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									Véronique Irwin   as long, therefore, as activity is not           I guess I picked this quote because the distinction between          Marx,           The bourgeoisie has torn away from the         Marx speaks often about how he thinks the bourgeoisie has           Marx,
                  voluntarily, but naturally, divided, man's       voluntary and natural division of labor is confusing to me. I fail   German          family its sentimental veil, and has reduced   corrupted the family unit, but I failed to pick up on any           Manifesto, pg
                  own deed becomes an alien power to him,          to see the negative connotation he derives from natural, but         Ideology, pg    the family relation to a mere money            evidence, if he offered it. It kind of just seemed like he was      476 of Reader
                  which enslaves him instead of being              also, I don't see how Communism as he proposes it provides for       160 in Reader   relation.                                      trying to strike a moral chord to get people to identify with his
                  controlled by him.                               a voluntary division of activity/labor.                                                                                             cause without necessarily having any foundation for it.

Adeola Salau      “In the social production of their life, men     I find this quote to be very well thought out and ironic in some Karl Marx,          The whole character of the species-its         This quote was in reference to what distinguishes humans from Karl Marx, Marx
                  enter into definite relations that are           ways. Marx talks about how for such workers, the                 Marx Engels         species character-is contained in the          animals. I found it very insightful because it made me realize    Engels Reader,
                  indispensable and independent of their will,     consciousness is formed based on their occupational status and Reader, 4             character of its life activity; and free,      the importance of self-autonomy and the conflict of interest      p.76
                  relations of production which correspond to      not beforehand. At least in modern days, from my standpoint, a                       conscious activity is man's species            that arises when someone controls another person's life. The
                  a definite stage of development of their         person's consciousness is formed by their person and not by                          character. Life itself appears only as a       whole idea of life as a means to another life was very disturbing
                  material productive forces. The sum total of     their occupation.                                                                    means to life.                                 yet very valid especially during the industrial era and in many
                  these relations of production constitutes                                                                                                                                            developing nations today.
                  the economic structure of society, the real
                  foundation on which rises legal and political
                  superstructure and to which correspond
                  definite forms of social consciousness.” (p.4)

Khadijah          private property has made us so stupid and       I believe this quote encapsulates Marx's beliefs about the world.    Marx,         the philosophers have only interpreted the       This quote interests me because Marx attempts in his theories Marx, Theses on
Williams          one-sided that an object is only ours when       To Marx, capitalism has prevented us from being fully ourselves,     Economic and world, in various ways; the point, however,       to bring the theoretical to the practical, and in effect, create  Feuerbach, 145
                  we have it- when it exists for us as capital,    alienating us from our species being and making us desire            Philosophical is to change it                                  action. However, this quote interests me because in some
                  or when it is directly possessed, eaten,         unnatural things. This desire for wants and placing of value thus    Manuscripts,                                                   respects Marx is like these philosophers. He interprets the world
                  drunk, worn, inhabited, etc.,- in short, when    limits humans, and emancipation through Communism is the             87                                                             pretty well, which is why we read him hundreds of years later,
                  it is used by us... The transcendence of         answer.                                                                                                                             but to what extent does he change it?
                  private property is therefore the complete
                  emancipation of all human senses and
                  attributes... (Marx, Economic and
                  Philosophical Manuscripts, 87)

                  ... The most recent of them have found the       I like this quote because I think it's a clever way of showing his   Marx, The                                                      ...                                                                 ...
                  correct expression for their activity when       disdain with those who merely philosophize without doing.            German
                  they declare they are fighting avaunt            What would he think of college professors today?                     Ideology, 149
                  phrases." they forget, however, that to
                  these phrases they themselves are only
                  opposing other phrases, at they are in no
                  way combating the real existing world..."

Chason Sippel     An immediate consequence of the fact that        To me this is insightful as Marx links what he feels is wrong with pg 77             The philosophers have only interpreted the I thought it was 1. an inspiring quote and 2. provocative on the pg 145
                  man is estranged from the product of his         capitalism to his assumption about the nature of man. To me it                       world, in various ways; the point, however, level that Marx separates his sociological theories from
                  labour, from his life-activity, from his         seems as though he is equating the state of the worker (not                          is to change it.                            philosophy in that he feels he is not musing about what the
                  species being is the estrangement of man         owning his labor or production) as being at war with humanity's                                                                  world is like or how it ought to be but writing on how the world
                  from man. pg. 77                                 natural inclination of being a social and gregarious creature. He                                                                will change and man will return back to his nature.
                                                                   is not only estranged from the bourgeoise who "enslave him"
                                                                   but the fellow workers who he competes with.

