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					                             Newsletter of The Indigenous Language Institute

              NATIVE LANGUAGE
              ILI, 560 Montezuma Ave., 202, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501                         SUMMER/FALL 2002

ILI & NIGA working
together at 11th
Annual Trade Show
& Convention
by Liz Hill

      or the second year in a row
      ILI was invited by the                                 Best of show winners: Joe Aguilar, Izell Garcia with Wes Studi
      National Indian Gaming
Association (NIGA) to host a                                        Annual Youth
Native Languages Workshop in
conjunction with NIGA’s 11th
                                                                Language Fair a Success
Annual Trade Show and Conven-
                                               By Inez Russell                                walkers,” a television show based
tion. This year’s workshop took
                                                                                              on Tony Hillerman’s mystery nov-
place on April 25 at the San Diego

                                                      iving languages filled the              els that will air on PBS.
Convention Center. Representing
                                                      gymnasium at the Santa Fe                  Comedian Drew Lacapa also
the ILI were Board of Directors
                                                      Indian School as more than              made a guest appearance, as did
members Gerald Hill and Jerry
                                               200 children demonstrated their                musician/singer Delphine Tsina-
                                               native cultures at the Indigenous              jinnie and flute player and dancer
   Executive Director Inée Yang
                                               Language Institute’s Fourth Annu-              Kevin Locke.
Slaughter and National Public
                                               al Native Youth Language Fair and                 This event signifies the changes
Relations Consultant Liz Hill also
                                               Powwow last April 6th. Returning               that are taking place within native
were present to promote ILI at the
                                               once again as master of ceremonies             cultures. Back in the days of board-
              NIGA / Continued on page 4       was actor Wes Studi, star of “Skin-            ing schools with strict guidelines
                                                                                              Native Americans were discour-
                                                                                              aged from speaking their native
                                                                                              languages. One audience member,
                                                                                              83-year-old Sid Byrd (Lakota),
                                                                                              remembers being beaten when he
                                                                                              spoke his native language at
                                                                                              boarding school in Nebraska. “It
                                                                                              was beaten out of me,” he said. In
                                                                                              just three years, he told the Journal
                                                                                              North, he lost his ability to speak
                                                                                              his language. He had to re-learn it
Gerald Hill, President ILI Board of Directors; Ernest L. Stevens, Jr., Chairman National      just to talk to his family.
    Indian Gaming Association; Jerry Thompson, Member ILI Board of Directors                          Language Fair / Continued on page 2

   ILI’s Mission: To collaborate with indigenous communities to revitalize and perpetuate the languages
                          and cultures of the original inhabitants of the Americas.
Languarge Fair / Continued from 1                                                         Mixed Age Group
                                                  “From day one it’s Keres Keres
                                                                                          First Place: Rockpoint Community
   Today, children are being hon-              Keres,” she said, “they can learn          School, Diné, 7-9 song
ored for speaking their languages.             English in School.” Rosetta said           Second Place: Rosetta Clan, Santo
Children speaking some 13 lan-                 she attended the fair in hopes of          Domingo Pueblo, 2-13, “Grandpa
guages participated in the 2002                establishing roots for the younger         Says”
Youth Language Fair. Children from             Rosettas. “I hope the great-grand-         Third Place: Rockpoint Community
                                                                                          School, Diné, 11-12, song with water
the Diné Nation turned out in force            children will continue this tradi-         drum
and also represented were children             tion,” she said. And that, say lan-
from New Mexico’s Pueblo and                   guage fair organizers, is the point        Ages 12-15
Apache tribes, as well as the                  of the whole event. The fair includ-       First Place: Lance Yazzie, Diné, 12,
Comanche and Cherokee Tribes.                  ed a poster contest, an evening            song with drum
                                                                                          Second Place: Autumn Gomez,
    Jenna Naranjo, a Santa Clara               powwow and the language pres-
                                                                                          Comanche/Taos Pueblo, 15, “Lords
                                                                                          Third Place: Nolan Yazzie, Diné, 14,
                                                                                          comic strip.

