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EC&CD/HE/LT/0345/11                                                             Date: 18/10/2011

Mr. Raju kumar Singh,
Patna, Bihar.

Sub: Agreement for appointment as a Trainee Engg.(EC) on Contractual Basis

Dear Sir,

With reference to your application and subsequent interview, you had with us on dated
_____________, wherein you have expressed your willingness to render your professional services.
The Management is pleased to retain you as a Trainee Engg(EC), to be placed at
_______________________ with effect from ________________ on the following terms and
conditions: -

1. Remuneration:
1.1. You shall be paid a consolidated fee of Rs. _________- (Rs. ___________________________
     only) per month, on your actually attending the duties and rendering professional services to the
     company. That the above professional fee shall be subject to deduction of TDS, as per rules
     applicable (You shall be required to submit your PAN NO with the company).

1.2. You shall be paid the rent for the accommodation near or at site where you are placed, at actuals
     only, subject to maximum of Rs ____________ per month. (Optional)

1.3. You shall not be entitled to any payment / perks / benefits except 10 days Casual Leaves & 15
     days Privilege Leaves per calendar year, other than what is mentioned above. (Optional)

1.4. In case, you become absent or unable to attend to office on working day, you will not be paid any
     charges, fee for that day. The deduction in such cases shall be @ __________/- per day. In case
     you abstain yourself without prior permission, the Management reserves the right to recover
     double of the fee per day from your total fees payable for the month.
1.5. The payment shall be made after deducting necessary amounts towards taxes, recovery due for
     absenteeism etc, from your bill.

1.6. Further any travel to be undertaken, must be made with prior approval from Managing Director
     and you shall be entitled for reimbursement on official travels, as per following entitlements.

       1.6.1. Transport:          2nd SC Train fare
       1.6.2. Boarding:           Rs. 200/- per day at Destination and during travel
                                  Rs.100/- per day
       1.6.3. Lodging:            Rs.500/- per day for cities other than Mumbai,
                                  Chennai, Kolkata, Banglore where the
                                  entitlement shall be 30 % extra
       1.6.4. Conveyance:         During outside travel auto fare shall be reimbursed
                                  at actual.
       1.6.5. Communication Exp.: At actual if in line with official requirement
1.7.   During the tenure of this contract, you will keep your fees secret from the employees of this
       organization and shall treat your services charges strictly confidential.


1.8.   That the validity and governance of the contract under reference shall be in the following

1.8.1. That the contract is valid for a maximum period of ____ YEAR from the date of
       commencement and shall be valid up to _____________. The either party to this contract is
       however free to terminate the contract by serving notice of one month or the equivalent
       professional fee, as mentioned hereinabove, at any point of time, without assigning any
       reason/s whatsoever.

1.8.2. That the continuance of this contract, however, shall depend upon your remaining
       medically (physically and mentally) fit for the required performance of the job.

1.8.3. You are called upon to observe the punctuality norms and general office decorum strictly.

1.8.4. Your place of attending the duty at present will be at _________________, but you could
       be required to render and impart services at any of the branch / site of the sister concern of
       the company.

1.8.5. You will maintain high standard of efficiency, integrity and secrecy. You shall not divulge to
       anyone, in any manner, particulars or details of any of the processes, administrative and /
       or organizational matters of confidential nature etc. All information / document record
       concerning business of the company to your knowledge / position in the course of
       discharge of your responsibility either from the company or elsewhere are considered as
       confidential and shall not be divulged by you to any person/s either in the company or any
       other third party. If at any stage you are found to be violating this clause, your service
       contract shall stand terminated without any compensation to you and company shall be at
       the liberty to seek compensation from you.

It is agreed that dispute, if any, arising out of this agreement shall be referred to the sole
arbitration of Managing Director of M/s Larsen & Toubro Limited
1.8.6. Ltd or his nominee as per the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 as
       amended from time to time, whose decision shall be final and binding upon the parties.

In case the terms and conditions of this contract are acceptable to you, Please sign the duplicate
copy of this letter as a token of your having understood & accepted and return the same.

Thanking you,

For & On behalf of the Management of
M/s Larsen & Toubro Limited(EC&CD)

Authorized Signatory


I have read, understood the above terms and agree to abide by them

Signature- RAJU KUMAR SINGH                               WITNESS: 1)_______________

Cc.:     F&A Deptt                                                      2)_________________

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