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									MRF FORMULA 1600 COMPETITION 2010
(MRF International Competition,Chennai,India)
 January 31,February 7,February 14,2010

The MRF Formula 1600 is a serious endeavour by MRF Limited, India’s largest tyre
manufacturer, to raise the level of motorsports in the country. It is common to hear of a
racing series promoted by car manufacturers like Renault, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi--the
MRF Formula 1600        is perhaps the only premier Championship in a country to be
promoted by a tyre company.

MRF Formula 1600 Championship is a one- make series which is a grass- root racing
opportunity for aspiring racing drivers. Every car is prepared to similar standards by a
competent team, providing a level playing field for talented drivers ,by supplying equal
machinery/ formula cars, to the extent possible, at reasonable costs. The MRF Formula
1600 Championship is the response to a need for such a car/championship in India/Asia.

MRF Limited, Chennai, India will promote the MRF Formula 1600 Championships . MRF
will be the official series promoter and tyre supplier. J.A. Motorsport, Coimbatore, India
has been contracted by MRF Limited to fabricate the cars and provide technical support.
While the running of the Championship will be the responsibility of the Coordinator,
J.A.Motorsport, in the interests of fair play, the control of the Championship will vest in a
three member Operations Committee consisting of (1)Mr.Soman Joseph, (MRF
Limited)Chennai,India(2)Mr.Shyam          Kothari,Pune.(3)Mr.C.V.Srinath,Bangalore.        All
disputes/differences/challenges to any matter connected with the conduct of the MRF
Formula 1600 Championship and all related aspects shall be referred to the three member
0perations Committee and the Committee’s decision on the differences shall be final and

The races will be conducted under the rules and regulations prescribed by FIA(Federation
Internationale de l’Automobile) and its ASN in India, FMSCI ( Federation of Motorsports
Clubs of India).The races will also be governed by the rules specified by the
Supplementary Regulations.

The Formula Car

The MRF Formula 1600 is a single seater formula car having Van Diemen design chassis
with a 1.6 L Ford Duratec Engine. The chassis is a multi- tubular chromoly space frame
which is bronze braced and Tig welded in the cockpit and foot well areas.
The car has been designed by Elan Motorsports, USA .

MRF Formula 1600-Specifications


      1.6L Ford Duratec Engine
      Power 130 bhp.approximately
      Twin cam 16 valve
      Electronic engine controls
      Hewland 5 speed sequential shift gearbox

   Advanced push rod activated system opening on wide based oval section
    wishbones with the latest anti-intrusion bar requirements
   Alloy casting, heat treated uprights with large diameter angular contact bearings
   Anti sway bars adjustable front and rear
   Bilstein shocks, height adjustable

   Multi- tubular chromoly space frame with bronze brazed and Tig welded in the
    cockpit and footwell areas.

   Formula One design features of a high nose, deep side pods and an engine cover
    with an air intake encompassing the roll hoop.

   Light- weight, double- acting calipers with large diameter discs all around
   Cockpit adjustable bias

   Front        8 x 13
   Rear         10 x 13
   One piece aluminum OZ centre lock rims

   Front MRF 200/540 R13
   Rear MRF 240/570 R13

    Wheel Base     2532 mm
    Front track    1382 mm
    Rear track     1450 mm
    Weight         450 kg

   Front Wing           Full width, with adjustable flaps
   Rear Wing            Two upper elements, lower element mounted on gearbox,
                         with end plates
      Bottom            Flat (no ground effects)

   Detachable steering wheel with inbuilt display
   Rack & pinion steering
   On-board 2.5 kg fire system
   Six point safety harness
   Fuel tank mounted behind the driver’s seat
   Pi data logger


     The concept behind this series is to drive a single-make car prepared and serviced
      exclusively by one contractor, the Coordinator, J.A. Motorsport.
     Cars would be supplied on a rental basis for the Championship series. Cars can be
      booked for a Championship series ,which initially would consist of three rounds
      .Guest drivers will be permitted to participate in a round if cars are available, but
      are not eligible for any points.
     The entire fleet of cars will be maintained and parked at MRF’s designated
     Cars will be owned by MRF Limited, but in the possession of J .A .Motorsport. The
      cars will be allotted by ballot. The ballot process will take place before the first
      round of the Championship.
     All tyres will be allotted by ballot.
     All engines will be sealed by a designated scrutineer.
     Each car will be serviced by one mechanic who will be supervised by experienced
      race engineers.
     The supply of spares and repairs will be under controlled supervision.
     Parts can be purchased only from the Coordinator , J.A. Motorsport.
     J.A. Motorsport will supply limited quantity of fuel for the race weekend and no
      other fuel can be used.
     It is mandatory that the Team/driver must participate in all rounds in a
      Championship,except Guest drivers.
     The mechanics/engineers will be allotted by J.A. Motorsport.
     Teams can be promoted by individual sponsors .Designated advertising spaces on
      the car are available for sponsors’ decals . The front and side stickers of MRF and
      the two Ford stickers on the engine cover area are mandatory. Cars will be only
      red in colour,with different colours in front to distinguish drivers’ cars. A Team/driver
      has the option of painting the car with a team colour scheme at his/her cost. Except
      for MRF and Ford stickers,other tyre manufacturer or car manufacturer stickers will
      not be permitted.