                                                                                          Ages 16-19
                                                                                          First Place: Michelle Tomlinson, Diné,
                                                                                          16, song
                                                                                          Second Place: Orcino Sarracino, Diné,
                                                                                          16, children’s book
                                                                                          Third Place: Eric John, Diné, 16, song

                                                                                          Poster Contest Winners
                       Jacob Shije-Garcia, age 6 with his art work.                       Best of Show: Rose Bean Simpson,
                                                                                          Santa Clara Pueblo, 18, “Healing
Pueblo member who covered the                  entation portion in which children         Through Song”
event for the New Mexican, said,               give a speech, sing or otherwise
                                                                                          Preschool-Age 7
“Watching these children gave me               demonstrate their culture.                 First Place: Jacob Shije-Garcia, Santa
hope that indigenous languages                    The IAIA Museum exhibited in            Clara Pueblo, 6, “Buffalo and Deer
still have a chance at survival. Had           June 2002 the winning posters              Dance”
I had the chance to participate in             from our poster contest.                   Second Place: Edsel Deon, Lakota/San
such a fair as a child, I bet there’s                                                     Juan Pueblo, 5, “The Healing Pipe”
                                                                                          Third Place: Ravonelle Yazzie, Diné, 7,
a good chance I would have                                                                “Healing Through Language”
acquired a greater interest in learn-
ing Tewa. I was equally impressed              Winners of the                             Ages 8-11
with the amount of family partici-             Fourth Annual Native                       First Place: Tyler Jackson, Santa Ana
pation at the language fair. I would           Youth Language Fair:                       Pueblo, 10, “Eagle Healer”
                                               Best of Show: Joe Aguilar and Izell        Second Place: Clint Lujan, Santa Ana
imagine that learning a language
                                               Garcia, Santo Domingo Pueblo, story-       Pueblo, 10, “Blackhawk”
takes more than just one teacher               telling.                                   Third Place: Thomas Montoya, Santa
and a student. Family involvement              Preschool-Age 7                            Ana Pueblo, 9, “Crying Eagle”
appeared to be a great tool in the             First Place: Angel Hicks, Diné, 7, song,
success of the young native lan-               “A Baby is Born”                           Ages 12-15
guage speakers who participated                Second Place: Window Rock Elemen-          First Place: Desiree Deschenie, Diné,
                                               tary School, Diné, song, “My Home”         13, “Running Builds Up Your Physical
in the event.”                                                                            & Mental Endurance”
                                               Third Place: Window Rock Elementary
   One of the people Naranjo inter-            School, Diné, poem, “5 Butterflies”         Second Place: Diana Ortiz, Santo
viewed for her story was Delphia                                                          Domingo Pueblo, 14, “Learning
Rosetta, from Santo Domingo                    Ages8-11                                   Through Everyday Ways”
Pueblo, who attended the event                 First Place: Quanah Yazzie, Diné, 8,       Third Place: Claire Louise Ortiz, Santo
                                               song with drum                             Domingo Pueblo, 12, “Healing
with about 20 family members.
                                               Second Place: Kholan Studi, Cherokee,      Through Language”
She said most of the pueblo youth              8, “My Family”
speak Keres which is the tribe’s               Third Place: Guyton Tsosie, Diné, 10,      Ages 16-19
language.                                      song                                       First Place: Ann Chasing Hawk, Lako-