Brandyn Curry     If my own acitivity does not belong to me, if I found this quote very interesting because I feel that this the        The Marx-       This estrangement" (to use term which will I found this quote hard to comprehend even after he explained The Marx-Engels
                  it is an alien, a coerced activity, to whom,  one question that Marx powers his whole argument around.                Engels Reader   be comprehensible to the philosophers)      the two premises. I still found it hard to understand how the Reader Second
                  then, does it belong?                         This question serves as the backbone for his whole theory of            Second          can, of course, only be abolished given two estrangement was abolished                                    Edition pg 161
                                                                estranged labor                                                         Edition pg 77   practical premises"

Kyle Casey        The worker becomes all the poorer the            This caught me by surprise and is misguiding. Why does one           marx-engels     He regards the theoretical attitude as the    I don't quite understand the true meaning of this quote but          Marx engels pg
                  more wealth he produces, the more his            become poorer if he produces more wealth?                            pg 71           only genuinely human attitude, while          having only one genuinely human attitude would make for a            143
                  production increases in power and range.                                                                                              practice is conceived and fixed only in its   very boring world. I want to know what this is really saying.
                                                                                                                                                        dirty-judaical manifestation. Hence he does
                                                                                                                                                        not grasp the significance of "revolutionary"
                                                                                                                                                        of practical-critical, activity.

Dee Giger         The only wheels which political economy          When reading this I first didn't know what avarice was. I then       Pg. 71          The production of life, both of one's own in   I found this interesting because I feel that he wrote this back   Pg. 157
                  sets in motion are avarice and the war           looked it up and it helped me understand what he was saying                          labour and of fresh life in procreation, now   then and it is more directed towards life now. Production of life
                  amongst the avaricious—competition.              and how it applies to life today. It is interesting to see how the                   appears as a double relationship: on the       is highly dependent on social relationships and social life as a
                                                                   political economy works and how greedy people are and can                            one hand as a natural, on the other as a       whole. Natural talents or gifts are given to you at birth but all
                                                                   be. The greed of the political economy can determine how our                         social relationship.                           production is done socially through networks etc.
                                                                   society works.
Martin Kessler    Life is not determined by consciousness, but I chose this sentence because it immediately made me think of          Karl Marx,      What, then, constitutes the alienation of         I find this quote interesting because it seems to suggest that     Karl Marx,
                  consciousness by life.                       Jeffrey Alexander's discussion of presuppositions regarding            The German      labour? First, the fact that labour is            Marx holds an underlying assumption that all humans have an        Estranged
                                                               order. By saying that consciousness is determined by life, it          Ideology,       external to the worker, i.e., it does not         inherent need to labor under their own will. Marx seems to         Labour, page 74
                                                               appears that Marx holds the collectivist view. He seems to be          page 155        belong to his essential being; that in his        suggest that this need is what separates humans from other
                                                               saying that outside circumstances influence the way individuals                        work, therefore, he does no affirm himself        animals. However, it is not clear to me how or where Marx
                                                               perceive the world, which seems similar to the collectivist idea                       but denies himself, does not feel content         concludes this.
                                                               that actions are influenced by past histories and structures.                          but unhappy, does not develop freely his
                                                                                                                                                      physical and mental energy but mortifies
                                                                                                                                                      his body and ruins his mind.

Keri Hartman      A forcing-up of wages ... would therefore be   A lot of popular thought in the communist / socialist vein        Marx, 1844         Private property has made us so stupid and        This section really helped to clarify what exactly Marx is going     Marx, 1844
                  nothing but better payment for the slave,      emphasizes a leveling of wages through a rise in the relative     Manuscripts,       one-sided that an object is only ours when        on about when he discussed social life, species-life, and all the Manuscripts, p.
                  and would not conquer either for the           wages paid to workers; it's interesting to note that Marx himself p. 80              we have it -- when it exists for us as capital,   rest. It's also one of the few points in which he actually clarifies 87
                  worker or for labour their human status and    views such programs critically.                                                      or when it is directly possessed, eaten,          (well, at least explicates) his vision for what communism will
                  dignity.                                                                                                                            drunk, worn, inhabited, etc. -- in short,         look like, rather than just saying what it will not look like.
                                                                                                                                                      when it is used by us ... In place of all these
                                                                                                                                                      physical and mental senses there has
                                                                                                                                                      therefore come the sheer estrangement of
                                                                                                                                                      all these senses-- the sense of having ... The
                                                                                                                                                      transcendence of private property is
                                                                                                                                                      therefore the complete emancipation of all
                                                                                                                                                      human senses and attributes.

