authority
[15:55] <mklebel> any fix for the nvidia-settings crash file saving to x?
[15:55] <mklebel> while* saving to X i mean
[16:01] <b3nw> i've installed the xubuntu beta and in firefox i've
changed all content to ask me what to do when I click on a multimedia
link, yet none of these options seem to take affect. Any suggestions on
how to fix OR what package I would file a bug on?
[16:02] <wastrel> b3nw: what happens instead?
[16:10] <ali1234> hi. after today's updates network manager says i am
offline. but i am online. firefox starts in "offline" mode and pidgin
won't go connect at all...
[16:11] <danbh_intrepid> ali1234: I have the same problem
[16:11] <ali1234> danbh_intrepid: have you manually edited network.conf?
[16:11] <danbh_intrepid> ali1234: pidgin will connect if you disable and
[16:11] <danbh_intrepid> ali1234: no, I havent, what should I do?
[16:12] <ali1234> danbh_intrepid: oh i just wondered, because i have,
thought maybe i had caused it
[16:12] <b3nw> wastrel - sorry, the totem-plugin plays inside of firefox
[16:12] <ali1234> i guess we just have to wait for a fix :)
[16:12] <danbh_intrepid> ali1234: no, it was definitely the NM update
[16:12] <ali1234> danbh_intrepid: yes, but the update will not replace
files that are user modified... so i thought maybe that was it
[16:13] <danbh_intrepid> ali1234: what network drivers are you using?
[16:13] <ali1234> um... e1000 (not e1000e)
[16:14] <ali1234> i also edited some of the files to make usbnet work
properly... but i am not using that at the moment
=== ali12341 is now known as ali1234
[16:15] <danbh_intrepid> ali1234: so its an intel gigabit ethernet?
[16:15] <DanaG> For some reason, my NetworkManager shows an "ifupdown
(br0)" interface.
[16:16] <ali1234> danbh_intrepid: to be honest i have no idea... but i
guess so yeah
[16:16] <danbh_intrepid> ali1234: its not wifi, and its not ath9k
[16:16] <ali1234> danbh_intrepid: it's ethernet, yes
[16:18] <danbh_intrepid> ali1234: do you configure through the interfaces
[16:19] <ali1234> danbh_intrepid: i have never configured it. it is still
on dhcp as the installer sets it up
[16:19] <danbh_intrepid> ali1234: mk, then its a NM bug
[16:20] <ali1234> however i have edited the interfaces file to add usb0
[16:26] <cwillu> update-manager hangs after partial update, no dpkg or
apt processes active.   Anyone run into this?
[16:26] <cwillu> updates themselves seem to have applied fine
[16:26] <cwillu> happened twice now
[16:27] <cwillu> regular updates apply fine
[16:28] <ali1234> yes i have seen that
[16:28] <ali1234> cwillu: ^
[16:28] <mvo> cwillu: is it currently hanging? can you strace it?
[16:28] <mvo> cwillu: does it help if you expand the terminal, press a
key or move the mouse inside the terminal window?
[16:30] <cwillu> mvo, already killed it, I'll strace it next time
(assuming...). Expanding the terminal, hitting keys, etc, doesn't bring
it back
[16:30] <mvo> Cwiiis: and it hangs when its supposed to be finished? or
in the middle of some operation?
[16:30] <mvo> Cwiiis: (intrepid, right?)
[16:30] <cwillu> yep, on 'cleaning up'
[16:30] <Cwiiis> cwillu != Cwiiis
[16:30] * cwillu pokes Cwiiis with a stick
[16:31] <underwraps_2K> how do I upgrade Kubuntu from a fresh install of
7.04 to 8.10 beta?
[16:31] <cwillu> mvo, progress bar is full, it just never comes back
[16:31] <cwillu> underwraps_2K, upgrade to 7.10, then 8.04
[16:31] <mvo> cwillu: ok, thanks. if you get into that situation again,
please ping me and/or strace it :)
[16:31] <cwillu> underwraps_2K, or backup your home directory, wipe and
reinstall, and restore your home dir
[16:32] <ali1234> mvo: yes, for me it also hung on cleaning up, full
process bar. on two machines today. one upgraded from 8.04 and one fresh
install. i started both updating at the same time
[16:32] * cwillu adds a stickynote to his desk with mvo's name
[16:33] <underwraps_2K> oops, I should have said 7.10 - Gutsy, and my
home is a separate partition
[16:34] <cwillu> underwraps_2K, k, but it's the same answer :p Upgrade
to 8.04, then 8.10, or wipe 7.10, and install 8.10 fresh
[16:34] <underwraps_2K> so I use Adept to do a full upgrade, from 7.10 to
8.04 and again 8.04 to 8.10
[16:35] <cwillu> whatever the normal process is for a kubuntu distro
[16:35] <underwraps_2K> excellent news, thank you :)
[16:36] <mvo> ali1234: thanks, a strace would be interessting here too.
did it actually o some cleanup before it was hanging? could you sent me
the upgrade logs please (/var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log specificially) of
the release upgrade?
[16:37] <wastrel> anyone using intrepid to sync palm os devices? sync is
broken for me
[16:38] <ali1234> mvo: i'm not sure... what does clean up actually do?
[16:38] <cwillu> mvo, http://nokia.cwillu.com/main.log
[16:38] <mvo> ali1234: on a full release upgrade it will remove obsolete
package and old kernels etc
[16:40] <mvo> cwillu: thanks for the log! did a dialog with "remove
obsolete packages" appear before the hang?
[16:40] <cwillu> mvo, yes, I clicked yes to that
[16:40] <cwillu> mvo, iirc, there was only one package listed
[16:41] <cwillu> a python binding for ... something
[16:41] <mvo> cwillu: ok, and then did it remove that or did nothing
[16:41] <cwillu> mvo, it did
[16:42] <ali1234> mvo: my laptop with fresh install has no main.log, and
on my desktop the log seems to be from a few weeks ago when i upgraded
from 8.04 to 8.10 (which worked ok)
[16:42] <mvo> ali1234: ok, thanks
[16:43] <mvo> cwillu: thanks - the log is inconclusive unfortunately, the
hang is there, but its not clear where exactly it is happening :/
[16:44] <cwillu> mvo, I'll ping you if it happens again
[16:44] <mvo> thanks cwillu
[16:45] <Unksi> is there a way to receive text messages with a huawei usb
3g modem?
