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Table Of Contents

INTRODUCTION TO TWITTER TRAFFIC ...................... 4


BUILD YOUR FOLLOWING ................................ 22

MINING FOR FOLLOWERS.................................26

TWITTER MARKETING 101 ............................... 35

TRAFFIC GENERATION TACTICS .......................... 44

TWITTER TOOLS AND RESOURCES ......................... 54

BONUS-TWITTER STARTER'S GUIDE........................61

                   FastForward Twitter Traffic™

Introduction to >>Twitter Traffic

With so many social communities online, it is easy to
see why businesspeople with limited time have been
drawn to the simplistic interface and speediness of the
ever-growing community called Twitter.

Twitter is an online social community that allows you
to broadcast short messages and updates to those on
your list, referred to as ‗followers‘. Each time you
broadcast a message, everyone who is following you
receives your updates.

Twitter is a very simple network in which to get
involved, even if you have been unsuccessful with other
social networking websites in the past.

In fact, one of the most common questions I‘ve received
from those considering building a twitter marketing
campaign is, ―what is so different about Twitter?”

In truth, on first glance, twitter appears to be very
basic compared to many other microblogging communities.

In fact, its simplistic interface might actually give
the impression that its functionality and features are
quite limiting.   But Twitter is not only the most
popular microblogging network; it carries a buzz that

                    FastForward Twitter Traffic™

few other social marketplaces can rival. In fact, due
to Twitter‘s popularity and sudden growth, dozens of
other replicated communities have popped up, vying for
their place in the social marketing scene.

Few have managed to establish themselves as even a
viable option and even fewer have been able to generate
enough interest to stay online.

For whatever reason, twitter is the most powerful,
active and established microblogging network available
at this time, and if you aren‘t exploiting its
popularity to build or further your business, you‘re
missing the boat.

Take a look at how businesspeople view and use Twitter:

    ―Twitter is new to us. That said, in a few short
    weeks we‘ve had definite increase in all sorts of
    traffic. Out of the normal inbound leads, the
    number has increased 15% and two of the inbounds
    are now active pipeline opportunities. We‘ve found
    one extremely valuable partner relationship. We
    are also building PR relationships, although
    finding the contacts is a bit of a chore.‖

                                                   -Mike Damphousse
                                            CEO/CMO - Green Leads

              FastForward Twitter Traffic™

―Twitter has all but replaced our PR agency as a
large percentage of our followers are press and
analysts. A writer for ZDNet wrote about us and
linked to us based on something we tweeted and
that resulted in a huge spike in web traffic and
at least one deal with a major service provider.‖

                                              -Pam O‘Neil
                           VP Marketing - BreakingPoint

"Twitter is another way for us to get news out
about Digg. Whether it's company announcements or
sharing [our] casual information, Twitter is a
great way to quickly reach people."

                                              -Kevin Rose
                                    Chief Executive - Digg

―We‘ve found that Twitter has been a great way for
us to connect on a more personal level with our
employees and customers. We use it to help build
our brand, not drive direct sales. It‘d be like
asking how does providing a telephone number for

              FastForward Twitter Traffic™

customer service translate into new business when
they are mostly non-sales-related calls. In the
long term, Twitter helps drive repeat customers
and word of mouth, but we‘re not looking to it as
a way of driving immediate sales.‖

                                                  -Tony Hsieh
                                             CEO -

"With Twitter, I can [release] new features and
ideas to Mahalo's 'superfans' ahead of time and
get their input. Many of the bloggers and press
watch my twitter stream as well, so if I want to
leak something to the press, I can do it by just
saying 'what do you think about this...?' and if
it's notable, it will be on 10 blogs in a day. So,
for me it's part focus group, part press release
system, and a lot of fun to interact with users
and fans."

                                             -Jason Calacanis
                           Chief Executive -

              FastForward Twitter Traffic™

―(1) I get great insight when I ask questions, (2)
let‘s face it, I get traffic and (3) people on
Twitter spread my thoughts to new places.‖

                                                  -John Jantsch
                         Founder - Duct Tape Marketing

"Communication is a key part of leadership—as CEO,
I need to engage the market, inside and outside
Sun, with whatever technology affords me the
greatest possible reach. Through blogs, online
news, social networking sites, or Twitter, the
Internet has fundamentally changed how we
communicate with one another. Today, we have
thousands of employees participating, engaging
customers and developers across the world, 24
hours a day. And whether it's via a half-hour
streaming video or a 140-character Tweet, we need
to reach everyone in the forum and format they
choose—not what we choose."

