DEPARTMENTAL PROCEDURES – IEP DEVELOPMENT

One purpose of IDEIA is to ensure all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education
(FAPE) that emphasizes special educational services designed to meet their unique needs by preparing them for
employment and independent living. This assurance is provided through the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

The IEP is a written document that describes the educational programs of students with disabilities. The IEP is
developed, reviewed, and revised in an annual IEP team meeting.

The IEP team is made up of:
        One or both parents
        At least one regular education teacher of the student
        At least one special education teacher or service provider
        Service Provider(s) as appropriate for the student
        Officially Designated Representative
        Evaluation Team Member
        Any others with knowledge and expertise about the student
        The student, if appropriate
        Representative of any agency likely to be planning transition services

STEP 1 – 30 Days Before the Meeting:
    1. Set up the meeting in line with the IEP calendar/IEP timelines.

    2. Open draft IEP in SER and begin developing draft IEP.

    3. Ensure you have received the Parental Consent for Adult Agencies to Attend IEP Meeting Letter from
       parent/eligible student. (This is a requirement of the Academic CAP).

    4. Contact parent and confirm date & time of meeting with parent.
          If parent cannot make date, move meeting up to a previous day when the Instructional Specialist is
          scheduled to be at your school.
          Inquire about parental concerns.
          Complete a Health Services Screening Form. The Health Services Screening Form must be filled out
          completely. All information at the top of the form must be completed including IEP date/time. If the parent
          answers “yes” to any question, write a detailed explanation in the space provided.

            Copies of medicals or a signed medical release form should be forwarded to the nurses’ office.
            The release of information form must be signed by a witness.

            Remember that LSU, Brentwood & Shriners’ Hospitals have their own release.

        Place Health Screening Forms with all “no” answers in the IEP folder – Do not forward to the nurses’ office.
STEP 2 – 15 Days Before the Meeting:
Notification should be given in writing to the ODR, regular education teacher(s), and service provider(s), etc.
Be sure to give the date and time of the meeting. If student requires a Transition Plan, fax a copy of the Agency
Notification Letter and attach a copy of the confirmation or fax cover sheet to the notices to document it was sent
(Academic CAP requirement). A copy must be kept in the IEP folder and a copy must be turned into records with the
completed IEP.

STEP 3 – 10 Days Before the Meeting:
Send the Caddo Parish Parental Notification Letter to the parent. At the time of this first notification, the Procedural
Safeguards must be sent. You may also send the Extended School Year Fact Sheet. Make a copy of the notification for
the IEP folder before sending it to the parent or tear off and keep the pink copy. All participants’ names should be
written on the notification. In the “others” space, write names/positions of service providers. Document all
notifications and phone calls on the Contact Form.

            NOTE: If service providers are unable to attend the IEP conference or service provider information will not
            be discussed, the Excusal Request Form must be completed. Their name must be placed in the appropriate
            place on page 2 of the notification requesting an excusal before the 2nd notification is sent to the parent.
            Check the appropriate statement. The parent must receive a copy of the information to be addressed by
            the Service Provider requesting the excusal. The same steps must be taken for a regular education teacher;
            however a regular education teacher is still required to be in attendance.

STEP 4 – 7 Days Before the Meeting:
Send Notification #2. This can be labeled as a reminder if the first notification was returned signed. If the 1st notice was
not returned, call the parent to see if it was received. Confirm date/time again. Document all attempts on the IEP
Contact Form.

STEP 5 – 3 Days Before the Meeting:
Send Notification #3. This can be labeled as a reminder if the first notification was signed and returned. If notice 1 or 2 is
not returned, call the parent. Document all attempts on the IEP Contact Form.

STEP 6 – 1 Day Before the Meeting:
The teacher MUST follow up the notifications process with a phone call the day before the conference to confirm the
appointment; this should be documented on the IEP Contact Form. The IEP Contact Form should be placed in the IEP
folder with the parent notifications.

            Three notices must be given even if the parent returns the notice denoting they will attend the
            After three notices and documented phone calls to parent, if the parent does not attend, the IEP
            conference should be held with the entire IEP team.
STEP 7 –Day of the Meeting:
As part of preparing for the IEP conference, the teacher (s) and other service providers should:
             Review the student’s progress or lack of progress toward achieving annual goals and objectives.
             Review the student’s progress in the general curriculum.
             Discuss failing grades and address needed academic interventions, accommodations, and possible changes
             in programming under “Progress/Lack of Progress in General Education Curriculum”. The teacher who
             assigned the failing grade(s) must attend the conference and give input into the IEP. If a student attends
             core content classes in a general education setting and is failing, there MUST be minutes in the regular
             class setting. Special Education services by the sped teacher are required for failing students. Include input
             from Inclusion Documentation Logs as necessary.
             Review the results of the student’s performance on any state or district-wide assessment, which includes
             alternate assessment, if applicable. If the student did not pass ELA or Math portion of assessment, an
             instructional plan page is needed for that area.
             Close out previous year’s goals and objectives (achieved, revised, continued, discontinued) – if applicable –
             from all instructional pages (including related service goals and objectives) on the paper copy of the IEP in
             the IEP folder. Update all goals and objectives which were achieved in SER.
             Review the results of any recent re-evaluation.
             Complete “AT Consideration Checklist” and determine if additional information or a request for an AT
             assessment is needed.
             Progress-Monitoring data must be gathered and reviewed to determine student’s areas of strength and
             support needs.
             Complete and review ESYS screening data to determine if student qualifies for services.
             Complete the IEP Checklist to ensure draft has addressed necessary components.

NOTES:      Caddo Parish School Board Policy prohibits the use of “white out”. If a change needs to be made on the
            hard copy of the IEP, then a single line should be drawn through the error or information you wish to
            delete. The person drawing a line should also initial.

            There is only one option for developing an IEP – the Web-based IEP on SER. Any handwritten information
            added to the hard copy of the IEP during the conference must be entered via the web-based IEP Program by
            the Teacher with IEP authority. It must be made “Official” within 48 hours of the IEP conference by the
            Special Education Person with SER authority.

            Note: Only the Instructional Specialist, Facilitator, or Special Education Supervisor with SER authority can
            make an IEP “Official”.

            Numbering Pages: Pages of the Web-based IEP will be automatically numbered via the Web-based program
            in the following order: Transition page (if applicable), GSI Page, Instructional Plan Pages, Accommodations
            Page, Program/ Services Page, Services/Placement Pages 1 & 2.

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