[16:48] <ali1234> Unksi: SMS messages are usually received through an
extension to the AT command set so if you have a serial device through
which you can send AT commands to your modem, it shoudl work with eg.
[16:48] <ibrahim> hello I have installed intrepid on my laptop, I am
using mobility radeon x1400 graphic card. I cannot play videos even I
have installed related codecs. the player is crashing in a second.
[16:48] <Unksi> ali1234: ok will check that out, thanks :)
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
[16:51] <ibrahim> nothing??
[16:52] <Ayabara> See I get an nvidia update today. Is that the official
release, and will it give me better kde4-performance without any tweaks?
[16:52] <Pici> !final
[16:52] <ubottu> If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.10
(Intrepid Ibex) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already
running the latest version of Intrepid. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get
update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.
[16:53] <test_> Hi there people... after some time, my last update has
break things in my install, thus I want to move to a new version, so, now
it is beta
[16:53] <underwraps_2K> ibrahim: this might be applicable
[16:53] <test_> if I donwload and install it, I need to download it again
in a month or so?
[16:53] <underwraps_2K> ibrahim: then again it might not
[16:53] <Pici> test_: look what ubottu just said.
[16:53] <test_> a yes, Im reading it
[16:54] <test_> only I was writing hehe
[16:54] <test_> thanks also othere little question
[16:55] <trisinger> anyone have an idea how i can get around XGL server
being removed from intrepid
[16:55] <trisinger> i have a triple monitor setup with compiz enabled
[16:55] <Oli```> Woo new nvidia driver!
[16:55] <test_> if I want to install the packages that I have in my
breaked installation, how I will do that? I dont remember the name of all
things I installed
[16:55] <Ayabara> Pici: was that not-final for me?
[16:55] <Pici> Ayabara: No, it was for test_.
[16:55] <trisinger> i used the underlying xinerama libs in XGL server to
bind the screens together and still have compix enabled
[16:56] <Ayabara> Pici: good :)
[16:56] <trisinger> i would rather avoid trying to build xglserver with
deprecated libs
[16:58] <test_> is nvidia for 8600 for laptop already there I guess?
[16:59] <BenHoltz> Hey guys, I have gotten the latest update for compiz
and it has not fixed my issue, "Desktop effects cannot be enabled." any
[17:00] <wastrel> you need hardware drivers
[17:00] <wastrel> for your video card
[17:00] <BenHoltz> I have an intel chipset
[17:01] <BenHoltz> wastrel: I'll go look for some info on that. Thanks!
[17:04] <trisinger> BenHoltz you need to run compiz from command line and
see what it says there for an error
[17:05] <trisinger> Ben Holtz also run: glxinfo |grep direct
[17:16] <Le-Chuck_ITA> hi there, do you also find that audio input is
unreliable under intrepid? When I have to use skype I never can bet it
will work next time
[17:16] <Le-Chuck_ITA> also I can never record from gnome-sound-recorder,
it hangs
[17:17] <rmn> well, something certainly is fishy about the sound.
yesterday (or was it two days ago?) sound suddenly just died and got
replaced with a sound-frame being repeated for ever, even after logging
out and killing the x-server.
[17:17] <Le-Chuck_ITA> I stand corrected: it's skype that is not working
[17:18] <Le-Chuck_ITA> rmn: that also happened to me but the system was
completely deadlock
[17:18] <Le-Chuck_ITA> gnome-sound-recorder works
[17:18] <trisinger> pulse audio is being integrated further
[17:18] <trisinger> is skype using that
[17:18] <Le-Chuck_ITA> for output yes
[17:18] <Le-Chuck_ITA> for input I tried everything
[17:18] <trisinger> else there is a pulse asuio plugin to try and handle
[17:18] <Le-Chuck_ITA> sometimes it works sometimes not
[17:19] <Le-Chuck_ITA> there is pulseaudio support in skype, yes
[17:20] <Le-Chuck_ITA> now it works :)
[17:20] <Le-Chuck_ITA> same setup, the only difference is that I first
recorded a sample from gnome-sound-recorder...
[17:21] <rmn> /reboot
[17:21] <Le-Chuck_ITA> there's crazy people in this world
[17:21] <BenHoltz> can someone help me figure out my problem with intel
drivers and compiz,?
[17:21] <Le-Chuck_ITA> BenHoltz: what's the problem?
[17:22] <BenHoltz> I cannot start compiz because of what I believe is an
xorg config problem
[17:22] <Le-Chuck_ITA> BenHoltz: what video card?
[17:22] <BenHoltz> that and oddly enough I get errors, 1 sec I'll get a
[17:23] <BenHoltz> Le-Chuck_ITA: intel 945GM
[17:23] <Le-Chuck_ITA> ok now the pastebin :)
[17:24] <BenHoltz> Le-Chuck_ITA: http://paste.ubuntu.com/55322/
[17:26] <rmn> it is well known that the network manager is borked, isn't
[17:26] <Le-Chuck_ITA> rmn: it's borked yes
[17:26] <Le-Chuck_ITA> it connects to two networks
[17:26] <Le-Chuck_ITA> then it goes crazy after you reconnect
[17:26] <Le-Chuck_ITA> VPN is disabled
[17:26] <Le-Chuck_ITA> anything to add?
[17:27] <rmn> ...it crashes upon boot with the latest update
[17:27] <Le-Chuck_ITA> ah
[17:27] <Le-Chuck_ITA> not for me :)
[17:27] <Le-Chuck_ITA> so report this as a bug
[17:27] <rmn> argh - then i have to find my launchpad credentials.... in
the bottom of the pile
[17:27] <Le-Chuck_ITA> BenHoltz: where did you get /usr/bin/compiz?