2           N AT I V E L A N G U A G E             S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 0 2
ta, 16, comic strip                                                    Carson Fenimore
Second Place: Seneca Smith, San Car-                                   Christine Fredenburgh
los Apache, 18, untitled                                               Jason Garcia
Third Place: Philotino Nez, Diné, 17,                                  Sheila Gershen
“One Native to Ano”                                                    Liz Hill
                                                                       Intermountain Youth Center
Venue Sponsor                                                          Rita Iringen
Santa Fe Indian School                                                 Jake Knutson
                                                                       Nigel Long Soldier
                                                                       Peggy Meyer
Grants and Financial                                                   Katya Miller
Contributions                                                          Kevin Naranjo
New Mexican Charitable Foundation                                      Sheilah Rosenblume
  (through Santa Fe Community                                          Paul Slaughter
  Foundation)                                                          Lottie Archuleta Sly
Los Alamos National Laboratory                                         Shirlee Winder
Wal-Mart Santa Fe
McCune Charitable Foundation
                                                                       Poster Contest Judges
                                                                       Dan Lomahaftewa
Niman Fine Art Gallery
                                                                       Diego Romero
                                                                       Mateo Romero
In-Kind and Goods                                                      Nanobah Sam
Donations                                                              Roxanne Swentzell
Jeri Ah-be-hill
Albertson’s, St. Francis Road                                          Program &
Charles Dailey
Coca Cola Bottling Company of
                                                                       Special Guests
                                                                       Wes Studi
  Santa Fe
                                                                       Drew Lacapa
Gonzo Graphics
                                                                       Delphine Tsinajinnie
Jerry Ingram
                                                                       Kevin Locke
Hogle’s Theatrical Supplies
Hotel Santa Fe
IAIA Museum                                                            Pow-Wow Head Staff
Kinko’s Santa Fe                                                       & Drums
Yvonne McDonell-Knutson                                                Joe Shunkamolah
Tessie Naranjo                                                         David Tune
Geneva Navarro                                                          William Shunkamolah
Mark & Lerin Winter/Relics of the Old                                  Lindsey Shakespear
  West                                                                 Gabriel Rosetta
Paper Tiger                                                            Gabby Rosetta
Ron Pokrasso                                                           Jerry Harjo
Santa Fe Audio Visual                                                  Pat Pacheco & Spirit Singers
Wal-Mart Espanola                                                      Ralph Zotigh & Zotigh Singers
Wal-Mart Santa Fe
Whole Foods Market
Wild Oats Market                                                       Planning Committee
                                                                       Tessie Naranjo, Co-Chair
Language Fair Judges                                                   Maura Dhu Studi, Co-Chair
Barney Bush                                                            Geneva Navarro
Coco Guerrero                                                          Mollie Poafpybitty
Tammy Rahr                                                             Inez Russell
Nanobah Sam                                                            Yvonne McDonnell-Knutson
Delphine Tsinajinnie                                                   Inée Yang Slaughter
                                                                       Kate Nilsson
                                                                       Layli Long Soldier
Jeri Ah-be-hill                                                                                        U
Leslie Barnhart
Ron Blessey
Joe Cate

                                        S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 0 2      N AT I V E L A N G U A G E   3
NIGA / Continued from 1
                                                                                    common commitment and purpose
Trade Show and to fundraise on                                                      of NIGA is to advance the lives of
behalf of ILI. The Trade Show,                                                      Native American people economi-
always a popular and well attend-                                                   cally, socially and politically. NIGA
ed part of the NIGA convention,                                                     operates as a clearinghouse and
attracts hundreds of vendors from                                                   educational, legislative and public
across the country. The language                                                    policy resource for tribes, policy-
workshop was open to the general                                                    makers and the public on Indian
public and also to more than 2000                                                   gaming issues and tribal communi-
convention participants.                  Left to right: John Tang, Business Mgr.   ty development.
   The theme of the ILI workshop           Sycuan Tribe; Patrica Mellon, Wells         “Gaming has enabled some
was “Preserve, Protect and Perpet-       Fargo; Steve Stallings, Director Native    tribes to funnel much needed finan-
                                         American Banking Service Wells Fargo,
uate Native American Languages.”                                                    cial resources into areas like lan-
                                        Jerry Thompson, ILI Board of Directors.
The workshop, which was con-                                                        guage revitalization,” said ILI pres-
ducted by President Hill and Inée          At a special breakfast fundraiser        ident Gerald L. Hill. “This is a
Slaughter, focused on ILI’s nation-     for New Mexico candidate for Gov-           positive phenomenon, demonstrat-
al and regional outreach programs       ernor Bill Richardson, Richardson           ing tribes’ commitment to carrying
and innovative approaches that          publicly recognized the ILI and             on their languages to future genera-
assist Native American communi-         Inée Slaughter adding that if he is         tions.” NIGA Chairman Ernie
ties to start and sustain effective     elected as New Mexico’s next Gov-           Stevens Jr. adds, “An important part
language revitalization programs.       ernor he will be supportive of the          of the NIGA mission, reflected in
   At the Gala Banquet, which was       organization’s efforts.                     this year’s convention theme, is to
held on April 26 before an audience        The National Indian Gaming               preserve our Native cultures. Our
that numbered in the hundreds,          Association is a non-profit trade            languages serve as the foundation
NIGA Chairman Ernie Stevens, Jr.        association comprised of 168 Amer-          for our cultures and it is important
(Oneida) recognized and praised         ican Indian Nations and other non-          that we take every opportunity to
the ongoing work of the ILI.            voting associate members. The               highlight their importance.”        U

