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									Getting Your Virtual Assistant Business Started
The business world operates far differently today than it did only twenty years ago. In fact, this
new business world has created an enormous need for virtual assistants and the growth
opportunities are many.

Today’s virtual assistant is the modern version of an administrative assistant. Most good virtual
assistants have the same skill set as an administrative assistant but with added technical skills
including graphic design, website design, search engine optimization, etc.

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        If you’re trying to break into the virtual assistant market, you can begin by networking
        with other virtual assistants. Forums are a great place to start and a Google search on
        virtual assistance can bring you other opportunities. Always try to be active on forums.
        Ask questions that are intelligent, answer when you can, and always be courteous.
        Start by building a website for your virtual assistance business. In fact, if you don’t take
        the time to put up your website, you significantly reduce your chances of success. You
        don’t have to understand coding to build a website. You can hire a website designer, or
        you can use one of the many software programs that allow you to building a website very
        simply. It may seem daunting at first but it doesn’t have to be.
        Your website should detail your skills as a virtual assistant, as well as pricing and what
        type of services you offer. This is a very affordable way to tell the world about you and
        your virtual assistant business. You can then provide links to various correspondences to
        your website. You should also make sure you get your site listed in the search engines.
        Put your profile on any of the freelance websites you plan to use. There are a number of
        them that bring clients and providers together. Most use a type of bidding system, which
        works well for both parties but it does keep things very competitive for the virtual
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        You can promote your website and any other freelance sites you are a member of in the
        signature of your email. Advertise online or in your local market, and consider finding
        clients through networking.

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There are many opportunities to have a successful virtual assistant business. The key is getting
started and surviving the first part of the experience, which can be a bit rocky. Knowing the best
way to get your virtual assistant business of the ground can help a great deal. Before long you’ll
be a success!

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