[17:27] <rmn> meh - the built in bug reporting-thing gets to do its job
[17:27] <BenHoltz> Le-Chuck_ITA: package manager
[17:29] <BenHoltz> I updated to the beta 2 days ago, Ihave tried
completely removing the packages and re-installing them...
[17:29] <Unksi> is it possible to use 2 different network connections at
the same time, and force different programs to use different connections?
[17:30] <Le-Chuck_ITA> BenHolts does it work in the livecd?
[17:30] <Le-Chuck_ITA> reboot
[17:30] <rmn> Unksi, not my field of expertise, but maybe with some
[17:31] <trisinger> no i think you can only set up routes
[17:31] <trisinger> that works well
[17:31] <BenHoltz> Le-Chuck_ITA: yes it does
[17:31] <Unksi> trisinger: like with iptables?
[17:32] <trisinger> Unksi, for example i have mine set up so all requests
for 10.0.0.x go across the vpn, and all others go across the regular
[17:32] <BenHoltz> yay.. my help just left... Anyone want to help me
with this compiz problem with intel drivers?
[17:32] <trisinger> i think the command is netroute or route add in
terminal, but yeah it should in the end be affecting iptables
[17:32] <Unksi> ok
[17:33] <trisinger> BenHoltz did you run those commands i sent earlier, i
think i may have been disco'd
[17:33] <rmn> brilliant - with the latest network manager bork-thingy I
can connect *here*, but I can't use FF
[17:33] <trisinger> rmn
[17:34] <trisinger> you need to setup a route
[17:34] <BenHoltz> trisinger: I didn't see any commands from you...
[17:34] <trisinger> ff is trying to send internet requests across a
connection that doesnt have internet access
[17:34] <BenHoltz> :)
[17:34] <trisinger> BenHoltz you need to run compiz from command line and
see what it says there for an error
[17:34] <rmn> trisinger, ok. command?
[17:34] <trisinger> Ben Holtz also run: glxinfo |grep direct
[17:35] <cwillu> rmn, is ff set to offline?
[17:35] <rmn> cwillu, no. and it also applies to google earth
(connection problems)
[17:35] <rmn> cwillu, don't dare to launch opera due to the gazillion
tabs open
[17:35] <peter771> I noticed an update called laptop-mode-tools and the
description to spin down my hd, there is an ongoing problem with ubuntu
causing hdd's to do too many load cycles and therefore don't want it
interfering with my laptops normal functioning to save a but of power!
[17:35] <rmn> ping times out
[17:35] <trisinger> rmn are you using a VPN? you need to figues out
EXACTLY what ip requests need to go across the alternate connection (i.e.
[17:36] <BenHoltz> trisinger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/55326/
[17:36] <rmn> trisinger, no vpn. regular connection (LAN->router->net)
[17:36] <rmn> trisinger, only one connection
[17:36] <peter771> my question being does this update take control of the
power saving on my hdd in which I can not change?
[17:36] <trisinger> rmn ahhh, i misunderstood, you may have bigger
problems :(
[17:36] <BenHoltz> peter771: is it possible that it is swapping too much
[17:38] <rmn> did sudo ifconfig eth0 up and i can ping again
[17:38] <BenHoltz> peter771: This might help you...
[17:38] <peter771> BenHoltz, at the minute my hdd has done 40,000 cycles
in the past 2.5 years
[17:38] <rmn> and ff is back up!
[17:38] <peter771> my question is will laptop-mode-tools increase that?
[17:38] <rmn> stupid beta stuff... why can't infinitely complex code just
work from the get go?!
[17:39] <rmn> why MUST man fail at every single attempt at doing
something more complex than a wood and stick?!
[17:39] <BenHoltz> peter771: I don't know... anyone have any info on
laptop-mode-tools for peter771?
[17:39] <cwillu> rmn, you think man is bad, you should check out
[17:39] <trisinger> BenHoltz command is compiz --replace (double dash),
but it looks good... i dont know why it wouldnt be able to find
compiz.real... did you modify the wrapper script at all?
[17:40] <rmn> oh, evolution already got the best of me...
[17:40] <BenHoltz> trisinger: this is stock upgrade from 8.04 I haven't
done any modifications
[17:40] <trisinger> Ben Holtz all your pre-checks pass, but it just cant
launch/find compiz
[17:41] <BenHoltz> trisinger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/55330/
[17:41] <BenHoltz> right
[17:43] <trisinger> i dont think that error matters
[17:43] <trisinger> its just saying it cant find it in /local/
[17:44] <trisinger> i *think*
[17:44] <BenHoltz> trisinger: that's my assumption too
[17:44] <trisinger> what does it do what you run that command, do your
windo borders disapepar
[17:44] <BenHoltz> and I ndirect rendering?
[17:44] <cwillu> BenHoltz, you ran a non-standard compiz version in 8.04
I'm guessing?
[17:44] <BenHoltz> yes the appear and dissapear
[17:44] <cwillu> (compiled?)
[17:45] <cwillu> BenHoltz, sorry, that yes was for me?
[17:45] <BenHoltz> cwillu: packaged version
[17:45] <trisinger> it should be using indirect -- AIGLX
[17:45] <trisinger> if you keep it running do your window borders stay
gone? are you using emerald
[17:46] <cwillu> BenHoltz, what does 'which compiz' say?
