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					Brandon’s ASP.NET MVC Resources
                                                                            Videos and Screencasts
October 2010                                                                ASP.NET MVC Basics (Scott Hanselman) -
GO HERE FIRST: You can find this document online at:   The Full Stack (Jon Galloway and Jesse Liberty) -
Email Technical Questions: Brandon Satrom –          Mastering ASP.NET MVC 2 (TekPub) -
Feedback email to my boss: Brian Moore –   
Follow Brandon on Twitter:                 MVC and Open Source Screencast Series -
Brandon’s Blog:
                                                                            Step-By-Step Tutorials
You Should Learn MVC -                                 MVC Music Store -
Installing ASP.NET MVC                                                      Web Camps Training Kit -
    1) Get the Web Platform Installer (Web PI)                                         MVC 3, What’s Coming?
    2) Open Web PI, Click the “Web Platform” tab, then “Frameworks          MVC 3 Service Location (Brad Wilson) -
       and Runtimes” to install MVC                                         MVC 3 and NuPack (Scott Gu) –
    3) Explore Web PI for other tools, features and Web Applications        NuPack– .Net Package Management… and much, much, more (Eric Hexter)
MVC Blogs                                                                   Upgrading MVC Applications from Preview1 to Beta (Brandon Satrom) -
Scott Guthrie (ScottGu) -         
Phill Haack -
Brad Wilson -
Eric Hexter -                          Popular Open Source Tools
Steven Sanderson -                         MvcContrib –
Brandon Satrom -                            NuPack –
                                                                            Automatter –
MVC Books                                                                   MvcTurbine –
Professional ASP.NET MVC2 (Wrox) -
ASP.NET MVC 2 in Action (Manning) -                   MVC Events
Pro ASP.NET MVC 2 Framework (APress) -                Web Camps –
                                                                            mvcConf –
                                                                            Community for MVC –

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Description: The predecessor of ASP ASP.NET technology, first introduced in IIS 2.0 on (Windows NT 3.51), was launched together with the ADO 1.0, in IIS 3.0 (Windows NT 4.0) to flourish and become a popular server-side application development tools, Microsoft it is also tailored specifically for the Visual InterDev development tools in 1994 to 2000, ASP technology has become a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 platform to promote one of key technologies, tens of thousands of ASP website also began at this time as mushrooming in the network. It's simple and highly customizable capabilities, but also one of the reasons it can rise quickly.