RUBIN/POSTAER & ASSOCIATES              to ILI as their gift to this cause to       by RPA in ensuing months such as
                                        launch a national public awareness          Forbes and O the Oprah magazine.
Creates National Ad                     campaign that would include print              The goal of the ad campaign is to
Campaign                                ads, radio spots, and TV commer-            raise awareness of the public at
                                        cials. RPA also lined up commit-            large, to invite all to participate in

    magine a full page                                  ments from national         building the ILI Endowment Fund
    ad in a major publi-                                publications to run         which will support language work
    cation such as U.S.                                 the ads pro-bono!           in perpetuity. Our goal is to raise $5
News and World Report                                       In June, the U.S.       million by the end of 2004. In order
advocating the preser-                                  News and World              to continue the ad program, ILI is
vation and revitalization                               Report published the        seeking corporate and foundation
of Native American lan-                                 first of a series of        underwriting to sustain an ongoing
guages! Our imagina-                                    three ads in their          campaign.
tions and dreams came                                   California edition             ILI is most grateful to Rubin/
true thanks to Rubin/                                   (June 3, 2002), fol-        Postaer and Associates, to Larry
Postaer and Associates                                  lowed by appear-            Postaer, Gerry Rubin, Patrick
(RPA), a major national                                 ances in Scientific         Mendelson, Richard Bess and all the
advertising firm head-                                  America (August),           members of the RPA’s creative and
quartered in Santa Mon-                                 News from Indian            media team. Our very special thanks
ica, California.                        Country (late June), Business Week          to our Board member Jerry Thomp-
   In early 2001, RPA’s principals,     (August 19) and Fast Company (Sep-          son who opened the door for this
Larry Postaer and Gerry Rubin           tember). Other publications have            immense collaboration.
agreed to provide creative services     committed to run the ads designed                                            U
4          N AT I V E L A N G U A G E      S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 0 2
New Board                               “Community Voices Coming Together”
Members Elected                         ILI National Language Working Symposium
at March
Meeting in
                                             LI will host “Community Voices            following topics: Master-Appren-
Santa Fe                                     Coming Together” November 7-
                                             10, 2002 in Albuquerque, New
                                                                                       tice Training (L. Hinton/L.F. Man-
                                                                                       riguez); Working with a Linguist
                                        Mexico at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.             (M.M. Mauldin); Language Acqui-
By Liz Hill                                 Deadline for preregistration rates         sition (W. O’Neil/M. Honda); Cul-
                                        and hotel discount rates is October 6;         tural-Based Immersion Class (TBA);

