timeline 3 8 2007 Margo Tamez and her dissertation chair Linda by xiuliliaofz


 Margo Tamez and her dissertation chair, Linda Heidenreich, decide to use SharePoint as a collaboration
tool for dissertation committee work. Margo is clearly tired of this academic hurdle and wants to finish
as soon as possible.

Margo creates a page in Native Wiki.

Homeland Security gives Eloisa Tamez 30 days to give permission for them to build a wall across her land
or they will take it.

Margo publishes an “Urgent Request for Help” in a friend’s blog and in a Facebook community she
creates to address the border issue. The request receives overwhelming response and offers of help
from a number of people and organizations including the UN and Peter Schey. Schey is president and
executive director of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law Foundation. He has
“served as lead counsel or co-counsel in over100 major civil rights and class action cases in
federal courts throughout the United States involving access to education, health and welfare
benefits, administrative law, the rights of children and indigenous people, rights of immigrants
and refugees, and complex individual cases involving constitutional, criminal, transnational, and
corporate issues. Mr. Schey's litigation against the federal government has resulted in the largest
attorney fee awards in the country.” From Schey - Curriculum Vitae

Schey offered legal counsel free of charge and now represents this case with a team of six other

Margo begins a more focused Web 2.0 approach to the issue including broadcast on youtube ,
connection of communities on Facebook and Myspace, and interlinking on blogs and wikis.

Margo writes a shadow report for the UN summit on Immigration.

Margo continues to receive support from around the globe: a documentary film crew from France
spends 3 weeks in Brownsville with Eloisa. A designer from Canada offers to create pamphlets, posters,
and help with other communications. Democracy Now does a series of productions on Eloisa and
interviews of Margo. Newsweek and The Nation both do articles on Eloisa.

In an email Margo describes CTLT as “a core 'lab' for my writing, thinking and being process as a

Margo apologizes to her dissertation committee for the time her activist work has taken from her
dissertation. Her committee tells her that this work is her dissertation. Margo is clearly energized by this
new approach to her dissertation and is no longer in a hurry to finish.

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