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					Deadlines                         Terri Schneider..endurance athlete..motivational
                                  will be delivering our keynote address at this year’s State TSA Leadership
                                  Conference. Terri will be delivering an exciting twist to our conference theme
Jan 1, 2010                       of “Finish Strong”. Terri will also be conducting a teacher workshop Friday
New student rate of $65 in        for all available chapter advisors.
effect for State TSA Leadership   Adventure racer, triathlete, ultrarunner, and mountaineer Terri has
Conference                        established herself as one of the most experienced and diverse multi-sport
                                  endurance athletes in the world. As a world-class professional triathlete for
Feb 1, 2010                       10 years and elite international adventure racer since 1995, Terri has been
                                  featured on the Discovery Channel, USA Network, high profile talk shows,
Do Ahead’s Due to Janel Kerr at
                                  news segments, and popular outdoor publications highlighting her personal
U of I                            experiences in triathlon, ultrarunning and arguably the most grueling sport
                                  on the planet; adventure racing.
Feb 1, 2010                       Terri has competed internationally in 7 Eco-Challenge Expedition
Online Registration Closes for    Competitions, the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest in China, the ESPN X-Games
State TSA Leadership Conference   Adventure Race, and the Raid Gauloises in Tibet and Nepal. She’s climbed
                                  mountains on 6 continents and run many 50 and 100 mile endurance races
Feb 1, 2010                       and several 7-day running stage races. Terri has completed 22 Ironman
State Officer Candidate Forms     Triathlons, finishing in the top 5 three times in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon
due to Miles Carroll              World Championships.
                                  Terri was 1st woman and 4th overall competitor at the Racing the Planet,
Feb 11, 2010                      250K, 7-day running stage race across the Sahara Desert in Egypt and 2nd in
Palouse Inn, Best Western         a similar event in the Gobi Desert in Northern China.
University Inn & Super 8          Terri earned her Master’s degree in Sports Psychology with an emphasis on
Reservations Drop Date            team dynamics and risk taking and her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise
                                  Physiology. She speaks and writes on topics such as teamwork, motivation,
                                  sports psychology, and risk taking. She is author of Triathlon Revolution:
Feb 25, 2010                      Training, Technique and Inspiration, and co-author of Triathlete’s Guide to
La Quinta Reservations Drop       Mental Training. She’s also contributed to two additional books. As a coach
Date                              for 20 years, she is an expert at helping individuals and teams create their
                                  own authentic vision and potential.
                                         Scheduling for Success
Calling all                              Hey there, Craig here again. This issue I will be talking about wisely planning
                                         your conference schedule. First, you need to figure out what events you

Level 1                                  would like to participate in and the times of those events. Remember, you
                                         may not be able to participate in every event that you want to. Tough choices

Students!                                will have to be made.

