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ZM2380 GSM/GPRS Modem

General Description                                             Key Features
ZM2380 is an industrial grade EGSM/GSM-GPRS class 10            Fully compatible with Elster A1700 PPM
900/1800 mobile communication modem based on
                                                                GSM CSD/GPRS dual mode operation
WaveCom Q2686 wireless CPU . It is fully compatible with
the footprint of Elster A1700 programmable polyphase            5VDC power supplied from PSU1700
energy meter. The modem is enclosed in the meter cover          LED indicators for GSM and RF operation
once installed. It is designed to support both GSM CSD          Fully transparent to meter protocol
(circuit-switched data) and GPRS data. The operation of CSD     Supporting GPRS socket server
and GPRS is fully transparent to meter protocol between the     Ambient temperature reporting
central station and the meter. In GPRS operation, the modem     Digital Input for meter alarm
works with the Socket Server Zsocket 1 to ensure a “Always      Screw available for locking the modem to A1700
On” TCP connectivity to allow the modem periodically report     Communication Module
its IP address as well as other information to the central      Optional RF short range radio module
station so that a reliable IP link is available for remote
metering. The modem is equipped with a temperature sensor,
a digital input for meter alarm, and an optional RF module.
The RF module is designed for a short range wireless
connection between ZM2380 and other devices with RF
module in the same frequency band and protocol. The short
range wireless connection can overcome the coverage
problem of GSM network in some critical meter room

ZM2380 GSM/GPRS Modem
Technical Data

GSM/GPRS Services                                                       Electrical
Standard                •      900MHz, E-GSM compliant,                 Power Supply       5V DC ± 5%, 1.5A
                               class4 (2W)
                                                                        Connection         Detachable from PSU1700
                        •      1800MHz, DCS1800 class 1(1W)
                                                                        Power Consumption at 25°C
                        •      GSM phase 2
                        •      GPRS class 10
                                                                        • EGSM900
Approvals               E-GSM/GSM - GPRS Class 10
                        900 MHz/1800MHz, R&TTE
                                                                                            Conditions               INOM      IMAX
RF performance          • Receiver
                           - Reference Sensitivity                         5V   During 1TX bursts @ 2 W             1.47 A    1.55 A
                            E-GSM900 = -104dBm                             5V   Average @ 2 W                       268 mA   280 mA
                            DCS1800 = -102dBm                              5V   Average @ 0.5 W                     180 mA   186 mA
                        • Transmitter
                                                                           5V   Average Idle mode                   16 mA     18 mA
                           - Maximum output power (E-GSM
                           900)= 33 dBm ± 2 dB                             5V   Average idle in power saving mode   10 mA    10.5 mA

                          (DCS 1800)= 30 dBm ± 2 dB
                          - Minimum output power (E-GSM                 • DCS1800
                          900)= 5 dBm ± 5 dB
                          (DCS 1800)= 0 dBm ± 5 dB                                         Conditions                INOM      IMAX
                        • Antennas
                                                                           5V   During 1TX bursts @ 1 W             1.28 A   1.45 A
                            50 ohm
                                                                           5V   Average @ 1 W                       239 mA   255 mA
                            VSWR: 1.5:1
                            Typical radiated gain: 0 dBi in one            5V   Average @ 0.25 W                    170 mA   180 mA
                            direction at least                             5V   Average Idle mode                   16 mA    18 mA

                                                                           5V   Average idle in power saving mode   10 mA    10.5 mA

Data Interface
Standard                RS232 DB25 Female                               • EGSM, GPRS class 2
Data Rate               2400 to 19200 bit/s
                                                                                           Conditions                INOM      IMAX

UHF Short Range Radio (Optional)                                           5V   During 1TX bursts @ 2 W             1.46 A   1.55 A

Standard         Unlicensed UHF FM radio                                   5V   Average @ 2 W                       262 mA   280 mA

                 (409MHz band)                                             5V   Average @ 0.5 W                     175 mA   182 mA

Modulation       GFSK                                                      5V   Average Idle mode                   16 mA    18 mA

Transmit         20 - 27 dBm                                               5V   Average idle in power saving mode   10 mA    10.5 mA

Sensitivity      -100dBm
Bandwidth        12.5kHz
Data rate        1200bps – 9600bps
Software         Fully transparent to meter protocol
Interface        SMA connector for antenna

ZM2380 GSM/GPRS Modem
• DCS1800 GPRS class 2                                               • Power consumption of Short Range RF

                   Conditions                INOM     IMAX                           Conditions             INOM     IMAX

   5V   During 1TX bursts @ 1 W             1.28 A   1.45 A             5V        Transmit Mode            320 mA   352 mA
   5V   Average @ 1 W                       233 mA   255 mA             5V         Receive Mode            32 mA    45 mA
   5V   Average @ 0.25 W                    164 mA   175 mA

   5V   Average Idle mode                   16 mA    18 mA           Display
   5V   Average idle in power saving mode   10 mA    10.5 mA         LED             • Power
                                                                                     • Network Status
• EGSM, GPRS class 10                                                                • RSSI
                                                                                     • CSD/GPRS
                   Conditions                INOM     IMAX
                                                                                     • RF Data
   5V   During 2TX bursts @ 2 W             1.50 A   1.60 A
                                                                                     • RF Status
   5V   Average @ 2 W                       472 mA   490 mA

   5V   Average @ 0.5 W                     298 mA   310 mA
   5V   Average Idle mode                   16 mA    18 mA           Dimensions      93 x 64 x 31 mm (L x H x D)
   5V   Average idle in power saving mode   10 mA    10.5 mA
                                                                     Weight          186 g

• DCS1800, GPRS class 10                                             Environmental
                                                                     Operating       -20°C to +55°C
                   Conditions                INOM     IMAX
                                                                     Storage         -30°C to +85°C
   5V   During 2TX bursts @ 1 W             1.41 A   1.50 A

   5V   Average @ 1 W                       412 mA   450 mA          Options
   5V   Average @ 0.25 W                    276 mA   290 mA          ZM2380          Basic Unit – GSM/GPRS modem only
   5V   Average Idle mode                   16 mA    18 mA           ZM2380R         GSM/GPRS modem + short range RF
   5V   Average idle in power saving mode   10 mA    10.5 mA                         module

  Subject to change without notice

  Zodicom Limited
  712-713 Enterprise Place,
  No. 5 Science Park West Avenue,
  Hong Kong Science Park,
  Shatin, NT.,
  Hong Kong
  Telephone: (852) 28328513


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