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					Toe Nail Fungus
     Toe Nail Fungus

Q   1:   What is toe nail fungus?
Q   2:   What are symptoms of toe nail fungus?
Q   3:   What are the risk factors of toe nail fungus?
Q   4:   What are the treatment of toe nail fungus?
Q   5:   Home remedies for toe-nail fungus?

                           Toe Nail Fungus

Q 1: What is toe nail fungus?

Ans: Toe nail fungus is a condition in which toe nail abnormally increased into wrong shape and size
   and cause too much pain and look very ugly. Today millions of people are getting toe nail fungus
   through out the world. It is mainly caused due to use tight shoes and attack of fungal. The causing
   fungal always survive in moist and wet places as you wears wet shocks always, works in wet and
   moist places, feet always in contact of dirty water, etc.

                       Toe Nail Fungus

    Q 2: What are the symptoms of toe nail fungus?

    Ans: You should always remember, “Prevention is always better than cure”. So, the
    symptoms or sign of toe nail fungus matter in order to prevent their dangerous form.
    Actually many sufferers have told about the symptoms of nail fungus as they felt but
    didn’t take action against him on that time.

    But you should never leave them as they had left. Let’s look at the common sign or
    symptoms of toe nail fungus. And they are as:

•   Yellowish or brown color of the toe nail
•   White spots on the toe nail
•   Abnormal growth of toe nail
•   Thick and week toe nail
•   Pain during walk and wearing shock & shoes
•   And finally complete loss of toe nail

    Whenever you observe any above mentioned sign or symptoms of toe nail fungus,
    you should alert and ready for the treatment of toe nail fungus.

                         Toe Nail Fungus

Q: What are the risk factors of toenail fungus?

Ans: Toenail fungus are really horrible and painful experience. No one should love it. Toe
   nail fungus are not only painful but also very harmful for your feet beauty. Now look
   a quick view on the possible risk factors of toenail fungus:

•   Weak and crunchy nails
•   Complete loss of nail if not cured
•   Abnormal growth of toe nail
•   Unbearable pain when you move
•   Problem in wearing shoes, shocks, slippers, etc.
•   Looking very ugly
•   If you left them untreated, related disorders will start.

    So everyone advises about toe nail fungus. Whenever you observe her primary
    stage, ready for treatment.

                        Toe Nail Fungus

Q: What are the treatments of toenail fungus?

Ans: Today multiple ways or methods are available in order to treat toe nail fungus. Here
   you are responsible to select any from the available. If you trust on me, I will always
   suggest for natural options. Natural treatment of toenail fungus is being very popular
   these days because its effective results have been attracted more sufferers and lots
   of them have been cured himself/herself.

   These days Fungisil is one of them most demanding natural cure for toenail fungus.
   According to a report and reviews of fungisil, I have considered that it is most
   effective and well-suitable and affordable for everyone who are looking for a natural
   remedy for toe nail fungus.

                            Toe Nail Fungus

Q: Home remedies for toe nail fungus?

Ans: If you are ready to go under an alternative way while surgical treatment did not her promised.
    Home remedies for toe nail fungus become the most preferred way to deal with toe nail fungus.

    Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus:

•   Tea Tree Oil: You should apply tea tree oil on your affected nails. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-
    fungal properties will help in healing and soothing nail fungus.
•   Turmeric: You should apply the paste of turmeric in nail fungus. It is a good antiseptic and kill
    every fungus and germs.
•   Onion: You can also rub the nail with a slice of onion. After rubbing the nail properly dry up the
    feet using cotton towel. You can repeat this for multiple times in a day.

    Along with these others are also exit. So you can also go through them. All the natural home
    remedies for toe nail fungus are very effective and helpful.

               Toe Nail Fungus

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