                                             -Jonathan Schwartz
         Chief Executive - Sun Microsystems (JAVA)

                     FastForward Twitter Traffic™

    ―I have personally connected with hundreds of
    people I otherwise wouldn‘t have, and I booked an
    interview on NPR and a big daily newspaper using

                                               -David Meerman Scott
                                                    Bestselling Author

    "1) It helps make me more of a real person to my
    team. 2) It helps me stay closer to what's
    happening in the lives of my own people. 3) It's
    an invaluable business networking tool. 4) It
    helps me raise Matchmine's visibility among the
    thought leaders online. 5) It's just plain

                                                        -Mike Troiano
                                    Chief Executive - Matchmine


Just by focusing on building a relevant, targeted
followers base, and staying consistently active within
the Twitter community, you can easily build email
lists, pre-launch products, promote affiliate products,
PR vehicles, conduct market research – the

                    FastForward Twitter Traffic™

possibilities seem endless -- faster and easier than
any other method online.

Twitter offers an incredible method of directly
connecting to your prospective buyers.

You can channel traffic to any website you wish, and
even if you are brand new to online business and have
yet to establish an online presence, Twitter is an
exceptional tool to help you develop credibility in
your market and develop your brand.

Twitter has proven to be a solid network that continues
to grow each day.   It‘s addictive, it‘s fun and it‘s a
fantastic way to tap into your niche markets, find out
what people are actively looking to purchase, and even
keep your finger on the pulse of what your competition
is up to.

This guide showcases the different strategies that
successful marketers have used to build brand, drive
fresh traffic to their websites, build their email
campaigns, sell products/services and dive into new
markets, all from within the Twitter community.

From a personal perspective as someone who has coached
businesses that have failed to see the value in
spending time marketing within other social communities

                               - 10 -
                  FastForward Twitter Traffic™

in the past, Twitter has broadened their horizons by
providing them with an opportunity to expand their
outreach without having to spend hours of their time
within the community.

It‘s helped connect them to their buyers, build
relationships with their customer bases and is even
responsible for quantifiable results including
connecting them with over several joint venture

It‘s an exceptionally powerful tool that can enhance
and expand your business tremendously, even if you have
limited time to dedicate to your Twitter presence.

In fact there are tools available that will help you
automate the entire process, so that you can continue
to focus on building your business.

                  Let‘s get started.

                                     R. Scott Frothingham
                            A Resource for Entrepreneurs,
                         Managers and Sales Professionals

Fastforward Your Success with the 5 eBook collection:
   ―>>Success Classics‖, ―>>Strategy Classics‖ and
    the 5 eBook collection: ―>>Marketing Classics‖
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                        FastForward Twitter Traffic™

Building Your Business with Twitter

The first thing you should do as a new twitter user is
to set up your profile, so that those visiting your
page see that you are active within the community and
are far more likely to follow you.

     >>FastForward Tip: for complete step-by-step
     details on setting up and optimizing your account
     check out the ―Twitter Starter‘s Guide‖ included
     as a bonus starting on page 61 (following the
     Tools and Resources section of this guide).

One of the biggest mistakes that new twitter marketers
make is in immediately adding contacts to their
following list, without having issued out tweets,
updated their profile or uploaded a photo of

This makes sense if you already have an online presence
and are simply incorporating your current contacts from
your address book or mailing list, but if you are
currently working to establish your brand or grow your
business, it‘s critical that you develop your twitter
presence first, and then add or invite new followers.

 For the full details on how to harness the power of Twitter, check out:

                                   - 12 -
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Description: The “FastFoward Twitter Advantage” is a 2-volume set of guides that will give a non-Twitter user step-by-step instructions for opening an account and getting up-to-speed and will give the current Twitter user insider information, tips, strategies and tools to take them to the next level to exploit this powerful tool.