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									Internet Investigators: How They Stop Bad Guys
Internet researchers play a unique role in today's cyber-market: they track down people to attack
both corporate and personal clients, which are in many ways the Internet to victims.

Probably the best way to understand, what these researchers do is to put together an example of a
cyber-detective and the case discusses the top level, what is being done and why. Of course we
will not disclose any trade secrets of the Internet investigators, but give a general overview of the
services they provide, the Internet community.

A very common case is seen when a company ever attacked by a person or another company. All
too often, this attack is actually a competitor who committed himself as an unhappy client. The
attackers, who starts behind the protection of anonymous user names and passwords, posting
fake reviews on several blogs, forums, websites ripoff, etc. with one goal in mind: the doubt in
the mind of potential customers from their victims. If you doubt that customers can throw the
head, then she may be able to get their business instead.

While you might not believe this is harmful, in fact, it can be quite devastating. In our
experience, most calls are from companies offering nearly panicked in nature, because a very
high percentage of customers will check their online reputation, before the deal with them. In the
course of just a few minutes, a competitor to destroy the reputation of a company to build
carefully over 20 years.

When the victim calls business on the Internet detectives in this circumstance, it is usually to
achieve three things:

- Identify positive and legally the attacker;

- Stop the attacks from continuing, and then

- Help clean up after the attacks

But the default technique for most of the attackers is to hide their real identity. This is by e-mail
providers like Gmail, post anonymously on blogs and forums take place, and the use of proxies
to mask their true IP address. At this point, throw the majority of IT professionals and legal
advisers to give up her hands.

However, this is the point where the Internet professional investigators begin their work. With a
number of highly specialized techniques, is their job to the real IP address of the person, their
true identity, and often reveal their physical location. Depending on the exact nature of the case,
then this information together and switched to either the client or their legal counsel.

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