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					           Class of 2013 –
          upcoming Juniors
      What we will discuss today:

   Credits/requirements needed to graduate
   Timeline and process for registration
   What you need to know about registration
   Q&A

~ Please have pen/pencil and paper out to
  write down important dates!
2013 - What you need to graduate
          high school
   4 credits of Language Arts
   3 credits of Social Studies
   3 credits of Math
   3 credits of Science
   1 credit of Practical Art (Business & Tech)
   1 credit of Fine Art (Choir, Art, Band,
   1 credit of Physical Ed (PE)/Health
   8 credits of elective classes
   20 hours of community service (minimum)
   Total credits needed to graduate: 24

    *Public Speaking not required but highly
Flow chart for Language Arts
Flow chart for Math
Flow chart for Science
Flow chart for Social Studies
    College Ready Classes
   All classes below require signatures and applications:

    TBD Digital Photography (App./Signature)*     .5
    69018 S1/S2 Intro. to PC Apps. (App./Sig.)*    .5
    69013 S1/S2 Logic & Prog. Des. (App./Sig.)* .5
    TBD Computer Science I (App./Signature)*       .5
    TBD Computer Science II (App./Signature)*      .5
    69310 S1/S2 Video Prod. I (App./Sig.)*          .5
    69313 S1/S2 Video Post Prod. I (App./Sig.)*     .5
    69015 S1/S2 Intro to Business (App./Sig.)*       .5
    69017 S1/S2 International Bus. (App./Sig.)*     .5
    69016 S1/S2 Personal Finance (App./Sig.)*        .5
    TBD Intro. to Biotechnology (App./Signature)* 1.0

    These classes offer dual credit for both high school and college
    if you pass with a C or higher. Other College Ready classes
    are offered off-campus. See DCSD website for more details.
    Peer Counseling I
   It’s not on your registration sheet but you can still
    apply! Go to RCHS website > Counseling > Peer
    Counseling to download application & teacher
    recommendation form. Or stop by Counseling
    Office to pick up forms.
   If you are interested in the field of Psychology, want
    strong people skills in the medical field, have an
    edge in business & marketing or if you want to
    learn listening/helping skills-this is the perfect class.
    It gives you life long skills that you can apply in any
    social situation. Great to take at the same time as
    Psychology, Sociology or AP Psychology, but not
   If you want to know more, see Mrs. Perea, Mrs.
    McMechen or talk to one of the trained peer
    counselors (PC’s) about Peer Counseling I. PC’s
    are available to discuss during periods 2-7 in the
    counseling office.
   There is also an interview after the application &
    recommendation form are turned in.
What colleges want from you
   4 years in each of your core classes –
    English, Science, Social Studies, Math
   2-3 levels of one foreign language
       ex. Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III
   To be active in your school – join a club or
   Community service hours
   Leadership
   Take rigorous curriculum
   Check with your desired college on specific
    ex. Foreign Lang requirements, Fine Arts
    University of California schools want 2 levels of
    Fine Arts
    Registration Timeline & Process
   Read RCHS course catalog online at school
    website under counseling tab
   Signatures required: parent/teacher/student
   Alternate classes: you have to pick 5
   Check pre-requisites
     ex. You have to have completed Chemistry
       before you can take Physics
   Counselors available at lunch to answer
    questions: Jan 19-Jan 31, 2011
   IC open so you can enter/add your classes:
    open Jan 24 until midnight, Feb 1, 2011

      How exactly do you register?
1- Log  into IC student portal. Enter your classes into
    IC – be sure to enter both semesters
    ex. English III -put in both 50360S1 and 50360S2.
    Be sure to enter all alternate classes as well.
    When finished print your schedule from IC and
    attach to registration form.
2- If you want to take AP course(s), print out AP
    contract from our Academic Planning Course
    Guide on page 72, fill out/get signatures, then
    attach to your registration form.
3- Student Government application & teacher
    recommendation form are available on the
    “STUCO” link from the main website-
    Homepage>Activities>Main Activities>Student
    App. Due to Ms. Hartline on Jan.18 5:00pm.
4- Turn the above in to your math teacher on
    Tuesday, Feb 1, 2011
   *Counselors will verify your course list and
    registration through your math class: Feb 7-11,
What you need to know…
   Counselors will not be doing individual
    appointments for credit checks during
    the registration process (Jan-Feb 2011)
    unless you are new to Rock Canyon. If
    you want to track your credits – print
    your transcript from IC portal and use
    p.16 in the Academic Planning Course
    Guide or slide 2 of this presentation
    (available on our website)
   Put your courses into IC as soon as the
    window opens – don’t wait until the last
   Due to reduction in credits required for
    graduation, it’s possible that you can
    sign up for either 6 or 7 classes each
    semester in 11th grade.
What you still need to know
   Make sure you are signing up for both
    semesters (12 classes max) - don’t forget to
    add alternates to your schedule too!

   Double check your registration entries to
    avoid class registration errors!

   Classes next year will be offered based on
    demand with student registration so there
    will be very little flexibility with schedule
    changes in the Fall. Choose wisely!

    This presentation will be available for viewing
    at the Rock Canyon website under the
    counseling tab.

   What questions do you have?

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