Walking is Heart Medicine

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					                             Walking is Heart Medicine
Walking has the lowest dropout rate of any       Step 3.
activity, and is the simplest positive change    Now that you know what your physical
individuals can make to effectively improve      activity needs are; how do you know if what
their heart health. Here are some steps to get   you are doing is enough? One way of
started with any physical activity to get you    knowing whether your activity is moderate
on your way.                                     or vigorous is the talk test. The talk test
                                                 method of measurement is simple.
Step 1.                                                  A person who is active at a light
Your safety is always a priority. Moderate
                                                         intensity level should be able to sing
physical activity is safe for most people, but
                                                         while doing the activity.
some adults may need to check with their
                                                         One who is active at a moderate
healthcare provider first. Men older than 40
                                                         intensity level should be able to carry
and women older than 50 who plan a
                                                         on a conversation comfortably while
vigorous program or who have chronic
                                                         engaging in the activity.
disease or risk factors for chronic disease
                                                         If a person becomes winded or too
should contact their physician to design a
                                                         out of breath to carry on a
safe, effective program.
                                                         conversation, the activity can be
Step 2.                                                  considered vigorous.
Understanding the American Heart
                                                 Here are some tips for exercise success:
Association recommendations for physical
                                                       Wear comfortable, properly fitted
activity for heart health are important. Here
                                                       footwear and comfortable, loose
they are:
                                                       fitting clothing appropriate for the
                                                       weather and the activity.
        physical activities for at least 30
                                                       Find a convenient time and place to
        minutes on most (and preferably all)
                                                       do activities. Try to make it a habit,
        days of the week.
                                                       but be flexible. If you miss an
        Physical activity can be accumulated
                                                       opportunity, work activity into you
        throughout the day. It’s important to
                                                       day another way.
        include physical activity as part of a
                                                       Keep a record of your activities.
        regular routine.
                                                       Reward yourself at special
        physical activity for at least 60
                                                       Nothing motivates like success.
        minutes most days of the week to
        help lose weight or maintain weight.
            Walking is good medicine for your heat. For every hour of regular, vigorous
            exercise you do, like brisk walking, you can live two hours longer.
                      If you would like more information, please contact
         Med-Cert, Inc. at 866-633-2378 (toll free) or at

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Description: According to the Harvard University study found that exercise 1 hour, 2 hours can be extended healthy life, as long as the accumulation of 5,000 steps per day more than brisk walking, can help you make healthy weight loss reduced waist. According to the Harvard study, the prevention of disease and physical activity to maintain health and strength, does not require very intense, as long as the use of fragmented time activities, the cumulative amount of physical activity can be appropriate.