                                         For example, let’s say that you are interested in Flight Endurance II as well
This is Tanay and I hope you are
excited for the State TSA Leadership     as interviewing for Game Design II which happens to fall in the same time
Conference. I want to remind TSA         frame. Well, first consider the options. Flight Endurance occurs from 8:00
members that they can participate        PM to 10:30 PM on Thursday. Plan to arrive for the first hour of this event
in the Multimedia Production and         from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Then at about 9:15 PM make sure you are on your
Lights, Camera, Action events.
                                         way to the Game Design Interview that takes place from 9:00 PM- 10:30 PM.
Multimedia Production is an              At registration you will have signed up for a Game Design Interview slot. Let
individual event. Chapters can have
eight entries. Students create and       us say that you picked 9:30 PM on Thursday for your interview to occur. You
design a stand-alone multimedia          have successfully scheduled your evening. See, it can be done! Although these
presentation to promote TSA. The         two events may have seemed conflicting there was a way to manage them.
time requirement for this presentation
is one and a half minutes. Make sure     On the other hand, there is a method you need to avoid when constructing
you present the information you feel     your schedule. If you are involved in a team event, note the word, “team.” In
is most important for your audience      order to compete as a team, all members must be present. Do not assume
to know. This event is a do ahead        that since you have one or two other partners in an event with you that you
which means that your project must
be post marked by February 1, 2010.      can run off to another event for competition. You must stay with your team
                                         until you are excused from the event.
The Lights, Camera, Action event is
an individual or team event. Chapters    I have found it extremely helpful to sit down and write out your schedule in an
may enter up to two teams, with four     organized timeline. Try making a little schedule you can keep in your pocket
students per team. For this project
you will need to submit a detailed       that tells you where to be and when. You will often find scheduling conflicts
storyboard, production plan, and a       here, and assessing this prior to the conference will ensure your time is used
finished video that shows chapter        efficiently. Furthermore, if you have any open periods of time you may want
involvement in TSA, technology           to consider for example entering in the Robotics Event. You will just need to
education, or community service.         coordinate your time with another chapter member for this team event.
Video production is a time consuming
event and sometimes you need to          In summary, just take the time to list your events and the times they run.
take a lot of footage before you come    If you just take the time to organize events around each other, instead of
up with just the right combination.
Be sure your entry includes only the     choosing conflicting events, you will get the most out of this conference.
footage you want to be considered        After all, problem solving is what TSA is all about.
as your final product. This event is
also a do ahead. Good luck on your       Good luck scheduling your events! Till next time, this is Craig Herron, TSA
film editing venture and/or your         Sergeant at Arms. Looking forward to seeing all of you at state!
multimedia madness!
                                         Craig Herron, TSA Sergeant at Arms
Tanay Nicolson, TSA Treasurer
Where will TSA Take You?
Finish Strong: Again a continuing mantra for our 2009-2010
TSA year of endeavors. As you read this, I suspect most people
who know of me, would surmise that I am in Idaho Falls where
I currently live. When I wrote this that would be true. Yet
where I am as you read this, finds me nearly half a globe away.
During our recent Christmas season, I had the opportunity
to meet up with some of the “neighbor kids” from our first
years in Idaho Falls. One of these people still looks and dresses
sharp, not showing many signs of advancing age. She has
graduated from Boise State University with her Bachelor’s
degree. She followed up with a Master’s degree from Colorado
State University, and within the past few years has earned
her Doctorate from the University of Michigan. She is now
gainfully employed with a large foundation in San Francisco. I
believe she has grasped the concept of Finishing Strong.
Our youngest son, employed with the U.S. Department of State, is beginning his third tour at his new foreign
government post this month. During his time at home with his family, I witnessed his pursuit of some new clothes.
While doing so, I could not help but recall a time, when his “new clothes” consisted of simply colored Levis. Those of us
readers who are teachers understand the financial struggles of raising a family on the wages we receive. However, I do
digress. His State Department job warrants that he present a positive image for the United States government.
                                 This is an occupation that he had pursued for several years after obtaining his Master’s
                                   degree. This young man, a couple of decades ago, participated in the forerunner of
                                   Idaho TSA, which was then named the Idaho Industrial Arts Student Association.
                                 Certainly, as I recall thinking of him and his classmates from Skyline High School
                        participating in the State Leadership Conference in Rexburg, Idaho did I think that he would
                     become a “globetrotter”, so to speak?
                       How many of you having attended last year’s conference in Rexburg, planning to attend the TSA
                       conference in Moscow this Spring, would dare to dream where you might be in twenty years? But,
                       dream away I say, because you are learning to Finish Strong. You are laying your foundation for
                       your chosen vocations. You are preparing yourselves for life after high school. You are developing
                       skills, abilities, and gifts so that you also may gain further education and experiences in the world
                       of work.
                     And who knows (because I did not), you may even find yourself on the foreign soil of Helsinki,
                    Finland. Finish Strong.
                  Miles Carroll, Idaho TSA Student Leadership Coordinator
What Can                                  a success. Every year at our Spring
                                          Leadership Conference my favorite
                                                                                   Kelly Brunner and Lucas Freiburg are
                                                                                   ones that I hold very dear to me.

TSA Do For
                                          moment is the awards ceremony.           Every year I look forward to another
                                          Not only is my work rewarded, but        state conference for one main reason;
                                          also the hard work of other TSA          it is fun! Traveling just adds to the