[17:46] <BenHoltz> they re-appear while its stays running, when I kill it
they dissapear
[17:46] <trisinger> then it works fine it seems like
[17:46] <cwillu> BenHoltz, and pastebin the output of 'cat $(which
[17:46] <trisinger> you just need to run it outside a terminal
[17:46] <BenHoltz> cwillu: /usr/bin/compiz
[17:47] <trisinger> press Alt+f2
[17:47] <trisinger> and run compiz --replace from there
[17:48] <BenHoltz> cwillu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/55334/
[17:48] <BenHoltz> trisinger: no dice, windows dissapear then re-appear
[17:49] <cwillu> BenHoltz, what's the output of 'which compiz.real'
[17:49] <BenHoltz> cwillu: /usr/bin/compiz.real
[17:53] <trisinger> http://teleport.thruhere.net:8008/compiz
[17:53] <trisinger> thats my compiz script from a fresh install of
intrepid, try backuping up the one you have and using that, mine doesnt
complain about /usr/local and i have an integrated intel card
[17:54] <cwillu> trisinger, compiz references /usr/local/bin/compiz in
hardy and intrepid, I can't figure out why, or how it works at all, for
anyone :/
[17:56] <cwillu> AHHHH
[17:56] <cwillu> BenHoltz, what's the content of /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-
[17:56] <BenHoltz> 1 sec
[17:56] <trisinger> the wrapper script "compiz" tries to be distro
independant i think
[17:57] <cwillu> trisinger, yes, compiz-manager is sourced
[17:57] <cwillu> line 350 or so of compiz
[17:58] <BenHoltz> cwillu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/55341/
[17:59] <Killeroid> Hi, anyone installed the new broadcom wireless
drivers from broadcom? Is it worth it replacing the b43 driver with it?
[18:00] <BenHoltz> Killeroid: I have found a great performance increase
and more reliable connections with it...
[18:00] <BenHoltz> Killeroid: that's just me personally though
[18:01] <Killeroid> ok, thanks, going to do the upgrade in a few minutes
then cos i hate the slow speeds i get using the b43 driver
[18:02] <cwillu> BenHoltz, do you have a ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager
[18:02] <BenHoltz> lookin
[18:03] <BenHoltz> cwillu: No.
[18:04] <trisinger> thats weird it doesnt say its falling back on another
[18:04] <trisinger> but instead looks like its running
[18:04] <BenHoltz> trisinger: yah, its odd..
[18:05] <cwillu> BenHoltz, what's 'echo $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS' say?
[18:06] <BenHoltz> cwillu: /usr/share/ubuntustudio-menu/:/etc/xdg/
[18:06] <BenHoltz> ohh... isit because of the ubuntu studio stuff I
[18:07] <trisinger> ha likely?
[18:07] <cwillu> BenHoltz, I think so, $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/compiz/compiz-
manager doesn't make any sense with that config_dirs setting
[18:07] <BenHoltz> hmm...
[18:07] <BenHoltz> so what would be the fix?
[18:07] <trisinger> try changing that var before launching compiz
[18:08] <cwillu> XDG_CONFIG_DIRS="/etc/xdg/" compiz
[18:08] <trisinger> it already searching that the colon essentially means
[18:08] <bsnider> is xscreensaver replacing gnome screensaver or what the
heck's going on?
[18:08] <BenHoltz> Fixed!
[18:09] <cwillu> trisinger, that doesn't take into account any sillyness
in ubuntustudio :p
[18:09] <trisinger> true
[18:09] <BenHoltz> cwillu: that worked...
[18:09] <trisinger> the order would have to be reversed
[18:09] <cwillu> BenHoltz, :)
[18:09] <BenHoltz> cwillu: so, what would be the perm fixnow?
[18:09] <cwillu> trisinger, no, ubuntustudio needs to be fixed. The idea
is that ubuntu-studio can override settings, the bug is that it overrides
too much :p
[18:10] <cwillu> BenHoltz, pastebin /usr/share/ubuntustudio-
[18:10] <trisinger> i c, i have never used ubustudio i didnt know it
would twack with compiz vars
[18:10] <bronzewalla> after upgrading to Intrepid, i'm forced to boot
into safe graphics mode because my graphics driver is not recognized
[18:11] <bronzewalla> and i've tried changing my nvidia driver, but to no
avail. Anyone know a fix?
[18:12] <bsnider> bronzewalla, you're using the nvidia driver?
[18:12] <bronzewalla> yes
[18:12] <bronzewalla> i've tried several different versions
[18:13] <bsnider> which card?
[18:13] <bronzewalla> 400m i think, it's old
[18:13] <bsnider> never heard of it
[18:13] <bronzewalla> i only use it for video out
[18:13] <bsnider> do you know which driver you were using before?
[18:14] <bronzewalla> no i don't, i'm using 96 atm, everything runs ok,
but its low graphics mode
[18:15] <bronzewalla> would it help if i figured out the model?
[18:15] <bsnider> yeah it would
[18:16] <BenHoltz> cwillu: cat: /usr/share/ubuntustudio-
menu/compiz/compiz-manager: No such file or directory
[18:17] <BenHoltz> cwillu: make a symlink?
[18:18] <danbh_intrepid> bronzewalla: no, low graphics mode means its not
[18:18] <bronzewalla> nvidia GeForce MX440
[18:18] <bronzewalla> with 64mb of ram
[18:18] <danbh_intrepid> bronzewalla: AFAI-have-been-told 96 doesnt work
with xorg
[18:19] <danbh_intrepid> only 177 works
[18:19] <cwillu> BenHoltz, I'm not convinced xdg should be set to
/usr/share/ubuntustudio-menu/:/etc/xdg/ at all
[18:19] <cwillu> it doesn't make sense
[18:19] <bronzewalla> so if i switch to 177 my problems are solved?
[18:19] <bronzewalla> how do i know 177 supports my card?
[18:20] <cwillu> it's not an expansion, so sourcing
$XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/compiz/compiz-manager won't ever do what it needs to
[18:20] <bsnider> bronzewalla, it doesn't. the 96 driver is the one you
[18:20] <danbh_intrepid> bronzewalla: well, I think you are just stuck
[18:21] <trisinger> thats true
[18:21] <trisinger> its going to use that var in its raw form
[18:21] <bronzewalla> just stuck? ouch. So they just dropped support for
[18:21] <danbh_intrepid> bronzewalla: up a creek, no paddle?
[18:21] <danbh_intrepid> bronzewalla: rock and a hard place?
[18:21] <CarlFK> does that mean I am stuck too: NV11 [GeForce2 MX/MX
[18:21] <bsnider> bronzewalla, nvidia hasn't updated that driver to use
the new xorg
[18:21] <bsnider> use an older distro until they do
[18:21] <bronzewalla> is there anyway back to hardy then?
