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					ASTM International Committee F39
Mission Statement:

To enhance the safety of aircraft electrical wiring system
design, fabrication, modification, inspection and maintenance
through the development of voluntary consensus standards that
build upon and mode rnize NAA / CAA generic guidance. This is
accomplished by:
   1. Producing standard wiring practices appl icable to general
       aviation aircraft to simplify and streamline the processes
       of design, installation, maintenance, etc.
   2. Analysis of US FAA AC 43.13 -1B, Chapter 11; dissection
       into updated and simplified segments for (1) Alterations,
       (2) Certifications, (3) Design, (4) Inspection, (5)
       Maintenance, and (6) Repair,
   3. Coordination with FAA on development and integration of
       the standards as an acceptable m eans of compliance for
       Part 23 aircraft,
   4. Expand documents t o have international breadth and
       applicability to all NAA / CAA’s by avoiding favoring any
       nations’ regulations wherever possible,
   5. Developing training and certification guidance for the GA
       community utilizing the standards, and
   6. Maintaining currency and relevancy of st andards.

Description: Electrical wiring instruction document. How to manage Electricity? How to plan a house wiring, safety instructions for Electrical system