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									Search Solutions 2007
BCS Information Retrieval Specialist Group

Tony Rose
Vice-Chair, IRSG
and Editor, Informer

                                    going further together
                       The British Computer Society

“The leading professional and learned society in the field
of computers and information systems”
Established in 1957
World-wide membership of 50,000+ in 100+ countries
The qualifying body for Chartered IT Professionals
– Licensed to award Chartered Engineer status (CEng)
                             BCS Organisation

A national network of over 40 branches
A growing number of international sections
More than 50 special interest groups
6 forums enables members to exchange
ideas and keep abreast of latest
                                    BCS Specialist Groups

Specialist Groups include HCI, health informatics, project
management, requirements engineering, etc.
… including Information Retrieval
Traditional focus on search (text retrieval), but also
–   Knowledge management
–   Multimedia retrieval
–   User experience
–   Information visualisation, extraction, summarisation, etc.
                               Information Retrieval SG

Growing rapidly
Annual conference
– largely research oriented
Various 1-day events
– will also be running evening events
Publishes Informer
– free books for review
Provides discounts for various events
… is free to join!
                           Search Solutions 2007

Successor to Industry Day 2006
– Practitioner oriented
Likely to become an annual event
Co-organisers: Alex Bailey & Andy MacFarlane
BCS London facilities
Feedback questionnaire
                      Industry Day Programme

10:15-12:15   Session 1
12:15-13:15   LUNCH
13:15-14:55   Session 2
14:55-15:20   COFFEE BREAK
15:20-17:00   Session 3
17:00         CLOSE
                                                    Session 1

Gora Sudindranath, FAST
– “Search 2.0: The Future of Search”
Thomas Hoffman, Google
– “Delivering Relevant Search Results on a Global Scale”
Fernando Lucini, Autonomy
– “Meaning Based Computing: Beyond the Hype of 2.0”
Nick Cox, Yahoo
– “MyYahoo - personalising the web”
                                                      Session 2

Alistair Duke, BT Labs
 – “Semantic Knowledge Management: Finding Information
    Through Meaning Not Words”
Paul Matthews, ODI
 – “An evaluation of Google Co-op and Social Bookmarking”
David Milward, Linguamatics
 – “Flexible Text Mining using Interactive Information Extraction”
Conrad Taylor, BCS EPSG
 – “Metadata: Solution or Distraction?”
                                                   Session 3

Andrew Maisey, Solcara
– “The business benefits of federated searching”
Nick Craswell, Microsoft
– “Challenges in Web Information Retrieval”
Nigel Hamilton, Trexy
– “Search Trails on the Web”
Lee Atkinson, iDNA Solutions
– “Why relevancy based search alone struggles to deliver limited
  value to the business”

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