[18:22] <bronzewalla> i heard downgrading is like asking for a broken
[18:22] <danbh_intrepid> a clean install
[18:22] <cwillu> BenHoltz, file a bug with ubuntustudio, in the mean
time, adding 'unset XDG_CONFIG_DIRS' to the beginning of compiz will hack
around it for now
[18:22] <bsnider> you could also try nouveau
[18:22] <trisinger> where is $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS origianlly set? isnt it
outside the compiz stuff all togehter
[18:22] <bsnider> but there are no official packages for it
[18:22] <bronzewalla> a clean install is like an 8 hour project, i'd like
to avoid that
[18:22] <danbh_intrepid> why 8 hours?
[18:22] <supert0nes> I was critical of intrepid before now, but with the
flash fix and the new nvidia drivers i could not be happier gj guys
[18:23] <bronzewalla> well with all the extra programs i have to install
with it
[18:23] <bronzewalla> turns into a process
[18:23] <trisinger> honestly intrepis looks like its going to be pretty
solid. less hackzors than ive have to do on others... although im
dissapointed that XGL was removed
[18:24] <supert0nes> kde4 needs the latest nvidia thats for sure
[18:25] <bsnider> bronzewalla, try this crap instead:
[18:25] <bsnider> that's the nouveau stuff. it might work with your
[18:25] <bsnider> it's supposed to work with older stuff better than new
[18:26] <BenHoltz> cwillu: looks great!
[18:26] <bronzewalla> then just apt-get install nouveau?
[18:27] <bsnider> xserver-xorg-video-nouveau
[18:27] <bsnider> it will also ask for the drm package
[18:27] <bsnider> and RAOF is here so you can ask him for support
[18:29] <wastrel> hi , anyone sync palm with their intrepid? sync fails
for me.
[18:29] <bronzewalla> libdrm2? is that the drm package
[18:29] <bsnider> yes
[18:30] <bronzewalla> well thank you, i have to go to javascript class,
but i'll give it a try this afternoon
[18:30] <bsnider> np
[18:30] <bsnider> javascript is boring
[18:30] <bronzewalla> yeah, especially when you already know what they're
teaching you
[18:30] <bsnider> throw stuff at the teacher
[18:31] <bsnider> just for entertainment
[18:51] <tenshinoneko> hello?
[18:52] <tenshinoneko> is anyone having a problem with a wacom bamboo
[18:55] <Zappza> Hi!
[18:55] <tenshinoneko> hello
[18:56] <meuserj> I'm on a permanent ethernet connection... network
manager erroneously thinks I am offline and so all apps start in offline
mode... I could uninstall network manager, but I want to keep it if I can
for other functionality like vpn support...
[18:56] <ianliu_88> Hi. I'm doing the latest Upgrade, and it stuck on the
last part (clean up) when he says "ldconfig deferred processing now
taking place", any hints?
[18:56] <Zappza> I am having some problems with the xubuntu 8.10 beta. I
have installed it to my USB stick, and when booting it it gets past all
the black screens, but once the background is loaded it freezes.
[18:58] <tenshinoneko> And I'm having problems using the Bamboo tablet.
If i touch it with the Stylus it stops working thus it doesnt let me draw
in it
[18:58] <platius> ianliu_88; I just killed th upgrade process from a
console with no ill effects
[18:59] <jljzjl> Hi. Are there any Amarok 2.0 Beta 2 debs available or
should I compile it from source?
[18:59] <ianliu_88> i see.. I will kill it too :P
[19:00] <ianliu_88> brb, restarting
[19:02] <Zappza> Anybody have a clue about my problem?
[19:05] <jljzjl> Ok - found some.
[19:22] <sjust1216> I have read that xorg.conf is not being used anymore
how are you suppose to configure your anything
[19:24] <xxploit> sjust1216, I think you can place settings in it etc
[19:25] <sjust1216> yes I did find out it still reads the xorg.conf as
[19:27] <sjust1216> I tried to boot with a clean file my monitor was at
the wrong resolution and had to add in the option to use custom edid to
get it to work right
[19:27] <piquadrat> Hi! I recently installed intrepid, and now I have a
problem with network manager. I can only get it to associate with a
access point when I start the GUI as root (knetworkmanager in my case).
As normal user, it shows the access point, but nothing happens when I
click on it
[19:27] <piquadrat> is this a known problem?
[19:31] <wastrel> my network manager works as user
[19:32] <Fazer2> hi
[19:32] <Fazer2> why are there no updates for intrepid since a week?
[19:33] <Pici> Fazer2: We had beta freeze while the iso images were being
[19:33] <OsamaK> I cannot boot using Ubuntu 8.10 Beta. The problem:
"Starting up... Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)" is shown,
how to solved that?
[19:33] <OsamaK> *How to solve
[19:33] <Splex> anyone able to get ogl 2.x to work on x4500?
[19:34] <piquadrat> wastrel: could you give me a list of groups your user
is in?
[19:34] <Fazer2> I thought that after beta freeze there would be patches
for fixing bugs,, but not adding features
[19:34] <wastrel> piquadrat: adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin
[19:35] <Pici> Fazer2: It depends if a sru (or whatever the pre-release
equivalent is) is approved.
[19:35] <Fazer2> what is a sru?
[19:35] <Pici> !sru
[19:35] <ubottu> Stable Release Update information is at
[19:35] <piquadrat> wastrel: darn, I have those groups, too...
[19:37] <Ayabara> my system keeps freezing, and not even restarting the x
server works. any logs I can check?
[19:37] <Pici> Fazer2: I'm pretty sure its called something different,
but I cannot remember the na,e
[19:37] <Pici> s/na,e/name/
[19:44] <BrokenPipe> I'm running 8.10 through simply updating my
sources.list, and there was a small upgrade today. It seems to have
changed bluetooth functionality. Anyone familiar with that and could
explain what happened? Where did the command 'hidd' go? That was the only
way I could get my Apple Wireless Keyboard to work.
[19:51] <exco> with the new bluetooth-applet 1.8 - is there a way to get
a bluetooth mouse working (since hidd is gone)?
