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									                NSS Tutorial
                                               By Martik Panosian


Nemesis Service Suite
Nemesis Service Suite is Nokia servicing solution. It supports all current hardware devices - Nemesis Multi-flasher Box, F1
device and Prodigy LPT device. It can also interface with Diamond for secure execution of additional applications. The most
useful function is probably the VUD mode (Virtual USB Device) where it can directly communicate with any BB5 phone via
DKU-2 USB cable.

Website: http://www.b-phreaks.co.uk

How to Recover Lost Security Code
This should work with all Nokia BB5 handsets, like Nokia 6120c, 5700, 6300, 6630, and …

Download NSS (Nemesis Service Suite) from below:

There are two methods:
1. Restore your Security Code
2. Reset your Security Code

- Method 1 (Restore)
1.   Connect your phone via USB cable in PC mode and install the proper drivers for your phone and exit PC Suite.
2.   Install NSS (Nemesis Service Suite)
3.   Select “USB Virtual Drive” during installation (in case of Nokia 6120c and Nokia 5700 use Diamond Protection)
4.   After Installation, open NSS, then select “Scan”.
5.   Click on “Phone Info”, and “Scan” button.
6.   Select “Permanent Memory” tab on right bottom of the application.
7.   Click on “Read”, a file will be created and located in the following path:

D:\Program Files\NSS\Backup\pm\356252*********.pm

8. Open PM file (356252*********.pm) with Notepad.
9. Now scroll until FIELD [308] and on the 5th Record your security code is saved!
Like this:


10. You must remove all the “3” digits from the code.

5= 10085 0000000000
Now your lock code is “10085”.

- Method 2 (Reset)
1. Start NSS and click on “Magnifier Glass” - marked with mouse cursor.
2. When driver and other NSS software information are displayed, click on “Phone Info” button and then on “Scan” button.
3. If everything was OK you will get message “Done!” (Field marked with arrow).
4. Now click on “Tools” button, then “Factory Settings”.
5. If you have a new Symbian phone then you must check “Symbian” box (it is above the “Reset” button), But if you have S40
3rd phone, leave Symbian box unchecked.
6. Select “User Code” (if not already selected) and click on “Reset” button.
7. If everything goes well, message Done will appear again plus your security code set to factory 12345.

Change the Product Code
1. Simply connect your device to the computer in the “PC Suite” mode.
2. Download Nemesis Service Suite and Install (use the default configuration, i.e. just keep clicking next during installation)
and run NSS.
3. Simply click “Scan”
4. Next click on “Phone Info” situated next to the top left corner.
5. In the “Phone Info” screen, click “Read” to bring up your current product code, HW version etc.
6. Next simply click “Enable” next to the product code.
7. Fill in the desired product code, please make sure you fill in the right product code e.g. filling in a NAM product code when
your device is a Euro model can cause serious damage when you update.
8. Now press “Write”.
9. Nothing happened, but your product code would changed. To verify hit “Read” once again.
10. That’s it. You have now changed your product code and can fire up the Nokia Software Updater to get the latest firmware.

Reset Nokia s60v3rd Life Timer
- Install NSS
- Install Nokia connectivity cable driver (this is necessary only if your PS Suite is one of latest versions)
- Connect phone via USB
- Open NSS and click on magnifying glass on the right
- Click on "Phone Info" icon and "Permanent Memory" tab on the lower right near "Fbus Info" tab
- Click on "Write" button
- Then choose to open the "Lifetimer.pm" file which you extracted somewhere before and wait for the moment
- That's it! Reboot the phone and type *#92702689# and SURPRISE! Now you have 0 hours of talk mobile phone.
- This works with all newer Nokia phones!

Online Upgrade
1. First you need to backup your phone memory using Nokia PC Suite

2. Disconnect your phone from the PC and turn it off.
Then switch it on while holding “Green” key (call button) and the “*” (star button) key and the “3” (number button) key
Do not release until the phone is booted up completely and the screen is displaying the menu.
Do not do this unless you already have back up your data, as it will hard reset and all your data will be gone.

3. Next, go to change the “Product Code” of the phone.
Have you wondered why when you connect your phone to the PC to upgrade using PC suite, Nokia upgrade software says
there is no update?
The product code is the reason you can never upgrade your phone where others can.
All major network operators have their own product code, when you connect to Nokia with your phone attached to PC Suite,
Nokia upgrade only sees the product code for your network and won’t upgrade your phone as the network operator your with
doesn’t want you to upgrade (they won’t be able to control you).

I already told you how to change the product code!

Run Nokia PC Suite and select "UPDATE PHONE SOFTWARE".

The software will connect to Nokia and your phone will now be detected and it says there is a upgrade for your mobile!

The upgrade is around 50-200 MB in size, it is best to have your phone plugged into the main while doing this upgrade as
having your phone connected to the USB drains the battery of the phone very fast.

The phone may reboot a few times during the upgrade so don’t panic!
Once the upgrade is complete PC Suite will inform you.

Now you may restore your backup data.

      Also you can upgrade (flash) your phone with Phoenix completely offline, here is tutorial:


Please note that I will not be responsible for any damage or liability that results from the above procedure. Please do so at your
own risk.

          Copyright © 2009-2010 Martik Panosian. All rights reserved

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