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                            Golden Key Newsletter
                                                                                 [No. 0801] February 26, 2008

                         Visit of Officials from Ministry of Education
                                          On January 30th, Director General Li Tianshun and Section Chief Zhou
                                          Demao from the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of
                                          Education visited Golden Key Center and sent Spring Festival greetings
                                          to all at Golden Key. Director General Li briefly introduced the national
                                          special education achievements in 2007 and the direction of future
                                          development. After listening to the center director's work report,
representing the Ministry of Education Director General Li expressed affirmation and presented a famous
calligrapher's calligraphy art named "The great ocean is able to accommodate hundreds of rivers." Section Chief
Zhou visited and was shown the work in the whole center.

                                         Visited Dr. Min Bista
Xu Bailun and Ji Yuqin, accompanied by Hu Mei, visited Dr. Min Bista, the new principal for Education,
UNESCO Office Beijing, accompanied by Ms. Meng Nan.

Dr. Bista introduced the basic spirit of inclusive education promoted by UNESCO. Ji
Yuqin gave a brief introduction of the Golden Key Project. Dr. Bista considered that
Golden Key has made a valuable investigation on the implementation of inclusive
education in large depressed areas of China and decided to keep on providing great
support in the future.

              Editorial Committee Meeting of Operation Handbook
                                Golden Key VI Education Operation Handbook is one of the series of books
                                summing up Golden Key Center's work over more than twenty years. The handbook
                                is about to be published, in order to assist grass-root teachers and supervisors to
                                popularize integrated education for visually impaired children as soon as
                                possible. The editors are teaching cadres from resource centers and guidance
                                centers, and experienced teachers who are familiar with integrated education from
                                different schools for the blind. The meeting of the editorial committee was held in
Beijing from February 14 to 18th and the manuscript was checked, improved and finalized.

                                          2007 Financial Audit
On February 1 , together with Director Gong Sukang, the accountants from Beijing Tianping Certified Public
Accountants Co., Ltd. audited the use of donations accepted by Golden Key Center in 2007. The conclusion is as
"We have audited the accompanying 2007 Total Donated Income and Expenditures by Project and 2007 Donated
Income and Expenditures Supported by Christoffel Blindenmission of Germany."

"In our opinion, the above statements have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the relevant
regulations in all material respects. The statements have indicated properly the donated income and expenditures
of the center. The expenditure items on the statements are in accordance with the donators' will."

                             Chifeng Went Deep into Screening
Up to December 5 , 4,129 children had been screened out in the city, 2,277 more than the 1,852 screened in 2006;
3,449 enrolled in schools, 1,839 more than the 1,610 in 2006. The nine-year compulsory education
popularization rate of three kinds of disabled children reached to 83.53%, including 671 visually impaired
children with 634 enrolled, the popularization rate of visually impaired children reached to 94.48%; 573
hearing-impaired children with 499 enrolled, the popularization rate of hearing-impaired reached to 87.09%;
2,885 mentally disabled children with 2,316 enrolled, the popularization rate of mentally disabled children
reached to 80.28%. The nine-year compulsory education popularization rates of the three kinds of disabled
children have obviously improved. (Selected from 2007 Work Summarization of "Golden Key VI Education
Project" Implementation in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia)

Editorial note: The population of Chifeng City is 4.60 million. Calculated according to the 2006 China National
Sample Survey on Disability, there should be 552 school age visually impaired children. Actually 611 were
found out, the work were thorough and amazing.

                                    Christmas Charity Bazaar
The German Christmas Charity Bazaar organizes a charity bazaar every year. The last charity bazaar was
conducted in German Embassy on December 1st, 2007. Golden Key Center is always given financial support
from funds raised by the Charity Bazaar. It was invited to provide blind massage therapy free of charge. Xu
Bailun and his wife met the new Ambassador of Germany to China, Dr. Michael Schäfer and his wife.

After discussion, the Charity Bazaar decided to keep on providing financial support to the
publication of Ode to Joy and provide special funds for a cataract operation for Wu
Haijun from Golden Key Blind Massage Center. Wu Haijun had an operation in the
People's Hospital on January 23rd and his eyesight has improved 60% after the operation.

                         CBM Was Set up a Hundred Years Ago
Christian Blind Mission (CBM) was set up in 1907. It has made a great contribution to medical, education and
rehabilitation for the visually impaired and received praise from abroad and respect from the international

Since the establishment of Golden Key Center in 1986, CBM has given financial support and guidance of
professional knowledge. The funds of Inner Mongolia Golden Key Project are mainly from CBM. Xu Bailun
made a present of a craftwork, a plaque, given by Inner Mongolia Education Office to Dr. Foster, the Chairman of
CBM, so as to congratulate them and commemorate the festive days of the one hundred anniversary of CBM.

