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To:           Safety Coordinators, Fund Commissioners and Risk Managers

From:         NJUA JIF Safety Director

Date:         January 20, 2011


The regular meeting of the New Jersey Utilities Authority Joint Insurance Fund Executive Safety
Committee was held on January 20, 2011 at the Hanover Township SA. The following members and
professionals were in attendance. Items listed are not necessarily in the order they were discussed.

                              Authority                                  NAME
              Bernards Township SA                        Nicholas Pietrefesa
              Hackettstown MUA                            Charles Volkert
              Hanover SA                                  Joseph Makowski
              Hanover SA                                  Peter Tyrrell
              Hillsborough MUA                            Richard Godlewski
              Lacey MUA                                   Darren Corragio
              Lambertville MUA                            Thomas Horn
              Manasquan River Reg. SA                     Jerry Thomas
              Monmouth County Bayshore Outfall            Ed Tuberion
              Monroe MUA                                  Joseph Mc Grail
              Monroe Township MUA                         William Conlin
              Mount Holly MUA                             Anthony Stagliano
              Musconetcong SA                             Dave Biasi
              North Bergen MUA                            Thomas Schweitzer
              Passaic Valley WC                           Andy Bisesi
              Readington-Lebanon SA                       Jill Plesnarski
              Rockaway Valley RSA                         Maria Brush
              Secaucus MUA                                Brian Beckmeyer
              Somerset Raritan Valley Sewage Authority    Michael Trent
              Toms River MUA                              Bernie Rutkowski
              Two Rivers Water RA                         Gregory Seaman
              Western Monmouth UA                         Robert Smith
              Hardenbergh                                 Joseph Henry
              J. A. Montgomery Risk Control               Joanne Hall, John Zengel
              Danskin Agency                              Charles Casagrande
              PERMA                                       Cate Kiernan, Maxine Tsao

The regular meeting was called to order by 2010 Chair, Maria Brush. Maria commented that she had a
terrific experience acting as Chair for the Executive Safety Committee and enjoyed the time she served
working with the various committees and members. She then turned the Chair over to the new 2011
Chairman, Bernie Rutkowski, who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jill Plesnarski will be Vice Chair, Andy Bisesi will be Secretary, and Michael Trent will be Member at
Large for 2011.


The meeting Minutes from the December 15, 2010 meeting were approved and seconded.


Dave Loughlin of J.A. Montgomery, provided a detailed power point program review of the
requirements of recording and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses and of keeping the OSHA
300 log up to date and posting the OSHA 300A form from February 1 st through April 30th of each year.
This is one of the most frequently cited PEOSH requirements each and every year. If you are unsure
whether to log and injury or illness, it’s best to log it. A line can be drawn through the injury or illness
later on if it turns out not to be a recordable.

Dave reviewed when an injury or illness is considered work related, what type of injury or illness to
record, what is medical treatment and what is not, what is first aid, how to count days away from work
and days of restricted duty, classifying injuries and illnesses, etc.

Dave provided handouts for all of the above, along with examples of how to fill out the logs, examples
of the logs and how to calculate illness and injury rates. The logs must be maintained on-site for a
period of at least 5 years.

Dave showed in the PPP how the monetary fines for failing to comply with PEOSH citations has
escalated. Federal OSHA, who oversees the stated PEOSH Programs, felt the fines imposed by
PEOSH were not sufficient and needed to be increased dramatically. It’s always best not to ignore the
PEOSH person, but to open a line of communication with them and ask questions. Stay in touch and
send emails or faxes of what you have completed and what progress you are making. Dave
commented that you can go online to PEOSH or OSHA and get a copy of the Field Inspectors
Reference Manual which is what the PEOSH Inspectors reference.

Joanne commented that should you get visited and cited by PEOSH for a training requirement, the MSI
will put you at the head of the training list to abate the citation prior to PEOSH returning. You can
contact Andrea Felip @856-552-4740 for any questions on the MSI Training.


Members previously submitted any nominations they had for the Safety Excellence awards that will be
recognized at the Safety Breakfast. A meeting will be held right after the Executive Safety Committee to
determine winner(s). The Safety Director, past and present Chair Persons, etc will make the

Joanne commented that questionnaire notices had been sent out regarding updating of the contact
listings. If you have any more updates get them in now since the listing is being updated.