In the inaugural year there will be three rounds in the Championship, all three rounds will
be organized at the Sriperumbudur /Irrungattukottai Race Track in Chennai,India on
January 30/31,February 6/7 and February 13/14,2010.


The Driver will be responsible for all of the driver’s equipments such as FIA approved
helmet, racing overalls, racing boots, racing gloves, fire proof underwear ,socks and
balaclava ,which are mandatory.The HANS device is recommended..


The entire Championship will receive extensive coverage in the national media ,including
auto magazines, press and TV. All Teams and Drivers will be treated as MRF guests at
the MRF’s hospitality area during the races.

Testing, Practice & Race

Cars will be available for test at the Chennai race track.         Practice sessions will be

          Up to 1 hour of free practice will be offered for each round.
          One 20 minute qualifying session
          Two races per weekend
          All cars will be equipped with data loggers
          Restricted number of tyres per race weekend



Driver Eligibility

Only drivers with adequate experience in driving formula or any high-speed cars can rent
the MRF Formula 1600 cars.

The MRF Formula 1600 Championship 2010 is restricted to drivers between ages 15-25
years. The age limit is not restricted for Guest Drivers.

Eligible for entry in the Championship are only those Drivers who are in possession of one
of the following current and valid licences issued by the respective ASNs:

International Driver Licence Grade “C” issued by the driver’s relevant governing body.

Drivers currently holding an FMSCI Competition Racing Licence.

The Operations Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.


Entrants registering with the driver must be in possession of an Entrant's Licence issued
by the FMSCI for the year and must have paid the Registration Fee.

Each Entrant/Driver must register using a set of specific documents          which will be
available with Coordinator, J .A. Motorsport. These must be completed in full, signed by
both the Entrant and the Driver, and be accompanied by the registration fee,as indicated
in the para below (Registration Fee) in order to be considered for the Championship. The
registration of a driver,21 years and under, must be countersigned by one of the parents
or the legal guardian of the driver. Each registration application must be accompanied by
3 passport photographs of the Driver. Applications for registration should be submitted to
the Co-ordinator, J. A. Motorsport at the address shown on the Registration Form.

All drivers must possess an international/national race/competition insurance cover and
should submit the proof thereof.


Registration fee for the Championship is Indian Rs. 6 lakhs(USD.12,000) of which
50%(Indian Rs.3 lakhs/USD 6000) is to be paid in advance and balance Indian Rs. one
lakh (USD 2000) before each of the three rounds. Drivers who apply for the Championship
will be given priority .There will be ten cars available for the first, inaugural Championship.
Cars will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Indian nationals will have to pay in
Indian rupees; foreigners in US Dollars.
The registration fee for a single round of the Championship is: Indian Rs.3 lakhs (USD
6000).Drivers will be allowed to drive in single rounds as Guest Drivers if cars are
available. Guest Drivers will not be entitled to earn points.
The advance of Rs.3 lakhs/USD 6000 may be sent by telegraphic transfer
to;J.A.Motorsport,details as given below:-

Name of the Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd.,
Address: 1547, Classic Towers, Trichy Road, Coimbatore – 6410 18
Acccount number: 00312000021767
Branch : Trichy Road
Name of the Account: J.A.Motorsport

Please send the receipt along with the registration form.The registration form can also be
sent by email to :<>.Kindly note the booking of formula cars will be
based on first-come first-serve basis.The closing date for entries is January 5,2010.

The Operations Committee reserves the right to reject any registrations received without
assigning any reasons and the registration fee will be refunded within 15 days without any
interest or cause.

By registration the Team/Driver agrees to participate in all rounds of the Championship. In
case a driver/entrant is unable to participate in the Championship or complete the
race/rounds due to mechanical faults the advance paid will not be refunded, unless in
case of force majeure .

Protests and appeals
Protests and appeals are governed by the FIA International Sporting Code,the FMSCI and
these specific MRF Formula 1600 Championships Rules to the exclusion of all such
other rules and regulations applicable therein.