       he ILI is proud to announce      please make a note of these dates              “Breath of Life”: Reviving Lan-
       the addition of three new        and register soon.                             guages (L. Hinton/L.F. Manriguez).
       members to its Board of              The first phase of field studies of              The youth are invited on Satur-
Directors. They are Barney Bush         34 Native language programs across             day, November 9 to present a con-
(Shawnee), Joel Frank, Sr. (Semi-       t h e c o u n t r y w e re c o m p l e t e d   temporary skit using Native lan-
nole) and Margaret McKane               between 1999-2001. Break Out Ses-              guage (D. Webster/ L. King),
Mauldin (Creek). The current            sions on Friday, November 8 will               traditional song and story (TBA),
board includes President Gerald L.      feature language practitioners and             ILI Youth Language Fair highlights.
Hill (Oneida), Vice President           teachers from the programs ILI vis-            Saturday evening, November 9, will
Tessie Naranjo (Santa Clara             ited who will share successful tech-           be a Gala Banquet featuring ILI’s
Pueblo), Secretary Maura Dhu            niques and practices for their lan-            Fifth Annual Honors Event. For
Studi, Treasurer Robert Craig,          guage revitalization work. Break               Symposium attendees the registra-
Jerry Thompson (Cherokee), and          Out Sessions will address topics               tion fee includes the Banquet and
Honorary Board Member Oren R.           which are the chapter titles of ILI’s          Honors Event. For those who wish
Lyons (Onondaga).                       How-To Handbooks scheduled to be               to attend only the Banquet and
   “Each of these three new board       published in 2003. These Sessions              Honors, tickets are available for $75
members brings something of             will be a forum for presenters and             through the ILI office (Tel. 505-820-
immense value to the ILI, which         participants to explore critical issues        0311; E-mail ili@indigenous-lan-
is dedicated to preserving, pro-        such as: starting a program; identi- 
tecting and perpetuating our pre-       fying and training teachers; identi-
cious Native American lan-
guages,” said Gerald Hill. ILI
                                        fying our learners; curriculum and
                                        materials development; conducting
now has six Native Board mem-           a language survey; and more.
bers of eight.                              There will be Workshops on the
   Barney is a poet and former
Institute of American Indian Arts
professor of writing and composi-       Tribe of Florida. He is a former Pres-             Margaret is an instructor in cur-
tion. He is a member of the Soci-       ident of the National Indian Gam-               riculum development and the
ety of Authors, Composers and           ing Association (NIGA) and one of               Creek language at the University
Editors of Museum (SACEM),              the original Commissioners of the               of Oklahoma’s Department of
based in Paris, France. He also is      National Indian Gaming Commis-                  Anthropology/Native American
a recording artist with Nato            sion (NIGC). Frank also has served              Studies Division. She has created a
records. Bush’s most recent             as President of the United South                10,000 word dictionary of the
recordings include “Left for            and Eastern Tribes (USET) Intertrib-            Creek Language that was pub-
Dead” and “Remake of the Amer-          al Council.He has created Tribal                lished by the University of Nebras-
ican Dream.” He also is the prin-       mental health programs in the                   ka. Mauldin also is a workshop
cipal spokesperson for the Col-         southeast and assist in Tribal and              leader for the Oklahoma Native
lege of the Redwinds.                   individual economic development                 Languages Association.
   Joel, a fluent speaker of his Semi-   initiatives through the National
nole language, currently serves as      Center for Tribal Economic Devel-
Housing Director for the Seminole       opment in Mesa, Arizona.                                                       U
                                                        S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 0 2      N AT I V E L A N G U A G E       5
          Technical Steering Committee Meets to Plan ILI’s
             Language Materials Development Center

        he Technical Steering Com-           Corporation                               practical advice for day to day
        mittee for ILI convened in        Kerry Langford, IBM Rochester                operations, staffing needs, equip-
        Santa Fe February 22-24, 2002     Lynne Nicholson, IBM Western                 ment, software and space needs.
for its first meeting to discuss the          Education ITS Executive                   Much Technical information was
formation and creation of the Lan-        Andy Tanabe, Jaguar Communi-                 also shared to help shape the plan-
guage Materials Development Cen-             cations                                   ning of the LMDC.
ter (LMDC). The LMDC mission              Tonia Williams, Cherokee Nation                 The Center will host seminars
combines research, devel-                                                                          and in collaboration
opment and production of                                                                           with other like institu-
language materials that                                                                            tions and individuals
can be tailored for all lan-                                                                       will provide education-
guages. The Center will be                                                                         al workshops in the
equipped with the state-of-                                                                        areas of Curriculum
the-art technology. The                                                                            Development, Materi-
LMDC would offer tribal                                                                            als Development and
members working on lan-                                                                            Production, Teaching
guage revitalization pro-                                                                          Training Manuals, and
grams training in the use                                                                          other topics. The Tech-
of technology to create                                                                            nical Steering Commit-
their own language mate-                                                                           tee has evolved to
rials. This includes most                                                                          become the Technical
all types of printed, web,          L–R, Top: Akira Yamamoto, Tonia Williams, Jessica Dorr,        Advisory Committee to
audio and video materials           Kerry Langford. Bottom: Ardeth Barnhart, Inée Slaughter,       assist in the business
produced for K-12 pro-                           Andy Tanabe, Leslie Barnhart.                     plan, staff reviews and
grams and adult community
programs. LMDC will also provide             Information Systems
                                                                                                 technical matters.
workshops for tribal members on           Akira Yamamoto, University of
the use of technology for develop-           Kansas
ing materials in each language.           ILI Committee members are:                 Thank you IBM!
   The Technical Steering Commit-         Leslie Barnhart, ILI Fund