Chairperson: Mike Trent (SRVSA), and Members: Bernie Rutkowski (TRMUA), Rich Godlewski,
Hillsborough MUA, Anthony Stagliano, Mount Holly MUA, Maria Brush, Rockaway Valley Regional SA,
Jill Plesnarski, Readington-Lebanon SA.

The dates for the Safety Expo’s are September 27th at Camden and November 3rd at Middlesex.

Michael Trent of SRVRSA asked if anyone needs to contact him about the Safety Expo’s or wants to
be on the committee his email address is Michael.Trent@SRVSA.com

A possible Safety Expo Training Class would be Snow Plowing Safety since the Expo’s are just prior to the
winter snow plowing season.


Joanne Hall reminded everyone that the 2011 schedule for MSI classes has been posted for the next
few months. Be sure to pre-register so you will be notified if there are any changes or cancellations
due to inclement weather.

A Best Practices document was distributed via e-mail concerning Snow Emergencies and plowing.
Please review the document and consider incorporating some of these ideas into your plan.

The Safety Breakfast is scheduled for Wednesday, February 23 at the Toms River Holiday Inn.
Invitations are in the process of being sent out.

Joanne indicated the theme for 2011 is “Changing the Way We Think About Safety”, which is based on
four core values: Trust, Caring, Knowledge and Communication. They are best demonstrated through
the Implementation of Best Practices and Demonstration of Commitment through Controlling Hazards,
Continuing Education, Communication, Coaching, Claims Management and Accountability. A DVD will
be shown at the Safety Breakfast, and each member will receive a DVD and handouts.

Joanne commented that we need some people to review the 2011 Safety Incentive Program before it is
sent out. Rich Godlewski, Jill Plesnarski, Bernie Rutkowski and Andy Bisesi will help in reviewing the
2011 SIP after the Executive Safety Committee Meeting.

The NJUA has a new member for 2011, East Windsor MUA which is a water and sewer facility. We
may schedule an Executive Safety Committee Meeting in East Windsor MUA later on in 2011.


The LTAF rate as of December 31, 2010 was 2.08, compared with the MEL average of 2.22. NJUA is
right square in the “middle of the pack” for 2010. There were 43 lost time claims in 2010. 53 of the 73
members had no lost time claims in 2010.

The NJUA year ending LTAF in 2009 was 3.10 compared to the MEL LTAF of 2.70


   Chairperson: Jill Plesnarski, Readington-Lebanon SA
   Members: Anthony Stagliano, Mt Holly MUA.

Jill commented that anyone wishing to be a member of the committee please come and join in.

The March Meeting is to be in Mt. Holly with the meeting topic “Supervisory Safety Training”.

The April Meeting is to be at Passaic Valley Water Commission with the meeting topic “Homeland Security
Issues for Water and Sewer Utilities”.

The May Meeting may be in Manasquan, but may be changed to the new NJUA member, East Windsor. The
meeting topic has not been chosen.

Possible topics for 2011 are Sewer Back-ups, CDL Driver Updates, and a WC Claims Panel.

Anthony commented maybe we should have a presentation on “How to Manage Doing More With
Less Personnel” since the present economy and cutbacks is already affecting attitudes, and overtime hours
are escalating with less personnel.

Stay tuned for the confirmed meeting dates and locations.


There were no reported PEOSH Inspections at any of the NJUA facilities, however, in Sussex and
Morris County Municipal JIF’s PEOSH has been recently on-site. The most recent was in the Borough
of Netcong.

PEOSH cited for the usual damaged extension cord and electric outlet grounding not sufficient, which
are easy to take care of, but they also cited for not having a Personal Protective Equipment Policy and
not having the Hazard Assessments.

J.A. Montgomery has a Model PPE Policy on file and has an assortment of Hazard Assessments that
can be changed to fit your facility.

John z. will forward to Bernie or Cate to post on the website.


With no further business to discuss, Chairman Bernie Rutkowski adjourned the regular meeting at
12:10 p.m.


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