[19:51] <Ayabara> any logs where I can find a cause of last sessions
[19:53] <Fazer2> Ayabara: there should be some hournal in System ->
[19:53] <Fazer2> journal
[19:53] <Fazer2> or something like that
[19:54] <exco> System Log?
[19:55] <Ayabara> thanks
[19:55] <tone> hello
[19:56] <Fazer2> world
[19:56] <Fazer2> :-P
[19:57] <tone> is anybody know why on intrepid ibex can manage network
[19:58] <tone> updating connection failed:connection update not suported
(read only)
[19:58] <tone> can't mange
[19:59] <tone> manage
[19:59] <tone> i can?t connect to the net
[19:59] <Pici> tone: If this is an upgrade you may want to check the
release notes.
[20:00] <Fazer2> you may want to check if drivers are installed
[20:00] <tone> was only find that is bug
[20:00] <tone> can't find solution
[20:00] <Ayabara> hmm. nothing there. everything freezes and num-lock and
caps-lock indicators start flashing
[20:00] <tone> drivers are instaled
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
[20:14] <Babylykke> Now I`m really pissed off...
[20:14] <Babylykke> My sound is gona after I rebooted. :S All I get is a
weired sparkling.
[20:15] <Babylykke> Logged Windows and it works there. So it have to be
[20:15] <Babylykke> I`ve tried to reboot lots of times. Nothing changes.
[20:16] <danbh_intrepid> Babylykke: killall pulseaudio && pulseaudio -D
[20:16] <exco> does anybody successfully use a bluetooth mouse after
today's updates?
[20:17] <Babylykke> Now I don`t get anything at all. Not even weired
[20:17] <Babylykke> woah.. it worked :D
[20:18] <Babylykke> Thanks, danbh_intrepid.
[20:18] <danbh_intrepid> np
[20:18] <danbh_intrepid> Babylykke: I put it in a script, cause I have to
run it after every reboot
[20:20] <Babylykke> Btw, Linuxdc sucks asses. I tries to hash my share
everytime I launch the program.
[20:21] <Babylykke> It*
[20:22] <jianfei> hi, im about to install the latest partial upgrade, any
[20:23] <jianfei> oh, its the beta im running
[20:29] <Webspot> I use apt-cacher for my apt servers. I'm trying to
upgrade from hardy to intepid using it. In previous upgrades, it would
just replace 'gutsy' with 'hardy'. Now it disables all of these deb
lines, as they are "3rd party". Does anyone know how I could solve this?
[20:29] <Webspot> "it" being update-manager -cd
[20:32] <mvo> Webspot: could you sent me your /var/log/dist-
upgrade/main.log please?
[20:33] <mvo> Webspot: I suspect its because for some reason your
sources.list now has one "officla" entry somewhere and now update-manager
is confused because it assumes that when you have one "official" mirror
you can't have a unofficial one too (that is a bit stupid of u-m)
[20:35] <Webspot> mvo: Ah right. I think I do have an "official" mirror
somewhere in there. I'll try that out. Thanks
[20:36] <glance> hurm.
[20:36] <glance> i have a quite strange bug.
[20:36] <glance> i run xfce, and have a panel down in the right corner
along the right site of the screen.
[20:37] <glance> everything works execpt nm-applet's icon is 1x1 pixel
[20:37] <glance> that makes it quite hard to click on it
[20:38] <glance> but if i move the panel to the top or bottom, the icon
appears, and then i can move it back...
[20:39] <BrokenPipe> exco: I'm having trouble getting my Apple Wireless
Keyboard to work
[20:40] <nspyr> does gtk-window decorator use metacity for compiz now?
[20:40] <BrokenPipe> hidd --scan used to find it
[20:40] <BrokenPipe> not sure what the replacement for that command is
[20:51] <exco> BrokenPipe: I guess we have to wait for the next bluetooth
updates :-)
[20:59] <sourcemaker> how can I restore the konqueror default profile?
After upgrade to intrepid... the icons in left-menu are not visible
[20:59] <sourcemaker> on a fresh clean install... this works fine
[21:03] <LetoThe2nd> hi! i noticed that on ii, synaptic isn't able to
find some packages when searching, but they are available via
aptitude/apt-get. is this a known issue?
[21:04] <mvo> LetoThe2nd: when searching via quick search? or the search
[21:04] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, both.
[21:05] <mvo> LetoThe2nd: and it still does not find them if you clear
the quick search field and just use the button?
[21:05] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, tried on a fresh install i386-desktop incl.
[21:05] <BrokenPipe> I meant http://woodgears.ca/eyeball/index.html
[21:05] <BrokenPipe> wrong window
[21:05] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, moment please, will check that
[21:06] <mvo> LetoThe2nd: might be "just" a usability bug, the quick
search will search in the search results (that is a bit of a recurison :)
[21:08] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, yes, looks like i've hit that "feature"
[21:09] <BrokenPipe> exco:
[21:09] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 274950 in nautilus-sendto "Look into
switching to bluez 4.x" [Undecided,In progress]
[21:09] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, is this intended, to be fixed, or left as it
[21:10] <mvo> LetoThe2nd: hm, you are the second in 3 days here, this
needs attention. would you mind filling a bug?
[21:10] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, i'm not yet registered at launchpad, but if you
think it might be worth it, i could do it
[21:11] <mvo> LetoThe2nd: I thnk its a mis-feature, there needs to be at
least some visual clue or maybe the "search-button" should just clear the
quick search field (and/or use the value there as default in the search
[21:11] <mvo> LetoThe2nd: as you wish, with a bug its easier to keep
track, otherwise I will try to remember it
[21:11] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, yes, i would second that
[21:14] <`Matir> LetoThe2nd, mvo, perhaps "Quick Search" should read
"Narrow Results" instead? (or be toggled based on whether or not search
results are being displayed)
[21:15] <exco> thanks, BrokenPipe
[21:15] <mvo> `Matir: good idea, that should go into the bug as a idea as
[21:16] <LetoThe2nd> `Matir, don't know, but showing the quick search
even while the normal search results are empty is just pointless.
[21:16] <nwsf> I want to install something from Hardy and I need the
sources. How can I find their?