tee consists of volunteer members            Development Consultant                          n May of 2002 The Indigenous
from the information technology           Robert Craig, ILI Board of                         Language Institute received a
(IT) industry, foundations, univer-          Directors                                       generous contribution of office
sities, tribal communities, the ILI       Gerald Hill, ILI Board of Directors          furniture from IBM in Boulder,
Board and Staff, to help form a           Tessie Naranjo, ILI Board of                 Colorado. At the same time ILI
working set of goals and objectives          Directors                                 was in the process of moving to a
for the LMDC. The members of the          Inée Yang Slaughter, ILI Executive           new, larger office space. ILI would
Committee are:                               Director                                  like to take this opportunity to
                                          Maura Dhu Studi, ILI Board                   thank Daniel R. Willis and IBM for
Ardeth Barnhart, Consultant and              of Directors                              the desks, chairs and filing cabi-
   Meeting Facilitator                                                                 nets. The new furniture has helped
Steven Bird, University of Penn-             The Committee drafted a project           our new office space run much
   sylvania                               plan which will serve as a basis of          more smoothly.
Jessica Dorr, Bill and Melinda            a detailed business plan. Partici-               ILI would like to thank Layli
   Gates Foundation                       pants made significant contribu-             LongSoldier and Kate Nilsson for
Bill Hill, Microsoft Corporation          tions in the areas of funding                traveling to Boulder and picking
Greg Hitchcock, Microsoft                 sources, education on core issues,           up our donated furniture.
6          N AT I V E L A N G U A G E         S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 0 2
                                 Message From the President

      ince 2001 ILI has gone through                                                      ton (92) Oneida Longhouse Faith
      tremendous growth. This has not                                                     Keeper, teacher, author and grand-
      been easy but the small staff has                                                   mother of Ernie Stevens and many
been thoroughly dedicated. The                                                            great-grandchildren; and Alice Snow,
National Ad Campaign to build our                                                         Seminole, Mikosukee language
Endowment Fund, which was realized                                                        teacher who works incessantly with a
through the efforts of Board Member                                                       team of dedicated people in Brighton,
Jerry Thompson and Rubin Postaer &                                                        Florida. They will be honored at the
Associates (RPA) began in the May                                                         Language Symposium Banquet in
                                              Neil McCaleb, Gerry Hill, Charles Black-
issue of U.S. News & World Report, West                                                Albuquerque on November 9th.
                                              well at the reception in D.C. hosted by
Coast edition.                                   the Honorable Charles Blackwell.          Inée Slaughter and I traveled to
   The second ad appeared in the August                                                Washington D.C. in July for several
issue of Scientific American which also featured an article             events arranged by Liz Hill our PR consultant. These
on endangered languages, followed by appearances in                    included meeting with the staff of The Smithsonian,
Fast Company(August), Business Week (August 19) and                    The National Museum of the American Indian, Nation-
News From Indian Country (late June, August, Septem-                   al Geographic, NCAI and a formal reception for ILI at
ber). Other national magazines have committed to plac-                 the home of Charles Blackwell, the Chickasaw Nation
ing these ads: Forbes, Oprah, American Indian Report,                  Ambassador to the United States.
Men’s Health, Outside.                                                     The reception was attended by more than 50 very
   This has been priceless in its effect on the public con-            prominent Indian People including Assistant Secretary
sciousness of ILI’s work especially considering that it                of the Interior Neil McCaleb, NCAI Executive Director
was done pro bono by RPA. It is an accomplishment of                   Jackie Johnson, President of Native American Manage-
which we should all be proud. There remains much to                    ment Services Pat Parker.
do in this area, however. As you know, our Honorary                        Native language remains the single most character-
Campaign Chairman is Wes Studi whom you may have                       istic of Indian identity in every community I have vis-
seen recently in “Christmas in the Clouds”. Wes has                    ited in the past four years. As an attorney I believe it is
been extremely generous with his time helping to pro-                  not only the basis of our identity but also our tribal sov-
mote this and other ILI projects.                                      ereignty, and as such it must be consciously protected
   The ILI Annual Youth Language Fair was also repli-                  and advanced. I encourage all efforts of Native com-
cated locally in Oneida, WI in June and was well                       munities to continue our traditions through the use of
received there. Other communities have inquired about                  their languages.
such an event and have been encouraged to initiate                         One acquires their languages not from books or lin-
such events that fit their own needs.                                  guists but by hearing it used on a daily basis. Language
   In February ILI co-sponsored a local honoring event                 Immersion isn’t a place or a program or a linguistic
of four Wabenaki communities in Maine: the MicMac,                     concept. It is an attitude that shows itself when we hear
the Passamaquoddy, the Maliseet and the Penobscot                      and use our language. If you are a talker then talk as
which honored more than 30 elder speakers of their                     much as you can. Help create opportunities for your-
languages. Each of the more than 100 participants                      self and others to acquire your language. This is our
spoke and more than 50 spoke in their language. I was                  cultural imperative. The possibilities are as infinite as
present on behalf of ILI at that event.                                the challenge.
   Another important event was our first ILI Board                         Ta ne thoniyole on (that’s as far as I will go right
meeting outside of Santa Fe, hosted by Joel Frank from                 now)
the Seminole Tribe of Florida . We also got to observe a
workshop of the ONLA/ILI Regional Workshop on the                      On^giwah,
Seminole Language where Board Member Margaret
Mauldin taught.
   At this meeting the annual Honorees for Native lan-
guage speakers and teachers were selected: Maria Hin-                  On^yota’aga (Standing Stone People, Oneida)