Me?                                       members. I see the passion that these
                                          young adults put into their work, and
                                          see them truly happy, satisfied, and
                                                                                   adventure. Every year I get to have a
                                                                                   new experience and learn more about
                                                                                   the great state we live in. If you
Hello and welcome again to TSA            overwhelmed with self pride.             place well in your events, attending
Today! Many of you may be members                                                  the TSA National Conference may
of TSA and some of you may not, but       TSA looks fantastic on resumes and       be a possibility for you. Baltimore
the question is valid for all—“What       job and scholarship applications too.    sounds like a great place to travel this
can TSA do for me?” or “Why               It reveals many things: you are smart,   year and I hope a lot of you get the
should I join TSA?” Three years           you are a hard worker, you work well     opportunity to go attend.
ago, I found myself asking the same       on a team, you are responsible, etc.
questions. As a young freshman            These are all qualities that colleges    This upcoming State Leadership
from Meridian, Idaho I answered           and employers are looking for and        Conference in Moscow at the
these questions with, “I am a leader,     it is summarized for them in three       University of Idaho will provide
I like to see my hard work turn into      letters: TSA! TSA can also prepare       members the chance to develop and
successful results, and I need to build   you for future experiences such as       grow. I hope that you are motivated
my resume to get into a reputable         interviews. Let’s take the Tech Bowl     and excited to join us this year for an
college. TSA can help provide all of      event for example. With Tech Bowl,       experience that will shape your life
this for me. I’ll join!”                  you may be practicing thinking           as it has shaped, and is continuing
                                          quickly on your feet, preparedness,      to shape mine. I speak for all the
Being a TSA officer has enabled me        and summarizing answers in logical,      student officers in saying that we will
to be a leader in many situations.        intelligent thoughts. These are          enjoy being, learning, and growing
I have had the experience to visit        all attributes that will help you        as a group united by TSA. See you in
other TSA chapters and lead them          immensely with interviews.               Moscow!
in their journey to the Spring            Little did I know that TSA would do
Leadership Conference. I have also        more for me than I imagined. I have      Caleb Haley, TSA President
participated in activities such as        built self-esteem, and forged new
Joint Student Leadership and the          friendships. I have also had fun and
Professional-Technical Educators’         been able to travel.
Summer Conference that helped me
become not only a better leader but a     As I stated before, TSA provides me
member of a cohesive team.                the experience of seeing my hard
                                          work produce results. The same
Competing in events is a very             could be true for you. The friendships
fulfilling experience. All the hard       I have gained through TSA have
work that you have put in to your         been wonderful, especially within my
projects and studies finally becomes      officer team. The friendships with
2010 State TSA Leadership Conference Guidelines
Dare to be like Delaware
                                                               sure Double Obligating
Idaho State Leadership Conference is approaching fast—I am No these next weeks will fly by sooner than we
Closing Ceremony
think. I hope you are taking a firm hold of the opportunities available to improve and learn. TSA is an ever
                                                               in Competitions
changing and improving ideal, the same as the technological world we live in now.
 As a model for where forfeit their award if they                  successful Delaware TSA
Award recipients willIdaho should head, I looked to the very For instance, a student and its’ leadership.
 Delaware conference early.
leave the TSA State President, Ms. Pratyusha Gupta, responded to my interview. Delaware TSA and Idaho TSA
                                                                   cannot be registered in an
 are, in fact, similar in many ways. Gupta mentioned improvements to be made such as state officer-member
                                                                   event from 2 Gupta 5 p.m.
 communication and weak communication between state officers themselves.p.m. toalso said Delaware TSA has
We will not ship the awards at a later date.                       as well as TSA is a requirement
 a strong budget and student membership because, for program funding,another event from for teachers in
                                                                   4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
 Technology Education. Mr. Rayborn is working hard to accomplish the same in on the same day.
                       come prepared to value the
Student SHOULD teachers who do not compete,importance and impact of will need to make
 Idaho, motivating                                                 The student TSA in
be ready to do their best, have fun, learn,
 student success.                                                  a choice between the two events. Participants
meet new friends and be excited to be
                                                                    conference. present at
 Ms. Gupta spoke highly of the opportunity to host a national need to be Although their specified event during
            in TSA!
involvedis perfect, Ms. Gupta believes we should leave our organization in a better
 nothing                                                           the entire time.
 condition than when we started it, to “leave our own positive spin,” to culminate
                                                                   Event recommendation per participant,
 efforts into something better, to… “Finish Strong.” Ms. Pratyusha Gupta stated, “I
                                                                    • One to hard ahead’s; one that requires submission
 feel that members are proud to be a part of TSA and therefore, will worktwo doto
 achieve their full potential within the organization. When each member performs

                                                                        only, one that requires an interview or follow-up
 to his or her fullest, the organization thrives.” Be yourself, better yourself, apply
                                                                        event at the conference.
 yourself.                                                          • Four Onsite Events; two individual, two team.
 TECHNOLOGY STUDENT ASSOCATION                                  •    Fill in the remainder of the day with the Robotics
Lucas Freiberg, TSA Secretary
                                                                     Competition, Tours and other activities.