Exclusion of legal recourse and limitation of liability
There shall be no legal recourse to decisions of the FIA, the FMSCI, their respective
tribunals, the Stewards of the Meeting or the organiser as jurors.
No claims for damages whatsoever may be construed from actions or decisions of the
FMSCI, its sport tribunal or its authorised representatives.

Waiver of claims or action for damages
When entering, competitors and drivers waive their right to claim any damages in
connection with this event against:
– the FIA, MRF and/or its affiliated organisations, the FMSCI, their presidents,
  Executive bodies, managing directors, secretaries; general and full-time staff .
– FMSCI subsidiaries, FMSCI local and regional clubs, MRF Limited, J A Motorsport,
  and/or any of its successor companies, their presidents, executive directors,
  managing directors, secretaries general and paid staff .
– the promoter/series organiser .
– the organiser, officials and assistants, race-track owners, government agencies,
  racing services, manufacturers and all other persons involved in organising the
– the organisation responsible for the construction and maintenance of roads, where
  damage is caused by the condition of the roads (including accessories) used
  during the event and
– any agents or other persons employed to perform an obligation on behalf of the
  above persons and entities.
Also waive any claims for damages in connection with the racing event (timed and
un-timed practices, warm-ups, races),
– the other participants (entrants, drivers, ), their assistants/engineers/mechanics,
  the owners or registered keepers of other vehicles

The exclusion from liability shall become effective for all parties concerned upon
submission of the registration/entry form.

The waiver of liability applies to claims for any legal reason whatsoever, including but not
limited to claims for damages based on contractual and non-contractual liability and to
claims from tortious liability. Should any injury occur or be discovered during an event or in
the event of health impairments which may temporarily or permanently jeopardise the
ability to drive a racing car, considering the safety risks this may pose to third parties, the
undersigned releases all attending physicians from confidentiality with respect to the event
officials (the Medical Officer, the Clerk of the Course, the Steward of the Meeting).

Parts/Service Repair Deposit

Team/Drivers     will have to deposit Rs.1 Lakh (USD 2000) before the race to
J.A.Motorsport. This amount will be refunded after completion of the Championship, after
deducting costs of damaged parts/spares

The Coordinator J.A. Motorsport will publish the cost of spares.

The cost of minor repairs will be Rs.5000/-(USD 100/-)plus spares.

The cost of major repairs will be Rs.20,000/-(USD 400/-)plus spares.

The cost of repairs for a major accident Rs.50,000/-(USD 1,000/-)plus spares.
The maximum amount payable for damages for the entire series is USD 2500.

All effort will be made to repair damages urgently. Substitute cars will not be provided in
case cars are not ready on time due to an accident in earlier racing, and no refunds can
be claimed for any delay.


Each registered Team /Driver will be provided 5 tickets for the VIP area.

These tickets will authorise entry to the race venue and the garage area only.

Paddock Area

Sufficient space will be allotted for each Team in the Pit area, subject to the available
number and size.

At the start of and during each race, all vehicles must be clean and in good order.


The entry must bear the name of the Entrant, the Team , the Driver ;and the Competition

Guest Drivers may be permitted to enter for rounds that are not fully subscribed, at the
sole discretion of the Operations Committee and subject to such conditions as it may
stipulate. There is no age limit for Guest Drivers.


All official testing will be announced by J.A. Motorsport.

Practice/Qualifying Sessions

Free Practice Sessions totalling at least 60 minutes and a Qualifying Session of 20
minutes will be scheduled at each round.

Should any Free Practice Session or Qualifying Session be disrupted, the Clerk of the
Course shall not be obliged to resume the session or re-run the session to achieve the
Series criteria ,and the decision of the Clerk of the Course shall be final.

Eligible Vehicles

Eligible vehicles for the Series are exclusively “MRF Formula 1600” vehicles, which
comply with the Technical Regulations of this Series and/or any amendments to the
Technical Regulations of this Series issued from time to time by way of an official Bulletin.

Replacement cars are not permitted and a driver may only use the car that is originally
allotted/scrutineered for his/her use at each round.


The following documents must be presented by the Driver/Entrant:

- Team Licence
- Competition Driver’s Licence
- ASN authorisation
- Current Medical Certificate
- 3 Passport Photographs
- Driver’s Licence
- Personal Accident Insurance
- Letter of Indemnity from guardian for drivers under 21 years of age
- PAN card copy of the Driver/Entrant


For scrutineering the drivers have to present ,along with the competing vehicle . their
mandatory driver safety equipments. The vehicle must be submitted as it is to be used in
competition and must comply with the Technical Regulations.

