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					                                              2011-12 FBLA National Officer Team
                                                       Program of Work
Goal #1: Customer Service: To be responsive to the needs of our students, advisers, and business customers!
Objective             Tactic                                                     Officers             Due Date            Status
                      Target State Program:                                      PIC: Taylor Sarman   Final: October 20
Increase Membership           Obtain approval of the state key contacts         All Officers         September 1
to 210,000 members               o Via E-mail                                    McKenna Murray       August 15
                              Identify inactive chapters and chapters with a    National Center
                                 significant decrease in membership
                              Communicate with state officers:                  All Officers         Imediately After
                                 o List of inactive chapters and Chapters with                        obtaining list
                                     significant decrease in membership
                                 o Membership goals
                                 o Helpful tips to state officers
                                 o Provide a standard letter to state
                                                                                 McKenna Murray       TBD
                              Officers contact local chapters and promote
                                                                                 All Officers         October 20
                                                                                 All Officers         All year
                              Follow up.
                      Expand National FBLA’s demographic through a video
                      contest                                                    Alex Blodgett
                          Draft contest rules and regulations                   Alex Blodgett        August 21
                          Announce Project:                                     Alex Blodgett        September 15
                                 o E-mail, National Website, and Blog
                          Promote Project using Social Media                    McKenna Murray       Continuously
                          Deadline                                              Alex Blodgett        January 1
                          Announce the Winner                                                        TBD
                      Dress to Win Wednesday                                                          Monthly starting
                            Create Facebook event                               Drew Marx            in September
                            Invite members
                            Promote through Twitter and Facebook
                            Create blog posts promoting the event
                   Add national programs tab to national website                   Nadine Goldberg   Final: October 1
Promote National       Compile list of National Programs and summary/supporting
Programs                   information
                       Submit list to webmaster                                   Webmaster
                   Revamp and edit government awareness project                    Taylor Sarman
                       Contact Brad Howard to draft revisions                                       August 15
                       Work with National Center to reschedule due date                             August 15
                       Promote the project                                                          All year long
                               o Facebook
                               o Twitter
                               o Blog
                   Create BAA tutorial                                             Aaron Wodka
                       Outline process of screenshots                                               August 21
                       Take screenshots
                       Add Intro Video                                            Taylor Sarman     August 21
                               o Request national backdrop                                           August 10
                               o Shoot video
                       Finalize Sliderocket                                                         August 21
                                                                                                     All year round
                       Promote
                               o Twitter
                               o Facebook
                               o Blog

Goal #2: Relationships: To have the most effective partnerships of any career student organization!
Objective          Tactics                                                         Officers          Due Date           Status
                   Continue to promote the work of the March of Dimes                 Nadine Goldberg
Improve external        Make podcast about March of Dimes programs                                        October 15
relationships.                 o Request backdrop from National Center
                               o Make video
                        Revamp and Edit March of Dimes packet                                             October 1
                               o Intro letter
                        Research logistics and report back about planning a local                         Ongoing
                        Promote March of Dimes projects                              Tony Jones           Ongoing
                               o Twitter
                               o Facebook
                               o Blog
                   Service in Sync                                                    PIC: Taylor Sarman
                        Select area of service to be covered in the National         All Officers         September 1
                           Service In Sync project.
                        Contact chapters in region to share the opportunity
                        Publicize Project                                                                 Ongoing
                               o Talk about community service project at all
                               o Promote via Social Media (on Facebook/Twitter)
                               o Send letter from national officer team to advisers
                                   promoting the project
                               o Promote project on all National President Q&A
                                   Conference Calls

                   Research internships with our partners
                       Make a list of ten sponsors to contact about internships                           August 10th
                       Find correct contact from corporations                                             On going
                       Contact and pitch internship possibilities
                       Follow up with sponsors interested                            Aaron Wodka
                       Obtain final conformation
                       Promote to members nationally
Improve internal   Increase the Middle Level                                             Whitni Redman and
relationships           Pilot a middle level chapter adoption                           Nadine Goldberg     August 15
                                o Decide on chapters to use                                                  Ongoing
                                o Reach out to a middle level and high school level
                                o Facilitate activities between the chapters
                                o Publicize success of the adoption in TBL and blog
                        Establish “National Officer for a Day Program”                  Tony Jones
                                o Layout Program Specifics                                                   January 1
                                o Create application process to submit for approval                          February 1
                                o Submit to National Center for approval                                     February 2
                                o Make NOD Application available                                             March 1
                                         On National Website
                        Promote NOD Program via Social Media                                                Ongoing
                                o Twitter
                                o Facebook
                                o Blog
                        Promote NOD Program via Video Podcast
                                o Request video backdrop                                                     February 10
                                o Make Video                                                                 February 20
                                o Post Video
                                o Promote
                        Application Deadline                                                                April 1
                        Announcement of winners                                                             May 1
                   Communicate with Directors                                            PIC: Hasher Nisar
                        Obtain Contact Information for all State Directors                                  September 1
                                o Email
                                o Telephone
                        Draft E-Mail to include talking points about continued
                            support for FBLA
                                o These emails will be sent bi-monthly
                   Digital Calendar and Promoting dates                                  Drew Marx
                        Draft Research Project and Feasibility and send to National                         September 1
                            Officers with recommendation for continuation or dismissal
Effective use of National Boards
     Continue the five Regional Executive Boards, National          All Officers          Ongoing
        President’s Assistants, National Treasurer’s Council,
        Parliamentarian’s Council.
     Have applications edited and submitted to National Center                            August 8
        for approval
     Disperse National Board Applications                                                 August 15
            o Email
            o National Website
     Application Deadline                                                                 September 1
     National Board Announcement                                                          September 12
     National Boards will submit their regional plan of action to                         August 8
        National President
     Promote National Boards on the Regional and National                                 Ongoing
     Promote via all forms of Social Media                                                Ongoing
Resource Packet
     Identify resources necessary in packet                         Nadine Goldberg and   December 31
            o Recruitment Tools                                      Aaron Wodka
            o Icebreakers
            o Fundraising
            o Parliamentary Procedures
            o Promotional Video
                                                                     All officers and      January 5
     Assign individual projects to each officer
                                                                     boards                January 19
     Projects submitted back to Aaron and Nadine for review
     Make additional edits as needed
     Compile into a zip file of all the individual aspects
     Submit to National Center for approval                                               January 25
     Have Resource Packet posted to National Website                                      February 1
     Promote through Social Media