                                                           S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 0 2      N AT I V E L A N G U A G E          7
Newsletter of The Indigenous Language Institute                                                                   Non-Profit
                                                                                                                  U.S. Postage
      NETWORK                                                                                                     PAID
          SUMMER/FALL 2002                                                                                        Santa Fe, NM
                                                                                                                  Permit No. 471

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Grants to Support ILI                               ILI Workshops
Programs                                            Presented at
ILI is very happy to announce the
grants we have received to date in
                                                    ILI presented workshops about the
2002. We are most grateful to the
                                                    findings of our two-year national
foundation and agency for their
                                                    language survey at the following         Terrv Guittierez, Tessie Naranjo,
                                                    national conferences.                      Carol Brewer, Inée Slaughter
• Bill and Melinda Gates Founda-
                                                    • “Journey Home: Language and
   tion, through their Native
                                                       Cultural Preservation Confer-
   American Grant Program, will
                                                       ence”, Center for School Im-        San Diego, California, April 23-
   enable ILI to begin the planning
                                                       provement, Office of Indian         26, 2002. Presenters: Gerald Hill,
   of its Language Materials Devel-
                                                       Education Programs, Bureau of       Jerry Thompson, Inée Slaughter.
   opment Center which is sched-
                                                       Indian Affairs, Portland, Ore-    • “Tribal Archives, Libraries and
   uled to open in Santa Fe, NM in
                                                       gon, March 11-13, 2002. Presen-     Museums: Preserving Our Lan-
   late 2002/early 2003.
                                                       ters: Tessie Naranjo, Sheilah       guage, Memory and Lifeways”,
• The Administration for Native
                                                       Nicholas and Inée Slaughter.        Institute of Museum & Library
   Americans (ANA) Planning
                                                    • “Preserve Our Culture, Strength-     Services, Mesa, Arizona, May 7-
   Grant will enable ILI to contin-
                                                       en Our Economy & Build Our          10, 2002. Presenters: Ofelia
   ue the Field Survey Project to
                                                       Future”, organized by National      Zepeda, Inée Slaughter.
   visit more language programs
   across the country.
                                                       Indian Gaming Association                                                 U
                                                       (NIGA) for their Trade Show,

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