Upon first presentation/pre-event scrutiny of the car , the Scrutineer will issue a Vehicle
Log Book. This Log Book must be submitted with the car each time the car is presented
for scrutineering. It is the responsibility of the Team/Driver to be in possession of this Log
Book at all times.

Driver/Team Manager Briefing

Participation in the official drivers’ briefings, winners’ podium presentations and press
conferences is mandatory for all drivers.

Advertising on Driver’s Clothing

The following types of sponsorship are excluded from being displayed on any sponsorship
area within the Series:

– Tobacco and tobacco products
– Alcohol
– Politics
– Religion
-Car /tyre manufacturer,other than Ford and MRF.

Official logos will be provided; the correct attachment of the logos will be checked in the
course of scrutineering. In case of any non-compliance with this regulation, the
Organizers have the right to exclude the Driver and/or the Team from the event.In each
qualifying session or race, Drivers finishing in first, second or third places must wear the

caps provided by the Organizers at the press conference and during the winners’ podium
presentation such that the logo on the cap can be seen from the front. The cap should be
removed when the national anthem is played and held in front of the body.The winners
should stand at attention throughout the period when the national anthems are being
played ,as a mark of respect for the respective countries.

Teams are permitted to attach logos to the clothings provided that the branding does not
represent tyres or car manufacturers other than MRF and Ford, and are not in
contravention of the FIA Sporting Code.

Awarding of Points – Driver Classification

At each Round the following points will be awarded to the Drivers listed as classified
finishers in the Final Results as follows:
Position:       1     2      3      4      5   6      7      8       9      10
Points:        20     15     12     10     8   6      4      3       2      1

At each Round, 1 point will be awarded to the driver achieving the fastest lap of the race
providing the said driver finishes the race. Drivers shall count their points from the total
number of rounds for the Championship.
The start order of the second race shall have a reverse starting grid upto the first five
places. This means that the person finishing first in the first race shall start in the fifth
position in the second race, the person finishing second shall start in the fourth position in
the second race and so on and so forth.

Prizes– Driver Classification

The following prize money will awarded per round to Drivers listed as classified finishers in
the Final Results as follows:

First: Trophy/Rs.75,000(USD 1500/-)per race
Second: Trophy/Rs.50,000/-(USD 1000/-)per race
Third: Trophy/Rs.25,000/-(USD 500/-)per race

MRF Formula 1600 Champion 2010: Trophy/Rs.5,00,000(USD 10,000/-)

Prize money will be paid out to the registered drivers/entrants after the results have been
declared final at the end of each round.All tax obligations will be deducted.Indian drivers
will be paid in Indian rupees;and foreigners in US dollars.
All Driver/Entrants are to give in their PAN card copies.

Driver’s Title

The Driver with the overall highest number of points in the Series classification is awarded
the title: “MRF Formula 1600 Champion 2010”

In the case of tied points , the larger amount of first, second and possibly further placings
in the rounds of the series determines the winner. If the points are still tied after that, the
best position in the last race is the determining factor.

Approximate Accommodation/transport                Budgets   for   reference    only(Besides

Chennai(three rounds)
Chennai is warmer,but cool when races are scheduled. Chennai is well connected by
(a)20days’ stay@Rs.8000/---------------(Rs.1,60,000)
(b)20 days’ food @ Rs.5000/-----------(Rs.1,00,000-)
(c)12 days’ transport @Rs.5000/---------(Rs.60,000/-)
(d)Entry fee-------------------------------- (Rs.5,000/-)
TOTAL--------------------------------------(Rs.3,25,000/-)USD 6500/-@Rs.50/-

Actual costs may be lower. The exchange rate quoted is higher than the current rate.
Foreigners can holiday in India for a month and use this Championship as an off-season
practice opportunity, as it is winter elsewhere,but not in Chennai.
Participants can share accommodation,or stay in cheaper hotels,but hotels recommended
provide reasonably good Western food.

(1)Le Meridian(Near Airport-Track)/Single-Rs.6500/Double-
(2)Trident(Near Airport –Track)/Single Rs.8000-Double Rs.9000/(

(3)GRT/Single Rs.4000-Double Rs.5000/(
(4)The Park/Single Rs.6000/-Double Rs.6500/-(
(5)Ambassador Pallava/Single Rs.3200/-Double Rs.3700.(

Check this link:

The above information has been provided to help Teams and Drivers to budget their

For more information please contact: A.Rodricks (

Registration forms will be available with J.Anand, J.A. Motorsport, the Coordinator.
Registrations close on January 5,2010.Drivers’ entries will be accepted on a first-
come,first-serve basis.


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