                                                                     McKenna Murray
One-on-one meetings at NFLCs                                                               October 1
    Obtain list of state officers attending NFLC’s
                             Schedule meetings for NFLC’s                                             October 5
                             Send meeting schedules to National Officer team                          October 15
                             National officers meet with state officers             All Officers      November

Goal #3: Resources: To focus on obtaining business and corporate sponsorships for our competitive events,
membership, and scholarship programs.
Objective           Tactics                                                           Officers         Due Date      Status

Obtain five new     Contact one potential sponsor a month                             PIC: Drew Marx
national sponsors       Draft sponsor letter templates                                                August 15
                        Send templates to National Center for approval                                August 18
                        Send templates to National Officers                                           August 28
                        National Officers send letters out to a potential sponsor    All Officers     Monthly
                        Follow up with potential sponsors                                             Ongoing

                    Reach out to universities and colleges                            All Officers
Create New              Draft letters to send to colleges                                             September 5
scholarships            Send letters to National Center for approval                                  September 6
                             Send letters to colleges                                                             Ongoing
                             Follow up with colleges                                                              Ongoing
                         Dual Credit for BAA and Leadership Certification from the National    Taylor Sarman and
                         Center                                                                Aaron Wodka
                             Draft proposal to send to universities                                               December 1
                             Send proposal to National Center for approval                                        December 5
                             Send proposal to potential universities asking for Dual credit                       January 5
                             Follow up with universities                                                          Ongoing
                         Securing a $250 scholarship for reaching America Level                Region VPs
                             Hold conference call with National Treasurer                                         December 1
                             Draft sponsorship letters                                                            December 6
                             Send to National Office for approval                                                 December 15
                                                                                                                   December 20
                             Send to potential sponsors
                             Follow up with potential sponsors

Goal #4: Image and Awareness: To be the best known career student organization in the country!
Objective                 Tactics                                                              Officers            Due Date      Status
                          Increase Twitter Presence                                            McKenna Murray      Ongoing
Effectively use Social         Use personal Twitter accounts regularly
Media to improve               Each officer submits three tweets for the national Twitter
communication.                    account for the next month in 5th of the month report
                          Facebook                                                             McKenna Murray      Ongoing
                                  Post something once a week on National Facebook pages   Regional Officers   Ongoing
                                  Reply to comments on National Facebook page             All Officers        Ongoing
                           Blog                                                            McKenna Murray      Ongoing
                                  Have National Officers submit posts once a month        All Officers        Monthly
                                  Request articles from members                           McKenna Murray      Monthly
                                       o Post requests on Facebook and Twitter
                                       o Send requests to State Officers
                                Have National Officer Board members write articles        All Officers        Quarterly
                                Submit articles to National Center                        McKenna Murray      TBD
                                Promote the blog                                          McKenna Murray      Ongoing
                                       o Facebook
                                       o Twitter
                                       o National Website
                           Electronic Holiday Cards                                        McKenna Murray
                                Make list of applicable holidays                                              August 15
                                Make holiday cards
                                                                                                               August 15
                                Send cards out to states on Holidays
                                Post on cards state Facebooks
                                                                                           Tony Jones
                                Have regional board and state president use Skype for
                                                                                           Regional Officers   Ongoing
                                Have National Officers use Skype for monthly meetings
                                                                                           All officers        Monthly
                                Local Chapter Skype Calls                                 Tony Jones          Ongoing
                                       o Draft local Skype call applications                                   October 1
                                       o Send to National Center for approval                                  October 5
                                       o Send to State advisers                                                October 15
                                       o Schedule Skype calls                                                  Ongoing
                                       o Follow up with chapter                                                Ongoing
                                       o Promote                                                               Ongoing

                           Welcome letter                                                  McKenna Murray
Use traditional media to       Draft welcome letter                                                           September 5
improve communication          Send to National Center for approval                                           September 6
                               Send to Regional VPs                                                           September 15
    Regional VPs send letters to State Advisers           Regional VPs      September 20
Draft adviser workshop and send to State Advisers          Whitni Redman
    Create PowerPoint template on BAAs                                      March 5
    Send to National Center for approval                                    March 6
    Send to State Advisers                                                  March 15
Monthly E-mail Blasts                                      McKenna Murray
    Draft E-mail with information from 5th of the month                     10th of the
        reports                                                              month
    Send draft to National Center for approval                              12th
    Send to state presidents                                                20th
Tomorrow’s Business Leader                                 Nadine Goldberg
    Article on middle level involvement                                     TBL deadlines
    Parli Corner                                                            TBL deadlines

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