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Clearing up acne myths

Slumber parties, geometry, prom, summer camp - and
acne. Manager meetings, automobile payments, PTA - and
acne. You don't need to be a teenager to obtain hit with
pimples and blackheads. A recent survey found that 81
percent of people with acne were 15 to 44 years old. If you
discover oneself over 30 and battling breakouts, do not
despair. Very first, learn the truth behind acne myths -
then form a program of attack.

Myth #1: Acne will go away on its own. Some people feel in
case you leave pimples alone, they will ultimately go away.
Even though it truly is correct a lot of breakouts will heal
sooner or later, should you treat acne correct away, you're
less most likely to suffer from each emotional and physical

If you are looking for a remedy with no chemicals, try a
natural antibacterial from Australia referred to as tea tree
oil. A 5-percent tea tree oil gel was tested against the
popular acne treatment benzoyl peroxide lotion, and it
came out a winner. The tea tree oil lowered breakouts just
as efficiently as the benzoyl peroxide but with fewer side
effects. Look for tea tree oil lotion and soap at your nearby
bath and body shop.

Myth #2: Acne is triggered by dirt. Pimples form when oil
from overactive oil glands mixes with dead skin cells and
plugs up your pores. To maintain your face clean, wash it
twice every day with mild, unscented soap and warm
water. Scrubbing your face consistently and using harsh
soaps won't wash away your acne. Actually, it could make
the condition worse.

Here's a natural cleanser it is possible to effortlessly make
at property. Heat some lemon juice until barely warm and
add two egg whites. Whip this mixture until it forms a
thick paste. Store any unused cleanser within the

Myth #3: Acne is brought on by the foods you eat. Though
a lot of wholesome foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables,
are crucial to wholesome skin, consuming chocolate and
pizza won't trigger acne. Just eat a balanced diet program
and drink numerous water.

Myth #4: Sunlight helps acne. Tanning or using a sunlamp
on your face might hide your acne, but only temporarily.
The long-term effects of sun exposure - aging and skin
cancer - far outweigh any instant advantages. Use a
sunscreen, but pick one that is oil-free.

Myth #5: Squeezing pimples helps them heal faster. The
precise opposite is accurate. You might be a lot more
probably to trigger redness and swelling, even scarring, by
selecting. In the event you ought to do one thing, wrap an
ice cube in a soft cloth and hold it towards the blemish for
a couple of minutes each and every hour.

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