Curtis Ross       “It is not the consciousness of men that       Incomprehensible; I think that is is not your social being that      Marx, Marx     Qui si convien lasciare ogni sospetto; ogni        Provocative and misguided; Compelling that he wants the         Marx, Marx on
                  determines their being, but, on the            decides how one thinks and acts, because shouldn't the way           on the History vilta convien che qui sia morta.                   reader to let go of what we might think and grasp what he is    the History of
                  contrary, their social being that determines   you think and act decide what you do and like? Therefore if this     of his                                                            telling us he thinks. In this attempt wouldn't he be telling us his Opinions, p 6
                  their consciousness.”                          is the case why is Marx saying that social behavior decides          Opinions, p 4                                                     that our questions and thoughts are wrong and that his are the
                                                                 everything one does?                                                                                                                   only ones worth thought?

Yaa               Life is not determined by consciousness, but I found that this quote was provocative because Marx takes a           Marx, "The     "The philosophers have only interpreted the I thought that this post was intriguing because it directly points Marx, "Theses
                  consciousness by life.                       definite stance on where our consciousness originates. He              German         world, in various ways' the point, however, to Marx's revolutionary nature in his early work.                  on Feuerbach,"
                                                               makes it known that our consciousness depends on our lives             Ideology: Part is to change it."                                                                                              145.
                                                               through a need for material and the act of production.                 I," 155.

Jamie Song        The worker becomes a slave of his object,      The idea that the worker receives means of subsistence from his Marx,                Man...treats himself as a universal and           What does Marx mean by man treating himself as a universal? Marx, Estranged
                  first, in that he receives an object of        object seems at odds with the earlier sentiment that "sensuous Estranged             therefore a free being.                           From my own observations of human nature, people tend to         Labour, 75
                  labor...and secondly, in that he receives      external world...ceases to be means of life" for the worker.    Labour, 73                                                             consider themselves individuals whose personalities and
                  means of subsistence.                          When the worker appropriates the external world for his labor,                                                                         predilections are uniquely their own. Even if Marx means that
                                                                 he devotes resources- the basic units that comprise means of                                                                           we recognize ourselves as a human race, such an observation is
                                                                 subsistence- away from his own person. How, then, does he                                                                              only accurate within a modern timeframe (specifically,
                                                                 receive means of subsistence from the object of his labor?                                                                             Europeans used to think that Africans were of a different race).

Wes Gordon        "It is not the consciousness of men that     I thought it was insightful into the mind of Marx. He obviously        pg. 4 Marx-   The only wheels which political economy             The quote is somewhat provocative because I live in a              pg 71 Marx-
                  determines their being, but on the contrary, places the utmost importance on "nurture" of a man.                    Engels Reader sets in motion are avarice and the war              capitalistic society. I just thought it was clever of him to       Engels Reader
                  their social being that determines their                                                                                          amongst the avaricious, competition.                characterize economic competition as war.
                  consciousness." pg. 4

Jordan Nuckolls   It is not the consciousness of men that        I found the quote to initially be very interesting. I had to read it Marx-Engels     Therefore mankind always sets itself only         The quote was very interesting to me. It gives you a different Marx-Engels
                  determines their being, but, on the            several times to try to comprehend it. Marx means that our           Reader pg 4     such tasks as it can solve; since, looking at     perspective on science and problem solving. When you look at Reader pg 5
                  contrary, their social being that determines   social life determines our ability to understand and be aware of                     the matter more closely, it will always be        it this way, it seems true that we only pursue goals and tasks
                  their consciousness.                           our surroundings.                                                                    found that the task itself arises only when       that we know can be solved.
                                                                                                                                                      the material conditions for its solution
                                                                                                                                                      already exist or are at least in the process of

Mariel Sena       The worker becomes an ever cheaper             I found this quote really provocative and a sort of preface for      Marx, Marx-     Just as our opinion of an individual is not       I find this concept somewhat confusing in that while I             Marx, Marx-
                  commodity the more commodities he              what Marx is to cover further in this argument. I find the sort of   Engel Reader,   based on what he thinks of himself, so can        understand that we do not rate people by how they rate             Engel Reader,
                  creates. (71)                                  notion that people are equated to what they produce, who they        Second          we not judge of such period of                    themselves, how else can we judge a period of transformation if    Second Edition,
                                                                 produce it for, and why they produce as one that is almost very      Edition,        transformation by its own consciousness.          not by the people involved? Who then is to understand the          Marx on the
                                                                 ingrained into why many people choose occupations that they          Estranged                                                         transformation? An outsider may not have the same                  History of his
                                                                 do and how fulfilled they are by these occupations.                  Labor, page                                                       understand of the basis for this transformation nor the benefits   Opinions, page 6
                                                                                                                                      71                                                                and consequences.

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