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					                       Frequently Asked Questions

If I have to make a claim, what amount will normally be deducted from
my claim (the excess)?
One of the benefits of this policy is that there are no excesses usually. There may,
however, be occasions where it is necessary to apply special terms - for example,
apply a compulsory flood excess on certain sites with a history of, or a continuing
threat of, flooding. In these circumstances, we will of course advise the special terms
that will apply.

Can I insure a static caravan sited abroad?
This policy is only available for static holiday caravans sited in the UK. We can insure
static holiday caravans overseas through Towergate Holiday Homes insurance on
01708 777601.

Is there any age limit in respect of the caravan to be insured?
The caravan must be less than 15 years of age if it is to be insured on a new for old
basis. Caravans up to 20 years of age can however be insured on a market value

Does the policy provide cover in respect of flood loss or damage?
The policy provides full cover in respect of flood damage. However in view of the
substantial losses which have been experienced in recent years, there are a number
of sites which are subject to flooding which may be subject to restrictions. For
example the policy may exclude flood damage altogether or a policy excess may
apply. If the caravan is sited on a site which is liable to flood please check with us

How much should I insure my caravan for?
The policy offers a choice of either new for old or market value cover. Should you
require new for old cover the caravan must be insured for the cost of its brand new
equivalent to include an allowance for site clearance, re-siting and delivery fees
together with the value of any additions such as verandas, sheds and storage
containers. You should also include an allowance for contents and equipment.
If insuring on a market value basis then the caravan and its contents should be
insured for their current market value together with an allowance for site clearance.

In the unlikely event of a total loss, how would my claim be settled?
If your caravan is insured on a market value basis we would pay the market value of
the caravan and its contents at the time of the loss plus an allowance for site
clearance. This would be by way of a cash settlement.
If the caravan is insured on a new for old basis we would look to arrange
replacement of the caravan with its brand new equivalent via the site to include the
cost of site clearance, re-siting and delivery fees. In addition, we would also need to
replace as new the contents. Clearly it is essential that the sums insured are
adequate because in the event of a total loss the repair settlement cannot exceed the
sum insured. Please note that claims in respect of household linen and clothing will
be settled on a market value basis and not new for old.
If you decide not to replace the caravan our settlement will be by cash
payment on a market value basis.

My caravan is to be used as my main residence, is this acceptable?
Yes, we can insure caravans which are used as the main residence although it
should be borne in mind that the policy is primarily designed for holiday caravans and
the cover is therefore not as extensive as that which would normally be provided by a
household policy. For example, it would exclude cover in respect of valuable items
such as jewellery, sports equipment and cameras.
If your caravan is less than five years old, your main residence and the site benefits
from at least a 10-month licence, it may qualify for our Residential Park Home
Insurance. Please contact us on 01242 528844 for details. This product is more
competitive and the cover more appropriate for a main residence.

Does the policy allow for the caravan to be hired out?
We fully understand that caravan owners often hire their caravan out either privately
or through the site to offset the costs associated with caravan ownership.
The policy fully allows for this situation and indeed includes a very generous loss of
use benefits to cover the loss of rent should you be unable to honour a booking. The
benefit is linked to the time of the year and is based upon a percentage of the sum
insured. e.g. up to 3% of the sum insured per week in July and August reducing to
1% of the sum insured per week between October and April. The maximum amount
payable in any one year is 20% of the total sum insured. In addition the policy can
be extended to include Malicious Damage by hirers at an additional premium of £25.

Does the policy provide cover in respect of frost damage?
Unlike many other policies the policy provides full cover in respect of frost damage all
the year round. We nevertheless still recommend that during the closed season or
when the caravan is left unoccupied for more than 30 days that the water system is
fully drained. This because in the event of frost damage whilst we cover the damage
to the plumbing installations we would not cover damage caused by the subsequent
escape of water unless the caravan was occupied at the time.

Are there any particular exclusions that I need to be made aware of?
The policy does exclude theft of high value items such as televisions, personal
computers, audio and video equipment when the caravan is not in use i.e. during the
closed season or when a caravan is unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.
We strongly recommend that high value and easily portable equipment is removed at
such times.
As described in response to the previous question please be aware of the exclusion
in respect of damage caused by the escape of water following frost.
There are a number of other exclusions too in relation to loss or damage caused by
insects, vermin, fungus or damp, damage caused by the ingress of water through
seams and seals, depreciation, chemical or electrical breakdown, wear and tear and
damage caused deliberately by you or your family.

The site requires a public liability indemnity limit of £2M. Does the policy
include this?
The policy automatically includes a public liability indemnity limit of £2M and if
necessary this can be increased to £5M subject to an additional premium of £15.
My caravan is protected by a site installed alarm system. Does this
attract any discount?
We do offer a discount if the caravan is protected by an electronic alarm system
which is monitored by the site 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Such systems
would include Ramtech, Startech and Goldcrest.

Does the policy include accidental damage?
The policy provides cover in respect of accidental damage to underground pipes and
cables, panels, televisions, video and audio equipment and computers; the breakage
of glass in doors, windows, fan lights, sanitary fittings e.g. shower trays, sinks and
toilets; fixed glass in furniture and ceramic hobs. It would not for example cover the
accidental spillage of bleach or paint on a carpet.

What do I do in the event of a claim?
When you receive your new policy you will also receive a claim advice form. In the
event of a claim simply return this to us together with supporting estimates or in the
event of an emergency contact us by telephone. Most claims are dealt with within the
office but in the event of a larger claim we would normally appoint a Loss Adjuster.
We do pride ourselves in offering an extremely efficient, fair and friendly claims

Does the policy cover my outdoor shed and its contents?
Yes the policy does provide cover in respect of outbuildings and their contents but
contents would not extend to include valuable items such as sports equipment and
pedal cycles. Such items should be insured under the “all risks” extension of a
household policy.

How can I pay?
You can pay in full by cheque, in full by debit/credit card or by 12 monthly instalments
by Direct Debit. If you pay by direct debit, no credit charge applies but we do charge
a small administration fee of £2.00 per month.

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