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   Stretch-n-Grow…The FUNdamental fitness and nutrition education program!

     January 2010                                            Happy New Year!!
                             I have, very exer-citing news to share with you from our corporate office. The American Heart
                             Association has chosen Stretch-n-Grow for a pilot program in Texas, similar to "Hoops for Heart"
                             or "Jump Rope for Heart”! The program will be called, “Stretch-n-Grow for Heart”, and will be
                             test marketed this February in Texas. We are the first and only preschool fitness program the
                             AHA has chosen to partner with to combat obesity and heart disease! Please keep this pilot
      Week of:               program in your prayers that great success will be achieved. If this were to become an
                             international partnership, we could reach well over 100,000 preschool aged children…how
January 4th
Class: Ms. Hilary’s Favs     FYI…
Topic: 5 A Day                Did you know that SNG is the world’s largest network of Children’s Fitness Instructors &
Exercise: Tip Toe thru the       Global Health & Wellness Program for Children?
snow Toe Lifts                Did you know that over 150,000 preschool-aged children in 38 U.S. states and 20 countries
                                 participate in Stretch-n-Grow each week?
January 11th                  Did you know that you must be a Certified Youth Fitness Specialists to teach the Stretch-n-
Class: Super Hero Class          Grow classes?
Topic: Yellow/Orange          Did you know that our Exercise Catalog & Curriculum was and is developed and monitored by
Fruits & Veggies                 an Advisory Board?
Exercise: Snow Blower Push    Did you know that our curriculum follows standards and recommendations of NASPE, AFAA,
Ups                              ACSM and AAP?
                              Our goal is to have more than 100,000 preschoolers participate to help fight America’s
January 18th                     No. 1 and No. 3 killers –heart disease and stroke – and to teach children the importance
Class: Backyardigans             of physical activity and a healthy heart. Please pray for success!!!
Topic: Blue/Purple F&J
                             On a local level, we’re starting my favorite curriculum topic…FRUIT AND VEGGIES!!! Please
Exercise: Raise the Roof
                             discuss the handouts with your children and try to incorporate the “colors” into your daily lives.
                             We all need to eat 5 fruits and veggies a day and to focus on making it a rainbow of colors. The
January 25th
                             children will learn that each color has its own super secret kid power to make them strong and if
Class: Phineus and Ferb
                             they only eat only one color, they’re missing out on all the other “powers” (vitamins). You as a
Topic: Green F&V
                             family will be challenged at the end to see how you’re doing. Please share with me any fun things
Exercise: Jump on one foot
                             your children may say!!

                             I wish for you a very BLESSED 2010!!

     You’ll find this
 newsletter, as well as      
 other great info on our
 website check it out!!
                                          Hilary May…302-5236…

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