·Pastor Gerold Heinke from the German Embassy Church paid special trip to Golden Key Center and donated the
Christian believers’ offered money at church to support the development of visually impaired education in
depressed area and let blind children share God’s love.

·Mr. David Vance Wagner, the representative of the charity service committee from the Congregation of the Good
Shepherd (COGS) is actively organizing the members of COGS for an on-spot investigation of a Golden Key
Project. He came to Golden Key Center and brought the donation for office outlay.

·Representing Golden Key Center, Ji Yuqin and Wang Xiuming took part in the annual activity of Beijing
Municipal UNESCO Clubs Association. They listened to the reports of Mr. Yasuyuki Aoshima, Director and
Representative of UNESCO Office Beijing, Mr. Tao Xiping, Chairman of Asian Pacific Federation of UNESCO
Clubs and Associations (AFUCA), Mr. Du Yue, Deputy Secretary-General of National Commission of the China
for UNESCO, and had an excellent training.

·Xu Bailun and Ji Yuqin took part in the meeting of China to Care about the Next Generation Working Committee.
Director Tong Lequan and Deputy Director Liu Shumei gave reports on a lot of valuable work for good
development of China’s next generation.

·On the invitation of China Care Foundation, Golden Key Center conducted a teaching classification to their
fostered visually impaired orphans and provided some placement suggestions.          Later, Xu Bailun and Ji Yuqin
went to Shunyi and met Director Johnson of China Care Foundation. They also explained some primary
knowledge on early intervention to some teachers.

·On the invitation of Children’s Hope Welfare Committee, Golden Key Center made a teaching classification to
their fostered visually impaired orphans and brought forward some suggestions on placement.

                                New Development of Old Story
Shanxi Province is located in the north of China. 20 years ago, it was still a very poor province. After years of
drought, Xiangyuan County in the Taihang Mountains was even poorer. There lived in Shanfu Village, a peasant
family of four members. The father had been ill for years; the mother was nearly 50, she had to attend the farm
and deal with the housework; their son a coal miner was the backbone of the domestic economy; their daughter
was studying in a primary school, called Cui Xiaoying.

When Xiaoying was 12 years old, she noticed her eyesight was diminishing, but her brother’s leg was broken in
the mine and the whole family were busy for him and didn’t have time to consider about Xiaoying’s eye disease.
Later, her elder brother’s leg was cured, but because of the eye disease, she couldn’t go to school.

Then her parents collected some money and took her to see a doctor in the county town. The money was not
enough, the medical level was very low in the county hospital, when they spent all their money, they didn’t even
know the name of the eye disease and had to go back home.
                                                                        They had a pig and it was the only thing
                                                                        that could make some money. Xiaoying’s
                                                                        mother told her that when the pig grew fat,
                                                                        they would sell it and take her to see a
                                                                        doctor in the provincial capital. But

unfortunately, the pig got sick and died. Still, her parents borrowed money and took her to the provincial capital.
But when the money was spent out, her eye disease was still not cured. The family had been deep in debt and
had no ability to keep on supporting her treatment.

Cui Xiaoying was a good student with both excellent character and learning, she was eager to do well in
everything. When she helplessly watched the little friends of her age going to school cheerfully she realized she
would become a blind person forever, she didn’t want to live anymore. While her mother worked in the field,
she found out a virulent pesticide and wanted to end up her 14 years life, just then, their neighbour’s child
dropping around found what she was doing and stopped her.

Since then, no matter how desolate their field was, her mother dared not to leave her alone a single minute
anymore. She hid all pesticides, ropes, knives and scissors. Her father could not find any words to comfort her,
but told her in tears, “Accompany me, I will not live long. Let's pass away together in the future.”                                          Who will not
feel sad by hearing a sick father over fifty years old saying this to his daughter of a beautiful age? While
Xiaoying cried day and night, her hair became white little by little. By the time the staff from Golden Key Center
visited her, her head was covered by white hair.

For Golden Key Center, Shanxi Province was the first province starting the experiment of integrated education for
the blind children in China. Cui Xiaoying was in the first group of the experiment. After the trained local teacher
helped her with psychological rehabilitation and taught her Braille, she studied together with sighted classmates.
Guided by the teacher, the whole class started activities of loving and helping the disabled. Cui Xiaoying
developed happily in a warm collective again and her hair became black bit by bit.

It happened in 1987. 20 years has passed, Cui Xiaoying has become a happy mother with one son and one
daughter. She and her husband are masseurs. They set up a massage centre with more than 20 beds in Gaoting
City, Shanxi Province. It was the biggest one in the local place. They are living a life much higher than the
local average life. She helped her father to cure his disease and helped her elder brother to get married.

The process of education is long. We see a substantial fruit of a seed sown 20 year ago today. Supported by a
lot of warm-hearted friends home and abroad, Golden Key Center sows seeds year-by-year, and finally had an
autumn harvest season. We believe that more fruit will be continuously achieved in the future.

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