[21:16] <BrokenPipe> exco: np, not that it realy helps =)
[21:16] <`Matir> LetoThe2nd, empty agreed...
[21:16] <LetoThe2nd> moment please, i'm filingit... link will come soon
[21:16] <exco> :-)
[21:18] <Oli``> I just installed updates (including an updated nvidia-
glx-177 driver and a new kernel) but it crashed while installing (on an
initramfs). I ran "initramfs -u" manually and rebooted but when it came
to loading X, it said there was no proper nvidia kernel module. How can I
fix it?
[21:18] <BrokenPipe> I wonder if using XFCE is hindering me
[21:18] <BrokenPipe> since all the configuration magic goes into gnome or
[21:20] <tyoc> ey people, what is the driver I need to install from
synaptic if I have a 8600 for my laptop?
[21:20] <tyoc> Im already connected via wireless
[21:21] <nwsf> Where I can find Hardy-Sources to install any Libraries?
[21:24] <patt> hi... anyone can imagine why desktop effects do not work
anymore after doing all advised updates on intrepid beta1 ? (Direct
Rendering: Yes )
[21:27] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, `Matir, find the bug report at
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synaptic/+bug/280395 -
unfortunately i accidentially filed it under ubuntu general instead of of
intrepid. can that be fixed?
[21:28] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 280395 in synaptic "Synaptics "quick
search" and "search button" conflict" [Undecided,New]
[21:34] <freaky[t]> when i create a new webfolder using the network
folder wizard, where does it store the created webfolders?
[21:41] <thalin> anybody know if the intrepid-server daily build is
supposed to have e1000 reenabled?
[21:41] <thalin> because it doesn't seem to be loading in the installer
(and I can't find it anywhere)
[21:42] <thalin> I thought I read that the fix went in and e1000 would be
reenabled in the dailies after the beta
[21:42] <mvo> thanks LetoThe2nd
[21:43] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, np. just saw you got notified anyway ;-)
[21:43] <mvo> LetoThe2nd: yeah, but I get a lot of notification so
mentioning it in the channel was a good idea :)
[21:44] <LetoThe2nd> hrhr
[21:45] <LetoThe2nd> mvo, can you move the bug to ii or doesn't that
matter too much?
[21:45] <DanaG> ARgh, can't even build a new PulseAudio.... autoconf is
too old.
[21:46] <tyoc> ey people, the wireless restricted drivers are downloading
actualizations ranging from 1K to 80K
[21:50] <maco> network manager says my wired device is unmanaged. how do
i make it managed? the new connection editor is nonsensical
[21:51] <albuntu> hello to all
[21:52] <LetoThe2nd> anyways, gnight
[21:52] <albuntu> does kubuntu 8.10 come with kde 4.1 ? or i have to
install it later because i am just upgrading it now
[21:53] <RAOF> DanaG: Our autoconf _can't_ be too old for pulseaudio,
surely? You've got automake1.10 installed?
[21:54] <maco> albuntu: kdeutils | 4:4.1.2-0ubuntu2 |       intrepid |
source, all
[21:54] <maco> albuntu: rmadison <package> can answer those sorts of
[21:55] <maco> how do i tell network manager to manage a device? my
intrepid can't get online
[21:55] <albuntu> maco : ok thanks.
[21:55] <danbh_intrepid> maco: NM is broken for me
[21:56] <danbh_intrepid> maco: NM is -(Works for Me)
[21:56] <maco> :-/ this worked last night
[22:02] <BenHoltz> does anyone have a download for virtualbox non-OSE for
[22:03] <BenHoltz> or a repository?
[22:03] <burner> www.virtualbox.org
[22:03] <burner>
[22:03] <burner> it says hardy, but it's fine for intrepid
[22:04] <BenHoltz> cool, that's what I needed to know... does USB still
work with intrepid?
[22:04] <BenHoltz> or I will find out myself.. ;)
[22:04] <burner> not sure... i had it working in hardy, but I don't
really use usb too much
[22:06] <BenHoltz> burner: thank you!
[22:07] <burner> BenHoltz: no problemo... if you figure out USB tricks
for intrepid... please document in the wiki :)
[22:07] * burner hopes it just works for ben though
[22:08] * BenHoltz is impressed how far sun has come since 1.6
[22:09] <burner> i wish they'd make bridged networking and usb as easy as
vmware though
[22:09] <burner> I like hte qt4 widgets and all, but vmware > vbox for me
[22:09] <burner> ...though vmware can't do the seamless mode which is
pretty rad
[22:10] <BenHoltz> sucks that I will need to logout/login to get it on
the menu...
[22:10] <BenHoltz> PITA
[22:10] <burner> you do?
[22:10] <BenHoltz> I can't find it on any of the menus
[22:10] <burner> it's not under "system tools"
[22:10] <BenHoltz> negative
[22:10] <BenHoltz> had this problem in hardy too
[22:11] <BenHoltz> about 50-50 on stuff that's not in the package
[22:13] <tyoc> is virtual box like vmplayer?
[22:13] <tyoc> or is more like quemu and bochs?
[22:13] <BenHoltz> tyoc: yes, but its sun's version of like vmware
[22:14] <BenHoltz> runs more on the kernel side than vmware (last time I
[22:14] <burner> tyoc: more like vmware fusion on a mac
[22:14] <BenHoltz> however they still did not master the "seamless" mode
[22:14] <burner> tyoc: it's a virtualization program as opposed to an
emulator like qemu though
[22:14] <tyoc> then it is fast I guess?
[22:15] <BenHoltz> yup
[22:15] <burner> BenHoltz: virtualbox didn't? it's pretty close... the
only bugs I have with it are when compiz is used and no windows are open
[22:15] * burner wonders what performance of kvm to virtualbox is
[22:15] <maco> how do you use it with no windows open?
[22:15] <tyoc> I will give it a try, I do very simple things hoby that is
why I use bochs, is virtualbox a good try?