                                 Dress Code Policy in Effect
                                    Your students will NOT be able to compete if they are not dressed in
                                    the attire required for their competition. Each competition has its’
                                    own attire requirements.

                                    The following clothing items will NOT be tolerated:

                                        t-shirts • jeans • baggy pants • exterior pocket pants • shorts
                                  athletic shoes • combat or work boots • hats • cut-offs or similar apparel

                                    Any student wearing inappropriate dress will forfeit their chance at

                                    Check the TSA state website
                                    TSAStudentOrg.html dress code policy, the Event Guidelines on the
                                    Total TSA Disk or the TSA Newsletter for clothing that is acceptable.
What’s Up                            skills, tools, and processes to
                                     communicate, entertain, inform,         Sargeant
With This?
                                     analyze, or illustrate a topic, idea,
                                     subject, or concept.                    at Arms
                                     Music Presentation is an                My name is Craig Herron, a Junior
Level II Events                      individual or team event, with a
                                                                             at Idaho Falls High School. Let me
                                                                             tell you a little about myself. I love
                                     maximum of two participants per         the outdoors. I love to camp with
Hey TSA’ers! This year, there
                                     team. This is a do ahead event,         my friends, wakeboard, snowboard,
are some new Level II events,
                                     which means that it must be             long board, throw poi; anything
including Extemporaneous
                                     submitted on or before February         outside. I love music and play many
Presentation, Music Production,
                                     1, 2010. Participants must              instruments, including guitar, piano,
and On-Demand Video.                                                         harmonica banjo and the ukulele.
                                     produce a musical piece that is
                                     designed to be played during the        My best-loved band is Pink Floyd,
Extemporaneous Presentation                                                  and my favorite song by them is
                                     national TSA conference opening
is an individual event where the                                             “Time”. My choice book is Fear and
                                     or closing general sessions. How
participant draws a card with a                                              Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S.
                                     does this event fit with TSA?           Thompson and my favorite actor is
TSA or technology topic written
                                     During the past century, recorded       Woody Allen.
on it and is given fifteen minutes
                                     music went from nonexistent
to prepare a speech of three to                                              When I graduate I want to study to
                                     to the primary way in which
five minutes. What will this event                                           be an engineer (structural or nucle-
                                     people listen to music. Modern          ar), a lawyer, or a biologist. I hope to
do for you? Extemporaneous
                                     music production has become             someday attend UC Berkeley, in San
Presentation is designed to
                                     intertwined with technology             Francisco, Michigan State, Oregon
help you verbally communicate
                                     in such a way as to demand a            State, Pacific Lutheran in Tacoma
knowledge of technology or TSA
                                     synthesis of technical, artistic,       Washington or the University of
subjects. Sound like something                                               Idaho in Moscow.
                                     and creative skills. Exploring
you would be interested in? Here
                                     the link between creative ideas         For me, TSA is all about friends,
are some tips for being prepared:
                                     and the tools used to materialize       fun and college preparation. Some
go into it feeling calm, cool, and
                                     them is an essential activity for       of my best friends are Kelly Bruner
relaxed with a solid knowledge                                               and Lucas Freiberg, my fellow Idaho
                                     the development of a person’s
of TSA and of current issues in                                              State TSA officers. By joining TSA, I
                                     technical and inventive abilities.
technology.                                                                  was able to meet up with my friends
                                     With this event, TSA members
                                     can demonstrate their mastery of        at state conference while having fun
On Demand Video is a team                                                    and competing. It was a blast! TSA
                                     this medium.
event requiring two or more                                                  is a FANTASTIC opportunity to see
                                      Remember, Music Presentation           people from around the state, and
participants per team. Students
                                     is a do ahead event and the             make friends that share my interests.
will write, shoot, and edit a
                                     deadline is soon. So get your           A quote I live by is “Happiness is
sixty-second video during the
                                     creativity fired up and have fun!       only real when shared”-Christopher
conference (which means this is
an on-site event). Participants
                                     Georgia Wallace, TSA Vice               Craig Herron,
of this event will use video
                                     President                               TSA Sergeant at Arms

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