CIVIC ROOTS
                         Planting young adults in civic leadership

The Metrocenter YMCA is proud to present Civic Roots, a three month program devoted to
investigating, connecting, and addressing city issues with a small group of young adults ages 18-
29 in a casual setting. Civic Roots will provide the opportunity to explore issues with community
experts and city officials, volunteer on community-wide service learning projects, and tackle a
specific issue by developing a community group project. At the completion of the program, each
participant will be supported to find a leadership role on a governmental board or commission or
in a non-profit organization that works on the specific area of interest.

THE SEED- HUMAN RIGHTS: Civic Roots is the first of its kind in WA State and will be launching a
pilot group for the fall of 2007 with the focus on human rights issues in the City of Seattle. The
inaugural group will play an instrumental role in shaping the structure of this new, innovative
program. In 2008, Civic Roots will plan to launch other “seeds” devoted to other topics such as
Arts & Culture and Urban Development.

THE SOIL- 10 SESSIONS: Civic Roots will be selecting ten young adults ages 18-29 from diverse
backgrounds to launch the Human Rights seed this fall. They will meet ten times during the course
of three months (8 Tuesdays, 1 Thursday, and 1 Saturdays) from November 6, 2007- January 22,
2008. All Tuesday sessions will take place at the Metrocenter YMCA in downtown Seattle (909
Fourth Ave). Saturday session will take place at volunteer projects (TBD) in the Seattle area.
Please see proposed schedule:

    November 6- 5:30-8:30PM- Intro to Program/ Pressing Human Rights Issues
    November 13- 5:30-8:30PM: Race and Social Justice
    November 17 (Saturday)- 9AM-1PM: Service project
    November 27- 5:30-8:30PM Homelessness
    December 6 (Thursday)- Human Rights Day event
    December 11- 5:30-8:30PM Immigrant & Refugee Issues
    December 18- 5:30-8:30PM Addressing the Issues & Plan of Action for project
    January 8- 5:30-8:30PM TBD: Speaker/tour based on plan of action
    January 15- 5:30-8:30PM TBD: Planning
    January 22- 5:30-8:30PM Program Closing: Project Presentation

 THE WATER- YOUNG ADULTS AGES 18-29: Civic Roots is looking for enthusiastic, open-
 minded, and driven young adults to launch this program. Apply today, and be a part of history
 in the making! Civic Roots seeks to grow a generational movement of young leaders who are
 aware of community issues and who are actively seeking solutions to better our city. Please fill
 out the attached application by 5PM, Monday, October 29, 2007. Program Fee: $75 (covers
 program costs). Limited full scholarships are available. Please mark on application if
 scholarship is needed.

                          Questions? Email
Please answer the following questions and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page for
submitting your application.

Home Address:

City, State, Zip:

Contact Phone:

Birthdate:                           XX/XX/19XX
(must be 18-29)
Personal information:
(The information you furnish here
– ex: cultural background,
ethnicity, gender, sexual
orientation, disability, etc. will
assist in the program’s goal to
create a diverse cohort and is
completely voluntary and NOT
Current Occupation:

Education background:
EX: BA Science , MPA, GED
Please mark here if you will         YES     NO
need a scholarship to cover the
$75 to participate in this

   How did you hear about the program?

   Why are you interested in Civic Roots?

   What do you think is the most pressing human rights issues in our city?

   Are you able to commit to attending all meeting dates? Do you foresee any potential

**Please email your application to by October 29, 2007. For
questions or concerns, please call Mona Grife at 206.382.5005. All applicants will be
notified of their status in the program by October 31st. Thank you!

                          Questions? Email

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