[22:15] <BenHoltz> perfect seemless mode would be each program in a diff
window not matter what OS
[22:15] <maco> burner: for centos as guest, kvm is much slower than
vmware, in my experience
[22:16] <maco> intrepid is running on kvm on hardy right now at nearly
native speed. the cursor sometimes gets a little behind, but that's about
[22:16] <burner> is kvm any better with usb devices and bridged
[22:16] <maco> havent tried them
[22:16] <maco> might want to ask in #ubuntu-virt
[22:17] <crimsun> better than vmware? not in my experience.
[22:17] <burner> bummer... i wonder if vmware 2 is working better... it
didn't have a firefox plugin last time I tried
[22:18] <burner> intrepid r00lz!   ;)   /me departs
[22:19] <BenHoltz> burner: Ouch!   Could not load the Host USB Proxy
[22:19] <Sa[i]nT> Well, wine is handling mIRC kinda well this time.
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
[22:20] <burner> BenHoltz:
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox#USB help?
[22:21] <burner> BenHoltz: furthermore...
http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/747 is your problem
[22:21] <BenHoltz> nice
[22:21] <BenHoltz> thanks
[22:22] <burner> np... now i'm really out
[22:22] <burner> peace!
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
[22:28] <TeslaTony> Why does my system uninstall LXDE every time I do a
[22:29] <BenHoltz> can someone help me with USB in virtualbox?
[22:30] <BenHoltz> on 8.10?
[22:32] <danbh_intrepid> TeslaTony: is that the package name?
[22:34] <danbh_intrepid> BenHoltz: you have to pay for USB
[22:35] <danbh_intrepid> in all versions of ubuntu
[22:35] <BenHoltz> danbh_intrepid: then tell me where to pay....
[22:36] <danbh_intrepid> BenHoltz: at their website?
[22:37] <BenHoltz> danbh_intrepid: there is no where on their website to
purchase USB support...
[22:38] <danbh_intrepid> BenHoltz:
[22:39] <danbh_intrepid> BenHoltz: I guess you dont have to pay, cool
[22:39] <danbh_intrepid> http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads
[22:42] <danbh_intrepid> buuuut, I havent a clue how it works. I've
actually used the closed source version, never realizing it had usb
[22:42] <BenHoltz> :)
[22:43] <BenHoltz> danbh_intrepid: I gave up on it already going back to
=== KRF`at`Quassel is now known as KRF
[22:43] <BenHoltz> danbh_intrepid: gonna wait for an intrepid package of
Virtualbox.. :D
[22:43] <danbh_intrepid> BenHoltz: heh, see, I have up on the OSE
version, because kernel upgrades would constantly break it. It was
easier to just get the package from the website
[22:44] <BenHoltz> hahahaha
[22:44] <BenHoltz> the newest version makes it easy
[22:44] <danbh_intrepid> but with the new dkm thingy, that probably wont
happen anymore
[22:44] <BenHoltz> exactly!
[22:44] <BenHoltz> :D
[22:56] <PRGUY85> hey, I just got the most recent updates for intrepid
beta and now I cannot get my usual wired connection workign
[22:57] <tyoc> ey people, Im updating, it is in the step of clean up, but
it has stuck in processing activators for man-db ...
[23:13] <albuntu> what can you tell me about any new feature in intrepid
that you liked ?
[23:13] <crimsun> tyoc: stuck or just taking a /long/ time?
[23:14] <tyoc> taking a lot of time
[23:14] <tyoc> crimsun: now there is like 20 or more minutes
[23:14] <crimsun> it took a Pentium D with 1 GB about 35 minutes.
[23:15] <tyoc> the app still there... I have installed other things from
synaptic and I can see that they use man-db at the end to so I dont know
why it take so long
[23:15] <bsnider> albuntu, the new kernel
[23:15] <exco> I've setup usb networking in interfaces
(http://pastebin.com/d4766e4fd) but now with Intrepid's network manager
whenever I connect that usb device I get disconnected from the internet
... ?
[23:15] <albuntu> bsnider : ok. what you liked about it ?
[23:15] <tyoc> I have a vostro 1500 with a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
T5270 @ 1.40GHz, 2Gb RAM and a GF8600M
[23:16] <bsnider> albuntu, it has a driver for my previously dead
wireless card
[23:16] <tyoc> crimsun: how many time you think it should take to this
[23:17] <albuntu> bsnider : lol. ok good for you.
[23:17] <crimsun> tyoc: depends what man pages you have installed, but
likely nothing longer than mine.
[23:17] <albuntu> bsnider : i hope it will be the same for my notebook
[23:17] <albuntu> upgrading now that we are talking
[23:18] <exco> albuntu: the new network manager is cool (apart from the
problem I'm now having with my usb networking - which may be my fault)
[23:18] <tyoc> crimsun: I will let the thing for other 10 mins, in the
mean time, I will test if I can listen music with rhytm
[23:18] <albuntu> what about this. i got this many times for different
packages : subprocess post-installation script killed by signal
(Segmentation fault)
[23:18] <crimsun> albuntu: not enough information.
[23:19] <albuntu> crimsun : what do you mean ?
[23:20] <albuntu> crimsun : i am upgrading from hardy and now i am in the
point installing upgrades.
[23:20] <crimsun> albuntu: /which/ packages are spewing that error?
[23:21] <albuntu> the last was update.manager and it just crashed now
[23:21] <crimsun> can you be more specific? what besides update-manager?
[23:22] <albuntu> sorry i dont remember them anyways i reported all of
them clicking "report problem"
[23:34] <tyoc> someone know what is the next step after a man-db?
[23:34] <tyoc> I will kill that window XD
[23:35] <danbh_intrepid> tyoc: you can just restart the process
[23:41] <tyoc> how?
[23:41] <tyoc> you mean hit CTRL+C
[23:41] <tyoc> that doesnt work it only show a popup, also the process is
in the clean state
[23:41] <tyoc> or at the end of it
[23:41] <tyoc> anyway, I will restart and continue, and ignore that
[23:42] <tyoc> XD
[23:53] <karthur26> hi can anyone help me out with an ibex install? i
just popped in the install cd, select 'install', and it just takes me to
a command prompt

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