The Follow Up Letter

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					The Follow Up Letter

       Going the extra mile
General Thoughts
   After applying, you might choose to follow up with the
    college regarding your application
   The most important thing you can do in this letter is be
    sincere. Insincerity or coldness will not bode well with
    the college admissions officer
   This should be written in block format
   Hard-copy, handwritten, or e-mail?
       Hard-copy is the most formal and most appropriate
       Handwritten is personal and works if you design like a thank
        you to a specific person after visiting the school
           An individual who gives a tour
           Someone you met briefly
       E-mail is informal but it can be sufficient if that has been your
        main means of contact with a given admissions representative
Purpose of the letter
   Show appreciation for the college taking time to consider
    you for admission
   Reiterate your interest in attending the college
   Review or remind about your strengths (without
    sounding preachy)
   Demonstrate that you have good manners and know how
    to be thankful
   Follow up with any potential information that may have
    been left out of application materials
Final thoughts
   Keep it short and sweet – this doesn’t need to be long
   Time frame
       Write within two days of interviewing with a school
       Write within a week of school receiving application materials
   Make it personal – try to address to a specific person
   Be sincere

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